Aids to oneself 3





We will work on all the sexual system with the snakes. The snakes of the secret Tan-Tien will function like forceps. There is a space too small and too reduced to this sexual energy. In addition there is an accumulation of disturbed energy and it is necessary to open the doors of the deep cellars to make come in the air in all that.


While I speak to you, you prepare you and you go to the pastille of vitality. At your level, you can be attentive with your mechanism of energetic working and hear what I say to you. Indeed, in the everyday life you did not sit on an armchair, in the peace of your house or of a predetermined space to be able to live and be intimate with yourself. The Direct Way is not a way of exclusion of the everyday life but on the contrary, it makes it possible to be inserted completely in it. There is a presence in the event inside you. Therefore, you must be able to make both at the same time.


You should understand that the sexual energy, in finality, does not exist. What is this? It is the movement of vital energy, of the energy of life which takes a vibratory state which puts in activation apparatuses which function with this type of current. These apparatuses are called organs of sexuality and circuit of sexuality. Of course, one should not forget the organs of the brain which are connected to them.

It is thus only one mode of vibrations of the vital energy. One can very clearly perceive it with the techniques of the Direct Way because if one modifies the vibration of the vital energy, one will transform the sexual energy. In fact, one will transform the vibration of the vital energy which is on its sexual radiation in beauty of the heart, expanding towards outside or in spiritual energy of which a lot of old religious texts as well as the tantrism speak. One transforms sexual energy into spiritual energy. Finally, it is necessary initially to perceive perfectly that at the beginning it is the energy of vitality, of Creation. If this energy is weak, there will be a problem in all its general creation. It is not only to make children or somersaults or stories of bed. It is general Creation. Moreover, in the past, in the catholic Christian world, one did not accept as monk a person who did not have a sufficiently clear force of sexuality. They knew that one would need this force of sexuality to go towards God. It is necessary to supply the rocket in gas oil and this gas oil it is not only of sexuality, it is this energy which takes also the form of the vibration of sexuality. It should well be understood. It is for that that all the work on the sexual disturbances are possible in energy by modifying the vibratory system of these energies known as sexual which function on themselves and which are excited on themselves, as luminous spots in a discotheque training the dancers on the dance floor but progressively the dancers excite also the spots. Ones returning themselves to the others.


When this tool, this energy of Creation is put in vibration and excites the circuit of sexuality, this circuit, in reaction, excites itself and leaves the memory of its cells, its dreams, its desires, its keen interests, its reproaches, its escapes and so on. It is a whole funfair! But this one takes an enormous dimension in the reptilian world because it brings a phenomenal imagination to it. And it is through this vibration of vital energy in sexuality that one can increase considerably all the principle of the feelings, of attractions and so on. The reptilian system could not live without this vibration of sexuality.


You understand the difficulty of this work because “WHO” listens to me? It is this reasoning intelligence which wants to control everything, to understand everything, to master everything. However, that will not go very far in the modification of the being. It is only one accumulation of information. It is the organization of the concepts. The word concept comes from « con» and « cep». « Cep» wants to say foot. « Con» on the etymological level is the base of the communication, it means: with. In fact, it is cep together, a base of communication. The reptilian likes a lot the concepts, all the new ideas from which it will be able to develop a new theory thinking that if it knows its prison better it will be able to escape from the difficulty and to go out of it. It is the most total swindle of the reptilian and of the grid to make believe that the accumulation of knowledge gives the possibility of being freed. It is not that.


It is not for nothing, either, that when somebody has an excessive sexuality, badly directed and strong, he also has many phantasms, ideas, imagination. He will be seeker of situations. It is what one can call a form of fetishism, not compared to an object, to a clothing, but compared to a situation. It is a fetishism already more pushed, because it is moving, it is not more only in matter. It is the articulation of the movement, of the feeling which makes completely flame the mister or the lady. This play can be organized all alone in the head of somebody. It is generally that. Some people need the video or of the pornographic newspapers to excite imagination, others are ineradicable of the masturbation. It is excessively frequent for men. Many men who their woman thinks that they are not being very attracted by the sexuality masturbate very often and say to prefer the masturbation to the relation between coupling with their wife. They prefer being all alone in their dreams, in their situations settle in their head, in a complete fetishism. While with their wife, they are in a matter which should be managed, live in a certain manner, there is a vibration. And the whole of this vibration does not make them flame. In other words, the sexuality, this vibration of vital energy called sexuality prefers the virtual to the reality. It is the difficulty, it is the problem.


