Given to Inge


Nourishing the Earth.



You know it is very difficult that pride is kept silent completely, very difficult that the claim calms down, that the spirit becomes fluid.


A lot of people who believed themselves on the internal circle of knowledge, even in the internal part of the internal circle, are always with the pride, the claim, the defense of themselves in the deepest of their heart. It is very difficult to be released of it because the will cannot put an end to this pride, this claim, the defense of oneself, to the protectionism, because they are the tools made by the will to protect itself, to give power to itself. And the will would like to be able to enjoy of God, supreme enjoyment, but it is not possible.


Because it is when the will gives up that this Gentleness settles, that this Gentleness is there.


And sometimes without one realizing it, because everything goes very fast in the every day life, you will very quickly come out again with your old wounds, your resentments, your desires, your wills, your research of pleasure.


As long as you have a human body, one is never safe from temptation, never safe from the error, never safe from the claim. Do always remember that: never, never, never…


Because when you are stamped “human”, you are confirmed at the same time “proud”!!!!


But if a step is launched in this claim, in this pride, immediately, at the second step, one can have an absolutely clear perception of it, and the third step is not done.


The decoders, the Presence always accompany you, even when you are in this Gentleness, because without realizing it, you can go out of it. And I will explain to you where the subtle articulation is between this interior and this outside. But you can pass from one side to the other with such a facility that you must remain very humble and be always very attentive. Of a thickness of a sheet of cigarette paper, earth and heaven can be again separated.


This Gentleness which gives access to the Void and the Void leads to the Void, cannot be made, it is impossible. That cannot be a choice of the will, a choice of the desire, a choice of the pleasure….Or to flee the too constraining, oppressive organization of the universe. That can never be the result of an escape, of a renouncement.


This Gentleness is never born from the escape, from the will, from the renouncement; this Gentleness settles itself by the practice of the Noble activity in the external circle of knowledge, it means in the organization of the universe.


Because relative and absolute are always mixed, this is for that which I said to you that in each of the circles, external, internal and secret, there is also the external part, the internal part and the secret part. This is to facilitate the explanation that one makes this separation between external, internal and secret. As much on the three principal circles as in the three fields inside the circles. But in reality, all is always mixed, all is always of the Nature of Creation.


And when you practice the Nobility of your activity, in the organization of the universe, the external circle of the universe, you enliven, you also put in practice the absolute Nature of your Being which inflates, which blossoms, which opens, which dilates, which spreads. Also, the escape of the external circle of knowledge, the escape of the universe and of its organization never leads to the internal circle of knowledge… never leads to the internal and secret part of this circle. One will just touch and penetrate the external part of this internal circle. And it is thus that one can also reach the external part of the secret circle. And a lot of people think that there, they have touched God, that they have a Truth, because they have perceptions and feelings. But they did not touch anything except always their pride, their claim; they say to have given all of themselves, but when an incident happens, they are immediately in protectionism, in guard as for a combat. They try at all costs to move away certain cups of their lips.


But when you are in the internal circle, you do not draw aside anymore any cup of your lips, since you recognize the Nature of this Gentleness which is in you, in the other. And the other is never an adversary, is never an opponent, and you do not flee him. You never flee him. The Void leads to the Void and I will have never ceased to repeat it to you. The Void leads to the Void! But the Void is full, the Void is good, it is of a splendid generosity for the other; in this Void there is no more pride, there is not more claim, there is not more protectionism… on the contrary, if each one could still take something moreover to us, could remove us a clothing, a room of the house, all that makes the “too much” comfort of the environment, one would be even happier. Thus one has even less to deal with the universe. And thus one falls always a little higher!


I insist a lot, but if it comes to you movements of protectionism, movements where you say: “me I” in the name of so-called spiritual theories, of what you can consider just and good, then know that each time you are in the error, at each time you have torn this cigarette paper. And the earth and the heaven are again separated. And when the earth and the heaven are again separated, you automatically fell down in the flow of enjoyment, in degrees of subtlety the most intense, the finest, the lightest. You fall down low and while falling each time very low, you enliven again very strongly this flow and you will hear it laughing…


In the internal circle of knowledge you will be able to perceive the presence of this Force of the evil and you will hear it laugh each time you will fall.


Now how you will make to stabilize this gentleness inside you, inside your body. You cannot go back. This Gentleness is resulting from all the work that you have made on the external circle of knowledge; it is resulting from your suffering, from the maintenance of your Dignity, from the reinforcement of your Dignity, from the attention to the Nobility of your activity.


And you see it is as when you want to cross a river, you need a vehicle, you need a means, and you build a small boat. And thus you can cross the river. The small boat which enabled you to cross the river, it is the attention to your plan of life, the extreme attention to your Dignity. It is the attention to the Nobility of your activity. It was your small boat.


But now you are in the other side. What will you make? You really perceive that you are in another Dimension; in fact they are two banks of the same river, but the two banks are absolutely not similar. So what you will do, how can you do?


Because if you always continuous to row with the same means, you will remain always limited to your personal action. And when you stay limited to your personal action, very quickly your pride can develop again … or then there is a form of renunciation of the life which settles, a form of renouncement, of lassitude in the world.


And there, when you are in this natural Gentleness, that one cannot create, that it is impossible to organize, you really perceive that if you give up the life, you will deviate from this Light, you will go back in marshes. Then it is necessary that something comes from above; since you have fallen high, that something comes, reinforces this vitality for the life, nourishes this Gentleness. It is necessary that something comes from above. And there, it is really another Dimension. Since until now you have taken support on the earth, you have taken support on the bottom, you have known to say “no” to what was not noble, and thus you have received all the help of this life and of the other lives…


But now you are in the integral “yes”, you cannot do anything else but to say “yes”, it is impossible to do some other way. Besides the thought which does not have access to this “yes”, cannot handle anything. It can only look at from the outside what occurs, recovering the flow of it, a kind of draft, a kind of odor…


When you are in this Gentleness, you realize that there is no perfume, there is a complete impersonality, it does not have nothing personnel.


Then it is necessary that something comes from above to be able to help you. It is imperative. The Void is gentle, it is gentle for the feet, it is good, but it will not be enough. And for this reason one needs some means. And these means I will teach them to you, from the coarsest to the most subtle.


Then one needs that you take as base the access to the body of enjoyment, then the access to the primordial space, and finally the return on the body of enjoyment and the perception of the limitation of the skin of the body when you return inside you. Here is the base.


Because this primordial space is not only one result of the perception of the Void, although many religious techniques place it like the highest point that they can reach, whereas it is only one platform, an airport of landing and takeoff towards the Heaven. And it is there, the control of the great Art of the meditation. Because you do not meditate anymore starting from the earth, you will meditate starting from the heaven.


To meditate is still a word too much, the Heaven will be diffused so extremely inside your earth that the earth will shine and will be nourished. And thus your feet will not be burned anymore by the fire of the earth that the earth for you will not be harder, because you, you came to nourish the earth and it is thus that you can do it.