Father + mother in the development of the child



That requires a particular teaching. If I want to be complete it is necessary that I begin the process of the energetic development of the child from the moment when he is in the belly of the mother.


In the belly of the mother, the child knows only the mother. He is the proudest being of the earth. What pride is, in energetic when any moral connotation is removed to it? Pride is to analyze a space and to appreciate it only according to the advantage or the disadvantage for oneself. In other words, the proud person is somebody who does not have a look on the collective interest. He has only one interest: him.


In the belly of the mother, the child is the proudest being of the earth. I have already had to draw the attention of certain energetician therapists which strongly charged the pregnant woman running the risk to provoke a problem for the child. The therapist answered me that the child could not be in difficulty since it was a good energy. In fact, when the child feels a mass of energy very different from the one of the mother arriving, his first reflex is to be afraid. In the belly of the mother he is in a total vulnerability, he does not have a possibility of personal defense. Thus, if there is a massive injection of energy in the belly of the mother this can cause the first original fear of the child.


Then, the nourishing system of the child is the mother. The child knows only her. Also if the father is not protective of the mother during her pregnancy and the first 18 months of the child, the child will never have again the capacity to perceive the father like emotional nourishment. At most, he will be able to perceive him, like benevolent authority, but never like nourishing earth.

What happens? During the time that the child is in the belly of the mother and during his first 18 months, he is in direct and exclusive relationship with the mother. If the father protects the mother, if he is happy that the mother carries a child of him, there is a part of the energy of the father which develops inside the mother. There is a mixture that the child absorbs.

For the child, in any case, this mixture is always the mother. He does not know anything else. But, there is a savor which is there and later, he will recognize it in the movement of the father.

Later, he will be able to separate the energy of the father and of the mother, but the father having already been consumed in the belly of the mother and during the first 18 months, the father belongs to the nourishment. Otherwise, for life, the child will never be able to recognize the intention of the father like emotional nourishment. At most like benevolent interest. And that, this is irreparable.


Thus, there is already a difficulty, from the beginning, if the father does not protect the mother. For example if the father would like to recover his wife as fast as possible, that is to say his lover, after the childbirth. But there is also the woman who will as quickly as possible try to find her lover back and who will forget her role of mother.


After, until the age of 3-4 years, the child has still a window open on the Heaven and he knows how that functions on the other side. He has a system of intuition. He has a rather important mechanism of survival. But, it is survival which comes from the Heaven. From the age of four years, the window of the Heaven is closed because he will have to learn the social Highway Code. He will have to learn how to behave, to cross the road at the green light…

If he kept this window opened on the heaven, the learning of the social code would be intolerable because he would perceive that too reduced, too cold, too petty.


For certain children this window does not close and it is a pain for them. They are in a constant tearing because they do not arrive to let themselves slip in this society. They have always a look from elsewhere critical. They have the look of the one who knows that there is another dimension and who does not understand why it is not present in his space. But they are rather particular children. For the others, the window is closed and during all these years, until the eighth year, the mother is principal for the child because this is her who is the sure earth. This is her who is the earth on which the child can always come back if he has a problem. If it occurs that the mother is not nourishing, if the mother is not this tenderness, this unconditional love for the child, the child will be handicapped for life because he will not know what a sure earth, an earth of refuge is and he will have great difficulties to feel good somewhere. Therefore, he will be shy and unhappy because he would like to be able to rest somewhere but he will not know where, and moreover, he will not know how to do.

It is where there is already a first difficulty with the father because many fathers, in our modern society, want to be loved by the child as the child loves the mother. But it is not possible. It is not in the natural laws. When the father does not make his role of father, it means of external intervention in a form of authority, this obliges the mother to do it. It is not her role. Her role is the unconditional love.


The relation father-mother implies thus the child from the beginning. And when there are all these roles between the father and the mother who are reversed, that multiplies the difficulties for the child. During the first eight years, the child really lives in the energetic body of the mother. Even if he is playing in the court, in the sandpit on the lawn, the evening the mother feels tired.


During these first eight years, the role of the father is to assist the mother and to recognize the work that the mother is doing for the child. Thus the father nourishes and protects the mother while the mother nourishes and protects the child. It is the natural and normal chain in energy.

