Penetration ?

… but which one ?




Mister penetrates Madam… This is called tantrisme for the ordinary world, when the sexual game wrapped itself of a form of mystery more or less « spiritual ». The explanations of all kinds, between partners, have also greatly contributed to this belief… and all is said !....

Then the auto-suggestion to have acted in a Higher Dimension of the Life works... in fact the use of a kind of a self-hypnosis which is more and more widespread under a therapeutic form.

The « all » is then wrapped by the sensations and their memory which continues to make vibrate the fibers of the body connected to the game.

As the education of the Man is now focused on the sensation, that there is the belief that because sensation is there, reality is there too, certainties are confirmed and everyone settles into his emotional securities.

In fact, It’s a way to make us believe what we want… the more easily that there is the support of our dreams and the satisfaction of emotions-sensations which are linked to them.

Then there is the certainty to be in your « correct way »… and the total forgetting of all what has been understood and perceived on how the Grid works in the body and on the Spirit.... You have lost your vigilance and after having forgotten the « Fall root », everything goes without saying and nothing more is questioned on the table of the Consciousness and the Lucidity.

So goes the life… until waking !... When this virtual, just fed by the dreams, comes to its end… because it has necessarily an end because it is not connected to an energy reality… and the virtual uses the energy which is in the bodies but does not make a new dynamism. In other terms, it is a same old story until the exhaustion of the mechanical which has allowed it to live.


However, the « game » between Mister and Madam is not completely invented.

It is connected to a form of memory that there is a Primordial Union to find again in order to return to an Original State of fullness and completeness.

So you must not forget that all the reference systems installed in the memory and the spirit are linked to the action of the flow of separation, that we commonly call the flow of pleasure… the flow of Dignity being only a reaction to the movement of this latter.

Thus do not forget that… This forgetting is the starting point of all the stupidities which flow in the spirit when these sensations-emotions arrive like a groundswell which would like to sweep you along in its movement… and if you go there, you are lost in a few minutes because the vibrations that it provokes on the body-spirit will numb your Consciousness and your attention.

If you have received Essential Teachings, that you have besides had the possibility to check by the opening of ordinary memories as deep memories, it is not to forget them at the first attack of the « desires » and to jump on it like truths to live intensely…

In fact, when the attack occurs, the Consciousness is the most often sent to bed… and it remains only the Knowledge and the confidence in what you have understood and perceived, like only lifebuoy to grab.

Therefore we would not speak of « Union » if there was not a « disunity »… or a rupture of an Original Union, if you want other words.

This search of union has like starting point the separation from your Original Dignity provoked by the Grid. Everyone, through his dreams and his hopes, in fact the forms of the memories that he has, will try to recreate a form of union.

It is a natural impulse...

But you must not forget that you are in a mined and highly dangerous field because this natural impulse is the motor of a game open by the Grid which will always try to impose its rules of working.

Also the Grid will be the first to play on this impulse to try to increase its control in the person.


In trying to be its privileged partner, and even exclusive.

So remember what I have said to you about the sexual act and that you have besides checked by yourself. When there is penetration, the partner lets a part of him in your body-spirit which is modified by it during around two months. The minimum is three weeks and the maximum six months if there has been an extreme intensity, in good as in bad.

In other words, this means that after an act of penetration, you are no longer alone inside you… There is you and a part of the other. You are two to look at and to analyse an event !...

And how, in details, the Grid will try to be your partner ?

By playing on the keyboard of your dreams like a virtuoso pianist which knows you well, because it is it which has installed these ropes in your body-spirit… But for that, it has to put in activity a « Being » who will know to play with you and who is under its control.

The energy structures of « tantric master » are the worst at this game of manipulation… especially when there is a meeting with a female structure that has a colour of tantrika… Then the woman vibrates with all her fibers under the hand of this man. She believes to be understood and loved...but he does not understand anything and he loves nobody except himself. He only uses the powers that the Grid has given him through his energy structure, and he is very happy with that and he does not try to go further that this first satisfaction which is so « obvious » for him.…

Do you also remember that all the structures have been created by the Grid in order to be able to better control the Being.

