Given to Inge





The body is soft, rested, caressed, the spirit also is relaxed, the body and the spirit make quietly a pair of action which is not in conflict.


The Void caresses the Void, it is not static, it is a movement. The Void has a tantric action on the Void. But without the movement, it is impossible to reinforce. It is for that the word « caress »c is right :


The caress is a movement, it is a light touch, it is not a seizure, it is not a stop. It is the pride which seizes something, which stops it to look at it, to judge it, to appreciate it, to examine it.


You know, it is the one who takes an element of the life, who puts it under the microscope to observe it in all the directions, but he has stopped the movement of the life that he has put under the microscope. And it is what makes the pride of the everyday which wants to judge, to appreciate, it is the one who says :


But in fact, where do we go, there, what does that means, all that? Look out, let us stop for a while, stop that! Let us examine, observe.


But WHO observes, WHO puts the suitcases ?


You must ask the question each time that you want to stop something. And you will perceive that only by the fact of asking this question, the movement has not been stopped. And in the final analysis, you completely forget this temporary wish which has arrived like a cloud in front of the eyes, this intention which is arrived like a flash, you have not allowed this intention to settle, to use the gap with the movement, you have let the movement be done.


With the question: WHO wants ? You have immediately questionned this emotion, this impression, this will. You understand, you have questionned ! This critical state of being which is not a judgment, but which is only not to let you be carried by what appears normal and natural : I want to put the suitcases, it is necessary to put the suitcases…If you do not pay attention, this mechanism will take the entire screen of the computer and there will be nothing else.


If you say : WHO wants to stop? There is something which occurs inside and you will become more and more intimate with this something which will make so that the movement will not be stopped and that the impulse which would have liked to stop did not take the power. It has remained on the roadside and you have forgotten it very quickly.


And if you look closely at what happens at this point, your question has its answer in the movement that you have let running in a fluid manner.


You do not have at all the perception that you have run away a question, but you have obtained your answer in the movement, in the fluidity which develops, and you know perfectly what is occurring and thus you do not need to stop what occurs to become the observer, the one who will judge, appreciate and criticize.


The caress, it, it is the movement, the penetration, the nourishment, the dilation by the caress. The caress relaxes you and it is because you are relaxed in this caress that there is something inside you which will perfectly understand and perceive what occurs and which are the most subtle bonds of the Universe with its Creation, the man.


And thus how will this flow of pleasure cease putting itself in action? It is when the Void will have so much caresses the Void, Dignity will have mobilized so much Dignity, so that for this part of the brain which we can call the spirit, which looks at and appreciates the things, there is no other means to do but to continue this movement of the caress, to continue this movement of the enlivement of the Dignity, to move the Void on the Void, to stir up the Gentle by the Gentle. And that there is no more means to make differently. It is difficult to express, but corporally it is clear, there is no alternative, it is the notion of the absolute which lives on itself and which self-generates itself, which caresses itself. There is no more the relative, the discussion. The flow of pleasure it is the discussion, it is the relative.


The Flow of Dignity does not discuss anything, because it is so clear, it is so obvious that all is justified by itself. Nothing has a past, everything is strong by itself, and you are carried by this Force, and by the action in this Force, you self-enliven it, you self-reinforce it.


However there is always nothing to move, nothing to modify, Perfection being Perfection, but the movement exists permanently. I often take the very prosaic example of the mayonnaise : the more you stir up the mayonnaise, the more the mayonnaise is made light, creamy, having even more taste, but nevertheless the mayonnaise is the mayonnaise in itself, and that there is nothing to improve, but the stiring up develops the taste, develops the odor, the lightness. I may repeat myself, but I insist a lot because it is determining : on the level of your perception, it is the arrival of the Forces of the Heaven which will put an end to the monolog of the flow of pleasure. It is something so much strong which comes inside you that this small child that is the flow of pleasure, this small monkey, remains amazed like the child who remains the open mouth when Father Christmas arrives. It is so powerful, so strong, so extraordinary that the child does not manage anymore to let out a sound. It is very important because it is exactly your current and future practice :


To be able to go towards the Heaven and to make come from the Heaven these visions, these perceptions, in a so clear and so precise way that one does not need anymore to come to thwart the flow of pleasure, it keeps silent itself.


It is when that occurs that you are in full tantrism. And it is as if you had been caressed, not only outside you, but also inside.


Each time you create a doubt inside you, each time you have a doubt about your raison d’être, to exist, to act, you stop the movement of the energy, you make a node. And it is that the seizure.