The Great Destroyer


Internal introduction


Mixture… silence



Now, since we are there to prepare the work for the Red Lady so that she tears off all the unhealthy meats integrated to our body, one makes turn this chemistry with the central axis, all these mixtures inside the body. At first gently. Then a little quicker but without going in the exaggeration. More and more a space will open, will widen, beyond of what one has perceived in the first Silence of the practice the Red Lady 2. It is now an enormous Space with an enormous Silence. The breathing wants to accompany it very strongly. In fact, the entire body is mobilized to enter this Space. Thus, if you look at in the distance, like a moment ago to call the monastery, from this space, you will see the Red Lady arriving like an arrow.


And she will start to work on your body.


The Red Lady is called the Great Destroyer but one should also call her, the Great Liberator. It is her who makes it possible to tear off the body the meats which are rotted, which are poisoned, all the whole of these electric wires installed by the grid in the flesh and from which it can handle the emotional systems, the sensations, the appreciations, as if one was connected to a computer which can make act the being like a marionette. The Red Lady allows to remove all these wires. She tears off. It is a true butchery.


She extracts, she pulls, she tears!!!!


We encourage her. We have had enough of being manipulated thus. Even to die is better than to continue thus. We do not appeal the heart of the Red Lady, we appeal to her claws, to her teeth. We tell her to extract all this rotted and nauseous meat and to give it to all these dogs.


It is to dare to say that they are dogs!


… malevolent people, manipulators, swindlers to have put such an amount of aggressiveness to transform this being of light, this being of purity, in this muck that they can then manipulate. It is really a work of dogs that they have made.


Swindlers, liars, manipulators!


There is a natural anger which is born. They are dogs and when you see them such as dogs, you get rid of them. You get rid of them naturally when you saw them like dogs, That you dared to say to them that they are dogs, That it is a shame to transform this purity into this muck. What a muck!!!


You let go the work, as long as that works strongly. When that lessens, that there is this tranquility that does not want to say that all is finished but one can work only stage by stage because the body is fragile. So, you make the loop quietly and you thank the Red Lady and « my Beauty ». You also thank the Heaven for having helped you so that you can have the courage to offer your body in meal, in food, in nourishment for all these dogs so that they take their nourishment and that finally you would be disencumbered of them.



Rid of this nourishment… and of them!


When you do not have this nourishment anymore they do not deal with you anymore. This is like a rich person, when she became poor, there is nobody who comes to ask her for money and she has been forgotten.


It is necessary to become again poor of emotions. Poor of emotions does not want to say that you do not have any, that wants to say that you do not worried anymore about them.


And to like this body which carries this purity and which testifies of it in the everyday life. Love is biological. Happiness is biological. Peace is biological.



All what you look for is in your body.


Here, thus, the complete practice of the Red Lady in internal.