Given to Inge





Do you know what the difference between the external circle and the internal circle of Knowledge is? It is very simple. For the external circle it is « no » for the internal, it is « yes ».

In the external circle of Knowledge it is necessary to learn to say « no » at what is not fair, at what one feels unjust, negative, destructive… and to be able to help this « no », this refusal at what is not fair, there is the perception of his Original Perfection, there is his plan of life… it means there is quite simply the research of the noble activity… and it is this noble activity which will then lead the movement of the life of the person, of all the aids that she will receive on this earth and beyond this earth, those which are visible and those which are invisible.

It is this noble activity which will lead gently in the Original Perfection by the constant practice of his Original Dignity.


And it is thus that in the external circle of knowledge one cannot evolve without accepting the conflict.


The others ones will be in conflict with you whereas you are not in conflict with them, but they will not know it. As soon as you exceed their limits of comprehension, as soon as you exceed the elasticity of their system, of their proud center, then you are an adversary, you are a disruptive, dangerous element. And they will seek to break, to expel this danger, it means you. And it is not easy to know to say no. Because the spirit, the flux of pleasure is always researching security. It is difficult to live in the insecurity.


And then one day it happens an astonishing thing inside the body and the spirit,

everything becomes more fluid, everything becomes more luminous,

one is naturally no longer sensitive either at criticism or at the applauses…

one is not even sensitive anymore to his own notion of plan of life, of Dignity.

there is something which runs inside,

which cannot be anymore touched by the thought, which cannot be touched by the reasoned intelligence anymore…

even the intuitive intelligence perceives that like a cloud which passes,

as a taste which passes…

with the most complete impossibility to stop it, to catalog it, to classify it.

There is this internal movement which is established which makes that, all of a sudden, one becomes entirely indifferent to what can arrive to you.


And it is not renunciation. The spirit cannot intervene in this decision, because there is no decision. The decision is always from the flux of pleasure. The flux of Dignity does not enjoy, it is always moving… always moving! … in continual creation of the event and in continual destruction of the event…


And one day there is this « state of being » which is established where, no matter what occurs, it is good. It is right and it is happy, enormously happy, even if, externally, this event is dangerous, it is critical, it is aggressive… there is happiness under… there is happiness which inflates, which lives, which carries everything… which makes that, no matter what it happens, that does not do anything… everything is good thus!


And it is when this movement is installed naturally in the body, after so much work and attention on the external circle of Knowledge, on the Nobility of the activity, that at a given time one will fall into the internal circle of Knowledge. One falls into the internal circle of Knowledge… it is a fall! … it is not to pass through a door from one room to another… there is nothing linear… but one falls high, one falls high, very high. It is a fall high.

Because one cannot fall into the internal circle of Knowledge without gentleness. The gentleness of everything. It is impossible to find the words: it is the gentleness of everything, it is not marrowy, it is not cottony, but it is the gentle mattress of the Vacuum, this Vacuum which animates everything, this vacuum from which everything is created.


And there the earth does not burn anymore the feet… it is the gentleness of the word, it is the gentleness of the gesture, it is the gentleness of the « no », it is the gentleness of the « yes », it is gentleness, simply gentleness. The life then is the accompaniment at this Gentleness.


And there you understand perfectly how one is escaping the first fundamental energetic law, the one of the nourishment by displacement… one is escaping to the original separation which has organized this first law, this latter having instituted the two others, the one of the creation of the emotional, energetic object, and the one of the penetration by interest.

There you understand, there you can be relaxed now. Let the tears run, do not carry problem at that… you are physically perceiving the movement which settles inside you, which has always been there, with which you live…


… but that the reasoned intelligence and those ones who always want to climb the social ladder… said you that you were a little mad… But you are not mad, it is the exact and right movement, which makes fall into the internal circle of Knowledge, and there you are in the very heart of the internal circle. …


…. And in this gentleness of the word of the gesture, of the movement, it is not anymore question of organization, it is not anymore question of oneself, it is not anymore question of pride, it is not even anymore question of accompaniment of the movement… that is like that! … it is thus! … and that is just and good! … it is thus that everything becomes « simply »…

To defend oneself of anything seems pathetic. Even when that crosses the thought… look at what I have just said to you, look at what occurs inside your body and your brain immediately as soon as I said to you: of the pride, of the organization… you felt you get out of this gentleness because I have made vibrate other words that its words.


