Secret Tan Tien



We will work together on the secret Tan Tien and its uses, it means the use of its snakes.


You must always remember what this work that we make is for.

What is the Direct Way?

I could always give a different commentary each time, like a different door to enter into the castle. That could be interesting to know all the modes to come in it.


Today I will tell you that the Direct Way it is like a lover who seeks everywhere his lover, who knows that she is here but does not arrive to find her. He looks for her everywhere in all the gestures of the life, in all the encounters, in all the looks. He looks for her in all the events because he knows that she is here and that this perfection that he is looking for, that we call dignity, is everywhere because it is the matter which constitutes Everything. In a more precise manner, it is The One which constitutes all the matter.


Through these events, you try to find again this dignity, this perfection of this matter which has coded the whole particles which constitutes Everything. So, you must not only consider that it constitutes each tree, each other, each human, but it constitutes each event because each event is this matter in movement. It is not because the movement is neither pleasant nor dignified, that this matter does not exist. These are the absolute aspirations to this meeting, it is this attention in movement, it is this attentive action.

Ultimately, it is a gesture of life fully conscious of what he looks for.


Look for. This word is interesting because at the reptilian level you assimilate it to: « You look for because you have not find. Once you have found, you do no longer look for». In the reality, it is not true. Even when you are illuminated, fully illuminated, you are always trying to look for this fully conscious gesture of life because the relative and the absolute are always mixed. Your space is always cluttered with all this indignity, of all this embarrassment of the continuous stories that the emotional makes and it is for that that I speak of the emotional fair. A fair it is a lot of agitation, a lot of noise, and once back home in the evening, you realize that you are tired. It was more or less funny but in fact it has taken all the space, all the concern. And when you are in a fair, you are not with yourself, you are carried by all this agitation which moves in all the directions and which attracts your attention in a certain direction. And your energy goes where your attention is…

So, you are always «looking for». And if you have found, you look for new medicines, new breath for your lover, to go with her better. You take care of her in the medium of this whole cosmic fair.


I have just wanted to tell you some words and I have gone far further. Here, we are fully in the relation between the spouse and the husband.

The husband looks permanently after the lover. It is not because he has looked for and that he has found that he puts himself, now, in an armchair and does nothing more. No, he looks always still more after her! He breathes always on her. It is like an embers on which you always breathe so that it makes a nice radiation, a nice fire. The reptilian cannot understand it because it looks for finding and once it is found, it files. It is classified. You pass to another thing.

This movement, this attentive action is a gesture of full conscious of what you are always doing. To breathe on this embers if you have found it, if not you are always looking for it, is a marvelous action which fills the heart. Here you are really in a tantric dimension. It is the art of penetration, of coupling, the art of exclusive interest.


When I speak to you of the secrete Tan Tien, it is of that that I speak to you. I speak to you of the exclusive interest. This TT is the most powerful, the deepest force of the Earth. It is the condensation, the concentration of the Earth, of its power, of its mobility of action.



My question is: what do you want to do of it?... of the secrete Tan Tien and of its snakes?

Using it, it is always, always, to refine, your tool of research. To refine your body so that this body be a tool of research more and more high-performance to, then, refine the aid that you can give to the other people. The others, also, are part of our space. Later, this aid, this refining allows you to go towards the couplings with these forces of the universe. Then, you can go to work to the nourishment of the Earth.


In each of these uses, we will look at that with great attention. We will always look at what is this gesture in full conscious which permits that.





Secret Tan Tien





If you only want to play with life and find a space a little bit more comfortable that the one you have, the « usual » Tan Tien that everybody knows is really sufficient.

On the other hand, if you want to be definitively free of this spider’s web in which you get bogged down, you need of an exceptional force. This one, you will find it in another Tan Tien that is called “secret”. The previous one, that you have already used is named “apparent”. It is the most obvious, it is the façade which hides the “real” force.


What is this force of the secret Tan Tien?

It is the most powerful condensation of Heaven that you have inside you. It is the super condensed force by Heaven. What is wonderful, it is to perceive that the most condensed of the power of Earth is from Heaven. When you know how to use this Heaven super condensed inside your body, you will make a fabulous explosion in this spider’s web. It is Heaven which puts itself in explosion, it is a fantastical mountain storm.

So approach the secret Tan Tien very well as super condensed Heaven. Here, I assure you that you will perceive a colossal to give-to receive. What you will give, will be repaid you a hundredfold!


2. Awakening.


You must waken the secret Tan Tien, be aware of it, put it back into activation. It is not nothing and that is worth a particular commentary. The manner to wake it up determines already your working with the creation and with your life.

In the Direct Way, it is always clear, it is the relaxation and the suppleness which takes precedence. It is of delicacy, it is not of force.

The means used determine immediately your relation with space, with life. They fixe the modes of your loving meeting with the life. I would even say that they determine the type of love that you want, and its profile. So, please, do not make anything.


You do not know where the secret Tan Tien is situated. But, already, you know the loop and you are very well running with the first bronzemen. When you make the loop, there is a resistance when the energy must pass through the sacrum. There is like a small hole, a little passage where you have to force. You realize that, also, when you work with the cold sexual energy.

So you already physically know the passage. It is in this zone that there is the energetic reserve that is the secret Tan Tien.

You bring your consciousness on this small ping pong ball that is your apparent Tan Tien. The most it is condensed, the best it is. Do not make an effort of imagination. Never of effort of imagination on the Direct Way. You take things as they are. It is small: it is small, it is tall, it is tall.

You make it rotate into your belly to have a greater intimacy and increase the perception. Your will and your breathing must be enough to make this ball rotate and you can help you with muscular contractions.

