The first sounds






If one really wants to understand the intervention of the forces of the universe to be able to help the humanity, it is necessary to be master of the sounds E YAM BAM RAM LAM.


The sounds have an action on the liquids of the organism, thus on the internal chemistry. When I say that it is necessary to be master of the sounds E YAM BAM RAM LAM that wants to say that these sounds can so strongly modify your internal chemistry that you understand what that wants to say E YAM BAM RAM LAM.


Thus to be master of the sounds, it is to be master of a comprehension.


All is a question of comprehension which depends on the internal chemistry. One returns to the other.


It is that the beauty of the universe, it is a beauty of the action.


The one who wants to remain motionless, sitting on his armchair to understand before moving, will never understand anything because it is THE means which transforms THE internal chemistry which then allows this chemistry to fully understand what this means wants to say.


So, if you want to go very far in the comprehension of yourself, you must control the sounds E YAM BAM RAM LAM because in these five sounds there is all the universe. There too, there is all the range of the vibration. You can be in the very high-pitched tones or the very bass tones.


What do these sounds want to say and to what they refer?


The sound E it is the space.

The sound YAM it is the air.

The sound BAM it is the water.

The sound RAM it is the fire.

The sound LAM it is the earth.


And it is in this way that the creation of the universe has settled. But with the explanations that I have just given, which are from the external side, one cannot understand very well how the organization was done thus. At most, one can consider how the space has given birth to the air, thus the space E has given the space YAM. But one does not understand very well how the space could give birth to the water and one understands even less how the water BAM could give birth to the fire RAM. On the other hand, one can arrive, for example, to understand what occurs for a volcano in eruption. The spouting out fire from the center of the Earth reconstitutes in surface a ground, an always very fertile ground. That it is the external side.

But the external side does not interest us. It is the internal side we approach now.


E it is the space. The sound E is not completely EH, it is also AH. It is very difficult to pronounce this first sound of the universe. It is the one of the child when he leaves the belly of the mother. He does something between the EH and the AH.

Me, I begin from the AH. If you make well vibrate the AH, you will realize that it will soften towards the EH because it is a long sound. It is AAAAA, it is EEEEE.


YAM, it is the breath. It is the breath of the Source which launches energy which, released will create its personal life. It is the movement. It is BAM.


E YAM BAM it is the same Force. It is always the Source in a different form of expression.


BAM is the loving matter, it is the ocean of love, the White Woman.


Thus EH, it is the matter of the Source which possesses all in potential.

YAM, it is the breath of the Source which extrudes from it a part of it.

BAM, it is the development of this part of the Source extruded by the breath.

Here, we are Heaven side.


Then, one will pass animated side, side of the created beings, starting from BAM.

BAM, the movement, the ocean of love, as matter, will be able to build all the universe.

It is BAM, the universal mother, the White Woman, the unique love. From there, there will be children. It will be created beings, energetic tools which will have their own working. That will create the LAM.


But this object created is not independent, it has an own functioning life, but it does not have an own intention because its intention is the one of the original Source, it means EH which through the breath has set up the movement BAM. That has an intention of life, an intention of working, a harmony. This harmony is expressed by the action, by the heart. That is the RAM.


Do you understand, you, small pretentious human who believes being unique in the universe, who believes being the master of the universe. In fact, you are only a small part of the universe, a small part of BAM, a small part of the White Woman.

One always returns to the space. The space is initially a reception, a passive side but also it is the space which exerts a pressure on those who are inside it. It is the active side. You, LAM, you are inside the space of RAM, the space of the action, the space of heart which has been set up by BAM, the White Woman inside herself. Do you understand?


Creation, it is the space. It is the Source. All is there, in potential. But it is necessary to pass in an actualization of movement so that the creativity can be done. This base, this platform of creativity it is BAM, the White Woman. From there, it has been necessary to set up a vibratory system which makes the continuity of the Heaven on what will be created, it means the Earth. That occurs by the installation of a particular energetic caisson which is called the heart of BAM: the RAM, to have of heart, to have the heart for the Creation. And in this space will be able to develop, in complete harmony and tranquillity, particular beings, created by BAM. These beings it is LAM, it is you. It is what one calls the Earth. But that one could also call, in a general way, the universe. But, what does matter to you, it is that there one speaks of the thinking beings, of the active beings, of the beings mobilizing the energy that they are. And, it is necessary that they are led by a particular intention. It is this famous initial coding of which I have often spoken to you and who is integrated in all the cells of your body.


Thus, in these five sounds there is a Heaven side, it is the first three sounds. And there is an Earth side: the two last. There is a creativity side and an action side.


Here is the basic explanation of the mechanism of the Creation,

intern side of this creation.


E YAM BAM are Heaven side. RAM LAM are action side, Earth side. Finally, there is the Heaven and the Earth, with a very particular position of RAM which is already in the action but, it is the action of the Heaven. It is the intention and the will of the Heaven.


Thus the central point for you, human who tries to manage and to understand something, it is RAM, it is the heart, it is the action. It is the action of heart or the heart of the action, as you want. It is RAM which is in love with the BAM from which it is stemming, from which it has received the intention by which it has been made so that its movement, its space, can be created. Thus, at the beginning it is RAM which is in love with BAM. And the White Woman, the BAM is only in love with the Source from which she has been created to be coupled with it and to create continuously children who come to help for the maintenance, for the food, for the nourishment and for the cure of the Source. The essential thing is there.


Then, in all the movement of the Creation, it is a RAM which loves the BAM.

And it is there that there was a problem one day, because there are of these beings created in the LAM who decided that in the final analysis they could work for themselves and that it was no more worth to give the fruit of their actions back to the Source. These people, in the LAM, have started to have a deviation of the RAM. It became a RAM for themselves. They had a heart for themselves, they had no more heart for the BAM. It is where there was the rupture between the Heaven and the Earth. The RAM of the BAM was let carry by a RAM for the LAM.

So, the human system, since it is about a human, has become closed on itself because it has become closed in this circle between its RAM and its LAM. The RAM of LAM and the LAM towards the RAM self-organize inside the same space and they are cut from the Heaven, they are cut from the original intention, they are cut from the Creation.


It should be well understood that all the system of humanity is installed inside the body of the White Woman, inside this ocean of love which is BAM. All what is around you it is BAM, except that you, you are locked up in the vibratory mechanism of the individual LAM which has created its own system. And the religions are lying, when they make believe that the hell is for later and elsewhere. But, it is not true. The hell is there. You are in the hell. You are in the space of the individualized LAM, you live inside, you are in this energetic caisson. And this energetic caisson has a function of passivity and a function of activity like any space, that is to say a function of reception of your movement and a function to act on you so that your movement is what it has the intention and the will that it is. So, you are in the hell. It is not for later. And you, like any being inside an energetic system, from an energetic caisson, receive the vibratory influence of this energetic caisson, which seeks to direct all your system of activity, of thought, of concerns.



If you do nothing, automatically it is the pressure of this energetic caisson which makes vibrate your energetic system.


Then, finally, the only question that I could ask you is: is your RAM a RAM of BAM or a RAM of LAM? It is all. There is not an other thing.