It is the only technique that has the ability to separate the relative and the absolute in the body, with an awareness of the one and the other.

It is quite obvious that there are preparatory steps: the apparent TT, then the secret TT, the snake through the loop which is a direct acceleration, the sphere, the pastille of vitality which then acts on the secret TT and all the techniques of maximum compression starting from the particles which permit to perceive the movement and the intention of the movement.


We start from the apparent TT and we put in acceleration the secret TT. A good method is to send the apparent TT to percuss the secret TT as a tennis ball against a wall, just to heat it a little. Four strokes are sufficient, during the expiration.

Then, a pressure of the apparent TT on the secret TT to make going out a snake of energy which will be driven through the loop in the belly, in the apparent TT. This is done four times.

After, there is the installation of the sphere. You compress the maximum in the sphere so that you can generate an

energy within the body which will become more transparent, lighter, which allows you to perceive the pastille of vitality.

The pastille of vitality will turn, stroke, lean on the secret TT that will produce an increase of the pressure. This will allow you to perceive your body as a set of particles. No imagination. You perceive or you do not perceive. Better not to perceive that to play with the virtual.


When you are with the particles, you notice that you can not differentiate the inside from the outside, you and what is not you. If you look at closely you are made of the same particles that the outside.

The particles have a coalition organized by a movement. This is it, like a wind that agglutinates particles together.


This movement is linked to an intention of life.


That's all. There is an intention of life which has created a movement and this movement has used particles that are everywhere in the universe to constitute this Being who is you.

Physical death is quite simply the stop of the movement. There is a much more perverse death: it is the energetic, psychic death, when there is the death of the intention that is to say, when all of a sudden someone has no longer the will to live the intention which has created his physical existence. He has resigned of the life. He is a deserter from the generosity, he is a deserter from the participation with the others. He becomes like a piece of wood.

You will take the time to appreciate this state of the particles, this reality of the movement that has made that they have a collision. Perhaps, with a lot of attention, you will understand the intention that has settled this movement you ARE.


Now we continue with the practice I call the "centrifuge." You make turn these particles, always clockwise ,in the sense of the sun. You make turn and as in salad spinners where the water is thrown out, the heavier particles are extruded towards the outside of the body while the lighter particles gather inside in a beam like a carrot, a trunk.


You notice that the heavier particles are those that are heavily involved in the vibration of the separation. The light particles are those that are deeply involved in the vibration of Dignity. You can feel the mix of the relative and the absolute.

Look at what is happening. Inside a basic energetic structure, there are sub-energetic structures. Within a draught, a way to move since the energetic structure is a method to move within the karmic forest, there are different drafts, there are different movements. Here, you have a very clear perception of the relative and the absolute. Pay a great attention to all of that and you will be amazed to observe that what you thought of being reptilian is Dignity and that the reverse, also exists. Take your time to observe all that.


Now we will transfer the particles of the Dignity in an essential Force of the Heaven. The best is to call "My Beauty" .... The Force of compassion in action.

You make turn a little faster the particles of perfection and you will realize that there is a volute that settles like a laser beam that moves on itself and that perforates your fontanelle. All the particles of perfection will leave your body. You take your time until everything goes out of you and is above you. So you make turn and the rest happens automatically.

When you came out, you relax the mechanism, that is to say that you stop making turn. It will settle above you an energetic body looking like your physical body. You will realize that you are in an intermediate space. You are not in the Force of heaven that you have called, but you feel it above you.

In this intermediate space, there are enthusiastic and benevolent beings who come to welcome the newcomer. Take your time to have a good time with them. They can go with you, help you, show you things about your life and its working.

You will ask these Beings to protect your body that you see below you. There will be at least four people who will settle at the four main bearing points of the body: rear, front, left and right. There can also have a multiple of four. You can spend a lot of time in this intermediate space to discover all this friendship, this affection for you.

Then you take again the working of gyration of your particles. You redo the luminous carrot and while looking up, you realize that there is above you this essential Force you have called.

By rotating still a little faster your particles of perfection, you will enter this Body. If you see a very physical body, you realize that you come in through the perineum. If it is a perception inner side, you can perceive a luminous ball, a heat or a huge presence. You come completely inside. When it is done, you stop your movement.


So, all your particles are mixed with those of this Being of the Heaven who has received you. You participate fully to its internal chemistry. This allows you to understand what this Force is, how it works, what its intention of life is, what is the intention of the movement that has created it and its way of looking at life, its way of helping the others, its mechanism of action.

Anyway, you will do a big trip, either there in it, or it will lead you into huge dimensions. A journey on earth, in the Heaven, inside you, inside it. There, you have nothing to do. Besides, you can not do anything anymore. You are there to taste, to feel. There is a taste, a savor, an odour, a feel, a sensation, an heart, an intelligence. You take intimacy with that.

Then you will have to come back. You will start by thanks then you will put back your particles in centrifugation. Thus, you will separate them from those of that Being.

