Given to Inge


The Book of your Life.



It is necessary to really understand what Direct Way is : you open the Book of your Life and it is a manner of opening it, it is a manner of reading, it is a particular progress in the reading.


In French : « cheminement » (walking) comes from « chemin » (way). A way, it is not made to look at, it is done to walk. It is for that I speak about walking: to walk is to walk on the ground with your feet and Direct Way, it is to walk in your Life, to walk in the Book of your Life. And that is done according to quite specific methods which are related to the perceptions.


You hear well: there is not a rule in the sense that one says that it is necessary to go on the right, that it is necessary to go on the left… in front of, behind… There is not any rule ; there is only that you will direct your steps, your movements, you will turn around, go towards… your noticings, your visions, your perceptions. Thus it is that the method of the walking: there is a starting point: it is necessary to start to want to walk, but that you go on the right, on the left, in front of, behind, to the south, to the east, to the north, to the west, that does not have any importance.


All of a sudden you are thrown in the Book of your Life and you do not have to open it at the first page, because it is absolutely impossible ; it is as if you want to throw yourself in a river whose water has not been tasted by someone else before, it means to start at the origin of the river. Even when you are apparently at the source of the river, water still comes from before. Thus you throw yourself in the river, at the place where you are, on the bank where you are.


And there, Direct Way it is exactly that: you dive in the Book of your Life to the place where you are, according to the events which are there, and which lead you to dive ; you do not look if you are at the first page or at the seventy five, in the middle of the Book or at the end, that does not have any importance. From the moment when you are in the Book, the noticings will be there, the visions, the openings of the memory, and you will follow that which will lead you from page to page according to a quite precise and articulated itinerary regarding your internal chemistry of the moment, it means regarding your state of being.


And it is that the beauty of the thing because if you fall in your Book at a place, this is not by accident ; it is as if you threw the Book on a table, and then it opens and you start to read it starting from there. And if it is opened there, you notice at this time that it corresponds well to your request.


Thus when one speaks about walking, there is no fixed starting point, there is no fixed direction, there is nothing which is fixed. There is no rule.


The only method of the walking, it is that you are naturally attracted, interested in the vision, the noticing of yourself, through the noticing and the discovery of what is occurring in a present moment. With the result that what is excessively important in this method of reading of your Life, in this manner of reading the Book of your Life, it is to have insights, perceptions, noticings.


The person who will accompany you is there for that. This one will give you the minimum of theoretical information to reassure your spirit and to make you understand what is the kind of walking to which you commit yourself, because you go with him, he will make an effort, he will prepare the car, check the levels, the brakes, the gasoline, and it is not once you have made a few kilometers with him that you will say: yes, but in the final analysis it was not this kind of walk that I wanted. That has required a great preparation for the one who will accompany you. Thus the minimum, it is that he informs you of what you should expect, what will occur more or less on the emotional, sentimental perception level… etc. And then, the work of the person which will accompany you, will be to cause perceptions, noticings, insights. And he will use all the means at his disposal.

There is the relatively static means to open the memories, it is already enormous, we start by that.

But the important physical engagement, for the one who accompanies, it is when he will take the person with him for the walking and will use the means of the ordinary life, all the events of the ordinary life to show:


« -you understand what occurs there, and here you understand what occurs…? »


And thus the deepest education settles, because it is immediately supported on concrete facts, on facts of reality, of now.


It is the second method used in Direct Way, this accompaniment in the walking, but that requires a very important commitment of the one who accompanies, because he accepts someone else beside him, he accepts that someone else modifies his energetic and personal caisson, since he will pay attention to the other so that his eye, his ear, are attracted by the events around him which will be used as teaching for the other.


He will have to carry a very important interest to the one who he teaches so that his eye is naturally attracted, his ear, his heart are naturally attracted by the facts of the life which will have an importance in their interpretation for the person who is taught, because that really corresponds to her.


And even if we take any ordinary experiment, any ordinary fact, we will articulate it in its explanation so that it is an excessively rich, nutritive nourishment, for the person whom we take care. Thus, there is automatically a narrowing of the energetic environment of the one who teaches. This narrowing is the consequence of the integration of the one who is taught in the world of the teacher. I repeat: this restriction of the energetic environment is the fact that the teacher accepts that somebody enters his environment, thus modifies his internal chemistry and this somebody who enters his environment has an energetic quality lower in vibration than what he is him. Thus he agrees that his environment is decreased. And it is difficult, because we agree to give up our Sight. To teach is to agree to lose our Sight, because our Sight is the consequence of an internal chemistry, it is the fruit of an internal chemistry, of a State of Being which is in complete agreement with the Force of Creation.


