Given to Inge


To be on the shoulders of God.



You have the certainty that there exists a true life, that one is not obliged to plow the human ground like a convict, that there is another manner of doing, another manner of existing. And that this is the man who transforms himself into convict because he prefers to look at down rather than to look at up. It is as if you started to breathe freely. You are in tears but it is happiness. You have difficulty to use the word of happiness, because the notion of unhappiness does not even exist anymore, therefore the word of happiness is not there either… there is only one breathing Presence… Breathing!!!!.


It is as if it was the essence of the Gentleness that you perceive in your life, as if it was the essence of the mattress of the Vacuum. That the Vacuum has an origin, that the vacuum is not an end in itself for the man… there is beyond…. And it is this beyond that you are touching. This dazzling light… dazzling! … but you do not find it is difficult to look at … however it is so much dazzling that you do not understand that your eyes are not burnt.


This immense Being is a space to circulate…


He says to you that you can come into Him because you are humble of heart. And all of a sudden it is as if all was opening into you and that all what you retained, tight in your teeth, in your belly… everything was released… that He recognizes you as humble of heart… And there you understand the entire step that you have done since such a long time. You used the term of humility, but Him says: humble of heart. And there you understand that your continual refusal of the power has a sense… that your will to be always small, small, your will to be the lowest possible has an origin… and that has been the work of this Presence of always organizing situations to prevent you from being proud. Because otherwise you would never have been there now, never!


This Presence has worked enormously to make you like small things. And you understand that to like small things is to pay attention to the gesture. To pay attention to the gesture and not to the goal. Not to the object which will be created, but to the movement of the gesture… yes to the hand… and it is It which has allowed you to walk on the ground so that you do not have the caress of the earth and that you feel the burning sensation of the earth… but that you accept it… that you become humble, because the earth burns… and that you accept that it is like that.


And it is as that that your own interest has never been developed. And this Presence has always worked to break a situation which would have developed your pride. And there you perceive that to develop your pride, it is the claim of the object created. It is to give up the exclusive attention to the gesture and to the movement… to give up the exclusive affection to the movement and to the gesture.


It is not a question of the material gestures like knowing to peel a vegetable, or to pay attention to the manner of tying his shoes, it is the gesture of the participation.


Who acts? This attention to the gesture in the participation makes it possible to something in you to understand the “who acts”. And that without this affection to the gesture, without the interest exclusively linked to the object created and on the result, you cannot understand and see “who” acts in the creation. And it is all that makes the difference between the humble of heart and the pretentious pride.


You can return in this luminous Being which is a space of life to another life, because you are truly humble of heart. And it is the first time that you notice it, that you have the certainty to be humble of heart. Always you had the feeling to be a pretentious person, like somebody in rupture with the world, as if one did not want of the ordinary world. You understand all the difference between being humble in front of God or humble in front of the man. To be humble in front of the man is not automatically to be humble in front of God, even seldom… Humble in front of God, because the submission to the man is not fair when the man deviates so much from God. That would be almost the opposition to the man who deviates so much from God who makes humble of heart to God.


You perceive that there is total abandonment to want to make his place with the men when it is not right. But it is not a claim. It is a refusal to take part in something which is not right. And you prefer at this time “being nothing” in front of them; when you are nothing in front of them, it is where you are humble with God. Because you have agreed to be nothing completely in front of the men… and in front of God also, you are nothing because you do not have a work at you.


You do not have your own work, it is why you are humble with God.


This is as if in front of God this is not to be heavy which counts, but not to have a weight any more. So, one does not have his own works to present, because those ones are about the man and of his claim. And it is for that one falls high because one is light. You understand that it is the humility which allows going through the wall of the tower of the internal circle while coming from the external circle. Because humility this is lightness. And not weight. For the flux of pleasure the lack, the absence, it is weight, it is never vacuum. It is the weight of the absence, it is the weight of the lack. The lack and the absence always weigh down, but that it is the flux of pleasure. But in the movement of God, the absence it is lightness. You cannot even employ the word absence because there is no vacuum.


The one who is humble of heart does not have a work to present to God, he is not weighed down of his works. Because he does nothing else but to be subjected to the movement. There is not submission, he has been lovingly attentive to the movement of the things, and there he did not realize that this movement of the things this is quite simply the movement of Dignity in action on earth…


And it is not even God whom one accompanies,

one is on the shoulders of God.


But as soon as one leaves this attention in love to the movement, to the gesture, one leaves the shoulders of God and one falls into the pride of the created object … You perceive all the subtlety of this mixture between the relative and the absolute on earth. That one and the other are never separated, but are nevertheless not mixed.

There is the most complete certainty that this Presence has always prevented you from leaving the shoulders of God… from leaving the attention in love to the movement. There you perceive very strongly that the created object, the pride of the created object, is not the object in itself, it means the construction, but the creation of the energetic object regarding the fact, it means the emotional object. One becomes proud and in love with the emotional object created beyond the formal object.


To leave the shoulders of God,

it is to become in love with the emotional object,

which is the amplification of the fact, of the material object.


It is where the articulation is where the man will hurt himself. Because when he observes that he makes an error to like the created object, when something in him tells him that it is false his attention to the created object, he ends up by not creating the object anymore and thus he mutilates himself in his participation in the world. He hurts himself terribly because it is not the created object which is dangerous, it is the emotional object, the emotional side of the object with which one is in love. It is really the emotional object that is the danger. It is on it that the pride and the claim stick, and not on the real object. It is very important because, when that has not been understood, one can become wrongfully religious while being opponent and sectarian regarding the created objects.

You perceive very clearly that the man gets lost because he has not perceived this very fine relation between the loving gesture, the loving movement of the Creation which leads automatically to a created object, because something must be done, but that the created object is not the danger in itself, it is the emotion that one will attach to the object which is the danger. It is the emotional object which will be superimposed on the fact, and develop compared to it. And it is when one carries an abnormal concern, in love with the emotional object that one has left the shoulders of God. And one fell into the hell. It is the hell of the creation, of what has been created by the flux of separation. … that this separation has for exclusive attention the installation of the emotion. And as soon as one becomes in love with the emotion, one falls down again in the hell of separation.


But there is a means to live God in the ordinary life, without effort. The way of the self-liberation is also called the way of the non-effort, the sight without effort.


You understand what the way, the sight without effort is. And that relative and absolute are never separated, are always mixed.