What a stupid poet this is !


My teachings are like a poem that unfolds. One can say that it is necessary to be poet in order to act in this way. And what a stupid poet this is.

As a matter of fact, when one works in the Grid, being there with this love for the others, there is something which one does not assume: that the other one likes his suffering, that the other one likes to play on his electric wire. He is regularly electrocuted but that does not matter. Between two electrocutions it is rather enjoyable, it is rather resounding, more and more Champagne glitter.


The poet is really stupid: he does not understand that the other likes his suffering, likes his difficulty. It is so enormous for him, for the lover of Freedom, that he will lay it on thick, that he will try to demonstrate, to convince that it is completely ridiculous to be like this. It is in doing this that the poet is pained and that he is stupid.

From the entire intelligence which he has of Creation, he cannot perceive that one is able to like oneself in this prison. Then, he continuously lays it on thick. Instead of dealing with those who are already convinced, he tries to convince. It is here that he will get lost, it is here where he will be manipulated by the Grid which says to him: «You have come for me. Come and explain to us a little how to do. I feel so well with you. It is true that you have already explained the thing five times to me, but I have difficulty in understanding. Can you explain it to me in a new manner, which is more accessible to my way of understanding? You are intelligent, I am a little stupid. Can you repeat it to me and I will even write a little down? Can you give me the diagram of the things again?…»


And it is like this that he lets himself be manipulated by the Grid, which reminds the poet that he is here to form a poem which will be read by the Grid and that the Grid is not able to read it and understand it very well. Could one then not rewrite the poem a little, change some words which shock or put commas in another place.

Then he thinks that, perhaps, he has not used witty remarks or good commas. He will start again. It is here that he loses his energy. It is here that the Grid puts the first energetic law into action: the nourishment by displacement, because one displaces the poet in a phenomenal way.



It is absolutely essential to get this poet to understand and to make him see that when all is said and done, many people do not want to be saved. Many try to attract the pity of Heaven, not for Heaven, when they hold out their hands, but to attract Heaven on the Earth and to eat Heaven.



Then, it is really essential to understand this, to perceive it, so that the poet takes care of those who, spontaneously, understand the poem. It is already so difficult for the one who spontaneously understands the poem that one does not have to take care of the others! But it is very difficult, because this poet has such a generosity of heart that it really does harm to him to leave them. But if the other says: « You are abandoning me here », it is necessary to answer him that Heaven never abandons the Earth. It is the Earth which abandons Heaven. Heaven has never abandoned the Earth.


But, if you are a frontier runner, if you are this poet, it is indispensable that you remain alive in the Grid, on this Earth, to help, here.


And you have no right to let yourself be asphyxiated, to let yourself be killed by a being that clings to you, who crushes you and buries you. You have no right to let yourself be destroyed.