Given to Inge


Opening and closing of the fridge.



The gentle runs in the Gentle and flows in the Gentle. So it is possible to move without moving anything. So it is possible that the small one flows in the Large one. And so it is possible that the last one becomes the first one. And so it is possible that the small child is transformed into a wise old man. So it is possible that the love comes in the Love, flows in the Love and notices that the love loves the Love, and is pleased only in the Love.


So it is possible to have within us this vibratory level so subtle so thin, so fragile but strong at the same time, it is strong because it is indestructible, and that the spontaneous comprehension related to this vibratory state is self-sufficient, because this comprehension has no past. It is connected to anything else only to itself and it does not have any capitalization. There is no accumulation. Thus all what occurs is untied without object. In fact, all what occurs is released without object.


And the Force of this State of Being, the Force of this comprehension is indestructible, because it comes from a world, from a source beyond what the flow of pleasure, the reasoned thought can manage. I say well : manage ; I could say something even more precise : beyond what the flow of pleasure can build. But to understand this last word of construction, it is already necessary to have come very finely in the movement of this State of Being with so subtle, so soft, so light, so in love vibration. It is necessary already that this State of Being, this happiness, runs freely in the entire body, in the veins, and not only on the level of the insight, of the perception of the brain. And there, fully, you understand that what happens is beyond what all the brain can build, has the possibility of building, has the possibility of organizing.


And it is where you escape completely the organization of the Universe. Because, on this level, nothing can be organized. I say well, nothing can be organized, and it is at this level, in these moments, that you really understand what is the External Circle of Knowledge, it means the organization of the Universe. But only the Internal Circle can understand the reality and the movement of the External Circle. Before it is quite simply the External Circle that tries to understand itself. But if you are in the External Circle you cannot understand what has just been said there. Because you grasp all by your reasoned intelligence, by your references, you cannot perceive which is the process which has been engaged so that the External Circle is able to understand itself..


It is impossible because, in the External Circle, there are always me and the other. There are always the object and the subject, the observer and the observed, the one who analyzes, the one who appreciates, the one who judges.


And thus in the External Circle it is impossible to understand the real energetic process which settles for its self-comprehension. On the intellectual and informational level, you can have answers given by others, or by books. But the personal perception does not exist, it means the certainty of what is occurring through your direct perception. That does not exist. That exists only when you have fallen into the Internal Circle which, it, cannot yet understand too well how it functions inside it, but can perceive perfectly how the External Circle functions and what is the magic, chemical operation which has settled so that it can quietly cross it, but more exactly disorganize it.


And the External Circle cannot understand what is the disorganization of itself ; it, it organizes the universe, it organizes the space, it can perceive how the energetic objects are placed the ones regarding the others, how they act the ones regarding the others, but it does not know what is to be disorganized, it does not know what is to be diluted. It can only understand what is occurring inside its field of attention, of vigilance and of comprehension, it can understand and see the energetic objects which constitute the universe, but it cannot in any case understand what occurs for the Internal Circle. Because you see when we speak about the universe, we should not look at the universe in outside, this is the internal universe.

You must open the fridge, look at what there is inside the fridge, and according to the foods which are there, you will make the meal. You are obliged to function like that. It is when you do not want to function like that there is a very big problem since you want to make a meal with food and tools which you do not have. And thus the External Circle is able to understand itself.


First we can see the so important difference between the External Circle and the Internal Circle, on the level of the comprehension which can be retained by the reasoned intelligence, the brain and the memory. The essential difference is that in the Internal Circle there is dilution of the universe, it is for that we say the destruction of the universe. But if you are always in the External Circle, and if you have not perceived that the universe is always inside you, and not outside you, it is absolutely impossible to perceive the bases, the premises of this destruction, of this dilution. Since you will say: but an object remains always an object, the car is always there, the house is always there, the office is always there.


By dint of progressing and working in the External Circle of Knowledge, by dint of working with the continual opening and closing of the fridge, you notice that there are foods which go away, and that there are some others which come by themselves, and you notice that it is not an external act which supplies the fridge, but an interior act. And more and more, while working on you, because the opening of the fridge it is the opening of the memories, but if all is contained in the memories, if the fridge could be filled with an enormous quantity of food to make varied and succulent dishes, nevertheless what you see with your physical eyes when you open the fridge, these are only foods whose you can decode the presence and the existence.

