Right attitude.



You can get involved in the relaxation particularly comfortable and free as you are aware that everything that is happening now is of the order of the unique, of the order of the rarity.


There is always hope that some men will pull themselves together and try to modify the sinking ship. So it should not miss one of the links in the Primordial Knowledge to reach the total Liberation.


This is what we are going to do.

We will repair, we will reactivate very exactly one of the links in the Primordial Knowledge, in the modes of passage between the Internal Circle and the Secret Circle.


Be very aware of that.

We are putting the icing on the chocolate cake, but all in all, the tray holding the cake is already so unstable that, will the icing can be seen, perceived, consumed a day ?

If humanity reaches that point, it will need this link, but will it get here? It is not at all sure.

Some men, yes.


But I do not think humanity… It is too involved in an other process of attention and of future. Only a real cataclysm could provoke a turnabout, a revolution of the collective consciouness and change the habits of behaviour that everybody finds normal and natural.

It is looking for other « ways » to get out of this hell of a mess in which it knows to bath. We can only hope for it to find a solution that it seems to wait for either outside such as the New Age or the Science...thus a process of liberation that is the opposite of the Direct Way which is to look for the Liberator inside ourself… and also the Responsible inside ourself.


Already the External Circle of Knowledge is for courageous people who really want to face things, quite simply.

The majority of the world has an ease to continuously water down the revolutionnary side, it means the transforming side of each event…how there is an ease to always empty an idea of its strenght, always a movement of its essence, to only retain a small detail, the location of a comma...and then to continue in system of theory, to go on the side of the road when the « fact » has no more substance and deep meaning.


Thus already on the External Circle, there are few people who really want to keep the revolutionnary content of each system of emotion, of each feeling, of each perception.


Here, right from the beginning, it is very rare the one who will enter the fundamental research of himself and of his relation to the World...

And for those who want to come into it, even for those who say that they will go to the end of the bottle, it is very rare that they become in love with their Original Perfection, in love with their Original Dignity.


And however the aim of the External Circle of Knowledge is : to make fall in love with our Perfection, in love with our Dignity, and to notice that the more precise and the more determined means to put in form this Dignity and this Perfection, it is the knowledge of the Order of the Universe and stick to it in our ordinary life… And to stop running after the satisfaction of our dreams.


And then, for the one who is in the Internal Circle of Knowledge, thus who has passed the first movement and returned to the world of the dilution of the objects organizing the universe… he will be confronted to the pride and all what he will perceive will either increase it or, on the contrary, diminish it.


The momentary increase of pride is not an error : it is a state, it is a fact, it is a reality, because at the beginning there is an important excitment in front of the novelty of the informations that we receive and the first impulse is to use it for our personal satisfaction … a way of taking the power and to play the Master… The one who knows !


That can significantly develop as long as we remain in the External Circle.

But in the Internal Circle, the increasing of the pride is very easily perceived by this Presence, by this force of the attention.


Also this perception will maybe permit the pride to be disgusting of itself.


There, it will perceive that it is a little shit.

In the Internal Circle of Knowledge, we perceive that we are really a little shit, a little droppings of dog dressed in gold and in brocade, pretentious of it and that produces a lot of smells and sounds.

So do not be afraid of your pride. Do not be timorous. It is the attention, the force of the attention, the force of this Presence which can make collapse everything.


If we stay with this Presence and this Lucidity, pride will self-diluted by the disgust it has for itself.

However, if the Presence is lost... and It is a fruit coming directly from Creation through exclusive love for It..all is lost for the Being. He becomes a real devil in his pride that he establishes as the center of all his bearings, the more easily that he will have understood a lot of things on the working of the human and of the Universe and will know how to talk about it cleverly.



let’s continue :


Also, without fear, we will learn to relax in the event instead of becoming tense. In this relaxation, we will have a Consciousness more and more precise of this attention which looks at everything…


To look quite simply.


The word ‘to look’ is right

It will look without judgement and by this relaxation we will have a Presence, a more and more distinct Consciousness.


So I repeat that without this attitude of the body and of the spirit, it is impossible to let come into you the Force of the Secrets Teachings :


In fact, the radiation of the movement informs this attention on what is happening and brings you essential and unique informations on what you are, on your inner chemistry, on the modes of the relation between you and the others...on your manner to perceive the life and your reflexes of action.


When this natural relaxation settles, and that you observe that you intervene less and less on the object and the subject, you realize at the same time that you are less directly affected by the form of the subject which develops and your emotional does not gallop anymore in the countryside.


