Given to Inge


To like small things.



In the External Circle of Knowledge, the teaching precedes the noticing, at least at the beginning. But in the Internal Circle, it is the perception and the noticing which take precedence. And the teaching is only used to untie the subtle nodes which could put an obstacle or a slowing-down of the perception, of this manner of walking on the Gentle, of this manner of walking on the soft mattress of the void. And because there is an antinomy, a kind of opposition between this perception which is from the Intuitive Intelligence, which is from the Flow of Creation, with the reasoned intelligence which is attached to the flow of pleasure, the reasoned intelligence will continuously put obstacles to the movement of Dignity. It will put obstacles, and will always try to put a doubt about the perceptions, about the spontaneous momentum to go to do something. This is why it is essential to have an excessively precise teaching which accompanies so that the reasoned intelligence can understand what is occurring and at this moment, it will cease putting obstacles, doubts. Moreover, there will be a very clear reinforcement of this Presence inside oneself.

The internal space of Knowledge is very interesting because it is in this space that one understands which has been the movement, the organization of the universe around oneself, our manner of apprehending the things, and our manner of leading the life. It is in the Internal Circle of Knowledge that we become intimate with our life, it is in this circle and this dimension that we understand in a very clear manner that everything that has been lived until now is not the fact of the chance. And when we perceive all the harmonious organization which has settled around us to be able to arrive in this state, we are in wonderment.

It is for that we need a minimum of teaching to understand what is occurring, and it is a teaching which always accompanies the perception, it is not a teaching which anticipates it. I insist well: what is splendid in the Internal Circle of Knowledge, it is the intimate perception that we have with us, it is this possibility of understanding all what occurs around us, especially all what has occurred before.

When we realize that there is no chance, that everything has been organized in a splendid way, then we have confidence in our present, but we have also confidence in our future.

So the teaching is used to untie the most subtle bonds which would still remain in doubt between this perception which is from the deep intuition and the reasoned intelligence which does not understand too much what is occurring. It is removing the most subtle nodes which slow down the progress and which would tend to also stop the perception.

It is when you will have fully understood WHO looks at, WHO appreciates, WHO decides, WHO feels, that you will understand the importance in this manner of untying the most subtle bonds which remain to chain you with your articulations.

In other words and in a fast way, this teaching which is a delicate teaching, excessively precise in the bonds which connect the things, makes it possible to be relaxed. It is a teaching which carries in itself an excessively deep relaxation which makes less dramatic and demystifies : to see the things such as they are, and to understand them such as they are, after the first shock of the discovery which is sometimes astounding, well there is a large liberator breath. An enormous breathing : ah! at last free and all alone with myself without all these supports aside which were saying to want to help me, but which in fact were only there to limit my movement and my breathing !

And you stay with something of splendid :

you stay with this love which loves the Love, you stay with the gentle which loves the Gentle, you stay with the small one which loves the small one and which gives access to the Great, you stay with the child, with this spirit of child, this look of child who looks at each thing like a new discovery at each time.

To move everything without moving anything, to pass the most quietly and the most meanly possible in a space, not to disturb, not to hustle and to pay enormously attention to the emotional nourishment to the life, enormously attention to the other.

I say well: an enormous attention to the other. To pay attention to the other, it is to know intimately in the deepest of you that the other is made of two parts : there is this splendid Dignity, this Force of Creation, this splendid Light that you see, and around this splendid Light, there are the onion skins, what does that the person is not automatically physically pretty. And all of a sudden, one is confronted with this not beautiful side of the person. Whereas one knows that there is inside each one this Perfection, this sublime Light.

To pay attention to the other, it is quite simply to be deeply interested in the sublime Light that there is in each one.

