The Great Destroyer





There exists in the universe an enormous, colossal force, the most powerful in Bam which is as a surgeon who removes the cancer of one part of the body to preserve its totality. It is a force which has been easily perceptible only since one century, in reaction to the deepest and the most subtle machinations of the Grid. Also, it is necessary to understand well the notion of virtuality of the grid.


The devil in itself does not exist.


It is only the movement, the agitation of the men separated from the Original Dignity. It is an entirely virtual vibratory system, a draft installed by the agitation of the humanity. It has constituted its own space, exactly like somebody who rotates on himself and produces a draft around him. This draft is effectively perceived as a reality by those who are present because they feel that there is a displacement of something,


But it suffices that the person ceases to rotate on herself and the draft ceases.


It is for that one cannot act on the draft. It does not exist in itself! It is identical with the Creation which cannot act on the grid. It can only act on the beings who are in a movement contrary to their original destination. It is thus that this Force of complete destruction was perceived one century ago because the acceleration of the disordered and perverse agitation of human has highlighted it.


In fact this Force is not a reaction.


It will not cease because the human would have ceased to create the grid because She is, in fact, the White Lady. She is one of the facets of the White Lady. One always sees the White Lady as generosity, creator, like the one who makes children. She is perceived as benevolent. She is the creator, She is the benevolent eye, She is this provider of goods.


Reptilian side, one cannot imagine that this Mother, the very essence of the Mother, this ocean of love, can destroy her own children, her own creations. However it is what occurs. She is a mother who, in full lucidity, has also the capacity to destroy her children, who beyond themselves, beyond their own disturbance can also provoke the one of the Universe. When somebody has the capacity to create, he has automatically, also, the capacity to destroy. It is the Karmic Law. It is this capacity of destruction that the White Lady has which has been now put in acceleration for about one century, because of the really abnormal and very dangerous perversion of the human.

If one goes further, even more deeply in the comprehension of The Great Destroyer, one observes that her action is not of destruction but of liberation. Thus, the one who one usually calls the Great Destroyer could also be called the Great Liberator.


This Force intervenes when the Force of the Compassion in Action, in Bam is no more sufficient. I call it « my Beauty ». Let us keep this name which is beautiful! It will now be necessary to deal with what is rotted inside the person whereas « my Beauty » does not deal with it. She looks after all the dynamism of action in the life. She is a great vigorous who is afraid of nothing. She is ready to go immediately in the combat. But one needs a higher power now, the one of the White Lady as wrathful...


It is the Red Lady!!!!


It is a butcher !!!!


She enters in the blood, in the meat of the being. She pulls out, extracts all what the grid has installed in the body to handle it. Since thousands of years, the grid is the lodger of the body. It has gradually installed its paintings and its wallpapers. But that it is still an external vision. It has also installed inside the walls of the electric wires which are not seen but which however are very effective to lead ITS electricity from one point to another of the house. After that, with its own computer, it has the capacity to make vibrate the being in its manner…


How it wants, when it wants and where it wants!!!!!


The pleasure of the grid is to obtain the humiliation of the being. It is where it has its main nourishment, by the working of the first energetic law: to separate to the maximum the being of his original perfection.


When all that has been perceived and that one wants to stop completely with it, it will be necessary to extract these wires so that this house becomes again a perfect tool for the working of the initial intention of the Creation.

And it is where the Red Lady intervenes!


But WHO does she help? She does not have an action for the basic human because that one does not need to be cleaned. He is « well » with his pollution. He is not claimant. If one is not claimant, She cannot intervene. The Heaven cannot violate the Earth. So, it should be well understood that the Red Lady does not intervene on humanity as a whole. It is the Force of the White Lady to help her children who really want to release themselves from this mechanism of the grid.


One presents his body like a feast to the White Lady while saying to her: « You who has created me, I let myself infiltrate during several thousands of years, But now, please, there is only You that I love, There is only You with whom I want to live. Remove from me all this parasitic system which makes that regularly I let myself pollute and that I put the knee on the ground ».


Thus, one offers his body in a feast, one puts his own body on the table and one asks HER « to eat » everything, to destroy everything, to take all that goes wrong because that does not interest us any more to keep something which acts so badly. But, this is not to go in the nothingness, this is not to go in the alienation of oneself, this is not to give oneself in holocaust to the humanity.


This is so that finally one can behave well!