Thus, you will go out of that Being of Heaven who is on the third floor. You have your physical body, the intermediate space and this Being of Heaven. First you will find yourself in this intermediate state in which you will stop your gyration. You will realize that everyone rushes to you, which retake an awareness of the body of your double. And they are very interested in knowing what happened in the other side because they can not go. They are limited by their role. Here you can perceive the beauty, the greatness of having a human body since it is not limited in energetic roles. Alas, it is the man himself who is limited in roles prefabricated by his small sick intellect and his little pretentiousness and his little pride. When you see that, when you see the freedom you have compared to these highly evolved Beings who are in this intermediate space, you can tell you that you are lucky to have a physical body. And if you do so that this body is not limited, is not stuck in rules, in small sociocultural affective, emotional and so on... boxes. your life might be more interesting and something would always happen. And something beautiful. There, you would be one of those human, real seekers of truth who exclaims when an event happens: " Great ! Something is happening. " While an ordinary human will say, "What is happening still there and comes to disturb me! ".


So you will also thanks them to have protected your body and you will realize that they release their protection.

When it is done, you put back your particles in centrifugation and you will go back into your physical body through the fontanelle. You will be attentive that everything is well hung from the perineum, that all goes well in the body and you will close the fontanelle. But you will continue, though, to do the centrifugation of the particles inside the physical body.


When you are well back inside you, observe what happens between the particles of perfection and the particles touched by the reptilian. You have particles of perfection that will touch some particles of the reptilian. Not all of them. They will touch only some of the particles, those who are ready to change their internal chemistry. Look carefully at what is happening between the perfection, between the dignity and the flow of lack, this flow of pleasure, this flow of the reptilian. Look carefully how dignity acts on the reptilian.

They do not at all act at overall. They choose the cells that are likely to accept what is being brought to them. Then, it is these modified cells which communicate the new internal chemistry to the other cells in the reptilian vibratory system. It is as we inject a virus that made its way. Look. If you perceive and understand well the real mechanism of how the perfection, the dignity work on the reptilian, you will have ceased with the global action, this will to direct everything, to order everything, to organize everything. There, you will perceive that if you really want to touch someone, you will touch him at the place where he can be touched, where there is the welcome that you can transmit. You will not look for something global. The overall will be done by the inside, and not by your external intervention. Look carefully at how it happens, it is something beautiful.


Take your time.


At some point, you will stop the movement of centrifugation of your particles and again, the relative and the absolute are mixed. Look carefully how it happens. It is like mixing oil and water. In the same global movement called the body, but as the oil particles and water particles. They do not mix. It is not like water and wine. This is an absolutely unbearable perception for the reptilian for which the keyword is: to integrate. "I want to integrate something to something that is already there." No! There is no integration, there is a coexistence. This coexistence does, indeed, a global vibration system called internal chemistry. The foundation of the hope of the reptilian, of its lies, bursts out.


Integration does not exist.


If you continue this practice, you will realize that the essential Force of heaven with which you worked, will fit onto your physical body, such as caps of teapot to keep them warm.

This is how your particles of perfection work within your physical body on the particles linked to the reptilian vibration. But outside your body, there is this envelope of perfection which makes a pressure, too, on your body. Your body looks like a sandwich. The particles linked to the reptilian are hold tight by the internal perfection and by the external perfection. When we reach this stage of this practice of the particles, there will be a rapid acceleration of the transformation of the cells linked to the reptilian. There will be an acceleration of the virus put in some particles of the reptilian who will rot it very quickly.


The person will loves herself less and less in shitty, uncertain, dark situations. She will have a very fine perception she is lying to the others, to her, to the life in all the small daily actions without realizing it before, she lies to make life easier or to make the state of the environment that we do not want to upset too much by simply saying the truth. This is an absolutely wonderful practice. Look at it very carefully, then enrich it continuously.









Illumination 4


Encounter in Bam



There is an answer beyond the « yes » and the « no ». The yes and the no lock up in a closed system with a very particular vibration.

There is a « fact », one makes it vibrate in a certain manner and that makes an emotional object which leads then the feelings.


If you want to be maintained in the yes and the no you stay in the basic vibration of the Grid with all the side effects which it has created and which are called energetic fluxes. There is something beyond which fills the heart with cheerfulness because when all the Force of Creation flows freely in the body, the body testifies of this Presence by a fantastic happiness. The peace of the heart and the joy are biological. It is physical. Quite simply.


As there is an answer beyond the yes and the no, I am not in anger against people who are in anger against me because I have not satisfied their requests, their hopes, their aspirations. We are not in the same Dimension.

What can I really make, what can do an illuminated being? It is to show continuously, it is to testify continuously to this Presence in the body… it is to testify by the action of the body.


Ultimately, an illuminated being has an action of an illuminated being.

It is very simple!


One day, a great master, fully illuminated said: « It is very simple: I smoke with the smokers, I drink with the drinkers, I am serious with serious people, I laugh with people who laugh. » Very few have perceived what that wanted to say. On the contrary, a lot of people have criticized this manner of presenting the illuminated being as if it was somebody who had no will, somebody which would let himself carry by the waves and of the draughts and which would adapt to the vibration of each environment. You can think and meditate on these words in order to understand what this Being wants to say, which accepts the space such as it is and which takes part in it.

It is an answer beyond the yes and the no. A fully illuminated being is maintained in this space with single answer and he is not any more in this alternation of the attraction-repulsion.


To give you a complementary indication since you are always seeking what it is the illumination, this answer beyond the yes and the no can arrive, be understood, be lived in the body only when precisely there is no more this will to make his personal life, to have his personal movement.



There is another dimension which settles gradually and it is completely natural

to follow it.