Indispensable Body-Spirit


To receive the Teachings.



It is thus you, little Italian, who is there in front of me, to receive the Tantric Teachings.


But you know that that will be very difficult and tiring ? Your spirit as your body will be put in such a vibration that you will no longer know who you are.

Also you will have to rest a lot, to lie down your body, so that your spirit can relax inside it.


Let’s go to the Essential from the first step !


To go smoothly from the Internal Circle of Knowledge to the Secret Circle, you must have a very precise and subtil perception of the modes of Tantrism and of those of the transformation of Energy.


Besides, you must have perceived, since you work with the techniques of the Direct Way, that there was a transformation which settled inside you. That it seemed to you to know more things, to have a much thiner and extent perception of the facts of the life.

This work develops a new possibility to decode the events of the life in a deeper manner and at the same time a lot more relaxed, a lot happier.


What has happened ?


You see, it is as in the olden days : one prepared the spouse for her wedding night and for her consommation which is the penetration, so that her marriage is profoundly printed in the body and the spirit.


To understand this preparation in you, you have to come back on the two other Circles of Knowledge, External and Internal, and to really perceive what was the « nature » of the bodies of Heidi and Inge to allow this transmission.


Heidi, this little Finn came because, so far as she could remember, she had the perception of fundamental lack, of a fundamental void, of a fundamental suffering beyond what she could understand and justify by the circumstances of her life of now.


She had the absolute sincerity to want to stop with this suffering, this fundamental lack.


This sincerity gave her the possibility to perceive the movement and the creation of the flow of pleasure inside her and the modes of the original separation.


In her, there was not only the interest to stop with this suffering on the apparent, superficial level, but she wanted to destroy the root of the lack which was beyond all her perceptions, beyond all her words, beyond all her theories.


That already, in the External Circle of Knowledge, it is very rare, because the majority of the people who enter the fundamental knowledge of themselves, deep inside, try only to smooth things over of the table against which they collide. Then they find this new situation satisfactory and stop the progress of the research: « Thank you very much… I am not requesting the rest … Now I have enough to organize my life as I want it ».


On the other hand, Heidi, by this fundamental suffering which was beyond all her reasoned intelligence, beyond all her memories, was not going to be happy with only smoothing things over.


She was really going to care about what was on the table ;

she was really going to care about the energy objects which

were in front of her, of their modes of creation, of the relations

between them,


and of the possibilities to be able to modify firstly the system of


and then the system of their creation.



Thus she was able to see that all the energy flows are created starting from the separation, it means starting from the main flow of pleasure (the flow father-mother)


… and that what we call the flows of Dignity are only creations implemented by the Original Nature in response to the existence, inside it, of the flows of pleasure according to the law of cause and effect.


Also all the knowledge of the External Circle,

it is the perception of the very precise movement of the flow of pleasure

and thus at the same time the knowledge of the creation of the compensatory flows that we call those of Dignity.


Thus by this knowledge she has the possibility to understand the « curious war » which occurs in her body and her spirit and why this suffering.


So to stop it, she had only to return to the initial Order of the Original Nature by leaning on the compensatory flows which control those of the separation.

Her suffering took sense…

But her life also took sense. It had a direction of action and of interest : to come back to the original house and to see her real face.

And to practice according to this Order in her ordinay life…



And now let’s observe why Inge has been chosen to receive the Teachings of the Internal Circle ?


Well, because Inge had already obtained a very powerful maturing of her entire energy body, of her entire physical body, of all her heart, of all her intelligence, and that already by herself, she had put an end to the pride.


She is a Being carrier of the absence of pride.


It is astonishing to speak like that, but it is a very rare Being who has no pride because you see, what is the normal maturing of the exact and precise knowledge of the Externe Circle of knowledge… if of course we enter really inside and that we are not satisfied with touching it with the end of the fingers ?


Well, when we have very intimately perceived that all the organisation of the Universe, whatever it is, is the result of the existence of the flow of pleasure, we stop to carry importance to it, and to run behind the satisfaction of the sensations organised by this flow in the body and in the spirit.


We have no longer the momentum to be proud of the direct or indirect fruits of the flow of pleasure :


    * Either the direct fruit, it means the creation of objects of which the flow of pleasure needs to

organize and to enrich its territory


    * Or the indirect fruit which is the creation of object of compensation due to the law of cause and

effect, and this object of compensation it is what we call the flow of Dignity …


Because we need words, but in reality, there is even no need of them because the Nature which permits to make as much the object of Dignity as the object of pleasure is the same.


We come back to our Original State and we tread this Love which is a very definition of the Void.