… That all the body be this impulse to behave well and that there is this joy and this happiness which runs freely inside it. Thus, it is not an escape from the grid because if we have taken a body, if we have come in this incarnation, it is not to escape from this humanity, it is there to live according to the rules of the Creation, according to the mobilization and the enthusiasm of the Creation and no longer according to the rules of the grid, with its heaviness, its tiredness, its doubt, its dissatisfaction etc .


And one decides to give his body in nourishment.


But that, it is not nothing because everyone would agree about to say it but that will be a complete cancellation of his will to exist in a personal way, that will be the cancellation of the dreams to which one has clung so much, through which, precisely, the grid has been able to channel the whole of energies and be agitated. That will be the end of your pretentiousness to see you in a certain manner. However, one likes to see oneself in a certain manner. I have often said it in my teachings. The last obstacle which one has for our liberation is the image which one has of oneself. It is the last obstacle to surmount. And it is excessively difficult to surmount because this image carries, in fact, all the dreams, by all the senses, as much the look, as much the virtuality, as much the sound, as much the body, as much the presence etc. And it is all that.


See how you are linked to your picture.


I know women who cannot go out of their home without having lipstick. If they are not correctly made up they have the impression to be naked and vulnerable outside. They have the impression not to exist. All of a sudden, with the make-up that makes women who have a presence, a manner of looking at, who have this impulse towards the others, who look at themselves in the others. Without make-up they are small unadventurous folded up on themselves. Quite simply because of a picture of oneself, for a make-up or a form of clothes!!! We are, there, in the most imposing movement of the universe, the Red Lady, the White Lady who uses her destroying side, rolls her sleeves up and excises as a surgeon all that goes wrong, all the pollution, the disease, which has settled in the beings that She has created. One can advance by there only by love. One can advance on this territory only by love. Everyone




Here is the marvelous text which a young Swede woman has addressed to me… who is now a TRUE WOMAN after having gone through this interior fire. She becomes « Magnificent ». This message of love for the Creation is addressed to all those who really want to hear it.




I have thought of this opening in my tantric system. How was it done? We have already spoken about it, but I would like to be a little precise. My only way was always Freedom, and remains Freedom. With me, the opening towards it was always by the (greater) suffering. I had this momentum of fire to break the obstacles in me, physically painful and omnipresent. I have felt seclusion, the imprisonment, the “Bubble” - that must be the system of Tantrika - and my intuition has consciously guided me to find the means of breaking, of smashing. And that, violently. The last time, whereas I was 22 years old, that has almost cost me the life. It was, (without being pathetic) a TRUE state of life or death. The Truth has shown me its face… and mine… and this shock killed me, physically. For 6 months I was not there. I flew between Heaven and Hell. THEY fought for me, these two Forces. I have felt and seen (pictures) that all my being was dissolved, cell by cell, hour after hour, day after day. NOTHING was no more there, not a single thought, not a single feeling, not a single memory. It was the last judgment. Then, I was insane and I have lost everything. A living Dead. It is starting from this precise and effective annihilation, that a true way, without the physical existence of an ego, has been started for the interior voyage. It was like your hand of light, which felt, touched, saw, crossed each obstacle, stone, dirtiness. The “grid” (I prefer this name!) which squeaked me and threatened. If one has met the Grid face to face, one is never again the same one. And one understands that there is a choice. I could not call God, because I was not dignified. I was a monster. Worse still, I was the Grid. I have implored to be carried out where I should go to be forgiven and… purified. “I would make All to live, even without anything, even without the word and the thought, even without any talent.


WITHOUT ANYTHING to Live purely.”


I was 22 years old, and I did not have committed great crimes. If I am the only one until now to be able to break the Tantric structure – I understand well why. We pay, physically, mentally, emotionally with our life. And we do not know if we return. Who dares to die? Who dares to come back to life? My childbirth lasted 6 months. After I am descended on Earth. I was born. My question is: Is there another means of liberation for the Tantrika? When one breaks, one can assassinate. Or provoke an internal and external suicide. Who dares to go until the end? Who dares to kill? These intimate thoughts in intimacy with you. The medicine is exclusive. Exclusively dangerous. Nobody has ever understood what arrived to me. Your unique essence a unique source for my essence. The Source channeled by You saves and nourishes mine channeled by me.






Nothing to add! DO YOU WANT TO DIE … at this false life?