Illumination 2


Encounter in Bam.



You have well heard the answer of the White Woman to your question: what is the illumination? It was very clear: to be the White Woman.

Why do you reconsider the subject now? However all was very clear.


An illuminated being this is to be the White Woman.

This is to be like Her.


You start having doubts because in fact you want to organize the things to your manner. You would like to have your personal illumination to be able, then, to direct your life according to your idea, according to your feeling, according to your emotional system, according to your aspirations.


But the thing is, an illuminated being it is not that. An illuminated being it is the White Woman: he will be concerned with everything and with everybody. He will not have a personal concern for him because in the final analysis, he knows that he belongs to the Whole, that he is part of the Whole and that the others, also, belong to the Whole and are part of the Whole. And to look after the others is to look after him. To look after the others, it is to look after the White Woman, it is to be the White Woman who creates, nourishes and looks after everybody.


The White Woman has a uniqueness of attention. She is prolific in the creation of medicines. She can create the medicine when the Grid manufactures a flow even more perverse. But she has a uniqueness of attention: it is the creation in love, it is the matter in love which creates, it is the creation of all the beings to dynamize this splendid medicine which is the Gentleness, which indeed washes the human body, the humanity, of the suffering but which in final destination cures the wound of the Source.


Then, from there you cannot plan any more to have a personal life, a personal movement since the destiny of humanity is perfectly secondary compared to the destiny of the Creation.


That is difficult for you although you have heard it and perceived because you are a man and a man wants to direct everything. The man cannot follow the Love. He says that it is interesting and very beautiful but he wants to manufacture his own love. The man does not know how to follow a movement. He wants to make his personal movement. It is his pride. It is his characteristic. Then, that annoys you a little to perceive and to hear that an illuminated being is to be the White Woman and when you are in the illuminatory space, in the illuminatory state of being you are the White Woman.


Then, you, that bothers you too much because you are a man and you cannot conceive or accept that the state of being illuminated is a female state. You, you still would like to direct your illumination. You do not have it yet your illumination that already you are envisaging what you will do with! No. It is not like that it happens. The state of being of an illuminate is a female state of being. It is a state of being which slips into a movement already there. It slips into the river of this Love. It is not to want to remake another personal river.



And it is that the problem if one speaks about the sexed man and not about the Man as Humanity. And it is for that also that in the Direct Way there are much more women than men who succeed because the woman knows to follow and at each time the woman says « I love you » it is like a new baptism.

Then you, you are a male being. And that annoys you a mot to start to perceive and understand that it is not with your male side that you will arrive at an illumination because it is not a fight, it is not a war, it is not a climbing.


Whatever the efforts which one makes, at a given moment one is sucked up. And the sucking one cannot order it. The sucking occurs because there is Recognition of the Heaven on this energetic fabric of somebody who is inside the Grid, on Earth. Then, when there is this Recognition of the Heaven, the Heaven pours and sucks. There is no more the male will in the operation. There is, on the contrary, a diving in a female state of being, this manner of slipping himself into the movement, like one can sometimes say that the woman slips herself into the man, against the man, in the destiny of the man.


An illuminated being runs himself in the flow of Love, with the flow of Love, the single intention of Creation.











One of the principal uses of the secret Tan-Tien is the coupling with the essential Forces of the universe. Thus one creates an important transformation of the vibrations of the cells of the body which then has the possibility of making live and put in movement this Force among the men in the ordinary life.


We will start with the Force of the Compassion in movement.


The departure of these practices is the constitution of the state of levitation.

When you are in this stature, you make go out a new snake. One makes it pass by the same way until the perineum, but from there, it will go up into vertical towards the heart, to the bearing point between the two breasts, behind the sternum.

When the snake is there, you make it do a hole, with the head, in the sternum so that it has a possibility of access towards the outside. It is when this hole is done that you will call the essential energetic Force of the Heaven with which you want to couple yourself.


When this state is there, you call the force of the Compassion in Movement with the same techniques that you could use for your connection with your inner child. This force will have three possibilities of aspects. An external one under the form of a character who will be a crystallization of your mental; an internal one which will be in light; a secret one which will be a relation of heart without material support. The presence will be depending on your energetic state, of your possibilities of perception and of sensitivity. Thus take you as you are, it means take the perception as it comes and work with.

In the approach of this practice we will take the external side, it means the presentation of a being that belongs to your cultural memory.


When it is there, you make go your snake in the heart towards the chest of this being. The head of the snake proceeds as for your sternum. It will make a hole inside. There is a part of the snake which will slightly be introduced into his chest while the other part remains hung to you. You perceive that gradually, there is a reduction of the distance between you and this presence. In fact, it is you who move you. Gradually, you will sit down on his thighs as can do it a man and a woman during a coupling. If you are evolved you can perceive that your energetic body comes into the one of this being. It is then an internal coupling. The external coupling, in any case, is already done. The internal coupling is not obvious because it is a question of your love for this Force. This love is not limited only to this Force, because if you like it, you also love the other people because this force is there to help the human. It is an enormous claim and an enormous lie that to say that you like an essential Force of the Universe whereas you hate the human ones. That does not work. This Force does not recognize you as of her dimension. It will not accept that you come inside her energetic body. She does not love the liars.

I let you make the coupling according to your dimension at you, according to your love at you, your rhythm at you.


Understand well. If you want a coupling it is to benefit from a Force, it is to communicate with a Force. It is so that you can be intimate with It, to understand what makes it breathe, what makes it work, what fills it with enthusiasm. To understand its manner of looking at the world, to approach the action so that, when you find yourself in your daily life, you find this dimension back, you know to recognize it and that you have the desire, you also, to make it more dynamic, to implement it. It is not to remain passive. You are not in this restaurant to go to make the nap afterwards. You will nourish yourself to go, after, in an action. You will nourish yourself to take part in the world.

If for you, it is not obvious, does not fill you with enthusiasm, your couplings with the Forces of the Heaven will always be virtual couplings. It will be cloned couplings which will give you feelings. After you will feel good but in your ordinary life one will notice that you are in the usual confusion. When all is well you can play the saint but as soon as there are difficulties you are in the emotional precipitations like the others.


This Force, it is the great liberator. It is truly an action, it is the compassion in action. It is always prompt and ready to come in the event. It is always ready to help the one who needs assistance. It is an actress. That brings you back immediately to your initial commitment by taking a body: the loving participation for the others and for the life.

On the other hand, for the essential, I would say that you are all robbers. You make believe at a Force of the Heaven of which you want to benefit that you want to help the others, in your everyday life. In fact, what you want to help it is yourself. It is all. Only yourself. Then this Force does not remain in you and you find yourselves the empty hands after a few moments of pleasant feelings.


But I want to show you how now you return.

When you have decided to return, your attention is enough so that the space is done between the two bodies and that you go out of this presence. But before, you must thank because you have been invited. In fact, you have invited yourself and one has agreed to open the door to you, one has accepted that you visit the house, that you look at how it was done to give you the desire, perhaps, to have a similar house inside you. Then you thank. Your intention is enough so that the two bodies move apart. Look at well what happens at this time. In and around the snake which connects you, there is an energetic flux which passes from It to you. This Force is nourishing your heart, it is giving you what you need according to the result that you want to reach.

The head of the snake is detached from It. You bring back the snake inside you and you make it descend quietly in your apparent Tan-Tiem. It will mix with the others. Look at, the energetic flux continues to be maintained between this Force and you. It is nourishing you and it is it who will decide when that is enough. Look at this Force and make it turn clockwise, slowly. All will be diffused inside you.