Given to Inge





Separation between External Circle and Internal Circle is not precise as we can explain it on the dialectical level, but it is necessary to have a precision of the words to channel the reasoned intelligence. In reality the passage is not so frank, even when there is fall in the internal space. Even when there is fall in the internal space, it is very rare that this drop is complete, it is only partial, it is an insight.


We have seen something which is of the order of an other dimension. But there are still anchorages which remain in the External Circle, on this bit of mooring which is called pride. Pride it is like a bit of mooring, it is like a ring fixed on the wall and from there, there are mooring ropes, wires which continue again to hang up all the energetic system of the man or a part of himself, more or less important, that depends on the work which he has done on him.


Thus it should well be understood that it is very rare that a person falls completely into the Internal Circle, she is still more or less hung up to the External Circle, it means to the pride. And what occurs for this person, physically? Well, she has insights, a perception which is of the absolute, it means, all of a sudden, when there is this fall in the Internal Circle, she has perceptions of herself, of the things, of the events which are a certainty the most complete because they have an origin which is different from the one the thought, of the relativism, they are perceptions of the absolute. And that impresses the body in all the senses of the term : impression in the meaning imprint, but also the body is shocked, hustled by this noticing which is beyond all that can imagine and create the cerebral system, the flow of pleasure, the discursive thought. It is a perception of the absolute, a physical reality which is ineradicable.


The person which falls even for a few seconds in the Internal Circle of Knowledge knows that she has fallen, physically. It is clear, it is neat, it is indescribable, perception itself is authenticated.


That is a reality on the level of the body. But after, there is the reasoned intelligence, there is all the system of the flow of pleasure which monopolizes this information, this force, which uses it to redistribute it in its own diagrams, to catalog it in its various drawers, and that goes wrong for the person who is not entirely in the Internal Circle, because, if her perception is from the Internal Circle, the interpretation and the movement that she will set up after will be in the External Circle. If the person lets the thought seize this event to transform it, to analyze it, to catalog it, and to perceive and decide the means of application in the ordinary life, she has fallen down again automatically in the External Circle. And it is a very big difficulty.


Because the one who is perfectly well established in the Internal Circle of Knowledge knows already by experiment and humility that he has always bonds sometimes very subtle with the External Circle, it means with the system of pride. Thus this one will be wary in an excessively important way of all his impressions, of all his emotional, sensitive system and of all his cerebral discussion.


So how to prevent the thought from recovering information, the insight, the noticing of the absolute, and redistribuing it inside its theories, its theories of pride of course?


Therefore you should ask : Who thinks? Who reacts? Who has the desire of ? And by this interrogation, you immediately cuts this movement of the flow of pleasure, of the reasoned intelligence to monopolize the fact and to catalog it in its manner in order to make up a direction of life.


You understand how this is pernicious, because the reasoned intelligence will monopolize the fact, the noticing of the absolute while saying : it is necessary to use it in the daily life, it is necessary that it is used for something, thus it is necessary that I cook it, this fact, that I make it return in the menu, that I dissect it, that I discuss it, you understand how the reasoned intelligence will try to prevail it over just the intelligence, on the intrinsic kindness of the person who says : yes, in the final analysis, it must be useful. And it is where there is an enormous trap, because it is true that it will be useful, that there is an immediate utility, but as long as that remains in the field of the absolute, of the noticing and of the intuitive perception. If that pours in the reasoned intelligence, it is lost, it has returned to reinforce all the system of the center, all the system of pride.


With the result that the person who has sufficiently fallen high into the Internal Circle does not trust herself and is completely wary of all her reasoned systems, of conclusions and of judgments, and consequently does not allow that the reasoned intelligence takes this element of perception and dissects it as it wants.


And so that does not occur, it is necessary to stop the gripping of the intelligence reasoned on the noticing and that can be done only by the breaking thanks to the interrogation : but Who wants to modify the facts, Who wants to organize them? Who wants to have a reasoning and a conclusion of it? That, it is the first point.


And the second point, it is that you must put you immediately under the protection and under the safeguard of the forces of the Heaven. And thus all the quantum of energy which constitutes this noticing of the absolute, will be preserved, it will continue to work in purity inside the energetic system of the person, inside her state of being, and that will reinforce the Flow of Dignity inside this state of being and exclusively it.


Thus you realize the importance of the intervention : it is necessary to prevent the mechanism of the thought, of the reasoned intelligence from seizing the event and transforming it, from cataloging it, from apprehending it and from making conclusions of it. It is very difficult, because the person, when she has had these noticings of the absolute, would tend to believe herself very strong and very powerful, it is there the importance of humility : she says: I have understood something and then the force of pride behind says : but it is so that I use it in my daily life… and it is also to want the recognition from the others : they will see that I am strong, that I am powerful, that I have understood things, thus they will listen to me… and I will be able to teach them… and there are thousand reasons to justify that the reasoned intelligence seizes the noticing which is of the order of the absolute and redistributes it inside its diagrams. Even with the reason of a so-called compassion, but that is false compassion, because: what has occurred in reality?


The insight has happened, the flowing in the internal space has happened, because the internal chemistry which existed inside the person was in majority in the Flow of Dignity and thus the Flow of Dignity could flow on itself, as the Love is pleased on the Love, is nourished from the Love, loves the Love.


This is exactly that: Dignity is nourished from Dignity, loves Dignity, Dignity flows on Dignity.

Thus in this internal chemistry that we call the State of Being, there was a given moment where the power was between the hands of the Flow of Dignity which could flow on it, and the Flow of Dignity mother has had an explosion of enthusiasm which returned on its daughter and it is the insight.


Dignity enlivens Dignity, Perfection enlivens Perfection, Love enlivens Love. The Father returns on the son and in the son who has enlivened him. That makes the explosion inside the State of Being, with the result that the flow of pleasure has the possibility of perceiving what occurs, because that occurs inside the environment in which it is. Except that it is not on it that it has been practiced. Thus it is absolutely necessary to prevent this flow of pleasure from recovering the information for its benefit to bring that back on its own structure, its own flow. It will be necessary to leave this quantum of energy of the Mother who returns on the girl, of the Father who returns on the son, to invigorate even more the son who comes back to flow in a way even more powerful on the Father, who comes back on the son… But each time, it is the State of Being which acts in its totality: it is the Flow of Dignity which pulls the car, but in the car, there is the flow of pleasure. It is the whole car which is moving.


One moment it has happened something of so strong in the house which is called the State of Being, that the flow of pleasure remains the open mouth like the kid who sees arriving Father Christmas. But immediately, the child says : « But what have you brought to me? » The child tries to monopolize Father Christmas.


Thus it is very rare that, when you have a noticing of the absolute, you do not bring this noticing back in the organization of the universe.


Then it will be necessary that with this perception of the absolute, you stay the most discrete possible… It is the humility which does not come to raise the flag as soon as an insight goes out, the discretion which will allow the development of all what is being perceived there, in the Flow of Dignity, in the secrecy of your heart, and it is there that there is an excessively fast and important modification of the internal chemistry, of the State of Being.


Because what the proud man does not want to understand, it is that the State of Being is an association of the Flow of Dignity and flow of pleasure. The proud man says : me, the Flow of Dignity, I am all alone, the flow of pleasure, I am all alone ; as if one rejects the other. It is impossible : both are linked like the two hands of the body.


… To be humble with yourself: to say to yourself: there is something happening, I do not understand what happens, and even all the system of reasoning would be contrary and against what happens, but I have confidence…


When you have confidence thus, you wait for nothing, you have only confidence…. When somebody is in this movement of confidence, he is in the movement of Dignity.