Given to Inge


Three Magics of the Universe.



1. Decoding of the external universe : to relativize your perception



By opening and closing the door of the fridge, of your memories, of the self-knowledge, in the External Circle, each time you find additional tools that you organize within your mental diagram and your comprehension.


You are organizing your universe according to the comprehension that you have of it.


And there, gradually, it occurs already a first magic which is fantastic, since gradually, you realize that the external universe does not exist, that there exists only one internal universe.


Because it is regarding the state of this internal universe that we call the State of Being that you will be able to decode the external universe. Then I say well: « does not exist », it does not exist in term of emotive, sensitive system, it does not exist as an object of comprehension of what you are. It is not objective.


A bench apparently is objective: it is a bench. It is made of two metal tubes with a plank on top. It is apparently objective, but in reality, the carpenter will see it in a certain manner. He will say: me, I would have made that differently. The one who works iron will say: well, I would have made the tubes differently. The one who seeks to place people will say: oh! There, there are three places and a half, one could have lengthened it of twenty centimetres and there would have been a fourth place…There is another one who will say: it is a little hard, this plank of wood, one could have put a small cushion for the comfort of the buttocks.

That’s it! it is what occurs continuously in the world called external: you decode everything according to your internal universe, to your internal chemistry, it means to your dominant concern. According to the dominant interest that you have inside yourself.

In the countryside, you create a group of walkers, you have one of them who is photographer, the other who is cereal farmer, another who is animalist peasant, you take an ecologist, a florist, and a good small housewife who likes to make bouquets of flowers. You ask them to describe their walking, you will realize that you will have six different films, six versions, six different appreciations. This is obvious for the reasoned intelligence when one can stop a movement.


The reasoned intelligence can only seize something which exists, to immobilize it and you turn around, and you analyze it. But at the time when they were walking, they did not perceive that they were feeling, analyzing, that they had a form of communication with this nature absolutely different from each other. I say: at the moment when they were walking. After yes, they agree to recognize that they have seen the things differently, afterwards, once you have stopped everything, that you have stopped the time like an analyst, like the discursive thought does it. But during, you did not realize that you had decoded the outside, this nature, according to what you were inside. Because that goes very quickly, because the walk moves, it is as a camera which continuously moves on the subject, on the trees, you raise the head, you lower the head, everything goes very quickly in the life.


And it is because everything goes very quickly in the life, because everything is moving, that you do not have the possibility of realizing that you are decoding the external universe according to the state and to the concern of the internal universe.


And that it is for the ordinary person, but very curiously, when we are opening the memory of somebody, that he is regularly opening and closing again the fridge, and that he can thus observe that there are other tools, what at each time he thinks of being other tools that he had not seen before, he realizes that these tools that he had not seen before have had an incidence on his perception of the every day, even before and it is there that he discovers how the incidents of the previous life which have created emotional objects, have had an implication in his overall look on the external universe. By dint of being intimate with himself, he is really obliged to notice that what he had not seen before, what he did not even know the existence, had nevertheless affected the decoding that he had of the universe, on his tendency to go rather towards the right or towards the left, on his impulses to accept or to refuse, to attract or to reject.


By dint of noticing that, he is put in relativisation regarding his perceptions. It is natural, he does not even have an effort to make. The relativisation is done by itself. When moreover, he perceives that they are incidents in other lives which perhaps occurred three hundred years ago which currently influence the present, then it comes as a shock to him… He, who believed himself so free and so objective in his decisions, realizes how he was directed, conditioned in his appreciation of the present regarding the past, it is the shock! This shock, it is like an electric shock, to stop a process and to put another one in action.


And all of a sudden the relativisation regarding your appreciation settles naturally. And it is where you start to return in the intelligent world, where you start to set up an intelligence different from the reasoned intelligence on which all your culture and your civilization is based. It is the Intuitive Intelligence, the one which knows that there exists something else, the one which manages to perceive something else without being able to be self-analyzed.


