Given to Inge


Gentleness, intimacy with oneself.



You see, the small prayer of the morning was not useless, was not stupid previously, since each day one decided the “why” one rises, the “why” one will breathe today, the “why” one will work today. It is a very important thing that you can know, say at every moment, that you know perfectly “why” you are working, breathing, “why” you rise in the morning.


And it is also the same thing the small prayer of the evening: one checks if the engagement that one took in the morning, one succeeded in maintaining it, if that were carried out, if one did the work for which one rose in the morning. You know we are not mechanics, the human is not a mechanics, however he transforms himself into machine by himself: one opens an eye, one switches on with the very strong coffee, the first cigarette; it is him which transforms himself into mechanics, but the Creation has never made him so. For him it is more comfortable to make humdrum routine and television and bed: all is summarized with the belly and the lower abdomen.


Then each time you practice, know why you practice, because your energy will always go where your intention is. If your intention is roving in the villages and the valleys, in the past, you must not say that you are practicing.

Here, you are practicing, I have spoken to you lengthily: check that the bowl is always there; if you know to practice thus several times per day at the beginning, you will see that it is there then permanently so that you are no longer this pebble rolled by all the waves of the life, this leaf moved by all the flows of the wind. Stability is of the order of the interior, of this tranquility, it is not the one of the warrior who protects himself with a sword and a shield. That, it is the false stability shown by the strong castles and the constructions of the power, true stability is in this internal gentleness, but this internal gentleness must be able to have a friend, to have an aid, to have a constant warmth, a constant communication with the most intimate of herself, and the sphere this is this envelope of communication, since all the energies will come to be drained inside this sphere, there will be the mixture and one will not be disturbed any more because one will be able to control and to become friendly with all what is occurring in the life; I say really friendly. I have removed the word “controlled”, because it is not mastery in the meaning of a combat, it is the friendship which settles in all the movements of the life. But that you cannot perceive it physically, really only when you are in the internal circle of knowledge and especially in the internal part of this internal circle. Otherwise these are words: you make an effort to be soft, gentle and you clench the teeth and the buttocks by dint of wanting so much to be gentle.


The intimacy that cannot be created, intimacy this is what is born naturally from the gentleness, intimacy this is this very very subtle perception that one has of oneself, which is like the taste, the odor of gentleness.


And this gentleness one cannot create it, it does not come by a system of the will; it is born from the exercise of your noble practice in the external circle of knowledge, by the nobility of your activity and by the respect that you have of your original dignity. This is that which leads to this gentleness, it is this dignity which leads to this form of dignity which is gentleness.


Gentleness it is the odor, the taste, the perfume of Dignity in the internal circle of knowledge. Because there it is truly internal: one is intimate with, one is inside, there is no on one side the outside, of the other side the interior.....


In the external circle of knowledge I have done nothing else but to try to make somebody in love with his Dignity and to give him the means to be able to increase continuously his space so that this dignity can breathe and start to be self-nourished.


It' is the beginning, since when this original dignity is moving with the plan of life, the space is automatically increasing, and this nobility starts to be self-nourished, to develop, and it is this development, the movement of this original dignity which leads to this gentleness which is the savor of the internal circle of knowledge.


But for you who are in this internal circle of knowledge, please, do not return behind......


It is an enormous work to try to teach the other how to love God in him, to love Him more than the night club, than the skirts and the underclothes…


It will be necessary that you stabilize this gentleness so much that it will give the desire to the other to come and see what occurs for you. For you it is like that you must practice.


Then you, you came quietly there by this suffering and this suffering has developed your natural compassion for the other. And it is for that you can go down on your knees in front of a sun which is engulfed in the sea and pray and cry, and that spontaneously and naturally, without sentimentality. Without sentimentality, because it is easy to go and cry, easy to go and say “it is beautiful!”. And as soon as one has turned the back: well, what are we going to eat this evening? And if we were going to the night club around? With a good glass of wine and sex after. All that it is easy.


Here, we are only begining. Then please, never return on the external circle of knowledge, on the organization of the universe. Never. More especially as right now, you do not know where I will bring you.


Pay interest, friendship and intimacy with all that will occur in you; then do not take care anymore of those who are being agitated in the organization of the universe, to stress the world, to also stress time. What they are doing there, they need to do it to reach this state in which you are…


You are not there only as support so that I can transmit this teaching, but also so that I make you discover all the greatness, all the beauty and all the intimacy, all the knowledge of this internal circle so that you can also one day give it up and be swallowed up in the secret circle. Thus you have some work to do, do not say: the poor, the others which are suffering… They have also their work to do and if for everybody, I have given them a form of activity, a direction of work by taking care of them, it is because that is absolutely essential for them to continue to grow, to mature, and to enter and go towards this gentleness. Then do not rush towards the external circle of knowledge while saying: I have splendid tools, I will show you that…


Wait until the other comes towards you.


And when somebody will come towards you, it is necessary that you have so much discovered an immense field of adventure that you will be able to make it visit to the other.


But if sitting on your external edge of the internal circle, if you sat at the edge of the disc of your gentleness, and that you throw the hook while saying: come, come, come… you will lose yourself. And if you lose yourself you will not be able to help them anymore. Because, when you will have succeeded in bringing somebody on this disc of gentleness, what you will do with him? Well, I am on a small cliff edge, but I do not know the moor which is behind. I cannot lead you, I do not know if there are holes, if it is dangerous or not.


You have to return so much intimate with the internal circle of knowledge, with the internal part of the internal circle that you end to the secret part of this internal circle and it is starting from the secret parts that one sucks and that one draws the others from the other circles.


It is your perfection which will draw the perfection of the other. These are not your explanations, your language, it is your perfection which will attract the perfection of the other.


Then pay great attention to that. Because what you will have to discover will be enormous. I can hardly speak about it like that. That can question all your engagement to the universe, and the totality of your engagement for the world.


I have never given these teachings because, when one is not in this spontaneous and natural Gentleness, it is impossible to know how to articulate this Gentleness to this knowledge with the world. Then there can be an integral escape of the world.


In this “Gentle” which cannot be learned, which cannot be built, which is not manufactured, you can become apprehensive of the men if you do not take guard. Because the earth is burning the feet and you realize well that when you are in contact with the man, and that the man comes to soak you with his radiation, his concern, you left the “gentle”. You perceive that you could be out of it. And this observation can frighten you. Because this gentle is resulting from the practice of the noble activity, it is resulting from the participation with the world and at the same time you realize, in parallel, that this participation with the world is dangerous. It is dangerous for this “gentle”, for this carpet of the void. Because there is something inside you who would push you to give up the men, the world, for continuously falling high into this void, but there is also something inside you which says you that there a true danger resides, that there exists a precipice which one has many difficulties of climbing up.


You have to seize in a very subtle way inside you that one should not separate you from the men, but for not being apprehensive in your relationship with them because they are so destroying and coarse beside your flexibility and of your delicacy, you need a means. A means of action with them so that you can continue your participation since you came on earth to take part without having to give up this void in which you have fallen.


I see that answers your concern. Then it is necessary to know perfectly to control the forces of the earth, the apparent tan tien and the secret tan tien. It is what will allow you to keep the bond and the participation with the men and not to give them up whatever the degree of depth of your perceptions and the degree of depth of your swim in this river of the void.