The illumination is a crucial point, an absolutely essential stage in your development, for your meeting with yourself.

It bears its name well: one is illuminated, it means there is a fantastic lighting inside you which shows you the things such as they are. The lie and the theft can only live in the darkness.

All of a sudden, you have a total perception of the universe, of its movement, of its relation with yourself, with All.

In fact, finally, the explanations are very far from the experiment itself. It is a physical experiment.


There is a total sight, there is a total perception, a total feeling, which in its whole sees everything, understands everything.


Into final, one does not even know WHO sees, or Who understands since there is not this observer which tries to archive, to classify your sight, your perception, your feeling. It is another dimension. It is a fully dimension of the heart because what emanates physically from all that, it is that the heart bursts. One has the perception, there is the comprehension of all the Love of the world, and that Love is the matter from which all is manufactured.


One is inside. One is completely inside.


When one speaks about illumination, one speaks about liberation. It should always well be looked at why one is illuminated and from what one is freed. Without the Grid, without the devil, of what would one need to be freed? Without this Grid, this devil, which handles, in the sense the most terrible of the term, which brings back everything to it, which darkens the intelligence, one does not need to speak about liberation or illumination.


It is a colossal physical experiment where you find back your dimension in which the natural Force of the Heaven runs freely. It is very physical. Before the illumination it is always the Grid, the devil, which plays as a pianist on all the systems that it has set up in your body to control you. All of a sudden, one is freed from all that.


By the movement in your body, the Grid has also tried to make known you the taste, the savor, the mobilization of the objects, of the systems which it has built. It is exactly the same mechanism. You decode what runs in priority in your body. There, all of a sudden the priority it is this Force of the Creation, this Original Force. All the tools which are called the sensation, the intelligence, the look, the comprehension, which are mechanical tools inside your body are now in activation with that, with this flow. They are not any more in activation with the other mechanism. But they are the same tools!

There, you perceive that there was nothing to throw, that nothing is useless, that there is not to mutilate one of the tools as when one cuts a hand which can steal. But, it can make another thing that spite. There, all of a sudden, it is your body in full conscience which enjoys, which understands, which lives this dimension of the Heaven, which is carried by this enthusiasm. Then, it is completely obvious that if somebody has mutilated his body and his brain through psychological or physical actions, or drugs, the illumination is not possible because it will miss to him the mechanical decoders to perceive fully and completely this flux, this flow of the Dignity.

It passes really a bulldozer inside you and all the small machines and mental handling manufactured by the Grid do not have any more their place. All that explodes! And the whole of your energetic system, the whole of the tools, of your decoders are only directed towards this force, this flow.

But, it is an arrival and a starting point.


It is where there is a great difficulty and incomprehension because in what one could call the old texts and the stories told by all these masters in spiritual matter, the illumination it is when you arrived, and the remainder does not exist anymore.

Well no, precisely, it is not true. It is not true at all. The illumination is not finality, it is the beginning of your steps of adult.


If one can say that it is a finality that wants to say that it is the end of your life of child, as the one who is with four legs on the ground and does not know and does not understand that forces and impulses are applied to him, or does not feel all the mechanisms of raising executed on him. All of a sudden, one leaves this world of children, one has a physical perception of the reality, of his commitment with this reality, of his commitment to the life, of this love because it is really the true heart of the illumination, this perception of this fantastic Love which is the matter from which all is created. There, one will begin his life of adult, it means his life of responsible person, of responsible being, of responsible human, who knows finally about what he speaks, who has fully perceived it in the body and who always continues to perceive it in continual reactualization. Therefore, it is where one will really begin his life of adult and it is not an end.


In other words, illumination it is the most adapted tool and the most splendid to stop with all the process of handling of the Grid.



Illuminated or not, you are in the space of the Grid. Therefore, that you are or not illuminated, it will always radiate on you as in an energetic caisson and your cells, all your body will also react to this bombing. Except that when you are illuminated, you really know of what it is about and you have understood all this mechanism, and you have the splendid tool allowing you not to be the slave and the servant of this space in which you are.

From there, by this full comprehension of all the mechanism which settles, you can help the humans, the others, by teaching them and radiating on them. But in addition, and it is what is excessively important by the work that you have done on you, on your body, you will reinforce considerably this Force of the universe, this energetic flux that one calls the illumination.