By this Intuitive Intelligence, you observe that there exists something else, you know that there exists something else, but you are unable to say why you know, from where that comes, but you know that there exists something else, it is physical.


You relativize your perception.


And this new perception, this relativisation of the facts and of the look which you have towards the others, it is filling with enthusiasm, because you are perceiving that there exists a wider, more articulated, much broader world than the one which exists. I say much more articulated.


And the first question is: Who is filled with enthusiasm?


As long as you are in the External Circle of Knowledge you cannot know who are the WHO. You say: it is God who lights me, it is my Intuitive Intelligence which must be filled with enthusiasm by these discoveries of itself… And thus you will believe that all these new perceptions, it is God in the search of Himself, it is the Wisdom in the search of itself. And that is filling with enthusiasm, because all of a sudden you will say: well, now I am leaving the basic, materialist world of the Earth and I return in a spiritual world. And it is thus that myself, I have let think that, I even believe to have said it, because you can only use the means of comprehension and of information regarding the possibilities of decoding of somebody according to what he is. Otherwise you do never help him. And the one who would go very far with me, would perceive that, at each period, I have said things which were not right. At least not right on the level of the facts, but it was entirely right regarding the energetic environment which existed there, regarding the energetic box which existed there. It was of a splendid accuracy, and it is all the more splendid than me, I know that what I say there is false, but from this false will be born some truth; more exactly than I cannot say the truth which would stop the mechanism, I am obliged to say: yes, it is well, it is like that, so that the enthusiasm continues to feed itself. You understand the importance of the thing?


Because in the reality, there, it is never this Force of the Creation which is enthusiastic with itself, it, it does not know enthusiasm, it is the flow of pleasure which is enthusiastic.


It is the reasoned intelligence which is enthusiastic of what it is rediscovering a new field of adventure. Thus in this enthusiasm, it is still the materiality in the search of itself, there is nothing spiritual there. But if you gave the exact information to the one who is discovering his new field of adventure and who agrees to take part in the opening and closing of his fridge and to use the new methods of cooking that we give him, if you told him the truth, you would cut his legs. You cut his vitality, you cut this momentum which will lead him to go out of himself, although immediately, this momentum is always inside the flow of pleasure to enable him to be enjoyed himself still a little more and to fill his lacks and to carry out his desires.


It is the reality but you perceive it only when you are in the Internal Circle. If you perceived that in the External Circle, you would say: I am no-hoper, everywhere where I turn myself, I continuously come across my pride, my own creation. And there you would never progress: you would come across your pride, your will, your pleasure to know, to know how to organize the things, this perception where you feel master of the things, master of yourself, but all that it is entirely the flow of pleasure



2. Enthusiasm


This enthusiasm, it is the second magic of the operation.


The first magic, it is the relativisation of your perception: it is already enormous: somebody which looks at someone else, which looks at his own creation, the facts, what someone else says to him, not in absolute, not as somebody who has already taken the decision and who wants that the conclusion fits inside a quite precise crenel ; no, he is looking at what is being manufactured, what is being made, with this availability and this elasticity with and thanks to which he will authorize that an object is built beyond what his cerebral and educational system of thought would do it or would admit it.


The one who has entered this first magic and who has let it do, will simultaneously come into in the second magic. Simultaneously.


From the moment when you have accepted that the object built exceeds the elasticity of your own system, thus simultaneously there is an explosion as if the world was opening and that it was immense, large to discover. Well, as if all of a sudden you had a wall in front, there is a great blast of cannon and you see a fantastic space to circulate behind.


And it is the second magic, which is the enthusiasm to discover, to perceive the organization of the things more and more.


It is the magic of the perception of ones own universe.


When you have let function the second magic, you know perfectly that it is of your own universe that you speak, that it is through your own universe, and by it and thanks to it that you decode the whole of the external universe.


You know with the second magic that it is inside you that all occurs and you become impassioned of what there is inside you. I have often said: you open the book of your life, and it is enthralling, you do not want to take the detective novels written by the others anymore. Your life is a detective novel, and it is splendid this perception. Splendid to see how everything has been used mutually, all the facts were mutually based the ones on the others to be enlarged or to be destroyed, it is absolutely fantastic.


