Secret Bronze Man





With the apparent Tan-Tien, you mobilize your secret Tan-Tien:

   - either by small impulses of the apparent Tan-Tien on the secret Tan-Tien like a tennis ball sent on a wall,

   - either by circular caress clockwise of the apparent Tan-Tien on the secret Tan-Tien, with a very fine touch,

    - either in an even more powerful manner where you press the apparent Tan-Tien on the secret Tan-Tien putting the secret Tan-Tien in overheating,

    - or still with the pastille of vitality.


On this level, you know very well all the mechanisms and the possibilities of setting in mobilization of the secret Tan-Tien. There can be an enormous heat at the sacrum, a great presence, and even pain. Take all your time.

You thus dynamize the secret Tan-Tien until the spirit has truly the impression to be entered in another dimension, returned in another court. It is a question of space. One must perceive that there, one is reaching the limit of another space. By the will you let going out a quantum of energy, a snake by the low part of the secret Tan-Tien. When it goes out, very slowly you let it go to the anus, only. There is an enormous control. But at this level you control magnificently the secret Tan-Tien.

When the snake arrives at the anus, you make it rotate around clockwise. Ultimately, it arrives at the anus on the right side, it goes down underneath and goes up on the left side. You make it turn around the anus, on the four bearing points which you feel very clearly: lateral right side, bearing point underneath on the edge between the anus and the perineum, lateral left side then high side. You make this snake rotate gently, until you feel that the central part of the anus, the hole, is opened naturally and is welcoming to this dimension, to this energy. You make coming the snake in the anus and this snake goes up in the secret Tan-Tien. You will see that there, it will make, also, a turn clockwise. Thus it will return in the secret Tan-Tien by the left side, go above, turn by the right side and go down again in the anus. The circular circuit around the anus is redone, then again return to the TT. Do as many loops as you want, that depends on you.

You make this course until the relation between the anus and the secret Tan-Tien is very powerful and that the anus is a natural extension of the secret Tan-Tien.


When this is done you bring back the snake in the secret Tan-Tien. You put it in circulation in the secret Tan-Tien, it means you make it turn clockwise then you let it relax again. It is cancelled on itself. Its own energy is diluted in itself. Then you stop.


You realize that there is something of very different in your body. There is a very powerful connection of the secret Tan-Tien to the anus.

By small anal contractions you can manage to mobilize completely the secret Tan-Tien. You do no longer need the apparent Tan-Tien. You can play a lot, laterally, at the central level because you have five bearing points in the anus, as for the belt: the top, the two lateral bearing points, the bearing point of the lower part and also the center.

Sometimes, this first stage can be long, sometimes only the totality of the session…


One will continue, within the framework of a new session.

Once that you are sitting, it is not the apparent Tan-Tien which you will mobilize, but the anus by small compressions, small pressures. It is this anal mobilization which will put back in activity the totality of the secret Tan-Tien. One does no longer need the apparent Tan-Tien. All happens there, in the direct relationship with the secret Tan-Tien.

Then, when this mobilization is made, with a light pressure on the secret Tan-Tien, the snake goes very naturally out of the secret Tan-Tien and goes to the anus then continues towards the perineum.

You control well the process. And you realize that there is like a quite rigid stick between the secret Tan-Tien and the anus. Exactly like the gun of a rifle or the fire hose of the firemen. Afterwards, it is the jet which leaves. Light contractions of the perineum lead this jet of energy to go up in your belly until the apparent Tan-Tien.

Arrived there, that continues, quite simply, inside the central axis.


To nourish this process, to nourish in energy this central axis, you have only to make small contractions, small mobilizations of your anus. The anus puts in activation the secret Tan-Tien which releases, transmits its energy towards it. It is the anus which leads towards the perineum, the perineum by small contractions, towards the apparent Tan-Tien.

There, there does no longer need intervention; that goes directly in the central axis. Then, continues to nourish. It is very powerful because the snake is very strong.


When that arrives at the throat and the head, nourish with many precautions. You realize that there is a lot of lucidity, of force, of action to the life, of will to the life. When the snake continues towards the fontanel, if you press still a little more powerfully, lengthily and very gently, the anus, the secret Tan-Tien releases an energetic force even more powerful and this snake now continues inside your entire central axis, passes through the fontanel and goes in space above you.


You do not know very well what this energy makes in this space, which it will produce. But you are giving all the power of your force on the Earth to the Heaven and the Heaven knows to welcome it.

At this level you cannot be afraid of what will arrive. At this level you are not any more in interrogation; you are not any more in request to know what this energy will make above your head and beyond you. You are in the total gift of yourself so that the Force of the Creation can live the most completely in you and on the Earth. Then it does not matter what arrives beyond you. You commit yourself, the most deeply, the most lucidly. It is a total commitment of the heart. You let the process to be done.