What makes the difficulty and the errors of comprehension of those who speak about the illumination, it is that quite simply what are called the twelve yogas are toned down. In the normal practice of the access to the illumination such as it is defined by all the old system, there is the preliminary work on all the disturbances, the perversions, the tendencies of the man. There is this preliminary work which is called twelve yogas. There is the yoga of the cleanliness of the body, of the mental cleanliness, of the lie, of the right attitude … There are 12 of them, perfectly defined. In each life, if you work well, perhaps you will succeed in finishing with one yoga, it means to be able to remove from your physical body and from your energetic system all the drums corresponding to this yoga and who make resonance when the environment, the Grid, sends its energetic impulses, its sounds, its pressures. There is nothing any more to make resonance, then the sound is not done any more and you free yourself from that.


With a lot of chance and a very good master, in a life, you will have perhaps arrived at a yoga and a half. The most often to a yoga. Then, one will start to consider a state of the illumination in 1000 years! … And even if at each life you are likely to meet a true master who leads you and to which you will make confidence.

It is true that the one who arrives at the illumination by this means, who is about the exception, does not have really any more work to do on him since he has liquidated everything before. But, he will take at least 1000 years.


To look at how the system function I have defined the illumination in an excessively precise way. You are illuminated from the moment where all this energy of the Heaven runs freely in you and can run freely because there was a first passage, a first bursting. And this first bursting is excessively important. It is essential because from there you have so much seen the Love of the World that you should not be any more attracted by all the systems of handling, coercions and of pleasure… You cannot like you any more in it. Except that you always have your cells which have the drums inside them which still resound under the impulse of the Grid. There is always a possibility of their working on you, except that you do not like any more that, you do not have more this attraction.


Therefore, illumination is a colossal physical experiment, which makes that by the perception of all this Beauty, one likes nothing else but It.

There is not thus any more attraction for the remainder.


But will one still completely be able to release oneself from the remainder? That, it is the work of the adult, it means the work of the illuminate, who will progress continuously in his illumination as the events of the life go. He will become a perfect « rider of the event »!


He then reacts when there is another movement which wants to intervene on him. In other words, before, for the one who was in the world of the Grid it was normal for him to have a body which functioned with a certain vibration, a certain odor, a certain taste which were emanations of the Grid. On the other hand, he felt as abnormal when a Force of Dignity arrived. He wondered what it was and did not recognize it like belonging to him. These are all these securities that the reptilian brain sets up, that all the system of the Grid sets up.

There, it is the reverse. The body remains always the body. But in fact it is the body which has taken the habit to decode according to this Dignity, and which thus has, now, with these references, will react very strongly when there is something which arrives and which is not that and which wants to penetrate it. And that clicked!

Somebody is fully confirmed when precisely that clicked and that when he is facing that, the Dignity which lives in him makes a jump, a reaction. It is very physical. As long as there is not this physical mobilization, this physical perception when one is in the presence of a movement of the Grid, one is not confirmed in his illumination.


The one who passed by this experiment, this fire of the illumination without the full comprehension of the absence of the 12 yogas can become super proud of his illumination and play at the great illuminate and believe that all that he thinks, all that he feels is the normal movement of the Dignity, that it is the illumination. But no! I draw their attention to the fact that the illumination is a fantastic tool, a work tool which makes it possible to stop with all the memories put inside the cells. But, that does not want to say that he will still be able to stop with the old system. It is only that he does not like him any more with this old.


Do you understand? If you make the 12 yogas before, according to the hierarchical organization since centuries and millenniums, you will spend at least 1000 years, and yet if you meet true masters and not of storytellers in spiritual matter. But there, with the techniques of the Direct Way, you go fully to the experiment of the illumination, in three to five years. Afterwards, you begin your life of adult and you discover that finally, the relative and the absolute are always mixed because it is in your body, if the Grid has never been able to kill and destroy the Dignity, the reverse also exists.


It is a question of heart. One arrives at the illumination by the heart. It is the only means. And it is the very essence of the Direct Way. This heart discovers this Love of the universe from what all is manufactured, all was born, and it continues with the heart on Earth. It is all.

It is the heart at the beginning, it is the heart in the middle, it is the heart at the end, it is the always the heart.


In this development one has the enthusiasm which is a characteristic of the nature of this matter of the Heaven.

