The External Circle and the Internal Circle follow one another and complement. There is a linear progression that I could say « arithmetic ».


The man alone, really very courageous, can arrive with his own forces that he discovers step by step inside him.


It is of « you » that I am talking about !...


But now you feel a little blocked in your progression and you understand that you need an urgente aid which comes from above and not from the cows.


And as you do no longer know what to do, because you have tried everything, you can only become humble and wait.


Thus you are very attentive to each movement around you which could be an opening on « something new ».


And at which stage are your understandings ?


You have inside you a huge light, a huge power, a warmth… and a spontaneous knowledge of your material negativities. You do no longer need to look for, you can understand immediately what is happening.


The fire of the Internal Circle has done its job.


You can immediately understand what is the mode of action that you can start. It is as if after having perceived, you could no longer do but to act .


Between the perception and the action, there is no more separation.


The one goes with the other. It is not sticked.


It is not a question of link. It is as if it was the two sides of a same coin : perception and action are simultaneous.


And there, there is no more choice ; there is not any personal intervention, because there is no gap between the perception and the action. There is no distance : it is like a snap of a finger, there is no distance between the two fingers.


And you perceive at the same time that what harms the man, the material negativity of the man, it is that he always establishes a gap. A distance.


And it is because he establishes a gap and a distance that he can personally intervene.


And there is something in you which understand what it is the original separation.


It is the gap between the perception and the action.


And it is that the negativity, it is the gap.


Otherwise there is the spontaneous action ; even not in the continuation of the perception, it is done at the same time...


Without the gap, there is no longer the personal will.


There is no place for the pride. There is no place for a reasoned decision.


And when there is no place for a reasoned decision, there is no place for the emotion. Because the emotion, it is the manner to look at ourself acting and to appreciate.


If there is no gap there is not the emotion.


And you are perceiving something more: there is not the observer and the observed. There is not the object and the one who analyses the object. There is only the object.


And when there is not the distance, there is the spontaneous certainty of what must be done. It is normal that it is done like that. And that is done like that. There is nobody anymore who judges if the result is good or bad. It is quite simply the result.


And it is there where the object does not make again a karmic chain.


It is there where everything is released without object.

The action is released without object.


For the little story, as I act with this « spontaneous certainty » and do not discuss again what is for me a reality, many people say that I have a very strong ego… in fact that I am a great pretentious… What does not bother me because that does not disturb me that one does not beleive me….I do not need anybody to exist.


But for you, the problem, it is not the others, but yourself : the negativities that you create yourself inside you.


You percieve that in your belly you had retained a lot of problems of the others. That has produced a disruption in your spirit which was nourished with the Force of your Creation.


The problems of the others became for you your child to bring up. An obligation that you give you, yourself.


This obligation is false because it is at the other to create his child. And it is not you who must create it for him.

You was pregnant of the negativity of the others… You took in charge the birth of the others.


And it is a total error, because, thus you stop the others from giving birth to themselves.


And when you, when you feel responsible for the state of the others, you create the link between you and the others and it is there that the distance is done.


The gap is done and there is the intervention of the reasoned intelligence, of the emotion and of the pride.


The spiritual negativities are the obstacles that one creates oneself for oneself and against oneself. It is the creation of the distance which is the attack that one makes against oneself.


Who is oneself ?


Oneself does not exist and has never existed.


It is only the creation of the thought which is thought on itself which has made an identification of its own movement that it has called « Me, I ».


But the « Me, I » does not exist. It is only the dynamic of the thought.


If oneself that does not exist, what does that wants to say :


You do harm to yourself ?


It is you who decode with these words. It is a perception on which you put words.


In reality, it is your Intimacy. It is the Secret at the source of you. You do harm to the Source of you. You do a gap with the Source of you.


And as soon as the gap is done there is the possibility of intervention of the thought.


The gap is automatically done due to the original separation.


You know now all that… It is the fruit of your intimate crossing of the exterior and interior spaces of the Knowledge.


But you still stay resourceless to stop the thought to come and to create the gap. You percieve this action and you always try to repair and to come back to your Full Consciousness.


But it is an always renewed fight and you are exhausted at this play. You must find something else and that you feel it in all the fibers of your body….


But you do not know « What » to do.


And it is where you are.


So I tell you that the only means to prevent the thought from putting itself in activation, it is to have inside you such a Presence of the Force of Creation that this very Presence is stronger than the thought.

The thought stops by itself because there is stronger than it in the Space of the life. In the Event.


The Event is like a luminous disk, full of light, and if it is in very high pressure with the Force of the Heaven, then the thought cannot develop.


And there it is about the event in you. There is an event and in this event there are others events.


There has to have in the global Event a so important Force of Heaven that the others events which are of the negativity cannot put themselves in movement.


Because what takes place there, is too strong for them.


It is as if due to the separation, the gap, the distance settles naturally, automatically. Because it is this distance which permits to the will to act, the own will of the man.


The gap is spontaneously done due to the initial separation.


The thought intervenes as soon as the gap is there. There has to have a light, a Force in the Event which makes stifle the thought, it means that the thought cannot precipitate on the gap.


And thus from there, there is not the « I » ; there is not the « Me » ; there is not the emotional system. The gap cannot be used.


In any case the gap will always be there, but there must be something of so strong which lives inside you, which bursts in the Event, that the thought, the pride cannot jump on this gap to make its own object.


And all the tantric system, it is exactely that.


That there is a Light, a Presence inside you,

So strong that the thought, all the system of the pride, of the personal do not have time to intervene.

It is the stop of time.

It is a flash in the Heaven.

All is silent.


The stop of the time that I have shown you until now was done by the erosion of the interest to your emotional system, by the crossing of the exterior and interior territory of the knowledge. But now where you are, the stop of the time must be settled spontaneously in the event by the flash of Heaven. Do you understand ?


The flash of Heaven !


Thus the Tantric Teachings of the Direct Way take their real importance because it is the Supreme Art of the Penetration... and you call of all your fibers this aid, coming directly from the Creation to bring you the fuel which you are lacking.


No more question to envisage the « tantrism » as small practices to make oneself pleasure.


This is now an Essential Passion to get out of the terra firma and to want to join again your Origin.…


And it is this Passion which will provoke the penetration of the Heaven in the Earth that you are.