Into final, the snakes of the Tan-Tien are used like forceps for a difficult childbirth, it means it is a question of making leave something. That should well be understood. One makes leave all this disturbing energy which was put in self-vibration, in self imagination and has created vibrations of space which pollute inside the body, which pollutes even the spirit and the brain.


Now, at work!


Always with the pastille of vitality which caresses preferably the secret Tan-Tien to the percussion, a snake leaves, then by the loop you lead it in your apparent Tan-Tien that you reinforce. Basic technique that you already know and without danger.

Then, a second snake that you lead by the loop to the belly. You lead it on the left side of your pelvis. You make it going up by the main axis, from perineum, and when it arrives at the level of the Tan-Tien, it does not come in it but goes out of the main axis to go on the left side to push on the bones of the pelvis, as if it wanted a widening of the groin. The zone is more or less high on the bone of the pelvis. That can be really at the groin, beside the pubis, or at the level of the ovaries or even higher. The snake, in any event, knows where to go.

You do not wait a too long time. You make coming a third snake that you lead in the same good manner and make leave the main axis at the level of the Tan-Tien and that you lead it on the right side of the pelvis. There too, you let the snake take its place.

You have, starting from the apparent Tan-Tien, which is a fulcrum, two arms on each side. It is starting from the Tan-Tien that the order of the two snakes on each side is done. You push your Tan-Tien with the exhalation. It goes out an impulse which orders the two snakes on each side which draw aside the belly laterally.

If the Tan-Tien is not strong enough, you make come a fourth snake. There is no danger to make come a good number of snakes. One can even arrive at six or eight. You let to force.


There are emotional reactions. One cries, some things flow by the anus or the vagina. The woman feels a lot because she is naturally opened at the sexual organs. The man has « a stick» and it is more difficult to make evacuate by it.


When the two sides are settled, one will make a complementary effort: to push with forceps on the front side and the back side. Another snake that you lead in the main axis. Exit at the Tan-Tien and one makes it push in the entire pubic zone. Without waiting, you make come another snake and it pushes in the back zone, the anal zone. In fact it knows very well how to act.


Here, you have four forceps: the two lateral ones, plus one front and one behind. From the apparent Tan-Tien, you put all that in mobilization. You forces with your exhalation. That makes of effect. You can even feel a release at the nape of the neck and at the cerebellum.

If you want to go further and that you feel in form, you make come the pastille from vitality at the level of your apparent Tan-Tiem. It is it which will be organized and be the base of the push of the four forceps. You feel that it is much more powerful, much stronger, much acuter. There is an important work that is done at the level of the shoulders, of the nape of the neck, of the cerebellum.

If there is a particular problem, you can make return the pastille of vitality in one of the snakes. It is conducted in the body of the snake until in its head and will work with it. It gives it much more force, precision to work. Take the snake that you want, engage the pastille of vitality inside it. Your intention is enough. You will see that this branch of the forceps works more powerful and more precise.

The pastille of vitality can be also divided in two. You can make it work on two forceps at the same time. Generally in this case, you take the opposite forceps, which balance one the other.

With the pastille of vitality, you also can, make it return in the main axis and go very precisely in points such as the perineum for example. You can make turn the pastille of vitality in the lips of the vagina or the root of the penis or in the testicles. You can do a particular work with the pastille of vitality while the forceps open the space, the doors. You put a complementary lighting, acceleration to the process of cleaning and of evacuation so that all this unhealthy energy blocked by the bad experiments can release the body.

You can feel a lot of things which run in the thighs and the legs too. That evacuates.