And there you perceive how this gentleness is beyond all this organization of the universe that it is even beyond the disorganization of the universe… it is the very heart, very essence of the internal circle of Knowledge, because this Gentleness, it is the « yes ».


Yes it is good thus, one does not have to even say: yes, I put myself in your hands… it is still too much. Between your hands?: there are no hands… there is no « I »… it is thus!

And it is where one is in the river swimming, perceiving from end to end the danger of bank, because one always lives in the world of the external circle, one always lives with the others, but this essence is not touched anymore, no matter what it arrives… this essence is not touched anymore!


One can kill the body, one does never kill That. And it is only starting from this perception and of this « state of being » that one can come in the great art of the meditation, that one can master this great Art. Because thus the meditation is actuated from the interior, it is no longer a means to go from the outside towards the interior.


And yet you you know there that you do not need to meditate. There is no need of means anymore, there is no need of techniques anymore. But how will you make to bring the others to that? Must they go through your suffering and you know that you have an extraordinary chance to be still in life now, even physically in life, I do not even speak of this freshness of spirit, that it is extraordinary that you have not been broken by the events. Then how you will make, how they will make, since when you are in this gentleness, it is not even a desire for communicating, the communication it is like a requirement. You cannot make another way than to communicate, because all is moving, and there you perceive so much fully that there is no separation between you and the others, and while communicating with the others, you realize that it is quite simply to communicate with you.


Then how will you make so that « this you who is in the others », this « state of being », can take the place, can make burst the carapace of the pride, the carapace and the glue of the karma, of all these relations of cause and effect that the individuals have constituted in them and around them and which are like bonds, adhesive, narrow clothing? How will you make? Do they have to wait like you? And even if they waited and if even they succeeded something, would they be likely to meet or to be led to somebody who will untie them completely and will bring them to the secret circle of Knowledge, to entirely slip into it, even not in the will of God, to slip into God?


To be Him, completely, because it is now what you came to seek there.


If this Presence brings you here, it is for two reasons:


- this is so that are printed in your human memory these secret teachings, these new secret teachings of the Direct Way, taking into account the modification of the energetic system of the man since a few decades. Because it is necessary that this is printed inside a human brain, a human memory, and not only on the level of the words, but on the level of all the substance…

That this human being, this « state of being » has perfectly understood, vibrated at all the nuances, at all the taste, at all the savour. …. And that this vibration is a readjustment of the Truth for the human because it is the only means that this remains attached to the memory of the Man so that he finds again the way of this knowledge.


It is that which is difficult: to find humans who are able to taste, to vibrate at this savor, at this taste. Completely, entirely, so that this knowledge can remain in the whole of the knowledge of humanity. And that the humanity can re-accede to it in a living body… in a living body!!! … and not only once having left this body.


…. And if you are there, it is for this gift that you make at the humanity, and it is the gift of your suffering, and of your knees scratched by dint of kneeling on the earth, the earth burning your feet, and your eyes looking at the sun.


- And then if you are there too, it is that I will show you how to release the last bonds, the last cords which cling to your ankles and that you can completely return in your Original Dimension. That there is nothing anymore attached to you that is of the order of the separation. Even if you remain a woman who will be able to also be coupled with a man, but that does not have anymore an incidence, there is no more separation, and the mattress of the Soft will be the carpet… the mattress of the Vacuum will be Gentleness…


You understand, if you remained thus in the internal circle of Knowledge, without all the teachings which I will give you, you would be alone in the vacuum. This vacuum will be always good, but you will be alone. It is only when you come into the secret circle of Knowledge, that God runs in you and you run in Him without interruption, that there there is no more loneliness, no more.


… And thus in the internal circle of Knowledge you master this great art of the meditation from the interior and you teach it to the others, so that they can from the external circle approach the internal circle more and more, so that they can have this blessing in them where everything is calmed, where everything becomes soft.

You cannot make more for them, you can only attract them humbly towards you, to modify humbly so that from the heart of the external circle of Knowledge, when they have perceived all the savour and the Nobility of their activity, they can start to touch with the hand the external circle of the internal circle of Knowledge, since I remind to you that each circle, external, internal and secret have themselves three circles inside them: external, internal and secret. And it is thanks to this relation that one can slip from one to the other if I can express me thus, but I would also say that it is because of this relation of the three circles installed inside the three principal circles, of the three secondary circles installed in the three principal circles, that a lot of people can be deceived: from the internal circle of the external circle of Knowledge, they start to touch the external circle of the internal circle and they believe they are arrived, they believe they are in the internal circle … they can even thus perceive God who runs on them, but they have not touched this gentleness, and without this Gentleness, without this « yes », without this « yes » without condition, it is absolutely impossible to fall high into the internal circle of the internal circle.