It is its movement which matters to you, it is the caress of this movement… it is the attention on what this movement does, produces, generates or returns on itself that interests you.



It is from the time where you have a huge interest for the movement that you begins to prepare yourself for the tantric relation with Creation.


It is the caress, the movement ; we could say : the caressing movement, the attention to the caress… of which seizure and brutality are absent. And there, when you are in this event, because now it is about an event always in circulation,


the subject has no more importance.



That means that you are no longer captured by the subject, that you are no longer touched by it. There is no more pride to want to possess. « Who » possesses the moving object has no importance.


It is the movement alone which passionates you, which interests you and it will exist whatever the owner of the object is.


This movement is always cheerfulness, it is natural joy, because joy is not an energy flow which exists, it is the fruit of the movement of Dignity.

So you perceive something magnificent : when pride becomes completely diluted, what flows in the veins ? What is this blood flowing in the veins ?


Well, that’s humility, quite simply.


Humility is the final fruit of the movement of the Internal Circle, I have said of the movement.


You see, until now, we could perceive each circle as relatively fixed.

Now, I talk to you about a movement !

Each circle is a movement. There is nothing that is ever fixed.


But when the Consciousness is still in the External Circle we believe that all is fixed.

This fixity is lost in the Internal Circle.


When you fell in love of the movement, really in love, we do not even speak about your Plan of Life : it is outdated.

Your Plan of Life is automatically put into action ; you do not need to pay attention to it, to worry about it. You do not need to be tense, you do not need to prove your will to maintain the alignment, to maintain the course of your Plan of Life, to maintain in good state your energy tools.


Here, there is a wonderful relaxation because you are no more directly concerned by the subject which is developed.


So you are no longer proud regarding the possession of the subject because you are filled with wonder by the movement made and caused by the object.


When you have lost the interest for the object in itself, you notice that you perceive only the Nature of the object and this Nature, it is always the one of Creation, it is always the one of the Original Perfection.


Something is created spontaneously in response to a cause that makes an action and that creates normally an object ; but that creates an object only if you stop the movement.


However, if you are in the movement, everything is going to be released without object, without a creation. Thus you do not reconstitute a cause which will regenerate the system.


When this movement captures all your interest and all your attention, you can enter the tantric knowledge, which is the perception of the Universe by the movement and the caress,


So, what is tantrism more in details,

what is tantrism as mode of passage between the Internal Circle

and the Secret Circle ?


Tantrism is essentially penetration. Tantrisme is a mode and an art, the finest, the most subtil of the organisation of the penetration, in order to be able to make grow the Man, to be able to make him reach as quickly as possible and the most intimately possible the Force of the initial Creation, the Original Nature, his Original Perfection.


The reasoned mind, this little flow of pleasure, all what has made the organisation of the Universe, has in the head that tantrism is a more or less pleasant and more or less subtle manner to go to be touched between a man and a woman, and to create sensations and emotions for ourself.


In Fundamental energy, tantrism, is an absolute penetration. I say well, it is an absolute penetration.


It is the Heaven which comes inside you

and which makes burst all the system of reference of the flow of pleasure,


It is true that physically it happens a lot of sensations, but it is only the foam on the sea which indicating that there is a fantastical groundswell.


Then silence settles or more exactly noisiness stops, this noisiness of the flow of pleasure, this noisiness of emotions, of sensations, this noisiness of the reasoned intelligence which is always doing a monologue on itself. What a noise in the head and the body !


When all of a sudden, this groundswell is there, raises all the vibrations of the body and the mind, it means, uses the whole body and the whole mind, everything is silent at the level of the flow of pleasure.


What happens, is really too strong for it !


You are then never fearful and hopeless again in the lonely nights ; you have no doubt anymore about the presence of the Force of Creation in you. You are no longer afraid to defy all the demons and to destroy their idols.


And when I say that you are not afraid, it’s too little !


Your natural impulse is to defy all the demons, it means knowing to say ‘no’ to what is ‘no’ and not to avoid the problem…


… And the idols, what is it ? These are all the energy objects that the flow of pleasure has created to satisfy itself.


So, as the events of the life go by, you say things as they are, you show the Truth and you put in evidence the lie.


And the first liar that you unveil, it is you !... You, with your attractions to your dreams and to certain sensations which are planned by your basic energy structure and that give you the feeling of an own reality that you must defend.


To be fully penetrated by the Force of Heaven,

of Creation, it is that.