Later, when you have taken the habit of this form of cleaning of your sexual energy, you can use the pastille of vitality to enter deeply into your vagina, into your uterus, to repair a lot, to clean, to give softness, desire for living because the pastille of vitality it is the initial vivacity, it is the desire for living, it is the impulse for the life. It is not of passive. When you have made it intervene, you do not stay passive afterwards. Automatically, you have the desire of the action.

There too, if there are large difficulties, pains: one should not insist. Five minutes are enough. One starts again four days later.

One can still increase the power of the snakes while making return from the Tan-Tien other snakes by couple, which return to increase on the right, on the left, in front, behind, or which remain in the apparent Tan-Tien to increase the power of the snakes already at work. You can easily go to eight snakes come from the secret Tan-Tien that you organize at your manner, according to what you can feel, perceive and that you understand as necessary and indispensable.

You know how to control well the apparent Tan-Tien with the snakes of the secret Tan-Tien and the pastille of vitality all together, then you can do a very beautiful work.


To finish, all the snakes should be taken again. You bring back everything to the apparent Tan-Tien. You do not make of overall. You make of particular and you take the snakes the ones after the others to bring them back. When they are all brought back to the Tan-Tien, you make the loop. There is something in your pelvis, in all the sexual parts which are freed and modified. There is something of happy.


In surplus, this cleaning makes you very sensitive to pollution. It should well be understood that any system of cleaning makes vulnerable to pollution. Vulnerable is to be taken in positive term. Thus one immediately receives the true piece of information at the time of the meeting and the event.







MEANS of the Grid.


First approach in Bam



Only silence loves. The Grid is the organization of a false love, of a false silence. It is the organization of a virtuality, which sets up feelings and shiverings in the body and which makes believe that it is a reality since that produces results. It is as to make believe that you are inside a car when you are touched by the air that it moves. It is exactly like that that functions. Here are the means of action used by the Grid. The Grid it is the magician of the dream.


It is a very great magician of the dream.


This Grid, which one also calls the devil, you can do nothing against it because it does not exist in matter. What does it occur in fact? When you incarnate yourself in this space of Bam, there is an influence on you who would push you not to have the intention to give back to the Source the fruit of your action. This intention is to say that now you make for you, that you make a factory for yourself.


Previously I have shown you that in finality it is an entirely virtual intention since the final addressee is always the Source since it is with Its matter that one acts.

The one which is put in the separation does not have this perception. He really believes that it is him which is the owner and the addressee of the energetic matter because, finally, he has the feeling and this madness to believe that the feeling is the matter, it means that the draught moved by the car contains the possession of the car. He is in a total madness. But he believes himself very clever and he is very imaginative to install his world and his security, his entirely virtual organization, entirely false, entirely immaterial.


But for him, it is a reality.


Thus there is this initial intention which sets up a movement and it is this movement which constitutes the space. And of course, there is progressively an improvement of the evolution of the mankind since there is an increase of the attention. It is a movement which creates more and more words and theories to be explained to itself. This person believes in a personal will, in an absolutely material action whereas this is exclusively of virtual.



This is for that that nothing can be done against this space because it is only one consequence of a movement, which is itself a consequence of an intention.


This space which one calls the Grid, the devil, this constitution apparently very material is the consequence of a movement, the consequence of an intention. It does not exist! Stop, decrease the movement, the tonicity and the width of this space decreases by itself.


You are of virtual, but where is the energetic nourishment of this virtual space, this nourishment, which gives to it the impression to really exist and to really recover something? The energetic nourishment is your movement at you because you are an Original matter. You exist, you, as an individual. This is for that which it is so important for this space, which one names the devil, to excite you to the maximum, to stress you to the maximum, to put you in activity to the maximum so that your personal movement nourishes it, so that it has the recovery of the energetic system because, you, you are matter.


Without you. The Devil does not exist.


Consequently, you cannot destroy it since it is really blows of sword in water. It is by the modification of your movement, that you transform the Grid.