… And then to go in the secret circle of the internal circle. It is impossible, and alas it is what occurs so often: one continues to want and feel God running on oneself, while remaining in his pride, his claim, the defense of oneself, of his limits, of his spaces, of his interests, and as one has perceived something beyond the ordinary, one believes oneself strong and arrived. And you see how the man is: the aid that the Creation has given turns over against IT, is turned over against It by the flux of pleasure, by the pride, and when God gives the tools to the man to come towards him, he cannot prevent that the man uses these tools to go to wound HIM. And it is for that this teaching on the reality and the essence of the internal circle of Knowledge is very seldom given on earth, and that until now, I have never given it. You see in the Christian religion in which you have grown, it is the « yes » of Mary, the unconditional « yes » of Mary to her son Jesus. It is not important to know whether it is a reality on the level of the historical facts, but it is a requirement at the cosmic level: without this unconditional« yes », there is not the access to God. Without this « yes », it is as if one were looking at the beautiful things in a shop of bakery, while remaining outside in the street, while looking through the window… one will perceive, the forms, the colors, the radiations… there will be also the odor, the heat, but one will always remain in the street, the nose more or less stuck to the window, the nostrils and ears more or less palpitating … but as long as you are in the street, you are always in the envelope of your own will, of your possibility of entering or of leaving when you want, your possibility of choice. As long as you are in the street you are always in the flux of pleasure.

And what can do those people who are in the bakery? It is to sufficiently emit colors, it is to sufficiently emit odors, light, sounds, to attract the onlooker… so that he comes to stick his face to the window, so that he comes and crushes his nose and his ears, and this is at that the techniques of the great art of the meditation are useful … and the one who is in the bakery must have a perfect mastery of this great art, because there is nothing of general, all is particular, and for each one, it will be necessary to know how to handle him differently, with more or less of peace, more or less of subtlety or of force, but to bring him very close to the window, very close to the light, to the tastes and to the odors, and to the heat, so that at a given moment by himself, and it is only by himself, he comes in! ,


… but as soon as he comes in, he is no longer himself… there is spontaneously a total abandonment which is installed… it is not a renunciation because there is no will to give up, there is no displeasure or evasion… there it is like that! … one is happy thus, one gives up oneself to what is happening in this place, completely, entirely, because one cannot anymore make some other way.


… And even while saying: « one cannot anymore make some other way », it is an error, because there is not « one », not of « some other way »… not of will… there is quite simply a moment when « the state of being » is such, after having wandered in the street, after having looked for his way, having so much work attentively at the nobility of his activity that one is stuck to the window, and that one cannot make differently than to cross it. Because there is not even more door, the window is broken open. All of a sudden one has fallen. And one falls high, very high. And what will break open the window? It is Gentleness.


… Only gentleness… When in a being there is no more the least piece of will or desire to act by brutality, to act by desire, that all that, it is like places of dinosaurs, of ancient periods … And it is this gentleness which makes fall into the Vacuum. And this Vacuum it is full. And this Vacuum it is good.


Then you who have managed to break open this window, a little stuck all the same between the two, the outside and the interior, I will teach you how to release the last bonds, to release the last desires, the last claims of yourself. And I will introduce you to the mastery of the great art of the meditation of which you will use yourself for you, and who will be also the means which you will use in order to bring the others the closest possible of this window.

But you will have to accompany me, it will be necessary to walk a lot…


Then you will accompany me and I will teach you… and I will look at you and I will see well how far this « state of being » which is in you will vibrate, will move, will always move…! … at the odor and at the savour of what I will show you… and how everything will move a lot without you moving anything at all. You have already learned how to do that with the outside, with the others: to move without moving, to move a lot without moving anything, you have learned how to do that with the others, with the external environment, with the external circle of Knowledge, but you do not know yet how to practice it inside you for the internal circle. And it is thus that we will work together. I cannot say if I am happy, a little worried or anxious about it … how far will you go? … Because there, what I will give you it is the essence of my heart, and what you will make with it?


I will introduce you to the great intern secret movement of the Universe, but in gentleness, always in Gentleness.