You let the natural nourishment settle between your secret Tan-Tien and your central axis. Your central axis is connected to the dimension of the Heaven. Continue quite simply and you will realize that there are very astonishing things which will be able to settle above you. You can perceive that there are spaces above you which are nourished, enriched, formed. In fact, all what your cerebral and sensitive system can understand and listen, in its manner. You can also perceive that you are drawn by this continuity from the central axis, to the top, towards a dimension of the Heaven as when one gets water out of a well while drawing on the cord. If you continue freely, you will realize that this snake of energy which leaves uninterrupted your secret Tan-Tien, mobilized and controlled by your anus and the system of contractions that you print to it, is like a cord which has gone beyond you, your fontanel, and that the spaces lovingly touched by your commitment, by your love for them, draw you towards them.

You let you draw. You cannot make differently. If you have arrived at this stage it is because you do not want to make differently.

You will perceive yourself, really, drawn from the Earth, without any step of you, without any action, no effort of you except nourishing your central axis by the uninterrupted energy of the secret Tan-Tien. You have gone up to the Heaven. You go up in matter, with something of powerful in matter.


Then, in first action, it is all this relation which intervenes between you and the Creation, that you let do and with which it is necessary to be intimate. By this reversed stick which starts from your secret Tan-Tien, which makes the curve in low part of your pelvis to go up again towards the Heaven, being prolonged beyond your fontanel, by this stick the Creation draws you to it. It is physical and happy.





It is the first approach of the secret field of the bronze men. You should take your time.

When that is well run in, you will take again the learning of the four bronze men, the 1, 2, 3 and four. The similar practice is identical to what you have learned for the external side of each bronze man. You recode all the system. There, the energetic dimension which works it is the secret Tan-Tien which passes uninterrupted, without one being worried in anything of the apparent Tan-Tien which does not exist besides any more. There, you understand that the apparent Tan-Tien bears its name well. It is what one believed really existing but which finally does not exist anymore. All is done in constant nourishment of the secret Tan-Tien and all is exploded.


Return regularly on these four bronze men with the secret Tan-Tien. You will give again yourself space, enthusiasm to act because the life is not so easy. If you, you are not at war against the others, the others, them, can be at war against you. Their movement, their mobilization, pollute the space because they are nevertheless in your space as you you are in theirs. It is as somebody who has bad breath, everyone breathes around him. Then, it is necessary to open regularly the windows and to change the air. Then, do not hesitate to work again on the four bronze men. Remake you a clean dance floor. Reconstitute your enthusiasm to act. Do not let your overflow and submerge by the discouragement. There, you have all the power of the Earth in action which says to the Heaven: “I love you. I help you.” For that, you must have your dance floor of inhabitant of the Earth maximum, your enthusiasm of inhabitant of the Earth maximum.








Secret bronze man.



What it is that the bronze man in its more complete, more secret phase?

In fact, it is about the third and last stage of this study. It is completely obvious that one approaches the secret side of the bronze man when there is a completeness and a result of the internal phase which is essential: when you are so enthusiastic of this power to living, of this love to living, of this physical engagement to the movement. The internal side is when one has really gone on the football field towards the match, with the rules of the game of the match. One has changed of court with the internal side. In this new court, it is possible that there is such happiness with this course, this ramble, this play, such an enthusiasm in all the cells of the body, such a physical pleasure that in finality, it is not possible any more to breathe differently, to act differently, to play differently, to behave differently. There is, then, a total commitment, an enormous desire for building an environment, a space, a manner of dancing to help the others to dance, to constitute their spaces of breathing. You have towards the others such a natural love, a very dynamic love which makes that you cannot support that they abandon themselves to a destructive carelessness.


If such is really your attention, one can pass at the last stage of the bronze men. It is the stage of the total commitment of the forces of the Earth in the bronze man. It is the commitment of all what the Earth can produce and mobilize in force which is committed in these four techniques so that one can set up the most powerful space of dance, the most tonic and the power to dance the most imagining.

That is made with the secret Tan-Tien which is the realization and the maximum concentration of the power of the Earth that there is inside the human body. In all the advanced techniques that you have already done before arriving at this stage, you know that the secret Tan-Tien is the result of the concentration of the forces of the Earth. The forces of the Heaven are elsewhere. The forces of the Earth were born from the Heaven but they are in mobilization of the Earth and by the Earth. It is this complete commitment of the Earth towards the Heaven which says: “it is for you that I want to live!”.


The first commitment of the external bronze man is the intention to live a certain form of communication. That is the most often based on the observation that the spirit and the body are in a space of suffering and that one wants to go out of this prison. Because rare are those who approach the practices of the liberation of the Direct Way by love.

The second commitment, which is for the internal bronze man, it is that one likes the music that one has taken out of his cells. One aspires to an even more powerful music, formed better, more generous. One perceives his own limits. Then one asks for assistance to these forces of the Heaven.

The third movement, which is of the secret order, it is the stage where you end up saying: “I cannot live differently than like that. And for that”. That all this dimension of peace, of joy, of plenitude, can live through your body, not only for you but for the whole of humanity. Because when you arrive at this level, you understand that all that you have succeeded in doing to pass in your body is a benefit for the Earth, is a modification of all the system karmic of humanity. Thus, you know that while working for the Heaven, you also work for the men.