There too, be wary of all these so-called sad researchers of truth, withdrawn of the event, all those to which I say that a grain of rice would not exceed between their buttocks as they are so tight. The movement of this matter of Dignity does not run in them because if not, automatically, they would be happy and enthusiastic, even if, at a given time, they are in anger or have a form of sadness which passes, which does not last. They are touched by the events of the life but that does not even last because there is this enthusiasm of the Creation, of the matter.


I could enlarge a long time on the illumination but it is not my subject because I am not making you a speech, a teaching. I give you only the minimum indications so that you can arrive there. All the work that we make until now is to reach that, this first experiment, which makes burst all the old reference marks, all the old diagrams. And starting from this new experiment, one takes again his excursion in another manner with another stick, with another tool. One has now a tool of adult. One is not the blind man with the stick which walks on all the sides to try to see what is right and what is not right and to test the good and the bad. One stops with the blind man, it means with the life of child. Moreover, with this tool, and in this tool, there is the enthusiasm. One does not need more to encourage the illuminate to work. His enthusiasm is there naturally. One does not have to motivate him anymore, to justify his life to him. It is there he is there. He goes there.


This said, it is necessary that I attract your attention on 2 points.


The first is the possibility of cloning of the illumination. The Grid is a virtual Force, very clever. It has the capacity to perceive exactly the mechanisms of Dignity, its movement since it is always in observer behind and it always tries to make a film with that. It means that it makes images with the reality. It has the capacity to make a virtual which acts on the body since the Grid is truly the trainer of the body although it is not master of it. It is the trainer and he knows perfectly how to make work the body. It is always by the body that the Grid functions.

It has the capacity to create virtually an illumination. Then there is the vision, there are perceptions, there is the feeling. Except that you realize that after this visionary state the person is not modified. In her life of the everyday she is always in the uncertainty, in the usual confusion because she has not touched the matter. The matter could not run freely. It has not run at all. It is really phenomenal to understand how the image, the virtual, can condition the movement of the body and its feelings. There is also the phenomenon of the dreams and of the nightmares which give you a very strong impression.

Therefore, the Grid has the capacity to clone the illumination, but there is nothing behind. It is thus indispensable that somebody comes to confirm the illumination. It is very simple, an illuminate perceives immediately another illuminate, that is done in the second. He perceives at the same time the importance of the illumination of the other, it means until which confirmation one can give to the other. It is very important that the illumination does not settle in closed circle as some who worked with me have wanted to do.


Then, one should not confuse illumination and illuminatory shock. An illuminatory shock is a state caused by a so negative compression and in the alienation that the mechanisms of survival of the body make that you have a perception on the other side and that you perceive the beauty of the life. It is thus that in concentration camps some people said to have perceived the illumination. Yes they have perceived this beauty but they are not illuminated because there is not the casting of this matter in the body. There is just as a window which one opens brutally. It is that the illuminatory shock.


Approximately 35 years ago when I lived in disreputable circles, prostitutes were there. And they were beautiful with a vision, a reflection of « something else ». And I thought that it was as if they had the illumination. I spoke with them, I tested them and indeed there was « something ». They had made a form of experiment of illumination. But this form was not sufficiently important and powerful so that there is the flow in the body. The body was still occupied and invaded by the movement of the Grid.


What had it occurred? They were women who had been sexually « drilled » to make the activity that they had. For that they are locked up for six months in a house, and five times per day are raped by different men, they are hit, beaten. It is the hell. All of a sudden they are in a world where they are constantly attacked, day and night, at any time. At any moment somebody can arrive and brutally penetrate them in one go or strike them. It is the hell. In this hell, the human mechanism, all the system of the body sets up reactions of survival. These reactions of survival, at this moment, when you go so far in the bottom allow a perception of what is the highest. They have had this illuminatory shock, this perception of Dignity, the same perception that the one which enters in the experiment of the illumination. Except that it is a shock, it is an opening, an entry of force. The body has not been prepared to this Force, to this casting. Therefore, there is nothing which flows. This notion of the lowest going to the highest is a physical natural state. When you push in a direction, you arrive at the extreme on the other side.

Therefore, the illuminatory shock is caused by an enormous aggression which puts in mobilization the physical reflex of survival of the body, the mental belonging to that. One can cause that in a so-called spiritual research.