We could say that this Void is a constituent of Light, of Warmth, of Love and this Love there, is such a Dimension that the word of love at the humans looks ridiculous, like a little story for children.


Thus, Inge has very very quickly perceived that there was not to possess in the External Circle of Knowledge, that there was not to try to climb the rungs of the scale of the society, of the hierarchy, of the recognition… that all that is a waste of time, to go to the Essential which is to return to our Origin and to put our Intelligence at work in the every day life, in this life already so short like a snap of the fingers !


Do you understand what that means ?


That means that she has completely put an end to the pride and to the pretentiousness to be somebody special. On the opposite, she has perceived that we are all stereotyped « tools » more and more formated by the flow of pleasure and we do not have to be proud of that !


She is thus not in competition with anybody anymore.


And she has, as support of action, only her Consciousness which knows that we are not « only this little pretentious shit! »


And her interest of life is to remain with this Consciousness which touches another Dimension that the one of the flow of pleasure;

And to implement it all the time that the life stays in this body.


Gentleness is pleased in Gentleness,

Love is pleased in Love

And they self-generate,

Self-enliven together.



Let’s go further.


Heidi, in the external circle of knowledge, could not perceive very clearly that in the External Circle, in fact in each one of the Circles, External, Internal and Secret there is three circles: three circles always contained in one : the external side, the internal side and the secret side. So she still remains with a sense of the Universe as a whole and a « spiritual » development as a linear step.


But when we are in the Internal Circle, we already perceive well, not yet the secret side, but the external side of the Internal Circle. Thus we begin to understand that the Universe has a « spatial » working and we pay our attention on these mechanisms of working.


It is where Inge has perfectly perceived how, through certain artificial practices, a lot of people have perceptions, « insights » of the Internal Circle but they are in fact on the external side of the Interne Circle.

Pretentious of these perceptions, they fall down again thus below in the External circle, without having understood that they have still not touch anything essential by themselves…. Just a little touch of knowledge on their reasoned intelligence which has been satisfied with this « so little ! »


Also the Secret Circle has external, internal and secret side.


It is thanks to that that through certain practices that I have shown, we can touch the Force of Creation, to have a perception of it, a feeling.


But we are in the external side of the Secret Circle, and as long as we are here,


we do not have put an end to the pride because pride is the very-actor of

the External Circle of the Knowledge,

It means of the first circle of each one of the Circles.


I really say is the very-actor, the very-centralizing of the External Circle of Knowledge which is the circle of the organisation of the Universe.


Also, when coming from the External Circle, we go to the external sides of the Internal Circle and of the Secret Circle, we are always in a form of extension of the External Circle of Knowledge.


You can thus understand how some people stay very proud of themselves while they seem to have touched evolved levels of consciousness…

They have remained on the external side of the Circles… and by this side they were able to progress from the one to the other, by the knowledge…but without really penetrating them !

There has not had thus fundamental modification of their Being and of their inner chemistry. There has had only an increasing of their knowledges that they know very well to use to play the « Master ».

But in the ordinary life you can observe that they are in the usual confusion.



Let’s go still further.


And now, to better understand the things, if you want it, we will use the words of « organisation of the universe » for the External Circle of Knowledge and of « destruction of the universe » for the Internal circle of Knowledge.

I have often used with Inge, the term of « dilution of the universe » for the Internal Circle of Knowledge ; it is a lot more precise and exact in the reality that the term of destruction.


At a given moment, when we are really going into the internal side of the Internal Circle, we notice that the objects of the beginning, which are in the organisation of the Universe, have no more their interest, have no more their importance… that there are other fruits and other consequences which catch the attention.


This new reality makes that the concern, the interest which we have for the objects of the External Circle, it means the organisation of the Universe, disappears. By the absence of attention on these objects, they wither and dispappear ; they dilute. Of course, they are always there like matter! but they do not fill any more the Consciousness ; they do not touch it any more.


It is for that that, when we speak about the Internal Circle, we say « the destruction of the universe ». In fact, it is « the dilution of the universe », due to the fact that we do not pay any more attention to the creation of the objects in the organisation of the universe.


So when we are in the Internal Circle of Knowledge, we have a clear perception of the existence of the external fringe of the Internal Circle, and we can understand by extrapolation that there is also an external fringe of the Secret Circle and that these external fringes of the Internal Circle like of the Secret Circle, are in fact extensions of the External Circle of the organisation of the Universe.