One could say quite simply that in the fridge there is an enormous quantity of food, the fridge is huge except that you see only one part of it. And it is with the objects seen that you will make the food, the pizza. And the successive opening of the fridge, it is the opening of the memories where you will perceive more and more what there is in the fridge and at the same time as you see a food, simultaneously you have the possibility of using it and of perceiving how you will be able to season it and to mix it with the other foods that you already know.


You know if the example of the fridge is taken, it is not completely unfounded. Look at the mother who does not know what there is in the fridge and she says : well, lets see what I will preprare to eat… She opens the fridge, she observes what there is inside, and immediately she knows what she will prepare to eat, she knows what are her possibilities of meal, there is an immediate and spontaneous development of her imagination to mix, to cross, to season, to transform everything into a very nourishing meal.


It is exactly what occurs by the opening of the memories. Progressively we observe what there is in the fridge, and simultaneously we have the possibility of utilization of what we see. And simultaneously we know immediately how to do to organize it with the other elements, what kind of meal and of food we can make: it is simultaneous. And as the mother will have put seeds to germinale in her larder which we can then consume the growths, it is the same thing by the opening of our memories, we realize that there is a self-extension of the food that we find again each time inside ourself, that there is a self-development of the food which develops because we pay attention to it and that we saw it.


The attention and the look, it is exactly like the light and the air that we bring to a plant, what will enable it to grow, to develop, this plant which will create complementary growths that we will consume.


It is exactly what occurs in the internal world when it is said that love enlivens Love, knowledge enlivens Knowledge, the gentle enlivens the Gentle.


Always seen from the External Circle, and from all these religious situations, these religious states which are rigid, one will say to you: no, Love is perfect from the origin and thus cannot be multiplied, cannot be increased, cannot still bear additional fruits since in any case it is complete and perfect from the origin, that it is from the one who does not have any personal knowledge of love, no physical knowledge of this love. He does not know how this love runs in him, not only inside his brain, but in all his fibers, and how this love develops, created from it, created itself from itself, by the attention and the look that one carries to it, thanks to the Earth whom we constitute for it and who is US, this Earth is US, you understand ?


Any gardener knows that all is contained in the seed. The seed is the seed, it is entirely perfect at the origin. But if you want to make it develop and so that it develops completely, a kind of ground is needed, a kind of light is needed, a kind of watering, a kind of food, and according to the ground, to the watering, to the light, to the food that you will give it, it will develop a little, a lot, passionately or even madly. Any gardener knows that. It is a natural process and it is exactly what occurs in the relation with the Force of the Creation, God, with this Gentle and this Love which is self-enlivened, which is self-created.


Thus when you are in the External Circle of Knowledge, this natural process settles itself, but we are not able to understand all the subtlety and reality of it. We only believe that we open always a little more our memories and that by opening a little more our memories, we discover a little more what there is in the fridge. What is the external approach of what occurs and what is also true, but it is the external approach.


Because if we have a small eye, a small spyglass, and if we could remain inside the closed fridge, we would notice that, by the opening which have brought sun, heat, light, attention, well, these objects inside the fridge develop, grow, multiply, give birth to other things.


I say well : if we had the possibility of being this small eye which remains inside the fridge and which has the capacity to perceive what occurs in the darkness of the fridge, but darkness which has profited before from the lighting of the opening and of the attention, there you can better perceive which is the very fine articulation between the internal and the external : for the one who is outside the fridge, when he has closed again the door, nothing more happens and he uses the objects taken from the fridge and he constitutes his pizza, his food, him, he believes that by the opening of his memory, while going always still a little deeper and a little further, he will still discover again other objects, other treasures, which will enable him to make other foods. Thus for him there is a linear progression and we could say almost organized on a hierarchical basis. Here : we have succeeded in opening a drawer of the fridge, we have managed to open another deeper… etc…, it is the establishment of a hierarchy which is perfectly understood and apprehended by the reasoned intelligence and the reasoning brain.


But in reality it is not like that which that occurs: there is no hierarchy, there is simultaneity. I say well: simultaneity.


And when you perceive that more and more finely, when you return more and more in the fridge where you can see naturally although that the door is closed, when you perceive this simultaneity and this energy being made naturally more dynamic on itself, thus you are subtracted from any mechanism of hierarchisation, you are subtracted from any mechanism which says that you have to go to the first floor to the second, third… etc…


And there you understand in fact that by the opening of the door, the whole is enlightened at the same time. The whole takes oxygen, takes the air, takes the light. And thus the whole will be put in action at the same time, and it is for that I have often said: but you are producing an atomic bomb but you do not understand it.