This is a matter of eliminating sick energies, of bad quality, even downright negative, which are accumulated in oneself.

To do this practice, it is indispensable to already know the LOOP, the constitution of the BOWL and even better, the making of the BRONZE MAN.


The technique is the following:


1. Position.

Sitting, the back straight, in the usual posture for meditation.


2. Constitution of the bowl.

Use of the TT like a tennis ball against a wall.


3. Attraction to the BOWL.

The bowl is well constituted in the low belly, very hot, bright. You will ask the bowl to work by attracting the negativities that are in your body. So you force the breathing out, which reinforces the bowl against resistance. The negativities come into the bowl naturally, the latter working like a magnet.

You will see like objects coming into the bowl. They are forms of your negativities. They can be accompanied by colours. You let them come into the bowl without intervention, except for this attention to the breath while breathing out, so that the bowl is a good crucible.

When the flow of arrival slows down, you will then concentrate on the diverse parts of the body in order to check if there still are « objects » left in these places. If this is the case, throw them into the bowl with the breathing out.


4. Constitution of the PURIFYING FIRE.

You forget the bowl. This latter will carry on its duty as a magnet by itself through the intermediary of strong breathing while exhaling.

Now you bring your attention exclusively to the heart.

You breathe out onto the heart. The breathing is like a bellows on embers; it stirs it. It is in fact necessary to understand that the energy always goes where the attention is. Inattentive people are excluded from precise workings. For them the overall! This is all what remains for them. It is necessary to understand this relation between energy and will.

Also, your vital energy, KNOWS what YOU WANT to produce as ACTION. In answering to your WILL, this energy will condense into embers in your heart, which is the centre of command for diffusing your will in you and in the space.


Again a comment on the side, to define the problem very well and to avoid sliding into « sensations ». This negative energy, which you have in your body, brain, mind and thoughts included, does not have the intention to go away by itself. Understand this very well; it is important for your future actions.

If you leave it « alone », it will settle in you. It will impregnate your fascias (muscle tissues in several layers). At worst, it will increase in quantity and will be stored in your bones. That will have a repercussion in the marrow which is the producer of your blood.

Therefore, you will cease to be YOU. You will be YOU + the negative energy.

And so, when you will take a decision, or when you will have a sensation, impression, vision and so on, this parasitic energy will take control at the same level of your personal energy.


In fact, YOU, this does not exist!


YOU, this is the total combination of all the interdependent energies that you have met in your present life as in previous lives.

But next to this YOU, there is a seed that wants to grow. To water it, you have to pass through this YOU who does not exist, but who is so cumbersome! « Next to » means in a vertical flow into which the YOU does not have access; Private Club! And to have access to this narrow door, you must orientate yourself as with radar in smog. The indications that will be given to you by one of those who has taken the way before you will be a precious help.

You do not want to increase the gamut of colours of the YOU already so cumbersome. So you burn whatever comes. If you can moreover also burn a little of this YOU, that is not at all bad.

It is even very good !!!



Are you beginning to understand a little what this rule of the game of Life and Death is?



Since Life begins to hamper you so much, you will caress the moustache of Death a little. Because it is really a question of a death. It is this fear that YOU put in front of you! Without the « YOU », what is going to become of you? What will YOU be?... Woe to YOU !!!!!... OH MY GOODNESS…. !!!!!!


Here is what the supreme challenge of this practice is.


Your vital energy knows this challenge very well. It would so much like to find the harmonious working of its Vitality again!

Therefore it will be put to your disposal: it will be located in your heart, since it is from there that the rays that will fill the space will start.

But if you have understood well, this vital energy will not have an action beyond your WILL. It is up to you to know what you want; no one is the guardian of his brother.

And this YOU, you may believe that it is not the same as the one at the start, the one « so cumbersome ».


But yes, it is the same!



And yes !!!!... the « YOU » who wants to go into religion is the same as the one who decides to go to a brothel!!!

It is really here that the « TRUE » problem is !!!!!

The Devil, is YOU !!!!



Only there is something changed in him: he has enough of that! He is disgusted with himself; he is exhausted with his game. He no longer likes himself. So, he accepts to die.



Without this curious form of « suicide » there is no spiritual work, this word being rigorously taken in the sense of « the abandonment of the old».


This is the beauty of the brain of the human. It is capable of WANTING to stop with a kind of working that it has created itself. This is why it is so silly to destroy this unique brain with drugs. Those who take « products » to go to « nirvana » are only persons absent of « will ». Those who limit themselves to whisky or to « you will have a small drop » are lovers of the old.

Without this WILL, all that you can do will only be in the direction of a new CARESS for the old.


For the NEW to happen, it is necessary that the old ceases. The two do not coexist. A little false in the true and all is false!



But you can also do this « BURNING » practice with just a spirit of purification of the dregs of the day, without wanting to ask yourself questions about this YOU.


So you breathe onto the heart with the exhalation. A ball of fire will immediately form.

You breathe out until a very compact ball is obtained.

That is done when this ball moves by itself towards the centre of the chest, between the two breasts. This is the place of the energetic centre of the heart, as you know, because you must have a very precise knowledge of the LOOP to do this practice.

Then, you will breathe out against the resistance on this ball of fire. You will condense it into a dimension like a tennis ball if it has taken on too much volume. You must feel very warm, strong in your heart and in the chest.



You will be able to begin the work of burning the negatives energies.

If I have expressed the things of Life and of Death well, YOU are also a combination of parasitic energies. You are the smog! It is up to YOU now to know in which dimension of this game of Life and of Death you will place yourself. Where will you place yourself? Where will you place your little flag?




