Given to Inge


Beauty and dangers of the voyage.



You see from the moment when you fall in the void, there will have a very effective help from the Creation that you will not perceive in a so precise and isolated way that when you were in the external circle of knowledge. In the external circle, the aids are rather obvious, and can very quickly be located.


In the internal circle, you do need to be helped from the outside anymore since you did a fantastic work on you, through the alignment of spirit carried by the dignity of your practice. It will be necessary that you be helped, reinforced from the interior so that you can carry on your way inside you and that at the same time you help the others to come on this way, since you and the others are not separated. You cannot make this separation which leads to the mutual death of the one like of the other. When you return in the body of pleasure, it is clear and neat. Then you will be helped from the interior.


That wants to say that you will meet places,


you will meet situations,


you will meet people


who will come to invigorate your force so that you can continue your momentum.


This walking is soft and slow, but it is to hasten slowly.


Then it will be necessary to give you force to continue to fill your plan of life. And it is where there is a very great originality of the means found by the Creation to come to help you. And it is there that there will be a gap with those who are on the external circle of knowledge because they will not understand the means that you use or the means which are given to you by the Creation to make you stronger, so that you can serve It.


You see the more people are ordinary, the more they have the certainty to know what a wise man is. They judge all the activity of this man on the basis of their certainties. In the Direct Way that should not pose problem, since somebody who takes this way has given up from the departure the system of the rule. And one was very well in this way which is based only on realities which are perceived through the opening of the memories of the emotional body, the plan of life, the original perfection, as on the negativities which make obstruction to the constant perception of this original perfection.


Thus Direct Way is a very original way in the sense that there is not a fixed way: everything adapts according to the negativities and to the perception of your perfection which are adapted to each individual. It is what makes its richness, its freshness, this always new and fresh taste.


The one who is on the external circle of knowledge is filled with enthusiasm at the beginning by this Direct Way, by this immediate approach as much of the perfection that of the negativity. He is filled with enthusiasm by what he discovers so quickly in him and the means that he perceives to go out of the holes in which he has fallen. I do not say: to solve his problems. Because: have a problem to be solved? It is not at all obvious. The only certainty, it is that: a negativity, it is there. And it is there to make a relative obstruction which will be a springboard to be able to go beyond, to jump a wall. Thus to solve the problems is not the right terminology for the Direct Way. One takes the problem in one’s arms. One embraces it, one becomes intimate with it.


Once things are well, that one has approached this wall which constitutes the tower of the internal circle and that one has gone up on this wall, one has a more open sight, one has knowledge of the things, of the others and of oneself. There, one settles very easily a rule again, regarding his perceptions, his observations which one has had without the rule.


Who installs the rule? This entity which one has inside oneself which installs the rule, always installs it on the basis of his unsolved emotional system. And it is for that it is necessary to be extremely vigilant because all the unsolved emotional system returns to the charge. The flow of the pleasure tries to recover the cards which have escaped of its hands at a given moment.


And it is highlighted when by your attitude, your manner of being, you will shock the one who is on the other side of the wall, who is climbing, clinging, very close to you, and who has not intimately understood yet that the wall cannot be climbed, but that one penetrates inside by osmosis and that this osmosis is established between him and you, by humility for him. And not having understood that he will reinvent a rule and will return to the charge with his emotional.


It is obliged that the emotional comes back, but there will be those who can say: who is moved? Who has a problem? Who feels bad? I do not let myself catch by that! I have seen how to do, I have this vision of my perfection, I know that I receive a help, I accept the things such as they are, I have my alignment, I continue to work in the respect of this alignment, and never mind what occurs on the level of my emotion, never mind if I will receive with happiness or with difficulty the assistance which is brought to me by the one who is inside the tower.


It is necessary to say: yes, I do not understand, I do not know what occurs, but that does not do anything, it is right in any case, because there is the life, there is the movement. It is not question of good or of evil, the movement is there,

it is automatically right…


The one who has worked on the acceleration of the ripening has not automatically understood.


You should not help him. Because it is him which is having a relapse almost voluntary to attract you in his circle, in his concern, even if your hands were ready to be touched and to cling. Even if this union was about to succeed, you must leave him with this concern.


You must take part without returning in the field of the others; it is to them now to ask the question: but what does she do, there, in this tower? How does she live, how does she perceive the things? How does she act?


The only help that you bring, it is the radiation and the introduction. And this will enable you to be deeply attentive to the assistances that you you will receive from the Creation to make you always a little stronger to be able to run you still more gently in the “gentle” and in the void. To make you much stronger so that you are not pushed to separate you from the man whose attitude will hurt you.


The one who climbs the tower of the internal circle installed in the external circle always believed himself alone in his climbing; in fact he believes himself unique in the interest that the person who is inside the tower carries to him.


And it is true that he is unique, since it is a particular interest, it is an exclusive interest, in the sense that the interest which is carried by the one who is inside to the one who is outside is directly adapted to the whole energetic system of the one who is outside. Thus there are not two similar people, the interest is unique, each relation is unique.


