The secret heart


If you steal, it is that you miss something. You are in a lack. On the other hand, if it does not miss anything, if you are full of everything, you will not steal anything at all.

How to be full? One is not full by filling oneself. That seems curious. One is full when one is no longer interested by another thing than this Dignity of life that we understand by the opening of our deep memories. Then this Dignity fills us naturally.

The things being what they are, there, now, everything is well like that. There is no more the research of another thing. It is not even supposing one would like things to be different than that.


Then, I would say that it is that to practice the impartial way, this way, which does not deviate from this alignment to the Dignity, which does not deviate from this Love.


If there is advantage with the life it is good; if there is disadvantage with the life it is good too; if there is good health it is good; if there is disease it is good; if there is recognition of the others for what we do it is good; if there is not recognition it is good too.


It is that to practice the Direct Way.


It is that to be really in the Direct Way. There, there are no thieves because there is nothing which misses. All is always very well like that because in this « like that » there is the possibility of seeing all the beauty of the world; because the relative and the absolute are mixed permanently; because in each event, whatever it is, even if it is an event where the relative appears in a powerful way, nevertheless the absolute is there too. Also if one seeks this absolute, if one is this lover who seeks continuously his lover, there does not have any difficulty. One is delighted by any action and one is well in any society.

There, there are no more thieves. There is not even anymore somebody who seeks to respect the event, who seeks to respect the others. Even this definition does not exist.

It is another dimension.


This new dimension is built and develops naturally,



Commentaries of Linda :


But, initially, it is important:




not worth TO FIGHT this attitude so registered in the reflexes of the body nor to be DISCOURAGED… (that are methods of the grid!).....


It is by accepting that in its relativity

that the DOUBLE LOOK will develop

and… already to help to perceive that one steals,

to see it more and more quickly….


And, if the LOVE FOR THE HEAVEN is there,

in front of this conscience

one is simply DISGUSTED,

all the body says: « NOT! I DO NOT LIKE! »,

and that makes that the space of the following « thieving action » is reduced as discoveries progress… and, less and less, this reflex will be activated!

It is like that which that functions on all the levels





Because the action, it is quite simply the momentum to take part in the world, to take part in the movement of the world, to take part in its continual transformation. As soon as you are there, existing on the Earth, you belong to this space of humanity.

You should not believe that you are only part of your personal space which is called Me, of a restricted space which is named family or society.

You are part of a much more important space: the one of the humanity and all the humanity is contained inside your body. At each time you will have modified something, that you will have taken part closely to what you can call You,


You will have taken part and communicated closely with the totality of the humanity and all that you will be able to make on You and with You,

you do it with the humanity and on the humanity.


Commentaries of Maria


1. I notice, that on the side of the emotions there is very often a Question: „Of what do I need? “

...... of the space around me ..... of the others…

and at the end: „Of what do I need the Heaven? “


It is a false Question!! This Question is a theft regarding the Love without condition! Because it automatically changes the addressee and closes the space.


That it is always a great question for me; people who have perceived enormously the Heaven and who taste physically this infinite Love, WHY do they continue to ask in their daily life:

„I NEED this and that….


FOR ME “!!!

During the treatment there was a new natural Question,


This is not a question PRODUCED by the emotions,

they are not able to raise a question like that.

It is a NEED OF THE HEART!!!! Who opens immensely the space!!!!! From there, the theft does not exist anymore.


2. What is the intention of the men who want to be „independent “?

Independent of WHAT??? Independent of a body which carries completely this Force of the Heaven????? It is a quite strong arrogance!!!

„Yes… I take what I need from him, for ME!!!!!

Because, if I feel good, the space is good and I am released from all “!!!!



Also it is a theft, a fraud and a dream of the grid which whispers to the ear of this person: „You must be independent “.

And it is exactly that which blocks the flow of this big loop where the addressee is the source always.

Even if the source continues to welcome each movement, the person cannot take part any more at this great nourishment, it is technically impossible. She has been separated from it and now she eats isolated in a small loop, all alone ......

the person itself stops this great loop: °to give- to take°, because she does not have its look towards God,

but only towards herself. to be released!!!!!!


It is the theft: to steal a cosmic movement for its own play!!!!



And on the secret side, it is the TRUE LIBERATION!!!!!!


It is the difference between „to take and to give“ concerning the Heaven and concerning the personal play.

From one side it is an enormous intimacy … an endless Love… and that lets look at „the things “from a general and broad space,

and from the other side it is a large gap and in a small space with the small window. But there is a satisfaction: It is truly the independent movement from the Heaven…. It is the result and the intention of the grid. ........... It is really the separation and the theft.


3. What is the function and the destination of a body of Yam???

If one is in the YAM and one looks at the men who are in Bam ..... when they feel a nourishment of another dimension, they are „happy“....... they feel confirmed in all their life.


For the majority of the people, it is a godsend…. but not a momentum to penetrate the events in its life with this energy,

they keep this treasure for themselves by saying „I must be very attentive not to lose everything!!!!! “

It is a theft, and behind the curtain there is the „Chef “which locks up this energy and prevents the participation with the others!!!!! Saying: it is too precious for the men, it should be protected!!!!

It is a lie!!!

It does not exist anymore the movement of the participation when he is well locked up. It is the death. It is a rigid attitude!


And the body which gives this godsend? It looks at all that,

while knowing, what is happening and it continues to remain in the space of Yam, the energy now stolen,


but the energy of the intention is always beyond all. Thus, the happiness to exist,

the happiness to have a body it is: to never be letting oneself be aspired in a prison!!! , always knowing with the eyes of the Heaven, that the theft is done, but that it never touches this alignment of the Heaven which has an intention:




With an enormous enthusiasm.

It is the divine sacrifice, to give of Yam, and to accept that people eat all for themselves, and to accept to lose regarding the others,




And I finish,


Do you perceive the White Woman in the heart of this fountain.

This White Woman who has opened to you the doors of the deep comprehension of the Universe.

Without Her you cannot open your deep memories.

It is the Ocean of Love.

It is the water which overcomes of all the rocks.

It is the Penetrating Gentleness which transforms the harshness of the man captive of the Grid which hardens your heart.

Without Her, your currents of thoughts are as hard as wood.

Without Her, you cannot feel the caress of the Heaven in your body.

To be caressed from the inside: what a Wonder !!!!


It is the greatest gift that I have made to you on this Earth: to give you access to this Wife of the Universe.



this photograph was taken on the place of my birth in this world.