I am a ferryman


I am a ferryman. What is this? It is whoever takes someone from one river bank to another river bank, from one place to another place. I used the term bank, because this is really what is immediately understood by the mind.


To cross the river, to pass from the bank of suffering to the bank where suffering does not exist, where the very name of misfortune does not exist.


I am there to ferry from one bank to another bank.


For that one needs tools. A ferryman must know the passage. One needs also a small boat, which is adapted to the movements of the river, to the brightness, to the rocks, to the current… not only with the difficulties of the water but of everything that is in the water: the crocodiles and all the snakes that can be out wandering there… but also on the water: the wind, the bad weather. Everything. A river is not a dead being. It is a living force which can engulf.


One could also say that the river is part of the bank of suffering to prevent one from leaving it. The river would be the peripheral protection of the bank, of the ground of suffering. When one is on dry land, even the ground of suffering, one is in a form of security and one can be locked up inside. One knows ones way around!!! This is what usually occurs. One is locked up in ones prison which one has decorated more or less well. All the dreams invented by the grid are there to decorate, even in spirituality, this prison and to lead one to believe that since the decoration has changed, one has changed house and one has left the prison.


But when one has decided to leave this bank, this ground, one should not believe that the river will be passive, that one will cross it quietly. No certainty to arrive on the other side! This is why it is necessary to have a ferryman, the one who knows the best ways and the one who also knows how to completely make light of the swirls of the river and of all the beings who live in this river… who also knows how to make light of the wind, the storm, the moon, the sun, all the external elements which can come to disturb the crossing.


But there is not only the mastery of the river to cross, but one needs also to have the mastery of the ground of suffering, because it is necessary to go to seek people down there. They do not wait on the river bank, calling the ferryman. It is necessary for him to return to the grounds and to go to seek those who have the capacity and the will to cross the river where they are.

The ground of suffering, this force of the grid will never let the beings easily escape from it; will never let them wait quietly on the edge of the bank for the ferryman to arrive… because the grid needs their energy to feed its own dimension. Never forget that the grid is not only a liar, but it is a thief!!! … in fact, it lies to be able to steal!!!!!


A small comment on the necessity for not being too conspicuous!!!


It is a question of survival for these beings who want to pass from the other side, “to disappear” into the territory of suffering. If they were too obvious, the grid would attack them too hard and perhaps they could not get out of trouble any more. Then, it is necessary, like when one is in enemy ground, to hide. This is very badly seen and understood.

When someone who has fantastic capacities is seen and who remains in the shade, in the half half-light, who does not express himself completely, one can exclaim: “Why does he not do it?” But the more advanced he is in Creation, the more he knows that there is a necessity, even an indispensability in being deeply discreet to remain alive. It is necessary that the ferryman therefore finds them in the ground of suffering and that he readjust their memories, their recollections, that he enables them to recognize themselves again, so that they have the desire to cross the river, to cross over to the other bank.


Creation is well arranged. To be able to protect itself completely from the grid, it is necessary that there is a closing of the memory; otherwise the energy system is in such a state of sensitivity that it will not succeed in surviving in the noise of the grid. It is necessary that there is a numbing of the senses. It is necessary that there is a numbing of the state of being and of the memory that there really exists something elsewhere.


This can only be understood by a being who is excessively advanced, who knows the process as much of Heaven as that of the grid. That is to say, who knows exactly how Heaven is protected in the ground and on the ground, in the middle of the space of the grid, to avoid that the grid destroys him, but above all does not recognize him.


It is necessary to manage to pass through all the equipment of the grid that is there to discover who the enemy is, the adversary, what it is that will be able to cause something to explode or to disturb its system.

It is like in the armies where one tries to find a metal for the planes which will not be decoded by the radars of the opposing army. It is exactly this. There is this finesse, this knowledge of Heaven to be able to find the beings of heaven so well hidden in the ground and on the ground.


To begin with, the ferryman is already that: recognizing those who can pass from the other side, who, in fact, aspire to pass from the other side, but who deep down, to begin with, do not have the certainty in them.


It is also necessary to understand what this term of certainty is. When I say “do not have the certainty in them”, they are in fact beings who have an aspiration for something else, who feel that there is something else than what is proposed by this what they call ordinary life, the life organized by the system of the grid.

But deep down, they are not certain of not being insane. They do not have the certainty that there really exists something elsewhere and that they are not a little disturbed in their heads and their bodies.


Then, it is necessary, for this ferryman, to recognize them and to touch them to readjust all this force of Heaven that they have in them.


At this moment, they know that they are not insane. From there, they will be able to start to prepare themselves for this exit from the ground of suffering to return to the reliable ground, the one where the very name of misfortune does not exist.


Then, one needs tools for the ferryman. It is necessary that he is also able to walk in the grid to go to locate the beings of heaven likely to return to this ground of non-violence. It is necessary that he is able to penetrate deeply without being noticed. To pass unperceived is an enormous work. It is to have the tools to get out of trouble with the others and to pass unperceived that it was necessary, and it was absolutely indispensable to button the clothing of suffering up to the neck. That which I spoke of previously in the chapter: “THE CHALLENGE”.


This has two essentials.


Firstly, by buttoning up the clothing of suffering, the ferryman, who became the very Essence of the Source, will discover the means implemented by the grid to ensure its domination on the energetic system of the being. Through his very nature, he will try to transform the poison of the grid into a medicine against it.


Then, when the clothing of suffering is buttoned up, there is this costume recognized by the grid as itself and it does not perceive that in this clothing there is an enemy… because who would be stupid enough to button up this clothing and to be subjected to this therefore exhausting pressure, also destructive to his energetic system.


