The gift of oneself



Considering quickly, it is a technique of purification. It will be the case for much who have not engaged yet their energetic being

in the evolution of their life.


In fact, in this practice, it is not a question of experiment, but of a true energetic transfer.


It will be carried out between oneself and the one to which one owes something. "Owe something" means that somebody, with good reason or not, hold a grudge against you. It has a reproach to make you. It estimates that you did not act well. The basic question is: did you know what it was necessary to give to the other and what he wanted from you? Did you have the possibility to carrying out it without even harming you? (the answer is almost always YES); then why did you not do it? Here is the base of the human behaviour. The result is there: an immense dissatisfaction against oneself. This reproach will mature inexorably.


But do you really understand the question? I do not believe. Do you understand that we are reversing the usual human behavior which is always in the search of this “which will to him to make”? We enter in another dimension which is worried about this “which would give pleasure to the other”. Now do you begin to understand? It is a new considerable challenge of the life. But it is the normal movement of the life according to the original triangulation. It is for that that the karmic law applies: because there is an infringement with the normal movement between the humans. It is for that that there will be retention of one part of your energy to nourish the resentment of the other. Therefore it is the last practice that I give you in this work of information of your spirit and of your body before approaching the techniques of intimate communication with the Forces of the Creation. But why to want this communication if you do not know the normal means of behaviour with the others. It is what I often express by these words: “you are not nice!”


The technique that we will approach will give a fast satisfaction to these reproaches. It is an acceleration of the principles of Karma (as a tank with the unaccomplished things which will produce a future effect) by implementing a sincere will to repair. You thus will not wait until the conditions with the natural ripening of your bad deeds are carried out. You go to give from now on of your energy to repair on the energetic body of the other. You will give back to him what you have taken to him: a pleasure to live and to exist. You will give back tonicity to him that you destroyed to him.


It is thus an energetic transfer of you towards the other or even the others in a more total way because it does not need to have a perfectly known recipient. The result is like a sincere confession, of all your soul, all your heart: an enormous relief. From this relief will be born a new will to live. One emptied his bag, OUF!


But to see your faults is very difficult; to recognize them is even more difficult. It is why all those which do not commit truly their energetic being in their becoming cannot carry out this transfer.


2. But it is carried out another energetic transfer that you would not wait. Moreover it should not be awaited: it is the fruit of your sincere practice. This fruit is a sudden arrival of complementary energy far beyond of what you gave. It is YOUR energy which returns at your disposal. It is YOURS! In fact, that it occurred when you said “NO” (thus an expression of resistant to the practice of energy) whereas you could say YES (a will to make grow situations and beings): the total energetic body (or Universal if you prefer) has very exactly withdrawn you of your own energetic body the quota of energy which will be necessary for the other (that you did not satisfy) for holding a grudge to you. It is what makes say that “the hate supports!”


The prickly one of the situation is thus that the resentment of the other is nourished by your own energy. The “prickly one” becomes “laughable” when of surplus one notices that the quantity of energy retained on you is much higher than that which you should have spent to satisfy the other! Amusing! Is not it, for all the pretentious ones of resistance. That shows you of surplus why one should not take care too lengthily of a “resistant”: he continuously increases his energetic deficit and finishes by living exclusively on energy of support of the others, which can them also be led to extreme situations of irreversible weakening. Thus to leave resistant to his destiny, whatever the price to be paid, is an absolute need. For him, as for you.


I think that you have understood what this “fruit” of your sincere recognition of your faults is: your energy retained returns to the fold. It is released by the other finally satisfied! It is neat, it is clear, it does not have to hold forth about it. But if it is the research of the “fruit” which leads the action, it is lost.


3. It is the “first step which counts”. Whereas the action is directed perfectly towards the complete gift of you, without seeking in any manner to recover a “fruit”. How that starts from your first step, of your first breath, of your first gesture, of your first intention! I insist! It is capital. One NEVER recovers the first step malformed! If it badly left, better is worth to cease immediately, to run the mountain, to howl in the hills or to take a bath in the sea. But especially never continue on a first missed step.