Therefore, the means of the Grid is of virtual, which needs you to be able to be nourished in energy because you you are not of virtual, you are a matter. But, it is not so easy to modify the movement of ones life, because the Grid, the devil, it is truly the magician of the dream, it is the organization of the lie. The virtual acts on the body: like a night dream which produces a fantastic disturbance on your body, sometimes during days. Moreover, the body, as the generations progress, is better and better shaped by the Grid for reacting well to the virtual.

At the same time, the other decoders making it possible to perceive this small so fine music of Dignity, this small presence inside you, are relegated to the deepest in the cellar, like useless.


How this feeling of uselessness could settle? The more you go down in the Grid, the more you go in the center. The more you take interest in what it can propose to you, the more you go increasingly deep in your perception, in your sensation, in the intelligence of your feeling. The more you go down in the Grid, the more you enter inside, the more you become naturally the impulse of the Grid, the more you become naturally dishonest, liar, vicious…. What for you your natural and absolutely normal state will be.

At a given time of this descent, you cannot imagine even any more that it can exist another manner of living, another manner of feeling, another manner of behaving. When you are on this level, you are very sincerely dishonest person, liar, vicious. You can make emanate from you, of all your movement, of all your actions, of all your words, the sincerity of the certainty that what you say is true. It is for that that arrived at a certain level of work, I draw the attention of people to this point:


You cannot even support you on sincerity to assess the quality of the message and of the movement of someone else.

A True liar is VERY sincere in his lie!


At a given time, there is no more other means to exist but like that. And moreover, one is well inside. The feeling is nourished on itself, the intelligence is nourished on itself, the theory is nourished on itself and it creates in itself a particular space which belongs to you, at least which seems particular to you, which is around you, which is the space of your breathing, your space of pleasure.

This almost personal space inside the general space is difficult to explain. The air that you breathe is that at the end of your nose. By the karmic returns, the odors and the quality of the air around you can perfectly satisfy you and be the air that you like to breathe. This is what I express by saying that one feel good inside.

Except that there is also the other side, which exists: you are not only that. The other side cannot be destroyed by the Grid. As this other side is the very Essence of the matter which constitutes you, it is on this matter that there will be the problem. They are then the psychosomatic and physical diseases. I often said that the spirit belonged to the body. In fact, there is no difference between an apparently physical disease and the psychosomatic diseases. All is connected.


Here is the most intimate approach, the highest that I could currently give you of the Grid and of the means used.


There is an approach much more secret which is the physical perception of all these mechanisms and thus authentication by your body that all that I am saying to you is a truth. It is the maximum that I can make with the words, it means the inner side of the knowledge. But, if one wants to go more in detail, it means to descend a little more the level of information and to enter in the external side of phenomenon, I would say that the means used by the Grid are:


sensation and security.

They are absolutely essential needs for it.


I say sensation and security as if security was entirely separated from the sensation, which is not true since the security is also a sensation. Moreover, the normal expression is to say: I feel safe. We will approach them as if they were a little separated for a dialectical facility since the language is linear and cannot thus estimate the spatiality of the movement.


Without the body there is no technical and material possibility to organize a deviation of the movement, it means of the initial intention of the Creation which is the code first registered inside each particle of the universe, particles of which you are also constituted. It is not even conceivable. Without the body: no possibility of deviation, no possibility of separation, no possibility of manufacture of this particular space, which in its sophistication became the Grid or the devil in a cultural and religious way.

It is on the existence of the sensation, the development of the sensation, the organization of the sensation, that the Grid leans on. The sensation is not an evil in oneself. It is a natural state. By the fact to have a body, they are your tools of working. Your senses, your sensitivities are the contact with the environment. Everything creates a sensitive mobilization which one calls overall the sensation.


It is the direction which one will give it, the interest of the nourishment that one will give it that is the problem.


The second fulcrum of the Grid is the security. It is not any more in direct nourishment with the Heaven, the Creation, the Source, since it is an entirely virtual creation which does not have matter. The only matter which it has these are the human beings that it succeeds in taking inside its space and in filling with enthusiasm to dance for it. If all that is accepted, if it is found completely normal one will always agree for all that concerns the security, the maintenance of the space, the maintenance of the organization of the space.