That is possible to thus help the Earth and the others because you are part of a common space, of a common space of dance and that all the essential modifications that you will be able to engage in your own space, on your own dance floor is reflected on the whole of the space of humanity.


Then, this total commitment is done with the secret Tan-Tien but until now you worked it while making leave the snake by the top. You have rised the energy in the loop in the back until the head and the fontanel, then descent by the throat, the heart, the navel, to the apparent Tan-Tien to enrich it.


Now the mobilization is done in opposite direction. You make energy of the secret Tan-Tien go out by the bottom and you nourish it by the relation that there is between the anus and the secret Tan-Tien. There are a stick, a colossal support between the anus and the secret Tan-Tien.

Thus you start by nourishing and reinforcing this section. Then you connect the anus to perineum, then perineum with the apparent Tan-Tien.


The process is not there to enrich the apparent Tan-Tien but to make so that your central axis is no longer nourished by the apparent Tan-Tien but directly by the secret Tan-Tien.

Then a total explosion of all the techniques, of all these practices, of your dimension. It is a colossal enlarging of the dance floor, of the manner of dancing and of all the imagination and the tonicity which you have for the life. When the process is launched, you can no longer stop it.


In this very essence of the Direct Way, the place of the techniques of the bronze man with the secret Tan-Tien is predominant. It is really the heart.

If I wanted to go to the very essence of these techniques with the secret Tan-Tien, I would say that it is the force of the Earth which is mobilized in its totality, in the exclusiveness in all its powers and impulses because this Earth, gradually, started to like the Heaven from which it is stemmed and of which it is made.

This Earth loving so much the Heaven will make that the Heaven will love it, it too.


The union could be done.


But it is not easy because in the theoretical and virtual enthusiasm of the feeling, you will find that absolutely phenomenal, enjoyable, of a considerable momentum towards the Heaven, a total sucking of the heart. But it is of virtual, of emotion, of feeling.

In reality, it is more difficult because the Earth, the energy, the forces of the Earth although stemming from the Heaven has relatively abandoned the Heaven, relatively abandoned the rules of the Heaven, the mobilization of the Heaven, the intention of the Heaven, the heart of the Heaven and have constituted their particular small world. Exactly as the child who puts himself in a little place of the house and creates his virtual world and personal imaginary, in exclusion of the mobility of the whole of the space which is this house, this family. The Earth has made the same thing. It has made its personal little game and in the final analysis, it is an extreme enjoyment for it because it was based on the acceleration of the feelings and their management. On this level the forces of the earth becoming free of the Heaven will be very imaginative to create new perceptions, new sensations, new openings.

It is the materiality with which you live every day. It is not of imaginary. You must not believe that you can decide, all at once, you do not want any more all this play there. No! That does not function thus. With this means, you do not go very far. It is as a child who has decided to make a ramble. Enthusiastic he goes away immediately while slamming the door of the house. But he has forgotten to bring the supplies, he has forgotten to bring the tools for the difficult passages. He will find himself piteous, incapable to advance. Then it will return the low head to the house with his completely exhausted enthusiasm.

In this example, there is ALL, because there is the enthusiasm to want another life that this prison organized by the Earth. It is the enthusiasm of the Heaven. But one does not leave for the ramble of the Heaven without having, very clearly, prepared the Earth otherwise it will miss you something and you will be obliged to return to the house.


This complete commitment of the Earth for the Heaven it is a complete disinterest of the Earth for all the play, for the entire particular and personal world that the Earth have constituted outside the rules of the mobilization and the heart of the Heaven.

But this separation is not done by violence. It is done by the heart. It is for that that it is slow and progressive. Very curiously, it is progressive, even if the decision is instantaneous. It is progressive because it is the heart which starts to love the heart and in this step one can advance only by love. Love is nourished love. Wisdom meets wisdom. And all is done quietly. Progressively, it is as if you made a ramble in a hot country with much of clothing, you will get little by little rid of clothing which you have in excess.


It is that, the very essence of the practice of the Direct Way.


It is thus the Earth which while walking in the Heaven and towards the Heaven, which makes that the love of the Earth develops for the Heaven and that this love becomes gradually so exclusive, essential, like only breathing, that one becomes always more in love about it.


One is very far from the dreams. One is very far from the worships. One is very far from supplications and so on…

One is very far from this situation where one puts oneself at knees while saying: “Please, God, come to help me, support me.”


One has noticed what one is, what one makes, what one manufactures. One has perceived the means that one has between the hands. Then, one thinks that the ramble has, now, started and that one will meet the Heaven, at a given moment.


And later, much later, when you will pass in the experiment of the illumination, you will perceive that the Heaven was with you from the first steps because your intention was for it. Finally, when you have thought that one day, perhaps, you would meet the Heaven, it was false because you were already in the Heaven, from your first step of your ramble. It is for that that you have this possibility of touching the matter of Life, of touching the matter of Creation, touching the matter of the Heaven. From the departure, by the intention of your movement, you are in this matter. It is this matter which supports and develops your enthusiasm. But that, you will perceive it later. But, you can, from now, touch it.


Confidence is the door.

Confidence in what you are, in this mobilization of your heart which wants to leave your prison.