Not to steal! Nobody understands that. You say that you are not a thief. But each one is a thief since one is in the space of the Grid and this one is, by definition, a thief.

It is a thief of everything.


There are an external, internal and secrecy side in each thing: also the Grid is thief, as much of time, money, as of dynamism and hope. In the worst case, in the most secret, it is thief of the enthusiasm which belongs to this Force of the Creation which nourishes the Earth in vital energy. It is then a thief of the Heaven.

Because you estimate that you are not thief of Heaven, you believe that you are not thief.

But look at all that you can steal to the others:


1.Do you steal the TIME of the others?

Are you always right in time at your appointments? Are you of those which leave the house at the time they should arrive?



2.Do you steal the SPACE of movement of the others?

- Do you park your car correctly or do you take two places for you all alone, knowing that they are rare at this place?

- Do you park your car in a place that, you know it very well! will block the passage of others, will immobilize them and put them in anger???



One is thief when one does not have any more, or not, the perception

of the collective space.


You are thief as soon as you are not any more ecologist. Basically, the ecologist is the one who looks at the Whole: he examines how his small particular intervention will be organized and which will be his implications on the whole. If you do not have this ecological vision of the life, this vision of the space, this physical perception of the space, this interest for the general, collective space of humanity, in fact of all that is around you at this time, automatically you are a thief.


Automatically you are a thief because the Grid closes space. It closes the comprehension of space. It rigidifies space.


Then, each one positions his life in a very particular way, which he believes just saying that in the final analysis he is well there.


I will tell you an example lived in my own family. With my sister, we arrive at the restaurant. About forty people eat in the room. My sister settles, orders an aperitif, takes a cigarette and lights it. I point out to her that on the one hand, I am bothered by the cigarette, and that then nobody smokes around us. May be the others would like to eat quietly without breathing smoke. She looks at me right in the eyes and answers me «that she has the right to exist». My answer was: «Me also, and I have the right to leave. Bye. See you never again».


Of course, all that does not apply to you. You are so attentive with the others!


3.Do you steal the MOVEMENT of the others?

Are you capable not to stop a conversation? Are you capable to let somebody unroll the wire of his movement so that he discovers what he can do?

He is discovering his own movement in its development. You have heard me 1000 times telling you that the word is created by the movement so that the word confirms the movement to itself, reassures it and gives it the desire to go even further and the enthusiasm to continue. Then why do you always cut the word? Thus, you prevent from modeling the word, having a comprehension of its movement. You have captured the movement. You are a thief.


Here is a commentary of Linda:


The theft is the pure concretization of the first energetic law,

When you MODIFY the MOVEMENT of somebody you NOURISH YOURSELF with the energy that this change produces.

Moreover, you steal the energy which was intended for the person as a FRUIT of her own ACTION… if her movement could naturally continue without breaks until the end!


Look at you doing quite simply in your everyday life.


4. Do you steal the MONEY of the others?


You say that « no ». You, you do not steal anything! … May be you « are satisfied » to retain money which is not yours and to use it for your exclusive advantage!!!! It is a great particularity of certain lawyers to find solutions to this diversion of the « vitality » of life which is money.


But also, when you know that there has had theft, how do you react?

It is very clear: if you are very well in Bam which is very polluted by the Grid, you are not shocked. Indeed the theft is now an energetic vibration integrated into Bam and is part of its « ordinary life ». On the other hand, you will be shocked and outraged if the « stolen one » ceases to deal with you because of your lack of action which testifies a lack of heart and love for him since you do not defend it. This process is even clearer between Bam and Yam when there is theft of Yam by Bam.


Here also what is a thief of Heaven: a man wanted to see me and I did not have any time. So, without letting me know, he has arrived and imposed himself. I had just half an hour between two appointments, time that I take for me in order to rest.

(Linda still to steal the time!!)


He has told me « his problem »and has asked me a solution. While he expressed himself, I have taken him in my heart, I have searched to understand what was not right in him. I have made energy for him, to give him, to nourish him. At home, it is a restaurant: he came to eat. I have said to him what he could do to be withdrawn of the situation in which he was. I have given him a technique. He has not given me anything in exchange. He left finding this attitude normal.

In fact, these people complain to have the empty hands, to go on the right and on the left, to make efforts and that nothing arrives. It is normal. They are thieves of the Heaven. They want the Heaven to arrange their Earth. But, they never worry to know how the Heaven lives.