And one will reject like something of absolutely terrible,

which one calls the truth which kills, which destroys.

On the other hand, the lie is a very mathematical organization which one can control.


While the Truth, one cannot control it. It has a very aerial dimension, it is like a bird in the Heaven which makes its personal flight. One is obliged to record its flight and to undergo the consequences according to the karmic law. Thus into final, the lie being articulated on itself makes function a certain space, the Truth being articulated on itself makes function, also, a certain space and modifies it too.

But the Truth, it, is free, it is carrier of the mobility of this original matter, of this laughter, of this bursting. The Truth makes burst the mountains. It is a laughter which makes burst the mountains.

While the lie narrows. Like an impressionist painting, with small touches on the right and on the left which the ones beside the others create an environment, a space. It is that the organization of the lie with the painter always adding a small touch by here, a small touch by there. And for him it is very normal because the more you enter deep down the movement of the Grid, the more you enter in all the mechanism of the sensation that the Grid proposes you, the more you find that normal, the more you become naturally vicious, liar and dishonest. It is natural. It is not worthwhile to condemn you by making reproach of morality. You cannot understand. It is right and normal to do so. This is thus that in this definition, it is right and normal to do like that, there is this auto-ignition of security, it means that the security is always reinforced on itself.


Look at what occurs at the level of the insurances where everyone is seeking risk zero.

At a medical level, it is this search for going towards this form of immortality, it means to prolong the life as much as one can with this hope that perhaps one could one day find immortality.

It is the immortality of what? The immortality that they want is the one of the sensation, the one of the body, which brings the sensation to them. It is deeply interesting because if you go very deep down inside you and that you enter again in this dimension of the Heaven, you realize that indeed there are enormous sensations that pass inside you, you have a happiness to live. Except that you do not like the sensation for the sensation itself. It is only a constant happiness. And you see that all this movement, all this approach, all this breathing and this mixture of breathings, it is the coupling of heart and of body with the Dignity and that produces an enormous physical happiness. But it is the normal and natural consequence of this coupling and what one likes is this coupling. What is completely different for the Grid because what he likes it is the sensation.


Sensation and security, by recalling that at the most intimate level, the security is also a sensation, are the two fulcrums, the two legs of working of the Grid in terms of need. It is a need for this space there, to be able to function.



Then, if you want to go very far in the attention and the intimacy with yourself, you must look at the relative side of your needs. When you say: « I need of…»… it is a reality: you need something. But do never look at it in absolute, look at it in relative because when you are in this dimension of the Heaven, you realize that you do not need anything. The Heaven looks after you and provides you in event, in material, in what you need to be able to continue your intimacy with the Heaven, and to develop it always more, it means to allow you to always couple more deeply with the Heaven.


Never forget the notion of environment because all the system of the Grid excludes the form of the environment. It is the individual as a personal and single entity, it means as a separated decision of all the remainder which acts on the others.

Each event is then a teaching. Look at how each one articulates his own means, according to his internal chemistry. It is amusing. At the beginning you will be able to say that it is very interesting, that you learn but at a given moment you will say simply that it is amusing but that you do not feel passionate anymore about going to check all the billionths of possibilities of creation of this human integrated completely to the Grid, all this billions of possibilities to articulate the event to find his pleasure, his success, his profit and his satisfaction. It is infinite. There is always an increase of the imagination.


Except that Dignity, it, appears beside that like a very timid and very simple little girl because it is not improvable.


It is like that. It is not improvable. The only thing which one can show it is the heart, it is the love. And if one wants to look at that well one reaches the silence. The action rises naturally from the action. This action does not have a trace.


Thus the spirit is new and fresh at each event, at each operation. It is very simple and one is not any more in all this agitation, this stress, this open fair organized by the Grid. One is not any more in the organization of the lie. One is with the other people as long as one has a body and one will be able to help them in this space here in which one is, in the space of the Grid…

but one is also the Grid. It is also part of ones body.