The Great Destroyer


The Red Lady


Secret introduction



The secret introduction of the Red Lady occurs when there has been a VERY physical perception of the wound, of the suffering and of the tiredness of the Source and that the body takes part to this lassitude, to this pain, to this blood which runs! The being cannot then any more continue to live in the simple search for his personal satisfactions. For him, all that becomes secondary. It is necessary to have a structure, even if some are more difficult than others and more dangerous. But finally, what is the danger of a structure? :


It is when one is only attentive towards it,


… That one is preoccupied by the dream that it has created, by its coding of the events, of its desires, its wishes, hopes and waitings. But finally it is possible to escape at all that: by the Red Lady, the Great Destroyer. She destroys all these dreams, these personal attentions, perceptions, contentments, satisfactions.


When can that be done?


When the body lived physically the suffering, the gaping of the Source. I prefer the word gaping because it is a wound, which breathes. It is not an inert and passive wound. Only the relief of this gaping is then the reason of the Life. But, it should well be understood that the gaping cannot disappear because if it disappeared it would be the end of the humanity since there would be no more reason for the existence of the human being.


It is the Source which has produced her own suffering to allow the Creation to exist.

Very little have perceived that the Source is self-wounded to allow the Creation. It is the karmic Law!!!! Starting from this gaping, starting from this wound, there is blood and from this blood tenderness and gentleness are born as medicine. Then from this gentleness, from this tenderness, love is born which is the


matter and the means of making beings.


It is for that which I often say that in this territory one can advance only by love. Otherwise, one is not using this matter. It is there that one leaves a track of suffering and of blood behind oneself. The slug leaves a track, not the flight of the eagle. When one is in this love, in this silence, there is no track. The action is spontaneous, it is obvious because, quite simply, there is not the means to make differently.


Everything becomes simple. And this body, after having perceived that, can never forget it.

But in this humanity there are beings which have instituted their personal role, which have ceased to live and to behave according to this initial intention. It is thus that the grid has existed, the one which one also calls sometimes the matrix or the devil. That this exists is not a concern for the Source. It is not either a problem for the White Lady whatever be the extension of this grid because it cannot destroy the possibility of the Source to always create. It can now destroy only the creation which is there. If there is the explosion of this creation, there is another thing which settles naturally by the law of cause and effect. That the human explodes himself is therefore not a difficulty for the Source.


I have already spoken about the Red Lady in the internal side, of this anger of the White Lady against her too turbulent children. It is a spontaneous anger, which one can call anger of God. It is known by the human when all of a sudden there is an enormous anger which intervenes inside him and he realizes that this is not his. Exactly as sometimes there is an enormous sadness which comes inside him and which he realizes that it is not either his.

It is the anger of the White Lady, the sadness of the White Lady when this mechanism of the grid leaves a very great suffering. But that occurs in a very condensed dimension of the White Lady.


Then, one lives double. The body reacts in a certain manner, it has its attractions. So what? All of a sudden, when one perceived this wound, this breathing, this wound which breathes, that one has perceived the intelligence that there is in this wound, which understands itself and which knows what it is making, which knows that it is giving its blood so that beings can be created, there is only that which one has the desire to live. One is not interested any more by his emotional. However it is there since one has a body arranged by the lodger, the grid. But one lives double. One will start to be really a rider of the event. One is not a rider of event if one has not this life double, if there is not this perception of what occurs in the body, as if one was above with a Presence which looks at what occurs in the body and which is very amused to see how the grid acts on him. There is then a considerable humor which settles for oneself and its feelings. But when one is in this dimension of the rider of the event, one needs assistance: it is the Red Lady. The grid, as a surgeon could install structures… as an electrician it has put its cables and wires inside the walls and the soils, in this body which the White Lady has created in her perfection. It will again work on this body to extract all these cables, these electric wires so that this double sight can exist with a relative serenity. Relative and non absolute because one always remains inside the grid. The Red Lady, in any case, will never remove the totality of the imperfections that there is in the body because major wires of the grid are now part of the genetic inheritance of the human. Also it is necessary to know to live with this body and to maintain this natural impulse, not only to help oneself and the Creation, but to help the others.


Therefore, there is always a form of suffering of which one will never be able to be released. And it is perfectly right that one is never released of it since it is this suffering, coupled to this love, which will be continuously

the engine of the action in the grid.


The secret side of the Red Lady comes when the flesh, the body, starts to really vibrate with the gaping of the Source, with the tenderness and the gentleness, when it starts to really vibrate with the pain of the Source. The one who arrives at this secret level of the Red Lady is somebody who has accepted the life in black and white. There are no more spangles, there are not more colors, there is not more Champagne. He has agreed not to live with his emotional system anymore. OK, he perceives its action, he lives it in his flesh, in his daily life. He is happy when things are good; he is dissatisfied when things are not good, but he « does not make trouble of it». And he does not reject what occurs and the « emotional » parasite.


But it is not him! He knows that it is not him.


Therefore, he is no more interested by this color. However he lives it because it is really necessary to be somewhere, in a particular environment. But it is not him. It is very difficult to be able to accept this life in black and white, to accept this nonexistence.


This is of non-fear.


It is not the absence of fear, the absence of existence because that would like to say that there is of existence, of fear on a side and that on the other side there does not have. No. It is a state of non-existence, of non-fear, a state of non-emotion whereas however the emotion exists. And it is where the true life starts. There one starts to do serious work. But rare are those which arrive at this True Life because one would like to live « in spangles – Champagne ».



Some people, very rare, have been able to perceive that in the coupling of two bodies, it is like a suffering, like a gaping which breathes and which leads to a peace, to a complete state of being which has just a small breathing.