However, it is a meal, I say that it is a nourishment. When they will eat at the pizzeria, they pay the pizza, the coffee, their beers and find that very normal. When they come towards me, it is completely normal to go away, without even a bouquet of flowers, without anything. It is normal. The Heaven is at the disposal of the Earth! The Earth requires that the Heaven takes care of it. And it is normal! It is inside an organized circuit, a circuit institutionalized by the Grid.


Commentary of Linda:


This example that you have just made is quite current in the work of the Direct Way because that often arrives that:


THE RADIANCE, THE TIME… given do not have the same value as a TREATMENT, as if they were not also A MEAL…

In my opinion that would be important to take other examples on the theft of the money, for which the most often one does not feel concerned! …


Afterwards, that will be the life to offer examples very adapted to each one of us…

For the moment comes to my mind this situation that I often notice:

There are people who give much or also carry out a work for someone else…

in the name of THE generosity,

of friendship for the other,

but which devalue their own work, in not asking (or not enough) a return, neither in thanks, nor in recognition, even less in money…


They lower themselves to themselves even in their action… They do not have a facility TO RECEIVE… not at all helped by the SOCIAL EDUCATION of the EARTH which teaches to them to give according to the « cultural » PRINCIPLE TO GIVE, i.e. « free generosity »! .....

Whereas, the most often, these people would really need this return and, in particular, of this money!



each time one BENEFITS from this generosity, that one accepts, for example, not to pay them, that one does not « pushed them » to help them TO ASK WHAT IS WORTHY… that one does not say NO! to this « social lie »




in time, in space of generosity, and yes… in MONEY!!


Life is very fast. A few weeks later, Linda is in an « event »which highlights that. I give it to you as Linda transmitted it to me:


Yesterday I received SHIATSU treatment (perhaps that also has made leave FROGS OUT OF MY FASCIAS:::!!!!!)

At last TRUE PRESSURE, my body enjoyed this contact VERY PRESENT!!!

Lucia was agreeably astonished by the speed of passage of the energy… and at the same time


Points of the body very painful......... she also did me MOCSA (use of heat) in the ears (like joints in the holes!!!!) to slacken the neck…

Two hours work OF QUALITY…

And at the end how much she asks me?!: 30 euro!!!!!

I put myself in anger!! I said to her that I refused to pay a so low price!!!

And that I would not come any more if she will remain with this one!!!!

She started to twist to laugh because she rather has the habit of people who complain about the price but because they estimate it too high!!!!!!

“But I have a lot of fun doing that!!! ”, she says to me.

“Here’ is one more reason!! You give also your passion to people and for that you are made pay LESS???????? ” (what is more when, at the dentist, she makes a cleaning of the teeth which lasts 20-30', the price is 80 euro!!!! )

I was FURIOUS... I laughed but with an astonishing serious...

...gave her 50 euro... but that is not yet rather WORTHY...

I said to her that if I return I WILL INCREASE the PRICE!!!!!...

I know that I have touched her…


It is this one the THEFT of the GENEROSITY of which I had written to you in “the robbers of Heaven”!!!

You realize!???????

The MATTER of Heaven made of Passion and Pleasure and Enthusiasm to the action is so coated by the painting of the Grid that it is NORMAL that its qualities are not recognized and INCREASED IN VALUE… and, on the contrary:

“If it is pleasant for me you should not pay me…”!!!!!!!!!

… a very good validation to the suffering, a social form of recognition to the EFFORT!!!!!!


5. Do you steal SILENCE?

One day I read a sign in a monastery: « silence is also charity ». For the Christians, fundamental Charity is GOD, if this information can help you to better understand this sentence.


It is a good word: charity!

Thus where is your charity for the others? … You see, I do not even speak to you about respect, attention, education, space… No, only of charity!

I do not even speak about heart. If you are not attentive to silence, it is quite simply that your heart is in another Dimension that the one of Dignity. Also I will quite simply speak to you about physics, like a professor of university. He knows more about silence than you, because he knows more about the « noise ».

Him, he will explain you that the « noise », which he will call a « sound », is an ACOUSTIC PRESSURE. It is a wave. It is a shock. It can kill. The military have well understood it by creating sound guns. But before killing, it disturbs all the energetic system.

Thus, you are not idiotic. You could thousand times notice on you how you « are modified » when you receive certain noises.

Of course, you will say to me that certain noises modify « in good »… that they are not always « punches ». But why do you estimate that you have the right « to modify » the internal chemistry of somebody by using this acoustic pressure which is a bodily action? By modifying him, you withdraw him at his preceding state. You change him of space. You modify all his reference marks, the bridges which he was building between his action and his comprehension. You steal to him his words which he looked for!!!!!!! Do you like this theft?


