Given to Inge


To move without moving anything.



What occurs when somebody, by his humility, by this manner of being humble of heart, crosses this wall of the tower and thus, passes from the external circle and falls high into the internal circle? What occurs for him?


There is something of essential which occurs.


His look is not downwards any more, it is upwards.


And you will perceive that it involves an entirely different mode of participation. The one who falls into the internal circle of knowledge does not have any more any momentum, does not have any more any obligation to go to prove himself in the outside world of knowledge. When one falls high into this void, that there is this Gentleness which settles naturally; it is imperatively necessary to stay with this gentleness and never go back in the arena of the outside world, the discussion on the level of those who are opening out at the bottom of the classroom beside the radiator.


It is difficult because the reasoned intelligence will say that you make elitism, abandonment. In fact you have only changed your interest with the participation. You do not need the outside world anymore to be able to progress.


On the contrary to be able to progress, you need the interior world.


And your participation is the one of the movement of God, of the loving attention to the gesture, and never again on the level of the object created, never again on the level of the reception of the object on the level of the ordinary world.


You, you are now in another Dimension where the rule of the game is entirely different. You do not have to prove anything anymore, you do not have anymore the responsibility of anything on the level of the world.


Now your role is the caress to the divine movement.


And if this caress with the divine movement results in a caress with the man, well, it results in a caress with the man. It is all. Without any attention to the object apparently that you build, since it is not anymore you who build anything. It means that you are not anymore doing your own works.


But it is not so easy to give up the old system of reflex, behavior and participation with the world. You see: the fundamental error which loses almost everyone, it is to believe that the initial participation, the participation in the world with the others, remains always the same one and that it is only an increase of powers, of tools, but that the movement and the intention remain absolutely identical.


The mechanism of participation corresponds to a state of internal chemistry and initially, your internal chemistry is orientated towards the outside, because it needs its works to be able to understand itself, and to be justified itself, and there is thus a complete insertion in the organization of the outside world.


But when you perceived this Void from where all is born and that you perceive the gentleness and that all that lives in you, there you are in another field of participation, you take part to the void, you take part to this Gentleness, you understand, and you let this void and this Gentleness to apply and organize themselves as the secondary circumstances allow it, support it, or are opposed to it.


That there is success or failure on this level, it is not anymore a concern, since it is the exact movement which is in action. Whether there is success or failure is perfectly secondary. Thus there is no more responsibility regarding the object, regarding the success, regarding the apparent good that you bring to the others. You are not anymore responsible of the others. Your dimension of participation has completely changed. Because, when you have perceived this Gentleness, that you are in this Void which enlivens everything, well it is that which you make live, quite simply.


You are in a new home and you make it function.


And it is the radiation of this working which will give the desire to others who are rowing in the organization of their universe, to say: that seems well, there, that radiates. And it is there that they will want to climb the wall of this tower of the internal circle which is drawn up in the middle of the external circle.


And thus you, your work, it is to make radiate this tower from the interior, it is not to leave it to go to act as you did it until now in the outside world with complementary powers. You understand?


Thus from there, it is not anymore question of reproach of elitism, since finally, you let the outside world to organize itself as it can from itself, and you do not intervene directly any more on it. Now it is at the organization of the universe to be touched by the ray of the Dimension which is yours. You see before you could have an action to enliven the world, to stir up the world, to show them that there existed something else, that they could act differently; but when you fall high in the internal circle, you do not have to justify anything in the world anymore. And it is there that you completely perceive what it is that to move a lot without moving anything.


But seen from the interior of the tower you must enliven a lot, to put in action in a very powerful way the forces of the Heaven, but without anything to move on the level of the earth.


You know that you do not need the outside world anymore and you could die immediately, that would not disturb you. You know very well that physical death would not cause a stop of the process.


Previously you were in a mechanism of action, there you are in a mechanism of non-action and you do not have to convince anyone anymore. At this level, you do not have anymore the desire or the will to act on the external side of the life, because you have splendid tools and a fantastic momentum to act on the internal side of the life.


Thus it will be necessary that the internal side of somebody can be touched and there, you will be able to communicate and act. And if you applied the techniques which are with the internal forces to somebody who is firmly anchored in the external circle, happy with his pride, well it will feel manhandled in a terrible way, raped by you…. and you, you will come with your so-called love to modify the other, to make him grow, but the other will receive you with rifle shots.


