The Great Destroyer


Internal introduction


« My Beauty »… silence



There is a central axis around which your energetic system rotates. This central axis has two openings: one in low part, at the perineum, one in high part, at the fontanelle. This central axis, also called main axis is truly the pivot of all your energy. It should be fed in low part with the secret TT, then also by the top with « my Beauty » because to reach the Red Lady, it is Her the purest means. When one arrives at this level, it is clearly that the secret TT is the deepest of the Heaven which is condensed in the Earth. It is the deepest of the Heaven which is inside you when you make the meeting with the most aerial Heaven.


You make the relation of the Heaven to the Heaven!


The very condensed Heaven of the secret TT with the very aerial Heaven of « my Beauty » makes an atomic bomb of you which acts for the Heaven and with the Heaven.


Also from this central axis, once this meeting between the secrecy of the secret TT and « my Beauty » has been done, it is initially necessary TO WANT to be in action towards the others because it is for that we have come on Earth. We perceive then that we are « the space ».When one pushes to the maximum this TO WANT (while making rotate the central axis) there is a different vibration which pushes us to dance, to act. It is the normal course of the universe and of the intention of life of the Creation. When one pushes still more the art of the dance to the maximum so that the head is spinning, is spinning, because one has danced a lot and that one has forgotten who one is by dint of dancing, of dancing well, of breathing strongly, one returns in another dimension of tranquility ...... of silence. This process of continual enlarging of the space will allow the intervention of the Red Lady. One will give her the field of adventure on which she will be able to function. Otherwise she cannot. She intervenes only on the « volunteers » and it should well be understood. It is not worthwhile to play. One needs the reception fabric. I will explain you later how she intervenes, how she extracts from the body all the rotted meat, not to destroy but so that the being can continue to act according to the Order of the Creation.


I will guide you in the details of the practice.


Initially: a strong bowl. By small suckings take a quantum of energy of the apparent TT to bring it to the left side by the anus and you make the operation four times. Then you will press on this quantum of energy, as if you tightened gently but firmly on a lemon. There is the projection of the energy which goes up on the left side of the spine and which touches the left cerebellum. You will make this pressure four times… until you feel that there is as a bar which goes from the anus and which lengthens you, which obliges your head to go a little higher, that you are straightened upwards. You perceive that there is a very clear difference between the left side and the right side. Now, you make the same thing on the right side so that your verticality is adjusted and that you can realize that your body also has micro movements: it is aligned. Moreover there is a certainty of existence, one does not feel more isolated, all alone in the forest. You practice in the same way with the front bearing point which is between the anus and the perineum. You press the quantum of energy. You perceive that you have a transmission on the front part of the body which passes by the apparent TT, by the front heart, by the throat, by the third eye.


If you pay attention to the points that have been touched and by concentrating you on the third eye, by making small anal contractions on the point in front of the anus, you realize that there are rays of energy which start from your body and which are projected forwards, like headlights of cars. In the daily life they are important tools.

There one of the important points of the lucidity of the spirit is. The Direct Way it is the use of these tools in full consciousness.


Now, you bring the quantum of energy with the apparent TT on the back bearing point, between the anus and the sacrum. You press on this energetic node. It is the most important axis which passes by all the back bearing points, of which the rear heart which is very important and passes through the fontanelle. When it is done, you press on the four bearing points at the same time. The « wire » on the two sides and of the front meet with the one of the back. That makes like the Eiffel tower, a metallic structure going towards the Heaven. It maintains the entire body.


Now, you make rotate the four points of energy around your anus, quietly. Sometimes that can be uncomfortable: so ebullient that it burns. When the entire anal zone is well widened, quite hot, by a small anal breathing, it means a contraction, one makes returning this energy inside the anus itself, inside the anal orifice such as modern medicine knows it. It is this flood of energy which goes directly to the secret TT. It strikes it and puts it in boiling. You continue always to make rotate around the anus and it is this movement who generates the production of energy on the secret TT, which can heat very extremely, and even be very painful. At a given time, by itself it will start to project quanta of energy on the anus. One should not let go further than the anus. With small anal contractions one returns them to the secret TT. It is like a play of ping-pong, of tennis. One is returned to the other. Until the small axis between the anus and the TT be very clear and strong.


It is the movement which does all in the universe!


When the connection is obvious and strong, it is there that the anus will order the secret TT. It is the control lever. With a small anal contraction one sends the energy towards the perineum where there is the low opening of the central axis of the main structure. Very naturally this energy enters in it. It knows the way! By a succession of small anal contractions, these are not only quanta which follow the ones after the others, it is a river, it is like a river, as a river which ascends in the axis. When this river goes up, while continuing to make small pressures with the anus, one calls « my Beauty ». One can already feel her around oneself. One lets the tube be filled, to be very strongly loaded by the bottom. It must be in very great internal compression, very charged as if it was going to explode. It becomes an axis of a phenomenal rigidity. There, one starts to make rotate the central axis which, like a tool, will cross the fontanelle, the bones of the cranium, go out of a few centimeters and meet this energetic mass of « my Beauty » around oneself. There, there is this engagement. One knows why one will get together with the aerial force of the Heaven. One says: « Come! » It is an engagement. It is not a play. It is not only to have a sensation. When this Force is mixed with the force of the secret TT, you make rotate the whole. It is all in the body. That goes through the belly. You make rotate. And you can use, from the start, the sound TAM… Now, you accelerate the movement of the central axis. You encourage it. And you can perceive as if there were truly trees around you which become less opaque, as if they lost leaves. There is more air, more light. The sun can better pass in this forest. You push at its maximum.


