Penetrated… by WHO ?



If you have well understood what I said yesterday evening, penetration is a natural and always in action act in the daily life, as besides the momentum to the Union is also.


Also when I have given you the different possibilities of penetration… Bam… Yam… Nothing… Chaos… rises spontaneously to you the question : to be penetrated by Who ?


It is easy to ask a question but it is very difficult to ask a good one. And this one is wrong.

Why ?... when it seems so natural and obvious !


Because the good question demonstrating a deep understanding of the working of the Universe would be : to be penetrated by What ?


Oh yes !... You do not understand!

So let’s take the reality of the working of the being and his choices and let’s come back to my example: Mister and Madam.


In what Madam is interested ? It is not Mister himself, but his manner of making work objects which are rewarding for her, according to the attraction of her dreams which are themselves products of her energy structure.

So Madam « loves » Mister, because Mister knows well how to make vibrate her sensations-emotions system.


In other words, there is a meeting between « two pictures », two dreams which help each other to increase in value.


Of course, Madam and Mister will say that it is not true ; that they « love each other » deep in their being and that they are not only guided by the enrichment and the realization of their sensations-emotions.

So look quite simply an ordinary couple. They « love each other ». Then Madam has a car accident that disfigures her. Mister will find a reason for leaving her, altough perhaps, and even surely, the heart and the spirit of Madam have grown because of this mutilation.

But Madam is no longer the satisfactory picture for Mister!


Same old story when Mister loses his potential for sexual performances after an accident that has broken his spinal cord. Here, it is Madam who goes away.


This is a simple story.

But life is a little bit more complicated with all the rewarding objects that we want to make vibrate. There is attractions between these objects that make a real mess in the Universe, a search of interaction which makes that Mister meets Madam and is interested in her.

This is what we call interdependence of phenomena.


Also, if you are very attentive to the « fortuitous » or « extraordinary » encounters, you will very quickly perceive which objects, rewarding for you and the other, are vibrating.


If you rush on the « Who », it means on the Mister and his proposals of life, you are quickly burnt and your Consciousness sent to bed (it is the case to say it !) will no longer be able to perceive this game which will consume your energy…and also the one of the other …until the painful waking.

But I have taught you about that yesterday evening.


So, that means that penetration is always by What… the by Who being secondary and interchangeable.


In other words, you have to pay attention to by What you want to be penetrated, with What you want to vibrate, and you will know at the same time in which Dimension you really want to live… Bam… Yam… Nothing… Chaos.

Of course, at the level where you are, you have already perceived that each one of Dimensions uses a category of objects and makes them work in a certain manner.


So it suffices to look at you chosing your objects of working, it means to practice your life, to know which Dimension you like … what is REALLY your « Love ».


But the humor of the situation of the life is that it effectively ends by the first question : by Who ?


Hey yes !... Each object has a creator with a manner to use it. Each energy object is built by an intelligence which is the tool of action of a Force.

Thus in the end, you are well penetrated by Who ?


This is the humor of the life….but also the lie of the Man who would like to make beleive that he wants to be penetrated by the Yam (for example) but who puts in vibration the tools built by the Bam… and moreover gains an obvious satisfaction (I will have to come back on this problem of the satisfaction because it is important to understand how the return of energy is done on the Consciousness which appreciates and judges… and not on the act in itself… what changes a lot the understanding that we can have on the notion of cause and effect).


(Incomplete due to an immobilisation of my hands… and a lack of desire of Yam to continue to feed Bam who continues to «make a fuss»…last documents placed in the site in September 2011... and end!)