Then from seven to eight years old until about 14 years old, it is the father who becomes principal for the child because the child leaves the mother’s lap. He leaves the energetic space of the mother, attracted by the outside world. It is where the father takes over. This is him who will show the life, the society.

But there are two prerequisites for the good development of this action. I often take the example of the child with the mother in a country lane, with the forest in the distance. The forest is this society. The mother says to the child: « Go over there, go towards the forest ». The child is afraid. Then, the father must be in front of him, in front of the forest and makes him a large sign: « Come, I am here », that the father is in front reassures him: there are no traps nor holes… he can go in security.

Thus the first movement is that the father says: « I am there ». Therefore, he must be dignified, he must testifies of an interest for the child in order to encourage him to follow him. It is catastrophic for the child to realize that the father is a liar, a swindler who makes his schemes underground and who cannot be a leading light to be followed. Then the child does not accept this gesture of the father. The child has, in essence, a need for dignity, a need for purity because he has always this contact with his original perfection. He is very close of it, he is not yet perverted. And even if he is perverted, he needs to know that dignity, cleanliness exists. Cleanliness in the world, cleanliness for the future of the child is the testimony of the father, the testimony of what the father makes, him, in the world. There, already, there is an enormous attack when the father is not dignified.

But it is also necessary that the mother pushes the child towards the father by saying to him that she relies on him. The child trusts the mother, this mother is his sure and nourishing earth. But which mother, who after seven years of common life with her companion, can really say, from the bottom of the heart, to his child: « Go ahead, I rely on him ».

The child is in a difficult situation because before 14 years old, he has a total incapacity to make his own energetic space. He is automatically in the energetic body of the parents, in their space. Therefore, he is blackballed, knocked about, upset on the right and on the left by all the emotional systems of the parents.


When there are parents who send to me their teenagers because they are difficult and aggressive, I often notice that they are pretty beings. When I ask them why there are all these problems with the parents, they answer me that they do not want to be like them! He sees how they lie, are not sincere, how they are thieves.

And where is the problem? It is when the child tells them his disagreement: it is answered him that he is wrong. He does not support that one says to him that he sees badly, that he understands badly. The child has a splendid look on the life. He is of an uprightness, of an enormous lucidity. Also, when I say to him: “Yes, it is true, you have well seen, « you can trust you », all of a sudden he is relieved of his pain and a lot of them cry.

But, I say to him, also, that he is in an environment of which he is not the master. It is the environment of the school, of the house, etc. and this is this environment which has the power. If he impedes it he will come across a very big problem and will be losing.

Thus, why wouldn't he reach an agreement with the others? It is very easy to find an agreement, an arrangement, with a child considered difficult, once one has well certified to him that he sees well, that he is not an imbecile, that he has heart not to want to be like that, to be like the others.


The child is in the family world until the age of about 14-15. After, the rocket has left, the first stage was the mother, the second stage the father and the third stage is the child himself who is a personal being with his karma and his past.

The rocket has left. It is not anymore worth to give advices. They are not accessible anymore. When they will be about 21, 24 years old, and after having made some more or less pleasant or unfruitful flights, perhaps they will come towards the parents to require of them what they think of… if he still trusts them.


It is thus not so easy to arrive at the adolescence without too many disturbances. Beyond the father and the mother, there is also the school father, the teacher, the professors, the society.

Then, when the child understands that he has reference marks which have been given to him by all the parental, social, educational system and that his reference marks lead him in curious ways, he tackles these old reference marks. But he does not realize that he is re-making himself new reference marks.