Then, please, when you touch this illumination, when this experiment of illumination will occur, be truly attentive to the Force of Gentleness, to the force of time that you let to the other, it means the force of the relaxation. The more you will be gentle with the other, the more finally that will go quickly and strongly. And never use a means of the Grid, even if, according to you, you use it to go to defend the Dignity.


Dignity defends itself all alone.











To reach the techniques of coupling with the essential Forces of the Heaven, it is necessary to start from a very particular energetic state which is the one of the levitation, it means of a dissociation of the body of the weightlessness of the Earth.


It is always necessary to have a very strong bowl, but when one is in this operation, one has a bowl which comes strong instantaneously, while pushing overall on the Tan-Tien and while closing the perineum. The bowl constitutes itself.

Now, one awakes the secret Tan-Tien by pushing the apparent Tan-Tien like a tennis ball against a wall, several times, from four to eight times. If it is the morning, the secret Tan-Tien needs much more to be awaked. The evening, it is much faster. You send with breathing out, you come back with breathing in. It is a process which you already know.

When it is hot, that there is the pressure, that there can even be a pain, one will make go out a snake which one will bring to the apparent Tan-Tien. One presses the apparent Tan-Tien on the secret Tan-Tien until the exit of the snake then one releases. One leaves it only in the apparent Tan-Tien.

You push. That goes out. You bring. At this level it is rather fast.

You restart one second time.

A third then a fourth to have a very strong Tan-Tien.


Now you bring a new snake to which you make cross the Tan-Tien to coil it, to roll it up with your perineum.

You restart with a second snake which will reinforce the one around your perineum.

You bring a third snake that you will make go out of your perineum from 10 to 15 cm and you will notice that your body is raised.

You restart with a fourth which will also go out of your perineum to reinforce the one that has already left.


You perceive that there is another dimension in which you come in, that there is a lightness of spirit, the thoughts do not follow anymore in the same manner, everything is much lighter. It is not virtual, it is a reality. You will also realize that when you go down again at the end of the practice. There you will perceive in a way even clearer than you change of dimension.


The two other snakes which are in the perineum, around the perineum, come to reinforce the two snakes exited. The support is done regarding the Tan-Tien enriched by the four snakes. Take your time to perceive this energetic structure: you have a very strong axis going out of the perineum which raises you from the Earth and whose fulcrum is the enriched apparent Tan-Tien. Take your time for perceiving well your verticality, your lifting, the state of being in which you are. Take your time at the beginning. Later you will do it so quickly because it is only one stage to go beyond and you will prefer to have more time. Therefore, after one does not waste anymore his time to appreciate all the smoothness of the structure. Then, at the beginning pay attention to that.


You realize that you have a very strong bowl. There is a whole which supports the whole. You have the snakes which go out and raise you like a stick. This stick is connected to your very enriched apparent Tan-Tien and this Tan-Tien is inside the bowl. That makes a perfectly coherent whole. If one had wanted to do something of even stronger, one would have made the sphere instead of the bowl.

To come back you make return your snakes in the perineum and from there in the apparent Tan-Tien. You go down again. You change of dimension. All becomes heavier, colder, darker. You check thus that you were really in another vibration. It is this other state which has allowed making this coupling out of the emotional system.

But when you put again the buttocks, the perineum, on the Earth, you find yourself back with the emotional system. Pay attention to it. Do not let you, again, invade by the thoughts, the ideas, the reasoning intelligence which will try to understand what is going on and so on. There are people who finish by putting me in anger. After a practice like that, the first thing that they say: “Yes I felt an immense heart but I had a pain by-here… but I had a feeling like that…” And shit. As Lacan said the truth is in the “but”, “yes, but…” Then the “yes” is very quickly ousted and the “but” is spread out, increased.

When I make with somebody this practice, and that I see him and that I immediately hear him fall into these “yes, but…” and in “It is the exception which confirms the rule”, that puts me in anger. It is not my anger at me, it is the anger of the Heaven: to give such to somebody who, in fact, likes only to stir his suffering, only likes to stir up his suffering, his ideas, his feelings and so on.


Concerning the levitation, when the snakes have left, when you have well the practice of the principle of the levitation, by small contractions of the perineum, like small aspirations, you can regulate the height of your lifting, your height of levitation. Of course the adjustment is always to make by the top because the more you go up, the more you will release your energetic system from the space of the humanity itself.