Thus this technique is very powerful. Never done it like a hasty cleaning, such as an energetic sauna. You do not have to use much time. The three techniques that I give you last each one approximately an hour to the maximum; but if you have much determination, if your sincerity is intense, all can be shortened between 15 and 30 minutes. It is business of plenitude which one perceives in all the body.


The procedure will be the following one: making of the Bronze Man two (HB2), use of a crown of bees around the neck, to lengthen the neck and to thus support the fontanel against luminous white space and to make run nectar in a wheel established in the throat. Then from this wheel the nectar of purification will leave in the whole of the bronze man.




The five stages.



1. Training of the Bronze Man two (HB2).


Always at the beginning the basic position, comfortably sited, the right back. I repeat: the right back wants to say that there is a search for verticality between two essential points of the body: perineum and the fontanel. That can be realized only through a light rocker of the pelvis and a re-entry of the chin in the throat. Then one extends this axis by pushing the head slightly upwards. The whole without effort and tension. The position is successful when that after ten minutes, if you try to turn the head in one side, by a small soft movement, you will feel a clear resistance. You will have the impression that your head is fixed on a vertical pile and that was appropriate to it very well. It does not want to return to the usual “jumble”.



2. Use of the crown of bees around the neck.


1. Breathe in lengthily in your neck and especially in your nape of the neck. The crown of bees is done instantaneously.

Know that the bees are beings connected to the sun. Even with a dark color, they always radiate very yellow gold luminosity with a lot of white. Notice that this dark mass around your neck radiates this light and that you have the feeling of a beneficial warm heat which settles. Also notice that this collar is extremely strong nape of the neck side and that you are pressed on a thick and reassuring cushion if you move back the head. Also feel that this collar is alive, moving and that it lives at the rhythm of your breathing and of the beats of your heart.


2. The collar installed well and living harmoniously with you, concentrate you particularly on the mobility of this mass. That lives and you will seek to give them a little more space so that they can be more at ease and to be better driven around your neck. This glance on this collar enables you to notice that the thickness on the nape of the neck is quite higher than what is in front. There is a true cushion behind your skull and it is there above that you will work in order to give more space “to living”.


You quietly will extend the nape of the neck upwards. In fact, it is the reverse of the movement which one uses when one wants to get rid of something: one enters the neck in the shoulders. There, you on the contrary will make the neck going out of the shoulders, which will give them much more place. The movement starts with a carelessness of the shoulders which fall quietly without tension. This relaxation is obtained by a releasing of the elbows. Let them descend and the remainder will follow.


Then, you will make grow the nape of the neck while returning the chin in your throat. Slightly, it is necessary that is comfortable. To know the exact position, help you with sound. Open the lips, slightly, and made its primordial AH. Seek to make it vibrate in your throat. This vibration can be acquired only through a narrowing of the larynx in relative opposition to the flow of air. The correct position is obtained when you feel that the vibration gains all the neck and opens out in the nape of the neck. Moreover you will feel a higher mobility in the bees which answer at this sound by reinforcing their presence. You will feel them happy to be there, hung on your neck.


Take your time. This installation is essential. When you can install this crown quasi-immediately, you will have the possibility to set up the procedure of cleaning by the gift at every moment of your life and in all the circumstances.


3. Through your concentration on good being of bees to which you give a fixing, space and that you nourish with sound, you have not made attention to the correct lengthening of your nape of the neck and improvement of verticality between perineum and fontanel, which has also be done naturally without you becoming aware of it, has led your fontanel to support on a white mass which settled quietly above your head during your work. It is very real: your fontanel supports on a white luminous mass. Moreover this fontanel palpitates of this very close presence. These palpitations circulate in your skull, under the skin, go towards the ears, the forehead, even can go down towards the nape of the neck. You have a life which occurs in this skull which is so often an energetic desert.

Take your time to really feel this hot, luminous, benevolent presence with your effort.



3. To make run nectar in a wheel established with the throat.


1. It only remains to you to open your fontanel. Of this white ball a liquid starts to run out in your skull, like milk. It fills your head, then slips towards the neck and the nape of the neck.

Gently, while thus running out with the fontanel which is like a tap by which this liquid continues to come, this white, milky and luminous force gains your crown of bees which impregnate themselves with happiness. They are grateful to you of this supply of nourishment which comes from the space of their formation, it means from the Heaven.

