The work


« For what is all this work, this approach useful ? Fort what am I useful ? I am useful for that you would be an ordinary man in ordinary life. An ordinary man in ordinary humankind is one who is no longer submissive to his emotional systems. An ordinary man is one who has found his origin again, his original force. He knows why he came on Earth. Very simply, he will do it, practice it and dance it in his ordinary life.» walking 28 


«Also, there is no need to go to the far end of the Himalayas or into a cave to look for the origin of every thing, the knowledge of Creation and of your own existence. The journey is made into your body. You must open its cells, accede to the memory of the Universe and use the powers of this knowledge in your ordinary life. This is the aim of the practices of the « Direct Way ».» walking 3




For that we have two fulcrums :


To Understand and to Act


Teachings are for the alignment of the spirit,

Practices are for the alignment of the body.





Teachings transmit us the Passion to discover what we are, allow us to understand the challenge of the life, to be determined on what we want to live. We touch a Force inside our cells, a Presence which pushes us to act with enthusiasm.

They lighten us in this walking...





Practices allow to find again the working of the body in harmony with its Original Perfection. It is the key and needs to be prepared by energy treatments, openings of memory, learning of practices, energy exercices, relaxation. It is by the action that we will find happiness we are looking for.





Received almost every months, a treatment allows to find again the good working of the body, while making circulate correctly energy in the energy circuits, while raising blockages and while reconnecting to the Force which is in each one of the cells of the body.





After 8 or 10 months, the body prepared by the treatments and the practices, the openings of the memories of the emotional body permit to see again our Original Perfection, to see our Plan of Life and the tools with which we came: it is the liberation by knowledge and the action.




They permit to be in contact with the memory of humanity and to go deeper in the knowledge of the Universe.




Very precise means have like destination to gradually make space inside our body, space in which we feel protected, loved, and thus gentleness can again settle. By a regular practice, our body become stronger, more dynamic, we find our breathing and the desire for acting.




They are a complement in the preparation of the body, a succession of exercices for the good working of the organs (lungs, kidneys, liver, heart, spleen), they stabilize again the energy circulating in these organs, soothing the emotions linked to each one of them.





All the work is done in the relaxation and flexibility. The body is tired of all coercions, rules which were or are imposed to it. It is not the result which is important but the attention to the means used, to the Gentleness puts in movement.