It is not easy, because the first contact is with this greasy, not beautiful body. And sometimes it is difficult, if one looks at external side to be convinced that behind this not beautiful side, there is this Light. Thus you are obliged to see that internal side, because you, you know what occurs and you have a vision of the Light, and you only look at that, because love is pleased in Love, gentleness loves Gentleness, and you do not discuss anymore with the reasoned intelligence, you like the beauty in the other. You are concerned with the Dignity in the other. And this enormous interest that you have for his beauty and his dignity does that, finally, you do not even see anymore this so heavy body.

Will you succeed in modifying the other? You do not know anything about it. But for you, you know very well that you do not want to live without Love anymore, without Gentleness anymore, without the Void anymore, without Dignity anymore. That becomes very simple. There, there is a true abandonment which is not a renouncement, you give up all the stories of the organization of the universe, all the discussions and you go immediately to the essential:

what is he, what does he want to live, how you will be able to reinforce what he is, what he wants to live, how you will be able to lead him to perceive his original Dignity, his Life Plan, and you will interest in nothing else but that.

It is by this movement that you will stabilize yourself in the Internal Circle of Knowledge. But to be able to stabilize you, you have to understand the most subtle bonds which link the being to the flow of pleasure. If on the External Circle, you will be able to discuss, to give explanations to the other, when you are in the Internal Circle and that you have all this force, above all do not go down again in the explanatory mechanism.

Touch the other in his internal part, his deepest part, on the one hand by radiation, and on the other hand by injection. And then, let him come to you.

But to do that in a complete peace of mind, you need to understand perfectly what is all the mobility which has settled around you and what are all the aids that you have received, even in the External Circle of Knowledge. Thus when you are in this Internal Circle, something of splendid is happening because, instantaneously, in true insight, one perceives the essential points and the essential actions which have marked out the life before and you notice that there is nothing which is at random, that all was perfectly organized to be able to lead you until there. And when you have perfectly perceived that and that you have understood how the most subtle bonds have been linked, you are able to untie them and you know perfectly that Creation helps Creation, Creation and Dignity like Dignity and run in it, there is this dynamism which settles which is perceptible and comprehensible only in the Internal Circle, but however which is always in activity even in the External Circle. And when you have understood that for you, you do not feel responsible anymore in the same manner for those who are in the External Circle because them also have the whole of their aids, they have the whole of their bonds which can be untied in a very subtle way and by invigorating their Dignity, by invigorating what they have of purer and more perfect in them, you help them in a considerable way, much more than to act external side with explanations, reproaches and even encouragements. And there, suddendly, all becomes more flexible for you, all becomes more relaxed, as much in your perception of the Internal Circle, than in your activity in the organization of the universe. Since in any case you live there, in this organization of the universe.

You see, you know well that without the spontaneous development of compassion and of love, there is nothing which occurs, one is never in the Internal Circle of Knowledge. Because it is this compassion which calls the Compassion, it is this love which calls the Love, and when you are in the Internal Circle, what takes precedence over all, it is this reception of Forces and Powers which are apparently beyond our own forces, these are these lights, these perceptions, these insights, these sounds, which draw more and more upwards, which permit to fall always increasingly high. The one who has not tasted the savor of the perception of the Internal Circle cannot understand that. For the one who is in the Internal Circle, it is completely obvious that now his turbo is not behind, but in front. And when you see all these colors which circulate in you and outside you, around people, trees, nature, and when somebody is lying under your hands and that you see all these lights, there is no more doubt about the existence of a world of light. There is no more doubt about the existence of another world, of another mode of perception of the world exactly and a manner of living it.

It does not suffice to have a perception, an insight to say : I am in the Internal Circle. What will make the difference, it is the stability of the insight, of the perception. Thus you should not be proud of your perceptions because it is not at all obvious that these last will be maintained and be stabilized. And if there were a criterion of reference to check what is the level of real comprehension and the level of the Flow of Dignity of a person, it would be by the spontaneous development of compassion.

This spontaneous development of compassion does that very naturally, you have forgotten you in the operation. You are deeply attentive to what is occurring and you look for seeing how you can help the movement of the other.