It is the second magic, but it is always the flow of pleasure, the reasoned intelligence which functions.


You are exclusively in the flow of pleasure which wants to go out of the shit that it has made and which makes it suffer. And the WHO which works, which wants to be released, it is always the flow of pleasure which wants to go out of the shit in which it put itself.


3. Movement


But very curiously this movement, this enthusiasm which leads to a movement of continual opening and closing of the fridge, which develops continuously the imagination of what could be something else, how you could season the foods and the new food, causes a third magic.


As the person will take possession and intimacy with the organization of her universe, she will realize that it is not only one accumulation of new objects, of knowledges, but that these are foods which are transformed themselves and which give birth to others. And that this other food which was born from the first will make so that the first is not so important anymore.


I take the example of a seed which, as soon as the fridge has been opened, receives the light, it means the attention that you carry to it, and it will develop, make germs, these germs will be consumable, it is a new food. In first approach, it is as if it was a new object, in the third magic you realize that it is not a new object, it is the development of an object, of an already existing seed which is very consumable and which bears its fruits, which is feeder, which carries development of the being, comprehension of himself and which carries also fruit in the sense that it is an effect resulting from a seed, but that from this effect, will be born yet something else. And there, very curiously the person will come into a mechanism of knowledge of the law of cause and effect without truly noticing from which moment she comes into it. It is a little as when you throw yourself in a river, at the moment when you throw yourself into it, it is the water which is there.


When there is this attention on these new creations which are the enlivement and the development of what is already existing, as well as the one which throws himself into the river and which swims with the stream, he will lose the reference of the bank from which he has plunged. He will not pay attention anymore to his starting point: the original diving board.


It is what occurs exactly for the person with the intimacy of her own knowledge: she will start to come in the movement of the creation of the object regarding itself and she will at the same time and simultaneously lose the basic reference, which is the basic seed.


At the beginning, the person sees seeds in the fridge: she sees tools, and then she starts to position the tools the ones regarding the others on the table, but this is always fixed, static seeds. The person is always in the world of her pride which analyzes everything regarding her fixity.


When you come in the third magic thanks to this enthusiasm which makes you handle, move, play with the seeds, you realize then that the seeds develop, change, self-enliven, that there is another thing which is built, and this other thing is feeder, and deeply attracting because it still opens an additional field of adventure, richer and much broader, because there, you come in the field of the movement, you are not anymore in the fixity and you have forgotten the initial seed of it.


Understand well that in the first steps, the person has organized her universe, she has taken her seeds and has numbered, classified, assembled them, like a puzzle, and then when she comes in the movement, that she leaves the fixity of the puzzle, she forgets the puzzle below, as if there were a movement, a cloud which settles over and this cloud has colors, movements which are even more enthralling than the puzzle which is below. You are forgetting your organization of the universe. And when you let yourself be carried by this splendid magic, always led by the famous WHO, you begin to perceive what is the destruction of the universe, it means how your universe is being diluted.


Thus without you realizing it, you destroy your first organization by disinterest. The starting puzzle does not interest you anymore.


And without realizing it, you passed from the static state to a dynamic state, from the rigidity to the mobility, from the state of fixity of the flow of pleasure to the state of the Flow of Dignity which is always mobility.


It is carried and made by the flow of pleasure. It is the flow of pleasure which will become enthusiastic of this mobility, except that it is not able to realize that now it will consume an energetic form which will be destroying of itself. It does not realize that in this enthusiasm, it will now consume an energetic food which will put the energetic facts in movement according to a dimension which is beyond itself, a dimension whose enlivement will destroy it. The universe is not destroyed in term of will, it is destroyed because the basic objects are diluted by themselves by non interest that you carry to them. And there is a reversal of the system where the fixity is replaced by the mobility. It is another dimension where the references are absolutely not the same ones.