It should be understood well that the grid is always in search of security,

of pleasure.


It is in search of its comfort, of an increase in its capacities and its satisfactions. It cannot therefore at all assume that an advanced being returns into its system and dresses himself with these garments of suffering.

It is in this way, with this costume that one can pass unperceived, especially when one plays the game completely and when one suggests that one likes the system with which one lives.


This is a great art of concealment.


In other terms one could almost say that the maximum simulation is to let believe that one is a terrible sensualist. It is at this price that one can pass unperceived in the grid, without being located as an enemy by all the codes and radars of detection.


It is necessary that the ferryman is very strong since it is him who will entirely protect those who pass. Then, it should not at all be believed that all these minor masters of spiritual matter are ferrymen; those who amuse themselves quite simply in the interior of one of the prisons decorated with the grid, which one calls spiritual materialism or development and the management of Universal love. All this is a big farce.


To get someone to cross the other side is another matter, because there will also be the own resistances of this person, his own fears.


He can have an enormous fear of the emptiness before the renouncement of his own me.


… with the image that he has manufactured of it, with his security, which, although you would not think so, nevertheless gives a sense of safety, even if it is a prison. At least a prison exists, while the emptiness is emptiness and it is not known what there is behind there.

When one has been saturated for so a long time by the grid, the reptilian system and its security, it is not at all obvious to agree to say: “Take me, even if I die, it does not matter. I do not want to remain there. I do not want to continue like that.” It is very rare that someone can say this, because essentially, on the whole, one does not want to continue exactly like this… but if one could improve things a little, it would already not be bad.

But crossing over to the other bank is to pass into another dimension. And this is not easy.


In fact, the ferryman realizes well that he prepared the passage, as well as that he found the means for this person to get out of trouble, as well as that he himself succeeded in passing unperceived into the world of the grid, without being killed, tortured, assassinated; the matter is not overcome yet, because his last adversary, his last problem will be the person himself whom he will have to take on his back to bring him to the other side.


This is accordingly less easy since the notion of the ferryman is apprehended on an external aspect, one who crosses from one bank to another bank. But this is only a very far off vision of reality, because if one enters even more into it, into the internal side, there is no passage from one bank to another, there is no departure from one space to another space.

In fact, if there was only the passage from one space to another space, from one bank to another bank, one could say that now the sun is a little better seen, that one leaves the swamps, that one leaves the unhealthy ground behind oneself, that the enemy remains behind and that one moves away from it more and more, that one finds a form of safety, like a successful realization somewhere, a destination in front of oneself.


But it is still a form of safety to say: I am making progress.


In reality, one has not moved forward, because one did not move. One never moves places. A step to the right, to the left, above or below, it is of no importance, because in the end the person who ends up with her total liberation sees that she never moved. She always remained in the same space. But she has quite simply passed from one form of decoding of the space to another form of decoding.


It is with the same eyes that she sees, it is with the same body that she feels, it is with the same mouth that she kisses, but very curiously she does not see the same thing, she does not feel the same thing, she does not kiss the same thing.

Yet she is in the same place!


It is very difficult to perceive on the physical level and completely impossible on the mental level by the reptilian brain, the analytical brain, which cannot understand that there can be a transformation of perception, a transformation of a world without changing the space, that there can exist a possibility to be in another dimension without having to leave the preceding one.

For the reptilian, for the grid, the perception of the space and its decoding of the reality of the universe are regarded as the only decoding, the only possibility of perception. For it, there is no other means of living than this. There are no other means of decoding the space, the event, than this.


This is where the secrecy of the passage is. It is through the transformation of the decoding that the Dimension is changed.


One changes the vibratory system in the same dimension. And each vibratory system determines the possibility of living certain things. One always only goes as far as this same notion, one always only returns from there to the same notion: that of the space, which is a vibratory system.

It is a vibratory system that creates the space and the space then acts on the beings who are inside and who, very curiously, are those who will also have constituted the vibratory system. One is permanently returned to the other.


So, I do not have to go into the details of the action of the ferryman. It is everything that I was able to express in my teachings. Beyond the teaching, there is always this state of being, which discovers something itself, this Intelligence of the Source, this Intuition of the Source, this Love of the Source, which will cause the event to always occur in a different manner and that there is no coding in the teaching.


The teaching is not a rule, but a means of returning to an internal chemistry, to a state of energetic fabric, which will make it possible to decode the event always in a new manner, to always have this fresh spirit which understands what is happening and which knows what is to be done.


I will repeat myself continuously, but a great error is made when the teachings are listened to. One takes them as rules, as codes, as attitudes of working, whereas they are quite simply very precise tools to reach an internal chemistry allowing to be free with the event.


Ultimately, whoever makes use of my teachings to reach this internal chemistry is at the same time released from the totality of my teachings, because he has no more need for the means when he has this chemistry. One needs these means to reach this internal chemistry, to reach this state of being, which can decode the event with this fresh and new spirit each moment. It is as if it was necessary to build a small boat and to cross a river. When one is on the other side, in front of an enormous ground to traverse, one will not take the boat on ones back. One uses ones legs or a horse and one gallops on the ground. This is what the teaching is. It is exactly like this. I have perhaps repeated myself hundreds of times on this subject and I could do this 1000 times, it would nevertheless have touched something essential each time, because as long as one does not have this total release, one is always in search of a security, one is always in search of a rule, one is always in search of a father, one is always in search of the one who will come to advise, to protect, in search of the one whom one will follow. And this is an enormous error. The ferryman is not someone whom one follows. He is someone who takes us on his shoulders. He causes other vibratory spaces to be discovered and one understands “differently”…