But when you change your internal chemistry by letting other people be integrated inside you, you lose your Sight, you lose this always direct contact with this Force of Creation because you have to take care of somebody ; it is this person who should be looked at, you do not see directly anymore, you have only the memory of your Sight, because you have the person there, and it is her whom you look at.


This is an absolutely essential teaching on the modes of the Sight, it means to see God, to see the Creation, to have this Force, this heat, this gold which runs on you, in you… And do not believe that it happens by chance, except when you need to develop your interest, then there will be insights, which will show you that it exists, and from the moment when you have perceived the insight, you bear interest to the insight, to the noticing, and it is the third energetic law which functions. But beyond these insights, when the Secret Circle runs in you and on you and you, you run in it ; it is because between you two there is a colossal interest, a colossal attention, a colossal love, between you two, it means between the son and the father, between the son who is the part of the Dignity which is inside the State of Being.


What I want to try to make you understand, it is that the one who sees, as long as he has a body, as long as he is there to work, to take part in the world, to share, he makes a constant to and from between the Force of Creation, the Flow of Dignity Father or Mother, and the flow of pleasure. And the flow of pleasure is automatically limiter of the movement of the Flow of Dignity since they belong to the same energetic environment, of the same State of Being.


It is something of very subtle and very powerful what I am explaining to you because I am coming into one of the subtle modes of relation between the flow of pleasure and the Flow of Dignity, knowledge integrated to the Secret Circle.


And when the one who accompanies will have to help somebody, to take part in the life of somebody, to intervene for somebody, it is not of the general, it is of the particular, to take part in his life to be able to help him, he will start to accept that the other comes inside his own environment, inside his space, and that automatically involves a reduction in his space, but even a very small little, the Sight is lost.


Thus, you see to walk thus two together is something very difficult and it is necessary to know if the person really wants to make the walking.


And to know it, we start to make him open the Book of his Life through the opening of the memories. It is a more static relation, less engaging for the one who helps ; it is true that he engages his interest and his energy for the other, but the other comes to work with him, then he goes back home, and he will live his emotional systems at home, even if there remains an energetic relation linked to the mutual interest, whereas when we will accept somebody even for a few days with ourself, there, everything is lived inside a mutual energetic caisson, it means the teacher lives the whole difficulties of the one who is taught and seeks continuously, day and night, means of bringing the one who is taught to discover himself the most quickly possible, and to be released from his suffering, from his doubts and from his uncertainties. And this attention that the teacher has for the one who is taught, continuously motivates the imagination of the teacher and he knows how to use all the modes of the life like subjects of teaching and he will develop them at each time according to the modes of comprehension of the one who is taught. And it is from there that the deep training of the one who is taught, starts.


Thus if you want to help somebody and that somebody asks for your assistance, you should not immediately engage you in the entirely coupled way. When we go for a walking, we are together, we are coupled. Before being entirely coupled together, we are partially coupled.


I have always said that in Direct Way, one makes a couple, but before the marriage, without question of sexuality, there must be the engagement, and the engagement, it is the basic work, the opening of the memories, a minimum of theory, the techniques means allowing the person to work on herself, to prevent her spirit from going to wander…


And there, it is possible through this engagement to look at how the fiancé is practicing this bringing together between the two beings, and this bringing together between the two beings, it is quite simply the bringing together regarding yourself, regarding the Book of your Life.


We are not looking at how the other approaches us, we are looking at how the other approaches his own Life, the Book of his Life, and his manner of reading it, the continuity, the interest that he has to read that. Or if on the contrary he will make breaks, it means to discharge his energy which is put in overpressure ; and he will go to the night club, he will get drunk… Thus in this engagement, we look at the movement of the person with herself, with her life. It is very important before accepting the final marriage. Because when we will accept the final marriage, there is such an engagement of the teacher for the one who is taught that, if the one who is taught is lacking at this time, that will be a huge pain for the teacher, but physically huge, because he will have engaged a part of his energetic system in the other and this part will be mutilated. The one who is taught is mutilated and it is an enormous suffering.


The teacher does not only agree to lose his Sight, to find himself relatively limited in his movement and in the articulation of all what he is because he is obliged to live in an energetic caisson which is lower than what he would need to be fully happy, but moreover he gives a part of him in nourishment to the other.