Often you have heard me speaking about the elasticity of a system. It is like tentacles, very elastic arms that we can throw further than ourself. It is what permits to the External Circle to touch the Internal Circle, but also the Secret Circle, but always in its dimension, it means in its external dimension.


It is the dimension of the pride,

It is the dimension of the center,

It is the dimension of the making of the objects of the universe, It is the dimension of the organisation of the universe.


You will have to be very attentive to that, in order not to fall again in the External Circle while you beleive to be in « evolution ».



And why is it you who is here to receive the Tantric Teachings ?


Well, because you, you are not going to flee in front of the penetration of the Heaven in the Earth whom you are.

The Heaven cannot force the Earth to be penetrated. It is the Earth which guides the penetration, which welcomes or closes.


It is there where there is the very big handicap for the modification of the Man and of his Consciousness because it can have « resistance » (what is besides the most often)… what is a « refusal » according to the energy laws of the Universe … a way of being « against » without expressing it openly.


And why are we « against » ?


Because in the Energy of the Heaven, an « information » is integrated on what is « the Real Life » according to the Creation, and this information contradicts the movement already sets in motion in the life of the being under the impulses of the flow of pleasure, through the energy structures and the particular dreams which are connected to it.


(At the level of Consciousness in which you are, you know that the structures have been created by the flow of pleasure in order to master the being through his desires that he analyses like natural and normal impulses to satisfy… I will not thus come back on these primary knowledges registred by every real seeker).


Thus the being has the choice in front of him and he often takes the easiest one… The one which does not move too quickly the life that he has more or less constituted for him… Thus he will look for an arrangement, at the best… or oppose a refusal, at the worst.

But to come back to a correct attitude of life according to the Order of the Creation, there is not the will.

Also, there is a « regulation » more or less strong of the Power of Heaven in us...what I call « the spirituality à la carte ».


But the problem is that if there is a little bit of false in a lot of true, all is false !... So it is the flow of pleasure that continues and enjoys under decorations of spiritual research or of liberation… but as I have already said it in my text of introduction : « Defeat ? » : we want to be released from what ?


You, you have already done this essential error which is the non-acceptation of the walking that the Dignity shows, although we have obtained a body for that.


We prefer different voyages… We prefer to do the one dictated by our dreams which are created by the Grid through the attraction to our attractions to our sensations and emotions.


You did this error, centuries ago, and you have perfectly perceived it through the opening of your memories.

You were going to do « something else », while you were at this time welcomed by a Master who had the possibility to break the walls of your jail… and that you let him beleived that that, was your main interest.

But you have prefered the pride to live the center of yourself and you have seen after the unhappinesses which have accumulated...


… But on top of the unhappinesses and beyond the unhappinesses, you have perceived how you had not anymore the possibility to hung on to this flow of Dignity and to those who were carriers of it.

Due to the relation of cause and effect, there was opposition, there was a cloud, a considerable smog, always between you and this Dignity… and the communication could not be done anymore.

It is a karmic law !


And that has been a tremendous suffering which has accompagnied you from life to life and now that this relation is there again, you will never fall again in this error.


This said, what will be essential now, it is that you learn to relax. You will understand the extreme importance of it all along our meeting.


And to relax, what does that means ?


Well, that means that you leave each thing which occurs, develop by itself and diluate by itself.


You are without judgement, without hanging to a theorie, to an idea, to an energy and mental structure whatever it is.


To relax means that : to be in a kind of attention which perceives that something is occuring and not to intervene by a judgement and an appreciation.


As soon as you have judged, you have stopped the movement of the life and thrown the energy contained in the action to the form of intelligence which judges…

and this intelligence is always the one of the Grid.


We must let « this something » develop in its way, without any intervention. We are thus non-interventionist and we let it be released all alone and it is released without object.


You realize at this time a marvel : you are escaping the law of cause and effect !


More exactly, you do not repeat an effect after the cause.

You do not make again an energy object which is going to be the starting point of another effect.


In details :


At first you will have to make a kind of physical and mental effort to not follow the idea through knowledges that you have previously obtained, assimilated and developed .

Then, gradually, you will perceive that this form of effort will disappear and that only relaxation will remains.


And when this relaxation is perfectly established that you realize that behind there is always this attention which looks at, this Presence who knows what is occuring, an enormous Consciousness.


Thus the event which occurs, circulates very freely in your relaxed state of being, I say well « your relaxed state of being ».

You let it develop at its measure and be released at its measure.


So you will start to have an extremely precise perception on the physical level of what means, and it is a shock :

To face the Reality,

without filters.


And the Consciousness explodes in another Dimension,

and receives the « qualities » of Comprehensions and Powers of it.