So there is the theft by punch! … your music on full blast in your car… the one you put in action as soon as you have the foot out of the bed… the one that you throw in the evening, windows largely opened, when the tired bodies of the neighbors seek a little peace… Your car or your motor bike that you make howl in the turns and under the windows of the others… Come on, does not make the idiot, you know well what I am speaking about!!! … You can find without me thousands of situations where a being IMPOSES his presence and his action by the noise.


6.Do you steal the LOVE of the Heaven for the Earth?


When the people make practices, they ask for a Force of Heaven to come to help them. But do they like really this Force? They only ask for assistance to arrange their small Earth and when it is done, they say: « Stop, it is enough like that. You are there to help me, me, on the Earth but I do not have any responsibilisation towards you, the Heaven. The Heaven is done all alone and must take care of itself! God is God and since God has created us, it must deal with us. » It is exactly what the children do to the parents when they say: « Since you gave birth to me, you must look after me. »

This disinterest on the external side of the Heaven is exactly the same one for the internal side: how this Creation lives? It is not the concern of the majority of those which return in the supposedly spiritual world. Thus they become desiccated. Everything goes between the fingers and they always have the empty hands. And it is true, that all flees them.


When one does not love the Love, the Love goes away!!!

It is a law of the Universe.


The Earth wants to profit without any effort and anything to give in compensation to the Heaven. That functions then like a mirror. The Heaven returns to the Heaven. The Earth remains the empty hands.

The opening of the deep memories shows how the Universe functions. There is a rule of the game. There is a manner of taking part. The events are connected in a perfect logic of cause and effect. If we do not want of this sequence, and that we want to create ours, the Heaven does not recognize us in our action. Then it does not nourish us in energy and we remain in the circle of our own creation. It is like a train which would not stop at the station where one is.

This not enriched Earth becomes avid then. It needs energy to function and continue its personal pleasure. Then it will order the Heaven to come to help it and say to it “that it is entitled to…”

It is that the thieves of Heaven who encumber enormously all the circles known as spiritual.


At the same time, there exists the reverse: these thieves of Heaven who want to have the Heaven by giving continuously gifts, enormously of money, by dealing with the administration, by taking care of the clothes of the one which teaches etc. But they do not have either really heart for the Heaven. It is their manner of possessing the Heaven.


You see the two extremes: the one which does not give anything and the one which gives all. They are both thieves.

Then, that you do not give anything or that you give all, you are always a thief if you want that the Heaven nourishes your Earth as you want it. You do not ask the question of knowing how the Heaven lives, of what it needs. And how to help it? It is all.


Very rare are those who ask this question and who make the step to understand. Very rare are those who understand that the Heaven needs the Earth to develop its Force. Also the Heaven nourishes the Earth so that this latter dynamizes its life in a precise way. But the Earth wants to receive the Force of the Heaven and then decides to play its own game!

Those who understand that and live it in their daily life go very far and very quickly. They are not thieves because by the attention that they carry to the Heaven, they make function the third energetic law and they nourish in energy the Heaven which gives it again to them.


It is an art, it is really the art of the exchange, of the coupling, knowing to give completely, and, at the same time, to keep for oneself what is necessary to be able to have means of action in this life.


It is an art, very beautiful.


To finish with the external side of the theft, I recall you at what serves an introduction into the body of one of the essential Forces of the Heaven. It is to go to see, to understand, to feel with all the fibers of your body, of your intelligence, to touch how this Force vibrates, how it functions, which its system of perception of space is, which its type of interest for the world is, which its actions are; finally to have an intimacy with this Force for then making it live on the Earth.


An introduction, a coupling is an engagement FOR and TOWARDS the Heaven.


There is then in you a Force which will be your master of teaching. It is this interior master who will lead your movement. It is so that you will discover another form of life where you do not need to voluntarily intervene anymore, to go to make choices.

If you like it, you let this Force to transform your energetic system. It is True Happiness!


But it is very rare that one accepts that this Force directs our own movement. One wishes only that it improves the old energetic fabric. At this time, you belong to the robbers of the Heaven because you use techniques and practices truly with orientation and destination Heaven for another goal.



To present ones hands…

Do you know what that means in the origin of the gesture?


It is to show that one does not have a hidden weapon.


The greed of the Grid is the weapon hidden at the deepest of your heart.


It makes you believe that what you do is well, because you want that it is « like that »


It justifies your theft.

It says that to lie to go out of trouble is not to lie.

It says that to steal to obtain what one likes, is not to steal.

It says that your pleasure and your interest are Rights and that the means employed are secondary and justifiable by the result.