What are the objects that are in the BOWL? This depends only on the position of your little flag.


The vital energy is not a rapist !!!!!


You have the choice. Only the energetic objects which you really want to get rid of will come into the bowl.


Because if you really look at that, now, you will notice that the « objects » are always in the bowl. They are even increasing! The time that you have taken to constitute the ball of fire in your heart has stopped nothing in the bowl. It has continued to work like a magnet

Bring the ball of fire into the bowl while the breathing out and while blocking the perineum.

Do you see the objects that are burnt? Look well! There are « objects » in the bowl that were not there BEFORE I made these commentaries.


I have touched something in you !!!


This « something » has abandoned « something » of itself. Some superfluous things; some uselessness; some « I do not like myself like that », so why keep it?

And your bowl, like a good servant, has attracted to itself what you have accepted to release.


This will be burnt. If you pay attention to this ball of fire which acts in your bowl as a blowlamp, or a flamethrower, you will perceive a relaxation at your plexus. Very quickly, this will accompany an expansion of the heart and a feeling of space. A certain form of contentment; almost happiness.


Since « happiness » is not an aim, it is very simply the real movement of life.


There is no great or small happiness. It is very simply happiness, which suddenly appears when a true movement is in action. It is enough to move forward step by step in the movement of the world, while leaning on your own observations.

You can do this experiment now, if you want to. You can also stay with this immediate physical action.

But if this radical transformation of your being interests you, then, at the time of making this ball of fire, while you breathe, THINK of this possibility that you have there. Do not forget this possibility. Maybe this YOU would like to let go of « something» of « him ». Maybe he will tell himself that this life is difficult to reach, that favorable conditions are even more difficult to obtain, which are some exceptional encounters. Then maybe this YOU will tell him that time is not a friend of humankind. And maybe the little seed will whisper it to him!

And courage will be born from there.


So breathe well onto your heart, which nourishes the fire of the ball. This ball moves in the bowl. It burns all the objects, all. Check that none remain. Ask the bowl to attract other objects that might remain stored in the organs, in your flesh or your bones. Take big inhalations, perineum closed, to attract other wastes into the bowl. Burn what comes of new. When the arrival of other objects ceases and the bowl will be shining with cleanness, it will be advisable to « look round the property ».



This consists, with the breathing out, in throwing the ball of fire in all the organs in order to check that nothing remains in them. The ball is in the bowl, that is to say, in the belly. You will take it back to the heart with an inhalation. Then, with the breathing out, you will move this ball into your chest. Do not forget any place, belly included, spleen, stomach, liver.

Then you throw it towards the top. This will be the neck, then the nape of the neck and lastly the skull. Firstly in the back, then the top and finally the face. From there you will descend onto the shoulders and the arms until the hands heat up!

For the low part of the body, come back to the heart, then pass to the belly and finally descend into each leg until the feet heat up.

When you feel yourself very clean, clear, with your strong and very serene energy, it is time to go and check the exterior of yourself.



You will bring the ball back into your heart. This time you will need an expansion for your flamethrower. The ball must increase in volume.

You will breathe on it with the exhalation. The ball will take on volume very rapidly. It will begin to fill your whole chest.

Then you will notice that the inner fire goes through your skin and that the ball also forms outside of you. You become like a sun. You radiate very powerfully. Your rays clean up the environment in which you live. Then you can also throw your rays towards others environments, towards other persons far away from you.

Try then to burn the outer obstacles which prevent them from moving freely. Do not enter inside their being. Be content with trying « to remove the obstacles » for their practice.

Those people that you help are persons who would like to progress more rapidly on the way of knowledge and of freedom. It is not necessary to give them courage. They have some. If they lack courage, there are more effective techniques for that. Do not intervene on their decisions. What we do is « to remove the obstacles ».

Remember an essential relationship in energy.


The Will without the space is like a fool who hits her head against the walls. The space without the Will is like an ignoramus who looks for help everywhere.





This is a very silly thing to do. It suffices to say « thanks! ».


« Thanks » to life, because breathing is in you. What is death?: nothing else but a very simple phenomenon, you breathe out and you no longer breathe in. Nothing else. You have seen the beak of a bird opening to send out its song, but the song does not reach you. You die here, « here and now », not elsewhere. On this path, between two stones, right here! So, you are here, now, to do this practice. Is this not beautiful! What else do you want?


« Thanks » because this funny life, with its struggles, has led you as far as here, to do this practice, all alone, in your room, sitting on your pillow, your back against the wall. Nearby, someone sleeps. « Who » needs to know what you are doing? Still useless pretentiousness. And your fears, where are they? You have come as far as here, « here and now »! So, why be afraid of tomorrow? It will be a « here and now », like now. To say a sincere « Thanks » to that is a kiss to the Force which has created you.


« Thanks » to those who have taught you the way of going out of the tunnel, who have talked to you about this alignment of the body and of the spirit where you no longer have empty hands.


« Thanks » to the one who has given of himself to help you to get you moving. Because without this gift, it is difficult to progress.


« Thanks » to this « WHO », in you, you have permitted to receive and to listen to. Because in the end, it is you and only you who has really wanted to work. The other could not do it in your place.

So say « Thanks » to you and let this ball of fire come back to its place, in your heart, to then take back its normal power for your ordinary life.


Make the LOOP rotate eight times.

When everything is peaceful, it is time to lie down. Your rest will be restorative in the deep layers of your being.

And when you will wake up tomorrow, breathe immediately on your heart. The ball of fire will instantaneously be there. It will prevent you to be covered by a cloud of preoccupations.