Really enter the External Circle those who have a fundamental lack which they want to understand to find a solution at this suffering. Thus, the External Circle brings the knowledges on the organisation of the Universe… and we are the Universe in every cell of our body !


Except this fundamental lack, the informations collected will remain on the external fringe of this Circle and there will be no sensible modifications of Consciousness and even less of the body and its sensitivity to decode the facts of the ordinary life…


Everything will be then « in the head » !... As it is the most often and that will make some more proud people, very pretentious of their new knowledges..that they will teach to others !


For the real seeker in the External Circle, there will be the obviousness more and more distinct that pride controls the opening of the Consciousness and directs it.


So what is that pride ?


It is to look, to appreciate, to judge, to decide starting from a basis Principle that we consider as fair and which will use as support for all the analysis. This principle becomes the « center of its Universe » and everything turns around and comes back to it.


It feels everything in terms of well-being or uneasiness for itself… It gives its judgement according to that.


But there is the progressive development of a Consciousness which permits to see, to understand, to feel, to guess that there exists « another way » to touch the facts of the life. This Consciousness opens the door to all what could be « anything else » because there is the necessity to bring new blood in the energy system which goes round and chases its tails so much that pain is here.


This is thus those who will have developed this Consciousness which is inside each one, what some people call « the Intelligence of God », who will enter in the possibilities of knowledges linked to the Internal Circle and will benefit from its Powers of Transformation.


But will they stay on the external fringe of this Circle or really enter it with sincerity ?


« Sincerity » is the will to face all what makes opposition to our fulfilment according to the Intelligence of the Creation (that we can know in detail and check through the opening of the memories)… without fear, without escape… and to find solutions for our ordinary life.


And this major opposition is connected with pride… which is a personal manner to want to exist in a certain very personal way … and the whole related to all the emotional reference points organised by the Grid in the being through the energy structure taken at the time of the birth.


The force of the emotions linked to the disturbed and compromise dreams is so disturbing for the body and the spirit that a lot of people will run away in front of the importance of the modification to put into action in their ordinary life. They will only try to find a solution of agreement that they will call « My correct way ». That will only be a modification of the initial disruption into another more hidden disruption … but the whole will remain in the Dimension of the action of the Grid… and as someone says one day : « And the Demon is still laughing at it ! »


In other terms, it is quite simply to throw out of our house the informations and the knowledges stemming from the opening of the memories and of the Sight of this new Consciousness developed, for the reason of a too deep inconvenience for our ordinary life.


We accept then the things as they are and we do not look for a fundamental modification in order to organize them according to the Order of the Creation. It is our own creation that we defend because, deep inside, this one, we like it well and we are used to it… even of our sufferings !…


And as around us each one makes in the same way, why playing the eccentric who will in addition being beaten by the others displeased of the disruption that we cause to them on account of quite simply not existing like them.


So, to enter the Internal Circle and not only to stay in the external fringe that provides only informations which will not change the Consciousness and the reflexes of the body, we need more than only courage… We need enthusiasm !


It is this enthusiasm of which I have spoken in « Real Life ».


So, even if you have already taken knowledge of these teachings given to Inge, read them again… But leave aside your « references of principle » and all what you believe to have understood of the life.


Try to enter inside without the judgement, the appreciation… Let them penetrate you !


Read with the enthusiasm of the one who discovers a new territory which fascinates him.



But I give you a last information because it is perceptible only when the State of Being is in the possibility to receive the Secret Teachings.


Also I would like to make you save time… just so that bullocks may become bulls.


The info is this one :


Pride is not the only main obstacle in the deployment of the Consciousness. It is helped, to narrow the field of action of the Consciousness, by the sensations.


When we open more the range of our Consciousness, the perception of the sensations in this new space in periphery does not give a distinct clarity as we have settled and liked, when we focus on well known subjects.


The brain, due to its education linked to the research of certainty, will take these new «light perceptions » as negligible elements, without interest and will not try to go deeper into the vision. It will reinforce thus the pride in its exclusive interest to take care of what it knows well and likes.


Thus we need to train to develop these new «light perceptions », and of course, to do it without taking with us all the old references points which are only immobilizing ball and chains.


That can only be done by really interested persons, having a passion about the new, the fresh blood…


In fact all these people who are fed up with the same old story which always brings them back to the same point.


An exemple ?


So do not waste time and lets take one which moves !


When we take knowledge of the modes of action of the reptilian brain with its five securities, we realize that one of them is the impetus to the continuance through procreation.


Then, when we open our memories, simply the « ordinaries », and that we notice that we have had already hundreds children in the previous lives…


…. Thus maybe we wonder and tell ourself that we could « do something else » in this very life that to take again the same old story thousand times repeated.


In other terms, perhaps we could use this present life, which is like a wink, to go in another interest and to use our force of life « differently »… For example, how to get out of our conditioned reflexes...


But that will be opposed to all the attractions of the body and of the emotions… all the more that the same old story is supported and validate by the cultural ordinary systems.


So we always come back to the same question : what are the possibilities of each one to face the shock of his emotions and reflexes… and not to jump on them as « obviousnesses ».


If you read these lines and is attracted by the Teachings of the Direct Way, you must be one of those.


Thus pay carefully attention to these peripheral informations when the range of your Consciousness opens a little bit more.


Your liberty is there, inside !


Now I let you to your reading.