“Come into my tent to get warm”


It is a daydream, very clear. I felt a female presence beside me, which accompanied me while I was going down from a mountain to get back to the valley. The more we descended the more we were cold. This female presence said to me: “I am cold, I am very cold”. She was shivering. So, we went up the mountainside again a little and I looked for a house. I found a large building, quite exposed, to install myself with this female presence, to which I could put neither face, nor silhouette. Nothing. Only a very strong Presence, an extraordinary Power.


It was a large stone-built house, with several storeys. But rather surprisingly, to find a sunny, calm place and with a nice view on the valley, it was necessary to ascend many storeys, to go up by staircases for to end up by climbing small ladders, bending down under small doors for to finally reach some spaces with a little light, in which one could breathe.


In all other the spaces, in the lower part, as I left them, after having arranged them to be able to install myself there and having noted that this did not go, there were people who came and occupied them immediately. They did not even wait for us to go from there, they took possession of the parts, one after the other, and almost pushed us outside… as if my work was very normal for them and they naturally took possession of it without any concern for me, for us, for our labour.


There ended up being many people in this house and I was always going up the storeys, one after the other, to arrange them, to install a comfortable place in order to let this Companion live well and dignified.


In the end, I found something. But it was necessary to go up under the roofs, almost to enter by a small concealed door, behind ladders, to penetrate into this place where one could be relatively in quietness.


From there, I worked a lot to cleanse and transform the totality of the house. I was like a worker always trying to improve the places to allow “the others” to live better and to create a beautiful and harmonious “unit”. But this was never finished, because we always discovered something new again: that there were many rats in the cellar, a chimpanzee hidden in the attic, which also had to be nourished!!!! In fact, there was always something hidden there somewhere, with which it was necessary to deal. Therefore this house became very burdensome with all these people, who took what I created for their lives “without us”.


Then, this female Presence, which accompanied me and which helped me, left the house. She installed a tent higher up on the mountain and she said to me:


« Come to warm yourself in my tent »


In this tent all was white and luminous. It was warm, whereas in the stone-built house it was always cold. In this tent, all was warm, quiet, luminous, gentle, tender. And there was a possibility for a complete life. The Presence which was there, changed, more and more, into a very white Presence, very luminous, not ceasing to repeat to me: “Stay in my tent to warm and rest yourself”.


It was clear:

I had to leave the House of Human Beings.


Physical death did not come, but something extraordinary happened. Why tell you???? … You cannot really understand the Magic of the Universe if you have not entered into this tent…


And now, as for me, I can say to human beings: “Come into my tent to warm yourself”. Because now I will not go into your house any more, I will not spend my time visiting the storeys any more and examining what could be done there, cleaned, repaired,… giving indications to all sides… answering ceaseless questions without interest for Liberation… but so comfortable and interesting for the analytical brain… One wants to understand so much!!!! …


But « to live » this Freedom with all the cells

of ones body, this is « another thing ».


The teaching is now closed. The Last Meal is finished. It is the Last Meal in my own dimension, the final chapter, which is called NOTHING.

It is in this NOTHING that one can understand: “come into my tent to warm yourself”, because in this tent there is light, there is warmth, there is gentleness, there is tenderness.

It is in this tent that the process of the decondensation of the human towards Heaven really begins, that is to say, LAM towards the Source. One starts by entering the tent of the White Woman, BAM, the Universal Love, the love of the mother who gives to each one. Then the decondensation will continue in spaces which are beyond, that is to say, YAM, the breath, and AH, the Source.


The Universal Love is not a love directed towards Heaven. It is a love directed towards mankind, towards the earth. Therefore, if one does not love human beings, if one does not have the desire for helping them, if one is not concerned by their sufferings and their misfortunes, one cannot enter this tent of BAM, of the White Woman. One cannot go to be warmed with this Force.


One can thus never leave the house of human beings!


If one does not love human beings,

one cannot leave their house.


It is extraordinary and incomprehensible for the analytical brain. Let this flow in you… and you will feel the transformation of your Being in each one of your cells. I have nothing to say to you any more. Our communication will now go through the body…