The challenge, an insane combat


Certain people would like to establish my biography. This should not be done, because it would be directing all that I have done into a false direction.


There is a part of me, this very visible part, which one has no capacity to understand, while at the same time, this is what everyone is in the act of analyzing. There is no possibility, for the reasoning brain, to perceive and to understand that on this earth, I led an insane combat. I launched a real challenge to the grid:


To find the medicine to put an end to its action on all the energy systems of the being created by BAM, to be able to make the being created by BAM leave

their mortal energy boxes.


This is the challenge for which I came.


Why? Because during all these millennia one has developed the notion of Universal Love. All this was recovered by the “spiritual” systems and by that of the grid. This was possible because there had not been the practical tools to be able to withdraw oneself from it and to oppose it, that is to say, to be able to cut the threads in which the grid imprisons the beings of perfection constituted by BAM.


For this, to find the medicine, it was necessary to be subjected to the disease.


It is through my body, with all the help it has in relation to Creation that I was to find the medicine, since it is on the body that the grid applies its force, its radiation to master the energetic system of the Being.

As long as the Being created by the White Woman has not taken a body, it is not subjected to the influence of the grid.

Then, the body is in the space of the grid and its energetic box. It is in its LAM with it. It is thus a real insane combat; it was necessary for 58 years that I systematically attracted sufferings to me, that I provoke the grid and even oblige it to attack me in all possible ways, the most subtle and unimaginable, so that I could manage to find the medicine. It is a true insane combat. And if one is not helped by Creation on this level here, one is completely insane and one becomes insane.


Often I went down on my two knees, because it was necessary that I button the clothing of suffering up to my neck. It was necessary that I continuously provoke the entire subtleties of the grid for them to exert themselves on my body so that my body shows and demonstrates that it can get itself out of trouble. If I, being what I am, did not get myself out of trouble, if I did not find the medicines under the most perverse impulse of the grid, then let us cease to be liars and to tell human stories: how could the normal human get himself out of trouble? Let us be clear and honest.

I can guarantee you that it was sometimes excessively limiting. I have been in extreme cases of failure and in extreme cases of the total destruction of my body and my psyche.


This is not worth writing about. It is not worth it to make a work of Liberation starting from suffering since finally I created the medicine against suffering. I obliged the grid to attack me in a subtle, powerful and unpleasant way, but the medicine is now there.


This medicine are the practices and the teaching, that is to say, the practice, which is a work on the level of the body and the teaching,

which is the training of the mind.


When I speak to you about all this, it is also to put an end to all the little stories which were told and written about me, where each one analyzes my attitude in his manner and does not understand the content of what I am doing. All these people here, all this reptilian world, of the grid, which is in search of its comfort and its safety can absolutely not understand that all my life I have been in search of my insecurity and discomfort to understand how a medicine could be created, how one could deal with the blows of the grid on the energetic system of Dignity.


Now the practices are there. And one should not be masochistic. It is time to leave this clothing of suffering and to let the suffering asphyxiate itself.


For whoever really wants to get out of trouble, there is, now, the medicine. At the same time, if I speak about myself, it is also to show that one needs much compassion for the others, and also for yourself, because if I, taking into account all that I am, fell several times and failed to be destroyed, stop throwing stones at the others and at yourself.


You have the practices, which are there to help you. They are like a life buoy. A buoy of Heaven has been launched into the unleashed sea and is necessary to remain hanging to the buoy and to no longer leave it. If one really stays hanging on to it, one will not sink and in any case, the sea will subside. One notices then that one is alive and that one has deeply understood how to get oneself out of trouble.


The practice is also there to help whoever is in love with this Wisdom, who is in love with Heaven, because he will go down on the ground to his knees and will really need help, a means for him to relieve himself. He does not have the same problem as whoever is not in love with Heaven, but he nevertheless has a difficulty. If he does not have help from behind, if he is all alone: he will be harmed. And this is why I have always said, through the teaching that I gave, that one was always two. It is a couple. If there is no help, one is harmed.

But all is always distorted a little. When someone begins to help the other a very little bit, he says that now they form a couple. This is not true. A couple installs itself when there is a sincere love between the two, when there really is a will to help. One of them really has the will to help the other. The other feels this love on him. That is a couple. Otherwise it is still a game. When I see all those who teach what I taught to them, those who practise what I showed and who say that they are “assistances” for the others, and I see that they do not have any sincere friendship for them, that they do not have any attention on their suffering, that they have no real love, this is not a couple. However, everyone believes to form a couple.


In a couple there is this attention, this uniqueness of attention and there is this vibration, which seeks to always give a living space so that the other always has an enthusiasm to live, always a passion for life, has always a life that is strong.


This is what a couple is for creation. Two unhappy people, two sad people who couple do not make something happy. This quite simply makes a sad couple.


Here are the few comments that I had to make on this insane combat, on this challenge with the grid. As nobody, absolutely nobody has understood this, the facts my life are being discussed, and why extraordinary things have therefore happened to someone like me and why I did not use my powers to withdraw myself from these situations etc…

........ “and thus the weakness which I still have within the interior of my energy system made that… and that I subjected myself to certain situations and I let certain things happen… ”… bla… bla… bla….


Here is a ground of adventure magnificently opened to the entire psychological world who wants to analyze the situations. So, I leave the pretentious imbecile to work in this work of logic. Starting already from a point of false support, the result can be only super false.

Let us therefore leave things thus.


In the end nothing has happened. So, it is not worth writing the above. There are only, now, the practices, the techniques, which make the grid explode, inside its own house and which create space, always a little more space between the meshes of its net. In this space, the being can start to circulate better and through better circulating, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, he will like this space and he will also like this Force which enabled the widening of the meshes of the grid. Perhaps. But this is not certain. Except that without this space, this space increased and opened by the practices, he had no chance to liberate himself. Now he has one.


But it is a bit early to start talking about success!!!!!!