There you understand. It is what I said presently when I spoke about the Direct Way. The Direct Way has this freshness, this originality, it does not have a rule. Each method employed, each way employed is entirely different according to the person, of her perception of her Dignity, of the force of this perception, of the force of her plan of life, and also of the force of her negativities. Thus the relation between the one who helps and the one who is helped is always an entirely unique, exclusive relation and that is an energetic reality.


Seen thus, looked at thus through the flow of dignity, that it is not a difficulty. Unicity, exclusiveness, is a fact, final point.


But when it is the flow of pleasure which is looking at this unicity, the fact of being unique in the movement and the relation with the other, it positions the relation like an exclusive relation, it means no possibility of relations with other people that itself. Jealousy is included in the flow of pleasure.


If I want to go still much further, jealousy is a negativity on which the Direct Way will lean to make progress even much more quickly the person submissive to this negative fluctuation. Because, a person wanting absolutely to be the first and unique, will work twice as hard to arrive there. Well led she will arrive very quickly to a very intimate perception of Dignity and of the Reality of the life, but the initial motor was nevertheless a motor of pride. And it is where the beauty of the operation is. If one understands well that, one lets the transformation be done which will evacuate the pride at the same time, which will no more look after it: there will remain only the fruit of the momentum for the work, of the intimate union which has been made with somebody who possesses the internal chemistry allowing to modify his own internal chemistry.


The one who is in the flow of Dignity, the one who is in this gentleness that you live, the one who walks on the carpet of the Void, him he does not know what is to be exclusive. It has a constant and clear exclusiveness with each one, because he carries to them an absolutely essential and unique interest with each one. But there is a lot of« each one »!


Here where there will be the big problem of the one who has climbed the wall of the internal circle without realizing that he was not got rid of the pride: he will be confronted brutally to this pride when he realizes that he is not the only subject of interest of the person who helps.


And it is from there that, instead of giving up pride, the person will put a whole emotional system in action to oblige the one who is inside the tower to come on his own territory. And it is precisely what one should not do: never mind if the person falls! But she will not go very low, do not worry. She will howl a little, she will be done a little bad, but she has already perceived so much beautiful things that she will not let herself involve at the bottom, she will not go very far. Then let her take some bumps, be torn a little, and you will see her coming back and there, with humility automatically.


She will receive humility like a shock…


Humility is there when one ceases paying attention to one’s emotional system. It is the real fruit of the external circle of knowledge: the abandonment of pride, the abandonment of the claim to his emotional.


You, remain in this Gentleness, be quiet and mobile in all the help that the Creation brings you. Be absolutely impeccable in the situation. It is the movement and the beauty of the movement that you perceive which are your only guide.


You are not there to go to look after the external circle of knowledge and the others, you are there to continue to grow, initially in the internal circle and then to let flow on you the secret circle, so that you can on the one hand radiate on the other, and on the other hand be introduced in him.


When one is in the external circle of the knowledge, one is the one who gets down to work like the good plowman, who spits a little in his hands, which takes the reins of the horses and who says: come on, one will try to make a quite right furrow. There is a form of roughness. You must accept the conflict too.


But when you are in the intimacy of the internal circle, it is not to make the same thing. There, there is Gentleness, there is frankness and the security of the Void. And it is with that you must live there. The others, seeing what radiates from you and feeling what you can inject to them, must be themselves interested by the internal chemistry which exists inside you allowing you to act thus.


One dives in the external circle, in the shit basin. But when one falls high into the Void, it is not to look at the bottom, it is to look at even higher. Each time always falling still a little higher. And there all changes for you.


You do not have the same vehicle, not the same small boat. There is another means of transport. And you do not take part in the same manner.


When you fall high in the internal circle, the flow of pleasure is not anymore driving the car; I would even say that, if you paid sufficient attention there, one has completely changed of car.


With this Gentleness which is in you, you evade the movement of the three fundamental energetic laws. You evade the separation, the mechanism of the flow of pleasure. It is a state of being in which only dignity would be moving.


What is obvious in the space in which you are now, it is that your participation is with Creation, with the Perfection, with this Void and this Gentleness.


When you note in a so clear manner in your body that you are taking part fully in the force of Creation beyond the three fundamental energetic laws, you cannot fall down any more in the discussion of the external circle. Even if you fall down again, you do not stay there… it is like a springboard, the more you will fall, the more you will be rejected high towards the heaven.


And in extreme cases, you learn from errors. And you progress with some errors.


The participation is entirely turned over and this is what is called the revolution of silence. Because that was done very silently inside you, very silently also outside, with an absolute gentleness and humility. There you do not belong to yourself anymore, therefore you can entirely rely on all that is lived in you, there is not the abandonment of the participation in the life and in the earth and in the world, there is this internal revolution which makes that you do not take part at the same object.


Above all remain on the territory in which you are, even if you are alone, the Void is always good. And thus, from there, you will improve what you have already perceived: all to move without anything to move. And these are the others who move in outside of themselves, it is not you. Let them move, be agitated, be stressed and remain where you are.


When one climbs the wall of the tower of the internal circle, it is like a pilgrimage. One could prevent from returning several times if one perceived that humility is the only way which makes it possible to cross the wall and to reach the void.


And thus, it is at the other to pay attention to what you are and no more at you to pay attention to what he is.