Let them be well filled of this nectar. Your head is now filled up of this white force. It is light, happy, is relaxed.


2. You will not occupy yourselves any more of the provisioning of this white force by the fontanel. Now the connected bees will do it by themselves.

It is now on the collar of bees that you will concentrate. You will make it vibrate with the primordial sound AH, lengthily, half-opened lips. You will notice whereas from this collar of bees flows a milky liquid which slips into your body of HB and fills it.


Then, by your ends, the hands and the feet, but also the osseous parts such elbows, knees and knobs, the residues your no accomplished actions go out. You can have dirty color, animals such snakes, scorpions etc… visions. That goes out of your body and is diluted in the atmosphere and the Earth which take again these energetic forces.

You will feel relaxed, happy, flexible in your body.


That is the external manner to work with the cleaning of oneself.



4. Interior manner to be cleaned.


1. It is there that the “gift of oneself” enters. You do not know precisely with whom you have despoiled of life, of tonicity, of energy, by not giving them the nourishment which they needed to improve their force with the life. You do not know “WHO” but you understand that they are numerous with the blackish traces left in you and of which you see running out the energetic symptoms through your members.


Then it is there that in you a very sincere compassion for all these beings must enter, without a search of distinction or exclusion. This compassion cannot be made. It comes from the recognition of your own difficulties of living and to understand that must also be very hard for the others. You hold a grudge against yourself (what is not culpability) not to have known or not have been able to facilitate their road. You are naturally filled with a very sincere remorse and you can even cry about it. Because there was no technical impossibility to provide them the nourishment which they needed at this time there.


Thinking of them, you can no longer make differently than to seek to repair. This only sincere thought will open the Earth in front of you, almost under your feet. You will see their curious forms, a little hideous, blackish colours and dirty red, beings which tighten avid hands and tentacles towards you to tear off you scraps of the life that you have not known to give them. Do not be afraid. Moreover, if you have sincerity to repair your faults after having recognized them, you cannot be afraid. You could not continue any more to live with dignity if you would not repair, even at the price of your life.


2. Do not seek what you could give them. The white force which continues to flow in you via the collar of bees knows what it is appropriate. Your sincere desire to repair is enough to make go towards them the unhealthy residues which go out of you, these bad colors, these curious animals. They seize them with their avid hands because they are famished of nourishments beings which they missed so much! This nourishment which seems to you so dirty is theirs because it is connected to them, to their dissatisfaction.


Because there is another very important knowledge of which I must discuss with you: the life, the creation of everything, it is a constant exchange, a continual mobility, an uninterrupted interdependence.

Let us take a banal example: somebody has had a car crash because another car has failed to stop at a stop sign. If one is not delayed with the considerations such “the poor one!” “not of chance” or others, the fundamental question which arises is “why that has it been able to be carried out?” It is always necessary to return to the root source. The chance does not exist. It is necessary, in the present case, his own car, the decision to be inside and to drive, the manner of driving and his decision to pass by this way… in fact all that makes that the victim is at this place there at this time there. When a car crash is examined one each time has the remark “with a margin of one second!”.

Then, one needs also the other car and one can look at this course in the same way. One also arrives at the same conclusion: “with a margin of a half-second! “with a simple more attentive glance on the road!”.

Reality is that there is interdependence of two beings, in this precise case, and still without worrying about the underground conditions which make that the car crash, on the energetic level, had to take place, either in aid, or in sanction.

It is this interdependence which it is advisable to look with attention. It is necessary to be TWO (at least) and EACH ONE had the possibility of making so that the car crash does not arrive.


Then, each one has the possibility of living and of analyzing the car crash in his manner. There will be all the human range of the “bastards! ”, to “poor! ”, while passing by all the resentments, brutalities, manners of crying over oneself… and so on. The list is long. The important thing is to notice that there will be two main trends: those which will be satisfied with handicap with all social-cultural helps and those which will want to set out again of a firm footing by cancelling their handicap.


At present, those that you have under the feet, those which require their nourishment, these dirty scraps of the emotional and energetic residues of the badly lived situations, it is those which were well with this handicap. They have supplied thus their resentment with your energy and were well with this provision. One enters then in the category of the beings “assisted” such as so often present in our current culture. They are those which did not decide one day to change their life, to hold a grudge against themselves in order to condemn their own failure, even if effectively the others were not helping.


