What is the VOID?


As a matter of fact, what is the Void? What is it this Nothing? I have always spoken about this Silence, of this Void. This Silence, which only loves and from which action ensues naturally, this spontaneous and obvious action that leaves no traces. Thanks to this Silence, all is purposelessly freed, that is to say, a karmic system has not been created behind the action, because there is no past. The word does not have a past. Thought does not have a past.

With the reptilian brain and the analytical brain, it is almost impossible to understand how thought cannot have a past, how the word cannot have a past. It is impossible for this brain to understand that one can live without having, as a basis, as a support, as a theoretical reference, a reference of continuity and of reference marks,


that the word can gush forth from the space, from the depths of the universe, perfectly precise, clear, adapted to the event, to the situation.


There is this Void from which everything becomes animated; this Silence from which love is born and action ensues. There is all this, which has a capacity to be understood by structured and analytical thought. But in the end, whatever the depth of this comprehension is, it still concerns a memory. If the memory is not of the analytical brain any more, it is still the memory of the body and this entire memory makes itself felt inside a general environment that is called the environment of humanity. As deep as you go, as far as you go, as you pass into all the external, internal zones and you touch even the secret one, know that there is something beyond that, something which sweeps all this away, which makes even your entire comprehension, so powerful, so fine, so glorious, so emotional, be swept away, because there is something stronger than this, there is something larger than this.


That which is stronger and larger than this makes the entire game that you have been able to understand dissolve. Here, you perceive, when you really go into this dimension, as powerful and deep your perceptions had been, that all this is still an image, something virtual, fabricated inside a general system which is that of humanity. The entire comprehension settles from here and in this system of humanity.

One day, perhaps, you will be able to contact this enormous Force, this enormous Power which does not have any more words, any more Silence. It does not even have any more Silence, it is beyond all that.


And this, is Nothing.

The word « void » is still too much.


There is actually a dimension, which can be called a « state of being », a Force, beyond all this. When one comes into this dimension, into this Force, into this Power, one understands that the entire human game is always only a game, that even the Direct Way is a game, that all my explanations, all my teachings, all my practices are still only a game inside a very precise space, the space of humanity.



Therefore, eventually, except for some very rare beings, everything settles in this space of humanity which determines the games, the references, the reference marks, the sensations, the assessments. Which determines everything.

When you perceive all this, if you one day have this grace which comes over you, you will realize that in this space of humanity there are only two choices to be made: that of happiness or that of suffering.

In fact, in this space, which is a space already entirely conditioned by this casing of humanity, by its vibration, by its possibility of understanding, of perceiving, feeling, there is the choice:


1. To always run behind something which is lacking, to want to fabricate something personnel. One is always lacking something. One has always an insufficiency. There is aggressiveness.

All this is what I was able to explain with the energetic laws, with the working of the Grid, in pursuit of jealousy, possession etc. It always lacks something. One is actually never happy.


2. Or then, one has the possibility of being happy, of having this happiness which flows inside oneself. This happiness is biological. It is quite simply the manner the body has of decoding the freely flowing passage of this Force of life, this Force of Creation from which it is stemming, from which each one of its cells stems.

In this happiness, there is the possibility to come in on the external, internal and secret side, that is to say, more and more deep, more and more strong, more and more powerful, more and more sincere, more and more unconscious, more and more intuitive and to have fantastic powers which are released.

It is all this that I am speaking to you about, by showing you this energy, this Force, this matter which allows happiness to be able to flow in the body. More accurately, all this flows so freely in the body that the body decodes this Presence, this moment, as a joy of the heart, as happiness. Actually, if this happens for you, it is something magnificent. You will be happy.


But what I am saying to you is that there still exists something beyond that.


And it is only this which can free you from the karmic system of humanity. Even happiness cannot release you from this karmic system, because everything still remains conditioned by this general casing in which you are, which imprint its movements, which imprints its reference marks, which imprints its sensations. And even happiness is a sensation inside the framework of humanity.

Your total freedom, with regard to these beings of flesh, to this space of Humanity, is when you have this perception, absolutely physical, of this Power, of this Force, which is beyond that and which sweeps all that away, which makes all that into a child’s game.

But, as you have a body; it is necessary to work with this child’s game. And I will summarize quite simply by saying that the choice is between happiness and suffering.



But both of them are also a conditioning of this space

of humanity.