The Force of the space, of the Art of breathing is in you!

You start with gentleness. It is a delicacy of meeting. Then you are more powerful… These are the first two Bronze Men!!!


Then you accelerate still more and you realize that these are the third and fourth Bronze Men which are your body and that you can be also transported immediately in the space. The desire to live, to communicate is enormous…


You enter the dimension of Art of Dancing.

You also accelerate with the sounds. All is accomplished in joy. Not necessary to go too quickly. If there is no joy, useless to push. That wants to say that one is still at the stage to maltreat the life. As long as the joy is not there, it is that the space is not sufficiently light, aerial, cleared, it is still too much encumbered by all our emotional attractions.


It is the joy which counts.


The authentification it is the joy. The joy is biological. The body decodes the passage of this Force inside itself by the joy, like a joy. You can realize that breathing is not large enough, that clothes are a little too tight, that the rib cage hurts.


It is while dancing that one realizes limitations. It is by the action that one perceives that one is limited.


As long as one does not run one does not realize that one is asthmatic. See the importance of the dance floor because to dance a space is needed. But the more one dances, the more one increases the dance floor, the more one increases the breathing, the more one increases the lungs, the rib cage, the heart and yet that hurts because all that is still too small. But by dint of dancing, that pushes.


Understand it! It is the movement which increases.

To stop the movement is an insult towards the laws of the universe.


Taken away in the movement, pushed at its maximum, one has given up his reference marks.


It is that silence.


One does not know any more WHO one is. One does not know any more from where one comes. One is in a vastness which has an enormous strength and which confirms our indispensability on the Earth among the Human. It is BAM. It is the sound of the water, it is the sound of the White Woman, it is the sound of the universal love. The central sound is Bam. The final sound it is the primordial sound: Ah. The sound of the space.


It is when this sound AH can vibrate alone, when is here the power of this primordial sound, even without the words,…


that the Great Silence is.


One cannot touch the Red Lady without the explosion of the body because She works directly and exclusively on the body.


That is not a finality. We are in preparation so that the Red Lady can work. One must give her the perfect energetic fabric on which she can work, otherwise she does not intervene. She cannot. She can only remove shreds of rotted flesh on the body which truly wants to be other thing that this rot.


The Red Lady it is a meal!


One offers his body in meal. One says: « Come, remove, tear, take all that makes obstacle so that this force of the Heaven can run freely into me ». One gives his body in nourishment. But it should not at all be believed that it is the Red Lady who will eat. She has the capacity to attract all those, in this karmic forest, all these trees, which precisely like this nourishment, this unhealthy nourishment. She will tell them that they can pull and eat, that they can enter the house and steal everything.

The body does agree!


And all these beings around you, all these trees karmic, once they will have taken what they will have had desire to take, that of which they are nourished, will leave like the robbers, on the tips of their toes. They will leave the house and will not return in it anymore because there is nothing anymore to steal.


There is no more ego!


Except that they are not able to perceive the true treasure. It is the history of a great wise man 2500 years ago which said in a poem:


« I had sat quietly in my hermitage in meditation. Robbers came. They took everything. The Fools. They did not take the essential thing. »


But this preparation, so important be it, it is not sufficient so that the Red Lady can come. Your body is not yet sufficiently disposed, dilated, increased, opened for this meal. It will be necessary to open the doors and windows, to put the advertisements on all the sides inviting to take « all that one wants, all that one likes »… and to leave… and that finally one leaves you quiet instead of always seeking to enter your house when you have turned your back.


That it is the Red Lady!!!!


It is also possible to arrive at the Great Silence directly by the bodies

in coupling.


It is, also, the harmonious movement of the rod of a man in the belly of a woman, when there is meeting of a noble man and a noble woman.

To make space. … And then to dance gently… Surprising! To surprise. And then, take her away very far in the Dance of the Universe.

The woman, taken away in the movement, pushed at its maximum, has given up her reference marks.


It is that silence.



She does not know anymore WHO she is. She does not know anymore from where she comes. She is in an immensity which has an enormous vigour and which confirms her indispensability on Earth among the Men to her.


It is BAM. It is the sound of the water, it is the sound of the White Woman, it is the sound of the universal love.


The central sound it is Bam. The final sound it is the primordial sound: Ah. The sound of the space.

It is when this sound AH can vibrate, when the vibration of this sound, even without the words… only by the rod of the noble man in the belly of the noble woman… puts so much in vibration the water that there is in the belly of the woman that it is the space which becomes entirely quiet.


And it is the great silence.


But it is not the stop. The man in the belly of a woman, a noble man and a noble woman, continues gently, gently. It is the purification of everything. It is where the Door of the Heaven starts. Before one was still not there. One is always to climb the human staircase. The Door of the Heaven starts with the « silence ».


There, the man checks that the woman has left well to the Heaven. There, the woman can return in perceptions which are those that one has only by the opening of the deep memories. But there, it is much stronger because it is with the body, with the totality of the body that she is there. While with the deep memories one has shunted, one has blocked all the system of the grid, all the system of the reptilian to allow the biological brain to perceive this other Dimension. There, it is with all the body and all is much clearer. All is much more built. All is much more physical. It is that the success. There one is in the tantrism. One is in the act of love. But not the tantrism invented by the men with their little stories!