What is a reference mark? The French word (repère) is very interesting because it picks up the basis of ‘father’ (père), meaning then ‘another father’, a new father. Each time one constitutes a new reference on which one will be based to determine his life, to determine his path, one has set up a new father. And it is thus that one destroys the biological fathers, the old cultural fathers, and one remakes continuously new fathers. It is a vicious circle. One never goes out of the operation this way. Never. The only means of coming out of it is to see our original perfection. There, one does not need anymore reference marks, one does not need anymore to be led in the life of men, by men. One does not need anymore artificial reference marks to line our path. There, the heart is there, generosity is there, comprehension is there, communication is there. If one is in love with that, because it is a question of love, it left and the car has truly left the marsh of the emotions, the marsh of passions, the marsh of great ideas etc


But, it is not easy, because the child become teenager then adult is implied in a whole system of reference marks, of sensations, of emotion. He has his dreams that he wants to carry out. But, before he understands that he runs behind a dream, before he perceives that he has the empty hands, years can pass and perhaps that his vitality will be insufficient at the time when he will understand that he has been had, that he has been misled, that he has lied to himself, in fact that he agreed to lie to himself because he has found a kind of advantage to carry on his activity in a certain manner. But, before it is possible, it is not at all obvious that he can go out of trouble.



The initial relation of the father and the mother is excessively important because it is what will give the sure earth to the child, and the leading light, the role to follow, at least his first role.

There is no reproach to make to the parents to want to make the child come into this first role because it is this way that they know.

Where one can make them reproach it is when they try to make believe that their manner of entering this society is the only one and that it is absolute.





Extra techniques





I have introduced you at the very essence, at the very heart of the four bronze men, of their roots and of their developments in external, internal and secret phase.


With that, you can cover the knowledge of the universe

because your vehicle is perfect.


You can go walking, travelling, with the four bronze men because you are really in the body of the dance floor. You are really in the body of the dancer and you are in the heart of both.


This heart is this passion for life and this gift, this submission to the Earth.


Here too, submission is a difficult word even if it is exact on the energetic level because it is not a submission which consists in lowering the head before the Earth, to bend forward the Earth. It is not in the sense that you usually know but in the sense where you take care of the Earth and where you want to accept its erring ways, its faults and its errors to find a solution, to help it to go out of the glue in which it has been get bogged down always by the composition of its own world. It is in this meaning that you submit yourself to the Earth because you submit yourself to its disturbance, to its emotional in order to find a solution. But, for that you can submit you really and accomplish your mission and your role on Earth, first, you must have found again the dimension of your Heaven. It is for that that the four bronze men are used, they are used for that you can once again, go on a trip for your Heaven and it is not an escape from the Earth. They are the body and the heart of the dance and of the dance floor, it means of the universe of the humanity and of its intention.

So, this trip in the Heaven and with the Heaven is not an escape from this universe of the humanity, it is liberation through the real knowledge of you, of this karmic universe settles by the Earth, by the humanity. And it is, also, liberation, of the Heaven because the two go together.

Are you ready to come in this freedom through the knowledge of yourself?


Naturally, you search the depths of the human conscious, of the conscious of the humanity, you search the depths of your conscious. You do not really search to do it but the bronze men do it for you. They move the event in its depth the darkest and so they make rise to the surface what has produced your alienation and what produces also your liberation. So, be confident in the four bronze men to create for you events, to put you in situations that will be each time a teaching if you accept it, if you are not afraid of it. It is for that that you must be courageous on the Direct Way and not to be afraid of the event and that it is not worth to go and look for difficulties, the worries come all alone, they are made more dynamic directly by the research of yourself, on yourself, and by your research of the heaven. Automatically, through the development of your energetic mobilization, you provoke the reptilian event, the event of the dark Earth, the event of the untruthful Earth, yours as well as the one of the others, and automatically, this jumble makes go out the dust of the depths of the more profound cave. So, it is not obvious to have the courage to come in the liberation of the knowledge of you by all the mechanism and the means of the Direct Way and of the four bronze men.


But, as this liberation passes through the knowledge of yourself, through the knowledge of the humanity, very naturally, you will help the others through this knowledge.



It is the second movement of your commitment.


If your first commitment is towards the Heaven, in telling to it « I love you », your second commitment is towards the Earth when you also tell to it « I love you ». Here, it is your second commitment: the one to help the humans to not abandon themselves to a destructive carelessness because now you have the knowledge of all the mechanism which organizes the carelessness, the lying, which for each one becomes a real truth and a reality.

With that, you go everywhere.


Now, I will talk to you of a few extra techniques, techniques which come in additional of the essential that I have already communicated you, techniques of complementary aid of which you can need in passing, techniques which integrate each one at the bronze men.