An explosion in Creation


From the monk of the event or the ferryman, one can understand very well, with the reasoning brain, that one causes a fantastic commotion to the interior of the grid, that one moves things, that one stirs up references, coding, that one bursts open many alienating processes. This is the very external appearance of the explosion.


But ultimately, this is a perception of the analytical brain still integrated into the grid. In reality, on the internal level, this explosion is made in the sense of the Emptiness and not in the sense of what is built.

For that it is quite necessary to perceive what the grid is. I gave it this name, because it really functions like this on the mechanical level. There are threads, like netting. It is enough to put electricity on any part of the netting and it will be transmitted in its totality and will electrocute all those who are close by.


But in the netting, between the threads, there is emptiness. This emptiness is the carrier of this Force of the absolute.


In other words, it is the Emptiness which provides for and determines the netting. It is the emptiness which determines the fullness. In fact, it is the silence which determines the word and not the word, the silence. Whoever knows how to handle words perfectly, who understands the richness of the word, knows very well that it is the silence, in the word and between the words, which gives rise to the richness of the word. I could almost say that the dancer knows that what makes the richness of his dance is the absence of the step, the absence of the movement, which sets up the visualization of the real movement.


It is the silence of the movement which sets up the movement itself.


When I speak of a “state of being”, it is the same thing as an energetic fabric. However, the term “energetic fabric” is understood better than “state of being”, because a fabric has a framework, a set of threads which constitutes it. But it is the gaps between the threads which induce a nourishing space to the fabric and a possible space of life. The difficulty and the stupidity of the grid is that it ended up believing that it was its threads which were determining, whereas it is the spaces between its threads which carry the energy, which permit the existence of the grid, which permit the existence of the fabric. And the grid is so stupid that it increases its threads continuously and decreases the space between them. By this, it is in the process of suffocating itself, believing that it is still increasing its ground of adventure. It is only in the process of strangling itself.


Silence is the carrier space of the energy that permits the entire system to work, this including the grid. It is in this dimension, this comprehension that one has to understand what an explosion in Creation is.


It is to continuously enlarge the spaces between threads of the grid for there to be much more light, much more Force, which nourishes the beings who are in prison inside it.


Therefore, one must not at all believe that it is a combat against the grid, because this would be to remain in the space of the grid. One is continuously on the outside of the threads of the grid, one is in the space of this Absolute which the grid does not master, this space of the Absolute which one continuously enlarges.


When this has been understood, one has ceased waging war against what is useless, with this grid, this reptilian, because in the end it returns to its games and balances itself on its threads. In any case, in this small game, one will one day be electrocuted or wounded very seriously. On the other hand, when one has understood and perceived what the entire power of silence is, what the magnitude of silence is, one will be able to work directly in it. One works only in this space.


It is the space itself which enlarges itself and which pushes back the walls and the limitations that are made around it, without there being a need to occupy oneself with these walls and these limitations.


This is why the Direct Way is also subtitled the “Way of no effort”. Not in the contrary sense, which would mean the way against the effort or the laxist, but in the sense of absence of effort. There are no efforts to be made in here. It is not a combat, it is not destruction, it is not a “self-willed” transformation.


It is quite simply the love for that which is beautiful.


And this love develops and causes what is beautiful to radiate, because what one looks at radiates! Quite simply. It is thus here one has to understand that an explosion in Creation is quite simply an explosion of Love. It is nothing else.


The absolute and the relative are mixed. This should be observed with extraordinary precision to see how it functions. It is this precision of working, this very precise knowledge which permits the real liberating step, because one notices that one is not working on what one calls formal, real, but that one is working on the informal, on the unreal, on the emptiness and not the fullness.


Ultimately the flow of emptiness is the full one and this is the whole art of the grid: to always invert the data, to make believe that the fullness is empty and that the emptiness is full.


This Emptiness is full of all this Absolute and it is quite simply Love, the loving commitment for it, for all that it carries, which makes it radiate, like when one says to someone: I love you.


But there are not so many people capable, from the heart, of saying to this Dimension “I love you”, because they perceive that there will be a vibratory transfer which will make them leave their system and which they will no longer control.

Therefore there are very few people who have this capacity, this commitment, this vibratory state where they can really say to this dimension of creation: I love you. This is why it is so difficult to make this space between the meshes of the grid vibrate, because there are not many who love it.


When there is not enough love to make this space explode, there are the practices, the techniques that I have installed. I have already spoken of this. The practice is not the Love itself, even if it has ensued from it. The practice is there to develop the love for this space, because by working with it, it gives more breathing and air to whoever is on the threads… and through better living, this person will perhaps become in love with this space, instead of only benefiting from it.

It is this sincere love, which is no longer a love in search of results, which is not an “I love you and thus you owe me something”, which is not an “I love you, so love me”; it is a very sudden “I love you” that alone has the capacity to make this space explode. Creation explodes and the grid cannot resist this explosion.


Yet one has not attacked the grid.

It is a waste of time. It is a loss of vitality.


And it is moreover a total idiotic action, because whoever thus attacks the grid is therefore on its threads. If this person electrocutes the grid, he also electrocutes himself.


So, it is another Dimension. It is another intention with the vibration of the universe, which always comes down to the same data: it is a loving act; it is a loving commitment. It is a loving gift, it is to really say “I love you” to the one whom one loves. In this “I love you”, there is no intention of a return. One quite simply loves and one loves so strongly that it is a suffering; it is almost sad, painful. It is a gentle pain.


So, either one loves spontaneously, or one can, perhaps, end up loving through the practices that I have shown and installed. Perhaps!


In any case, one always returns from there to the only possibility of an explosion in creation: it is an absolutely loving act. If this does not occur, there is no explosion in Creation and the grid will install complementary threads on the energetic fabric of the being and everything will suffocate itself. It is a suicide. Except that whoever is in this circuit does not have any perception of it… not that this person is idiotic in the sense that he decided to commit suicide, but he does not have the capacity, the vibratory system, allowing him to perceive that this Emptiness, this space here, is the space which allows him to exist, which provides him with energy, that this Emptiness is the very matter which makes him be Him. When he completely cancels out this Emptiness, he does not exist any more, there is no more breathing.


When one is stabilized in Creation, one is stabilized in space and one will no longer let oneself be electrocuted by the threads of the grid… one does not even occupy the grid any more! One has the capacity to continuously enlarge this space which radiates and will touch all those who are balancing on the threads of the grid and who have enough of this entire game and of jumping like small puppets each time the grid sends out a small electric impulse.


Here is the purpose of our movement, of our action: to be in this space of Emptiness, in this Silence. And like I often said, only Silence loves and Action ensues from it and there is no trace. It is as if Love had come into being out of this Silence. But this Silence, therefore, came into being out of Love.


This space of Silence, therefore, came into being out of Love

and explodes through Love.


If you understand what I am saying here, there is no more uncertainty in your body and you understand beyond the words and the phraseology