The Great Destroyer


Internal introduction


Cape of light



Now we will pass to the second stage of preparation of the body to be able to have the energetic fabric allowing the Red Lady to intervene. In the first stage we have worked starting from the mixture of the secret TT and « my Beauty » in a movement towards the man: a dance floor is made to dance. It is a space to live with the body and the humanity. It leads to the Great Silence. The second stage is the arrow which leads to the Heaven. Again, one starts from the secret TT. On the level where you are, it suffices that you make small movements of the anus: suckings, exhalations. They will put in activity the secret TT. At the same time, you call « my Beauty ». When the secret TT is in activity, you send the quantum of energy to the perineum and it charges the central axis. Loading made, you rotate the central axis. « My Beauty » comes spontaneously. You take your time for the mixture.


Commentary and complement of practice of Linda: AT THIS POINT I WILL EXPLAIN a little FURTHER:

To bring again this mixture with « my Beauty » towards the anus and to make turn, with this energy, the small axis between anus and the secret tantien (you do not speak about it in the initial part of the practice [you say that there is a connection between the anus and the secret t-t which is created (but I find that its perception is an important element .....)…. And the cape of light is done spontaneously…


When the mixture is strong, you rub it against your secret TT in an exhalation. To rub wants to mean: to turn a little, gently clockwise. The cape of light is done from itself, the hood included. You continue until that its constitution is complete and quite firm. When the cape of light is there, without waiting more, you rub more strongly to go to the body of enjoyment: internal and external are the same matter. Then, you rub still a little more this energy. You enter the primordial space. From the primordial space you call the monastery. It suffices to look at far in front of you. That can be only the monastery of « my Beauty » because it is with Her that we have reached this Dimension.


This monastery can be like a real building. Thus you go through the door and you perceive that as soon as you come in, there is a modification of your being. You have already come in another Dimension. In the center of the monastery there is always a Flame, a very luminous Presence in which you enter. You can also perceive directly a Force, a Light: it is the same thing, you enter inside. In both cases, you go to the center, where there is the light, because it is The One which must lead you like a rocket in the dimension of the Source. Then you let it taken you away.


Let the Heaven work on the body and continue until you feel this small milk which runs, this happiness of existence. We are always preparing the energetic fabric for the Red Lady. One needs a great Force of the Heaven for that. Thus, it is not passive. There is an encouragement to go to work on oneself, to ask the teachings at the Beings who are in this new space. In this Space, one understands even more clearly how it is necessary to love and be loved. Otherwise nothing of generous can occur on this Earth. Nothing can be done of the magic of the universe if it is not in the love.


Now you will return in the ordinary space of life, transformed by this Force, this love, that you receive. The intention suffices. You go down again in the monastery and from the monastery to the primordial space. Notice that there is a cooling, which settles gradually, that from the ones to the others, spaces are nevertheless smaller. From the primordial space you go down again to the body of enjoyment, from the body of enjoyment to the state of cape of light........ and the loop to finish.


One could say: all is there. Take your time to perceive all that. Make the loop.


You can also arrive in this state by the noble coupling between a man and a woman.


To love and to be loved, it is the movement of the wife who accepts the force of the man who will propel her beyond what she can reach all alone.


She will thus involve the man who has helped her.

If there is not this love, of the one and of the other, it is not worthwhile to want to live on the Earth. Without that, one is always narrow in the life, one is locked up.


To love and to know ourselves being loved.