Those that you will help are those who are practicing in the same breathing.


Those who have another breathing, you must leave them as they are, there are others that you who are in the external circle and which need that to be able to know, to be enriched. You understand, it is a splendid chain.


On the other hand, those who are climbing the wall need to know that there is a reality behind the wall, that it is not void, that it is a full Void, that it is not an illusion. Then it is you by what you are who will show them that it is not an illusion. And your powers will use to show them that it is not an illusion.


You do not need more to prove anything, to feel responsible with whoever, since those with whom you will work are already convinced. And what will act on these convinced people? It is this Dignity of the Creation which will actuate their Dignity, and there you cannot intervene, Creation intervenes on itself. And in what will you intervene in the working?


Then starting from this moment, do not feel responsible for the state of the world. Others are in an energetic state where they need to deal with the world to grow.


You, use what the world gives you in time, secondary conditions more or less favorable, money, to continue to caress the Gentleness, and that from Gentle that becomes completely of Love. Continue to fall high into the void so that void of loneliness becomes a much occupied Void. And continue to be intimate with this Gentleness and this Void so that, when this Void will become much occupied, that you be very close, very close to all the Forces which activate this Void, to make so that the man does not lose his relationship with the Creation.


Here. Your responsibility is entirely modified.


There is an integral revolution of your system of participation.


I have already spoken to you about the revolution. You see it is as when you have playing cards. All of a sudden they are turned over completely, it is another face which is presented. Then pay great attention to that. Do not let yourself catch by all the internal as external temptations to come to replay the game with the world of the old manner with the complementary contribution of the powers which are now yours and which will not cease increasing, and the knowledges which are now yours and which will not cease increasing. Above all pay great attention to that.


Because, if you do not pay attention to that, you will without realizing start to reconstitute your own works. Your own works! And your work will make you feel responsible and draw you out of you. And you can thus lose all the state in which you are now.


Now, even if the others consider that you become mad, it is at them to accompany you in your madness, to come to discover your madness. It is not anymore your role to accompany them in their erring ways, in their negativities in order to accelerate the process of the knowledge of their negativities. Now you do not accompany them anymore in their negativities to bring a very fast ripening of this negativity, so that they are released of it, whatever their system of negativities is, you do not move. Now it is to them to come in what they can call your madness. And besides that is called Mad Wisdom. Because this Wisdom that you will implement without that being your own works, can appear completely mad, useless, curious from the outside …


And it is your greatness to remain in this absence of rule where there is no more reference to the man to judge you. But know well that in all manners, him being well planted in his own rules, will judge you in his manner.


You will have to pay much attention to all that because the ordinary man believes that the progression is linear, like the mathematical and arithmetic progression, because that reassures him, that everyone plays and dances on the same music. Always the same dance. The ordinary man has organized in his head and his culture the linear spiritual progression…


The energetic flows are vertical, and all of a sudden, they are not anymore the same flows that one makes function. There is a reversal, it is not linear. All of a sudden that turns upside down. It is the revolution of silence. That turns upside down in another dimension which does not have anymore the same rules of the game.


And finally each one enters his coffin as he has made himself. When you are in the external circle of knowledge, you can really believe that, at the time of your death, it will be appreciated your works, the weight of your works, and it is thus that will set up a system of accumulation. But there now, in the internal chemistry in which you are, in this Gentleness and this Void, and this humility, you know very well that the weight of works will count for nothing.


It is on the contrary the lightness of works which will count, that you do not have anymore your own work.


It is impossible to understand by the reasoned brain which will say: now I do not do anything anymore! It is ridiculous, because one never ceases doing something. One never ceases taking part in something. You know well now to what you take part, then do not let yourself catch by the old participation. There, there is nobody anymore who will come to reproach you anything, because you will not look for modifying anything anymore… in extreme cases, which one will come to reproach you, it is an apparent disinterest for the working of the universe.


And there you will perceive why the inner circle of knowledge is called the destruction of the universe. The destruction of the universe which is not an action of destruction, but which is that, all of a sudden, nothing anymore is nourished because the force of the interest is elsewhere. And thus, the things are destroyed by themselves.