Given to Inge


Landscaped garden.



God is a voyager, he comes inside places and he uses the vehicles which correspond to one period and to one request, to one instant. If this place or this vehicle is always participating in the voyage, there will be a communion which will settle continuously. But if this place or this vehicle is not participating in the voyage because it remains static and that it makes its own proud little story while wanting to put God in a strongbox, well, in the strongbox, it is void. There, there is no more Creation. Creation is always moving. Always in displacement.

So if you have a body, this body requires that there is a protection, you must eat every day, it is necessary that you are warm, there are contingencies of your body, which make that you will convey yourself in one way or another. But whatever the external contingencies are, moves, circulates. You are not obliged to always circulate with your legs; you, Inge, your destiny is to go on Earth, but you can be a father or a mother who is well where he is, but what moves, it is not him, it is around him: people who come, people who leave. That will become a hell for him if he tries to rigidify and to monopolize the moving space around him. If he finds that he loses much time with a little useless people, he will be made a relatively stable envelope around him believing that he will be more in peace and safety for his practice, but he will realize at a given moment that he is suffocating himself and that he has the desire for going physically on a voyage. To go elsewhere…

That wants to say that the space around you, has become rigid, stable, fixed. If the space around you is moving, shifting, people come, remain, leave; there is no difficulty, it is always new, it is always a new voyage with all the people who come towards you, which moves, to find something, that you give them something, and that they leave and that they return… etc

Thus you can be a bottom of bowl and be always moving, always on a voyage. You can be always a wanderer.

I will take two examples to you because they are very clear: the famous French-style gardens which were invented in the 17th century, Versailles…, about which one went so much into great raptures; well, that it is of abnormal nature, it is of overcome rigidified nature,. It is much more beautiful one landscaped garden where one has let things harmoniously mix together, but nevertheless, there is the hand of the man to prevent that certain vegetations take the authority on the remainder, it means that there is nevertheless a human organization and one perceives well, a human attention, but one lets push the things very freely and especially, one mixes the species between them; it is merry, it is new. In a small landscaped garden thus, with the grass which is not mowed, with all these small daisies and these buttons of gold, well, it is a small space of the complete earth: one can feel as in a true forest or true meadow, whereas the space is very small. That does not do anything, there is the luxuriance of the life, that one is only a little controlling to prevent that there are authorities which are caught on others.

It is the same thing which occurs when you help somebody or that you bring up a child. It is a landscaped garden that you must constitute. You pay attention to bad grasses, you organize very small little things, but you let much the species to be mixed. You let much the nature to connect itself between it and that gives it all this force, that grows rich mutually, that is opposed also mutually. And you, you are there in a true exuberance of life.

On the other hand, the French style garden, it is the Cartesian organization: very right lines, cuts with the square, hedges on such a level allowing to see certain things, species perfectly precise, the lawn mowed like a golf course… That, it is the human abnormality, and the one who will go in a French style garden has only the satisfaction of his reasoned intelligence. But gradually, he will become dry in this castle very closed, and this garden very directed, and it is what occurs there, in the human body.

Because when you want to direct everything in your environment and inside you, you become very dry; whereas, if you put your deckchair, your armchair at the foot of a beautiful tree in your small English garden, you have the impression to be in the middle of total nature. While in your French style park, your small French style garden, you are quite simply fixed in the middle of yourself, in the middle of your rigor, in the middle of your pride and of your will and you become dry.

You see I will talk about the small details, but that shows the humor of the situation and the importance of the things. Naturally I like much the blue color, and the blue color is also the color of the healing; you will notice that when you enliven the energetic center of the heart, it is often a blue color which will appear. Then I was often dress in blue, and then I realized that there are many people near me who dress themselves in blue because I was dress in blue. It is that to constitute a French style garden. So much that if I come back in the world, may be that I will do so to be dressed with all the colors to prevent people from constituting these small French style gardens, that one be always in a pretty landscaped garden where all is mixed in a harmonious way, and the ages and the sexes and the colors. All is mixed and there is not an authority which is taken on the level of the age, a vitality which is taken because you are young…

But the one who settles in his French style garden gradually scleroses. And it is him who, at a given time, will need to go physically on a voyage because his space is rigidified. On the other hand, in a landscaped garden, he is in the middle of nature and that can be perfectly enough for him. It is a great danger. Because tiredness should never be forgotten. Somebody can be tired of all a movement around him and to want to set it in order. And while setting it in order, while making that the movement is much slower, he will quietly settle a French style garden, without realizing it.

Then instead of trying to set it in order, it is preferable to say: I stop everything and I will go physically on a voyage. And when he is back from his voyage and that he goes back in his landscaped garden where there are so much things which occur, he realizes that this garden, it is pretty and that people who are inside are also generous and that it was by tiredness that he did not perceive any more at a moment given this generosity and that he did not know any more accompany it.