Illumination 3


Encounter in Bam.



The illumination this is nothing of special, it is not nothing of very particular. It is not to seek very far, to make, to climb. No. There is nothing special in the illumination!


It is right a manner of looking at.


It is a manner of looking at, it is a form of attention which makes it possible to see the things differently that the ordinary man. The ordinary man sees all the troubles manufactured by the reptilian world, manufactured by the Grid, all the emotional systems. He is involved in all these spaces and their vibration. Then, he is like a ping-pong ball sent on one side and on the other side. In fact, ping-pong is still too soft to express the state in which the ordinary man is. It is squash: that goes in all the directions, the ball goes and returns, rebounds, goes to the ceiling, to the ground…

Here is the ordinary man with a multitude of attentions, a multitude of choices, a multitude of vibratory systems.


The illuminated being is somebody of very, very, simple. He does not have this multitude of researches anymore. On the contrary, He has this uniqueness of attention, this uniqueness of action. He is very imaginative on the means to use but it is always the same movement that he uses in a different way. It is always the same intention that he uses exactly as a diamond which one makes turn but it is always the same diamond, although each facet gives a different color. There is nothing of special to seek, there is not to go to the other end of the world or to make considerable efforts…

It is just a manner of looking at. And this manner of looking at, you have it inside you. It is the look of the Original Intelligence, it is the Look of the Eye of the Source.


In the teaching I call it « the Look of God ».


It is this intelligence which you have in all the cells. You have the illumination inside you. In other words, from the beginning you are already illuminated except that you do not know it because there is full of veils which are installed over this Look which cannot see directly. It is very simple, the illumination it is just a manner of looking at. Thus it is not worthwhile to run to the other end of the world.


Then, to learn how to look like that, it is also very simple. It has this manner of looking inside all your cells, inside the Original Code installed in each one of your cells since each one of your cells is manufactured by Creation itself. But on this code there have been some labels added. And each label seeks to mask the original code to direct the energy according to its own coding. As the centuries and the millenniums of your life have passed, the labels were added the ones to the others. Then, if you want to remove the labels the ones after the others it is very long and very complicated. And it is the swindle that many « spiritual movements » propose to you because your chances to get out of this business are close to zero and if you succeed, you are really the exception which confirms the rule.



There is another means: quite simply to renew contact with the Original Code and to live it. Quite simply. The fact that you live it will invigorate it, you will put it at the energetic pump and while inflating, it will itself make explode the labels. Of course, while the Original Code takes again volume, the labels will defend themselves and created many emotional stories, many more or less unpleasant situations, physical pains. So what? If you are really interested by this Look which frees from anything, this Impartial Way which frees from anything, this illuminatory state, you practice according to what you know and what you know of the Original Code, according to its own intention. You function with its means and you let the emotional one turn around you as it wants.

There is the emotional of the others and there it is relatively easy to say that one does not look after it. But there is your own emotional and it is far more difficult not to look after it.


Then, the only possibility of escaping from the difficulty quickly is to have this double look: you are in the river but you are also on the bank looking at you in the river. And this double look it is this Presence inside you, this Intelligence of the Source.










Nourishing the Earth



We will speak about the ways of nourishing the Earth.


It is to start from the quantum of energy that you have inside the heart after a coupling with the Force of the compassion in Movement. I advise to you to make, in the morning, the technique of coupling with It. You continue by the act of nourishing the Earth in the evening.


You go back in levitation. Now that you are in levitation, connects yourself to this energy remained in your heart for this morning. You make it rotate clockwise. That is diffused firstly in the chest then in all the body.

At a given time, you will realize that this energy will exceed the limits of your body and that a cloud settles around you. This cloud will have the energetic quality of the Force that you enliven: either the compassion, or the healing, or the cleaning.

After having made it well rotate, during perhaps fifteen minutes, you will release it.


While you make the cloud, with any Force in you, if you are in a splendid intensity, an intensity of heart with It, you will notice something of extraordinary. Suddenly, this Force will arrive very quickly in front of you, absolutely radiant, attracted by the setting in vibration of its own power which is inside you. And it will nourish you the heart so that you can make a cloud even more powerful. If you have truly this enthusiasm, this complete absence of doubt about what you do, this true love for Dignity, while you will make the cloud, you will be also helped directly by the Force of the universe. Therefore, you do not work all alone.

I hope that for you this complementary contribution of the Force of the Heaven will be there when you make the cloud, which will really testify to your sincerity of heart. Because there, it is really very beautiful. Really very beautiful. This double presence in the same action, it is really very beautiful.

The man, on Earth, which works for the Heaven and the Heaven, which directly, in full conscience, in full lucidity, comes to help him. It is splendid. When that arrives, you can say that it is pretty to live.


Then, when you have constituted your cloud, you let it go in the universe. It will carry its force, it will carry its message, its inner chemistry. Any person meeting it will receive this blessing to come spontaneously into this space. It has arrived at everyone, one day, to meet it. There was sudden transformation of their state of being.

If one has met it, it is because there is somebody who has done it. One can do it from everywhere: in a cave, in the mountain, in a prison, in an apartment. One is never untied from the others. One is always connected to the other and to the universe. One can always nourish the Earth. Always and always.


And the Earth nourished, the man changes.


For the cessation of the technique, when you release the cloud, you take again the snakes which have put you in levitation, you bring them back in your apparent Tan-Tien as in the technique of the couplings. You know already.