You constitute the bowl, with using the apparent Tan Tien like a tennis ball that you throw against a wall. You give a few throws against the four bearings points of the belt which is very quickly making more dynamic. You push globally onto your apparent Tan Tien in central position: the belt is very strong.

You make a few respirations in orienting your effort on the exhaling which is far longer and prolonged than the inhaling. A drainage of your thoughts is done.

For the bowl, it is the same percussion. You throw the apparent Tan Tien against the perineum, like a tennis ball, while closing it. If your are not sure of this closing, you globally clench the buttocks. It is warm!

You globally push the apparent Tan Tien into the belly while keeping the perineum closed. The bowl constitutes all alone. The belt is prolonging towards the bottom, like a dressing of the pelvis, first of the belly, then the buttocks and it closes at the perineum, and globally on all your sexual system.

You have your bowl. Then, you make the loop. You ascend globally in the back and you descend in the front. With the habit, it is done a snap of a fingers.


Now, you bring your attention to this part of the sacrum where you have always a difficulty to make the energy pass through. The energy is where your attention is. So your energy mobilizes at this place and you will feel a pressure, a pain, a presence. Take your time, only bring your attention. You always have your respiration wide, natural, longer while the inhaling.

You will throw the apparent Tan Tien onto this presence. You will touch it very gently, with the exhaling. Four time. Stop!

You must control very well. You must not push. There is now a clear presence. Breathe quietly to well regularize. Redo the loop: global sucking in the back, global exhaling in the front.


You will increase, now, the pressure. You throw again four times, with suppleness and without violence, the tennis ball on the sacrum. Stop.

If before the four launched you feel a franck pain, you stop immediately. That means that you are in maximal compression of what you can control now. Also you must well know all the practice and the process of the leading of the energy before making the action. You will make a snake of energy going out by a small pressure of the apparent Tan Tien against the secret Tan Tien. The snake will start to go out upwards, that means to rise in the spine.


As soon as the head of the snake goes out, you only have to take care of it nothing else. As if you held a snake by the head and that you conducte it, without letting it go because it could go out or bit you. You ascend it in the back, with your attention, then through the nape and to the fontanel. You ascend it the most slowly as possible because it would like to go very fast. You have to show it that it is you that control the operation. When you are at the fontanel, in the same manner, you descend it in the front. In fact, you make it done the circuit of the loop.

You take it back to the apparent Tan Tien, in your belly. It is only when the head of the snake has entered the apparent Tan Tien that you can release it. But above all not before. Because it can go everywhere and can create enormous physical or psychological damages. You do not play with that. As soon as the snake is there, all the attention is on it and you do nothing else on the secret Tan Tien.


I repeat because it is really important!

With the apparent Tan Tien, you press on the secret Tan Tien, you maintain with the exhaling. It activates it. And when the snake goes out, you release the Apparent Tan Tien, you no longer take care of it. You take the snake, you let it going out and you master its head to conduct it towards the top. You master very well. The first passage is extyraordinary because you feel a force that you did not know. But you master. Take your time. Perceive the passage through the nape, the back of the head, the fontanel very well and you descend in the front.

You have the tongue behind the top teeth or against the palate. You must make the connection of the energetic circuits in the mouth. When the snake passes, you feel it well. It can have considerable production of saliva, and even the tongue which quivers. You do not release. And you bring it into the belly with as many respirations as you want. You do not make dissociation between your exhalings and your inhalings. You take your time. When it is in your belly, in your apparent Tan Tien, you release it. It enters inside it and is diluted. It means that you bring the strength from the secret Tan Tien into the apparent Tan Tien.


If you pay attention to the apparent Tan Tien, you realize that it is changing of colours. It becomes darker because the energy, which has gone out, is very dark, almost black. In fact, it is night blue, very dark.

You feel your ping pong ball, in the belly ; far stronger, more compact.

You will make that four times. Maximun. You will bring four snakes into your belly.


You can then make the experiment to send your apparent Tan Tien, enriched by the secret Tan Tien, against the four bearings points of the belly. Observe, it is very strong! It is no longer a tennis ball, it is a metal ball which runs into the belt. It is far more stronger, precise, decisive. There is of decision.

At this level, you can observe that the apparent Tan Tien only is like a big chubby-cheeked baby, happy of his “ga, ga” because everybody is happy around him.

While now, there is of decision for action. It is that the secret Tan Tien. Normally, you must use it and put somebody in relation with the secret Tan Tien only when he has shown his will for action for life, shown his will to cease to be this chubby-cheeked baby who makes “ga, ga” before and with all his little emotional games and all the others, who laugh around him congratulating him more or less of his operations.


The secret Tan Tien, this is the strength of the Earth, the strength the most powerful, the most condensed of the Earth which will, at last, master what is going on into it and onto it. It is a decision.


It is not worth going further than these four snakes because if it does not make you a fantastically strong apparent Tan Tien, it means that you have no pressure in the secret Tan Tien, that you are making yourself virtual and imaginary, or that you have leaks somewhere.


Here is what the waking up of the secret Tan Tien is.

At the beginning, during at last one week, you do only that: this quite waken to master very well this operation so that then, bit by bit, you can go quicker, but without trying to find it really. However, all this approach, very slow and methodic does no longer exist after. It is only the training which permits you this mastery. And more, by dint of making the snake going out in this so presice manner; it, it knows what you want and a nice day, it will do exactly what you want without you being obliged to keep it by the head. But at the beginning, you always keep it. You do not dream. You are here, in the action in full consciousness. You are attentive in the movement. If you will think, suddenly to something else, if it escapes from you, on certain organs on which you can have a little problem, as such as the heart for example, it makes it short-circuit and you have a heart attack. You do not joke with the strength of Earth. This is of serious.


You always finish with the loop. You regularize everything.