For those which wanted to change their life, on the contrary, having seen how it is so difficult for them, they hastened in first jet to make peace with the others which, according to them, could owe them something. They would have put an end to the war of the resentments.


Those which are under you did not die to themselves. They kept their desires and their resentments. You must thus have even more care of them in your compassion. Is what you will give back to them will allow them to emerge in the self-knowledge? Do you want it very sincerely? Then they will be nourished with the energetic residues which rotted since such a long time. Since lives and lives sometimes. You will see them to calm down, to become quieter. Instead of condemning their presence which shows their absence of divine realization, you give them because you were active participant to their misfortune. Do not discharge you from the problem of your action to the reason that “they could have passed over this lack!”. You do not know what occurred for them, what cumulated. It is not a question to take responsibility for them. Repair your faults, quite simply, but with an absolute sincerity for their success at them and not yours.


3. The white liquid continues to flow, the sound AH vibrates in your throat. The mass of bees is there, HB is filled of nectar. The beings under you are satisfied. You feel them relieved of the recognition that you have had for them. Then they withdraw their fists, their claws, they become less howling. The Earth is closed again on them.


At this time, it does not leave any more “rot” of you. But be attentive that it is the Earth which is closed again BEFORE and not your secretions. The procedure of nourishment ceases when the beings are satisfied and not with the reason for a stop of supplying. It is very important for carrying your sincerity.


It is the interior manner to repair our faults.


5. Secret manner to repair our faults.


Having washed the resentments attached to you, the nectar always flows in HB with the vibration of the sound AH.


1. Filled of this nectar, HB radiates towards the outside of this luminosity. It is not a question to radiate on the remote environments: the war at the far end of the world! You breathe the air around your nose and the energetic radiations that you receive are around you. It is in this space that you send the radiation of purification, without precise distinction, by the exhalation.


The operation is finished when you feel your environment satisfied, quiet, happy to be with you.


2. Then, you will insert this external luminosity in HB by the breathe in. The AH is in breathing out. This purifying light and purified space come in you through the breathing in it and you send it in the bowl.

After several long and soft inhalations, you notice that HB has just recovered “objects” in low part of the bowl: small shoes, toys, clothing, tools… and so on. Objects of baby, small but formed well. They are in low part of the bowl, under the Tan-Tien. What has it happened?

You purified your “remorse”. You do not owe anything anymore to whoever but you do not be pretentious of that. On the contrary, you are pained of the suffering of the others. Also, after having helped them by projections of energy in your entourage, you know that this help is not sufficient. They are not connected live to this purifying energy. You know by experiment how it is difficult and hard to get oneself out of trouble. Then, in surplus of the assistance which you have just carried to them, you decide to make enter in you their unsolved energetic residues, those which poison your environment.

Thus instead of remaining external to the others with your purification, you will “dirty” yourselves consciously and you will share their sufferings. You will enter in essential energetic communication.

It is necessary to be precise with the words. I say “dirtied” compared to the previous cleaning. In fact, it is the word “used” which is appropriate best. You agree to use your very new cleanliness for cleaning the others. Thus you take on you “stain” but you, contrary to them, you know how to disencumber yourself of it. When one knows the antidote, one does not fear any more the poison.

It is a quite relative stain. It is about the compassion which is, vigorously, only the relative action of the truth on the course of the world. It is not thus a question of taking the burden of anyone beyond your possibilities. Also, this “relativity” is in fact the “communication” in its pure state.

Moreover check directly what occurs in the last phase.


3. Now that settled, in the low part of the bowl, the symbolic objects of the residues of your external environment, you will make rotate the breath in your belly, clockwise. Insisted on the breathe out.

Instantaneously there is the presence of the three wheels of the master structure which rotates too. The vertical axis which connects them takes support on the Tan-Tien and it is the movement of this axis which makes rotate the wheels. The energy contained in these last is added to the milky light which filled up HB.