Do you also remember what I told you years ago...?« Be careful of « astonishing » encounters … The Grid is a Master which knows how to organize a « fortuitous » encounter… in fact to know how to put in relation beings who can together make vibrate in their body-spirit the ropes which are its own.

So, before jumping on the encounter and to allow the penetration, you must stand back with your Consciousness… and let it come.

But if you jump on the event, then the Consciousness is send to bed as I said it to you previously (In fact, a curious pun that comes to me spontaneously, because to jump on the event it is to go to bed with the body… and the soporific is immediat.)

Then, « the other », if he wants to manipulate you, to control you and to submit you, will always try to penetrate in all the level of your life...and not only in the level of the body… with a regularity (minimum every months) so that you are never « void of him »… what you will take for a « loving attention ».

Thus he will always be there at the time of all your decisions and will make sure that « something else than him » do not penetrate you (what you could take for jealousy or a delicate assiduity because you have become a little silly with your anesthetized Consciousness)… and if he knows well to manipulate words and the sensations-emotions, you will be dependent on him… you will be under drugs…

But the problem is that you will not know it… you will no longer know it because your Consciousness is on soporific.

You will have to wait for « the waking »… and it will be painful.


This is alas what a lot of people call « Tantrism »… this form of submissions through sensations-emotions organized by the Grid.

But it is really a form of penetration that makes sense in the working of the Universe.

It is the penetration by the Grid.

It is the obtaining of its knowledges, powers and reflexes....and then you lead your life with that… and as these data are those the most shared in the ordinary world, you are « normal », confirmed and supported by the others.

However this is not a way to grow towards your Original Dignity… But the personn does not know it!... Except to wait for the fall… or a certain kind of progressive dissatisfaction which can permit to stand back, step by step… But what a waste of time and of energy !


So, before finishing with this first approach of the quality of the penetration, why do I say that this form of penetration has a sense in the organisation of the Universe ?

Because there are several forms of penetration possible in order to orientate the Being :

   *In Bam :

•by the Grid which is the present minor Bam… that I have just mentioned.

•By medium Bam which is an intermediate state of evolution.

•By Major Bam which is what we call « Universal Love »… used by the gurus and masters of all the Traditions.


    * By Yam :

- Yam which takes care of Bam… the one that everyone knows as Primordial Intelligence which helps Bam to behave according to the Order of Creation. We call it Yam-Bam.

- Yam which takes care of Yam and of the maintenance of its purity, and its relation with Nothing and Chaos… We call it Yam-Yam.


    * By Nothing :

I have still never introduced you to this Knowledge because it is Secrets Teachings… Secret because difficult to understand because there is nothing hidden in the Universe...It suffices to have the Consciousness capable to see and to decode the Reality of what exists all around everybody.


    * By Chaos.

Same comment…

But there, we touch at the explosive !.... Super dangerous to approach that without a meticulous preparation and perfectly ordered. We do not make us penetrate by this Dimension of the Absolute without a very precise approach… Explosion guaranteed !... And the « insurances » instituted by the humans in their search of security « do not cover these risks », consequences of this penetration…

So « to screw » with That will not be part of my Teachings for you...You will have to grow still a little more.



Well, that’s enough for today. We will see that together tomorrow morning...


Ah !... And if I would die this night, killed by the reactions of Bam-Grid which is not so happy to see me messing things up in the comprehensions that it has worked so hard to install in the body-spirit of the humans....even by using self-hypnosis?


Well, I will make you a response of super selfish :


You will get by all alone !...

Seek and you will find…

Nothing is hidden..

Move a little your bottom !



Perhaps that you could suppose… sometimes !... that I can be a little tired of being so cramped in this body, made by Bam and « transformed » at each instant by the turpitudes of the Grid which has become the Master of the entire Body of Humanity.

Hey, do you remember what I have said about it. I think that it is not too stupid.


well, good night…