To help the White Lady


We must help the White Lady in which body the grid lives and moves about. He constantly hurts her. We will call this last one « virus » because it is easier.


To help her, it is to protect her works : her children who have difficulties in living. It is also seeking those who want to get out of the grid which manipulates them. We always stay in the same space of humanity, but it is the vibratory system which changes.


In addition, by modifying the working of the grid, we modify the system of alienation on the whole humanity.



That means that every time we help someone to go out of trouble,

It means that we have changed his vibratory system so that he is no longer submitted nor subject to the influence of the grid,

we have made an explosion in the universe,

we have made a complete explosion in the grid.


Even more particularly, each person who has succeeded in making, again, this coupling with the Source allows the whole Earth to benefit of this liberation. Through her body, she mobilizes in a fantastic way this Silence, this Space, This Freedom that there is between the threads of the grid.


This is really that to help the White Lady.


Finally, why being a ferry man, why being this monk of the event ? It is to help the White Lady to solve this difficulty that she has in Her and to, also, help those that she has created. That’s why it is absolutely impossible to be able to get back in communication with the White Lady if we do not love the others.


The encounter with the White Lady and the aid to the White Lady is the aid to Her creation.



That’s why one of the sentences of the poem of the White Lady says: « Rest yourself my Beauty - I will protect you in your Works.». This is forgotten by many people that I have however led to a high level of perception and understanding. They only have retained the powers, the energetic liberations, but they have forgotten the side of the heart, the love of the others.

Without this love for the others we do never help the White Lady. On the contrary, we feed even more the grid, which is a separation from the Creation, from this love. In the grid there is no love for the one to the other, there is only a mechanism of mutual use.


So, I have already spoken of that but it is good to come back on this essential point : without the love for the others, there is no aid to the White Lady. There is not any possibility of being this monk of the event. There is not any possibility of being this ferry man. There is not any possibility to be the One who can find, understand and implement releasing practices.


In addition, the grid possesses the art of cloning. Except that cloning is going very well when all develops well. We can then delude ourself. But when the storm is in the life, we realize that we fall back in the usual confusion.

Cloning is virtual and virtual can not resist to a real action. Then, it is only a question of time because cloning and virtual are always discover. Ultimately, the liar is always discovered. This is simply a matter of time.


On the most primary and the most absolute plan, when there are liars in this life, in this LAM, it is not worthwhile to actively seek them because the events will highlight their lies. So we noted it and we act accordingly. This is the worthy conduct !... To perceive what is and to act accordingly… and no longer to pursue dreams. Only truth transforms !... I will always recall that the devil is the liar. The devil is a liar. This is what allows him to rob.


I insist on that because to be back in a body to help the White Lady to solve her problem, it is also to help the grid to solve his problem since we are in the grid. We are not there to destroy humanity. It does it easily all alone. That, it is something that is rarely understood.


I will add that the aid to the White Lady can be summarized by the poem which was written in front of me in Heaven.



I love you,

Woman of the universe,

Only love.

When your body quivers,

My heart bursts.


Ocean of love

When your Gentleness submerges me,

Your smile pervades me,

My earth expands.


Rest yourself my Beauty,

I protect you in your Works.

My Spouse,

Do you feel my Breath ?


In this trapped body,

I testify of your Presence.

Your overlapped Light,

Explode the Time.


Only Silence loves,

Action stems from it.

Without a trace.

But do they want to exist through you ?


Then a day I have gone down on my knees.


I am made of You.

Your wounds bleed in my heart,

My enthusiasm gets weaker.

To go ?


Her answer was :


Your body must be on the Earth,

So that the Light lights the Man.

Carrier of the Fire of Gentleness,

You must pass it on.


Only Gentleness washes the body of suffering.

Peace of heart is your Essence.

Give it to who languishes.


Wander in the event

To the extinction of the mouvement.

Your indispensability is there.


Will I succeed ? When we approach all my tantric teachings, I could then say that to give birth to a woman means to give birth again to the White Lady inside somebody, inside a woman. It is through a noble woman, who rediscovers all her dignity that the man has the capacity to physically feel and know what Gentleness is. Otherwise he has not any physical capacity except to practice the methods I have given in all this final teaching.


To give birth to a woman is something extraordinary.

It is an explosion in Creation.


But, now that I give my last teachings because after, all is finished, there is something that is even very largely beyond that to give birth to a woman : it is to bring a woman into Heaven. But there, your analytic brain is already analyzing and trying to understand what means to bring a woman into Heaven. It is impossible for it.



She is a woman in the dimension of Nothing.



Beyond all what can have been formed inside E YAM BAM RAM LAM, there is still something else. I say a woman and not a man because it is only a female movement which can go there, which can go beyond all this conditioning, of this vibratory envelop of the human, of humanity, that is to say this envelop of the LAM, of the LAM of E, of the Source. It is something else. All that is still a kind of conditioning. Whatever the beauty of the perception is, of the power of work done on the other, it is still conditioned. There is a dimension where all that completely burst. That is Heaven. Because we need a word. The word « void » is still too taken up by the reasoned brain but the word « nothing » we do not know what it is. To enter the word « nothing »? There is only a female dimension which can. It is a female state. You must not at all believe that because it is a female state that it is reserved only for women, a man can also enter it. But it is his female state which comes into it, which has the possibility to perceive that because he has accepted to be penetrated.


But to be penetrated by what ? It is where the problem is because it can only be by « Nothing ». When it is perceived, even a fraction of a second, few minutes, all the constructions that have been thought, felt, seen, are exploded. The matter stays but all the formulations, the references which have been settled are exploded. For this person, it is a huge space which opens since whatever happens, she could no longer take seriously what arrives because what is developing there is always in an environment and thus in a conditioned space.


And she knows it !


And she has the power of the space that she has touched. She has then the power of the action on earth, an absolutely enormous power.


To give birth to a woman in the heaven is possible.