In your bowl, mixed energy rotates slowly while involving as in a horse-gear of children the residual objects of the others. You are making them being more dynamic to give them the force of expression of which they will need in outside to be expressed and finally to be freed because only the truth frees. You cannot make great thing for the others, except to give them force and tonicity to express their difficulties.


It is the supreme assistance that you grant to them. Moreover, in the order of the dimension of the communication, you know well, immediately, that you work really together. It is merry and happy, trustful and sure that one can manage to regulate the problems of the future. That there is always a passage to break the wall of the obstruction and dumbness.

But it should be done to know how it is happy. Because the words alone would let suppose that you dirty yourselves again instead of going to enjoy peaceful your very new cleanliness.

It is not for nothing that this technique is entitled




And all is finished when you have the profound feeling that you are again well connected to the others and that there are not two worlds: yours and theirs. It is the same world in which one lives all together and nothing can be been unknown.

Even in your everyday life of the, you can set up instantaneously this “taking into account of heavinesses of the other”. It will suffice to blow deeply in your belly and to check that the three wheels are well in movement. Then by an inhalation, while continuing to activate you, you will call the problems of the others, which makes obstacle to the communication at present. They will go in the bottom of the bowl and make rotate without ceasing your activity. Less than five minutes later there will be a change in the environment. The wall of incomprehension will have broken. There will be a place for the passage of the communication. Then you will be able to launch your word and it will be right. It will touch its goal.


Here is the very secret means to work


For this one, one will not give you a medal!

But on the other hand you will have the smile with the lips and the content heart. What matters that one knows! If there is a true being near you in this moment, it will know what you made. Suddenly you will feel very physically a very tonic assistance. You will have a friend.







« YES »


Commentaries on the practice « to give - bees»


The Direct Way leads the person to look at right in front of her and not to pursue her dreams anymore… that results in knowing to say « NO » to all what is not right and useless… to go his way quietly without clashes no-essential but also without compromise.

Now, after having done this practice of « to give » you can be in interrogation. It can seem to you that you enter a relation of the compromise with the other. Then that requires some complementary commentaries… which will be very short… because you understand immediately… or you do not understand!!!! … In this last case, you do not have your place in this practice… because I remind you that a practice is a « living being » which accommodates you in his energetic flow.


This practice is in one of the final important chapters of the internet site: THE LIBERATORS. It is not a heading for beginners, but for those who have already made a long course in themselves and have understood the essence of their energetic working and his relation with the Universe. Those people who can say « NO » to useless, to superfluity. They have a Force in them which guides them, this famous « Presence » about which I often speak.

Then they do not need more « to be defended »… they know that Dignity is defended all alone! …

They also know that they are on this Earth of the Men « to take part »… They also know that « to wait » the perfection to take part is an illusory immobilization of a better future. So, strong of the Perfection that they feel in them, they are not any more afraid of imperfect spaces…


They can be perfect in the imperfection.


It is only when one has this natural physical aptitude to be perfect in all the imperfect events that the TRUE liberation occurs!!! … and yes! … the Perfection is in the imperfection!!!

Thus those people understand that in their search for « perfection », they have been very imperfect. They understand that all the defenders of the « perfection » are sectarian people who produce a restrictive energy in the event and for the others which undergo it.

At the same time they have produced a « halo » of karma which limits the speed of movement of their own energy.

This practice has the aim of diluting this halo and to open the heart even more towards the other: « what did you want from me? … was I able to give it to you without harming my own vibration? … then why did I cause your suffering? … hold on, take what, of you, remained hung to me!!! … with all my friendship…»


So, after having learned how to say NO,

it is a question of learning again how to say YES:

to give what the other asks can be something else that

YOU you would like the most, also a little in contrast

with your own « maximum personal pleasure »! .....

but that can be a help for the person who asks it!

FOR HER, who, perhaps moved for you.........


can you also move for the other?

can you let aside your GREAT PRETENSION?

can you become HUMBLE?


This person who is able of that, returns in a new Dimension of life… moreover, understand that nothing is of general but everything is of particular… so the theories and generalizations which remained still hung go very fast to the dustbin!!!

And finally, to perfect her training of adult, this person observes once again in her body, that the energy does not know the time and that it is always possible to replay her movements WITH DIGNITY



Here is the ESSENCE of this practice!