Creation of the forces of the universe 1



Be very precise. Heaven does not need anybody to be preserved. It is just the mankind which needs aids.


How do these aids constitute? It is very simply that at every time that the mankind, through the separation that it has made with its original dignity, has put into place a force of opposition to the natural movement of creation, a medicine was constituted in answer by this last on. It is exactly like the draught provoked by the car which moves in the air. You must never forget that ALL is built and is destroyed in the space of creation.

So the space of separation is found in the space of dignity. When the space of separation moves like the car, it creates a draught in the space of dignity. This draught is the force which will control the separative action.


There was not a « will » which has « decided » that it is necessary to create a “medicine”. These forces are very simply self-created by the movement of the separation inside the space of dignity. There is not anybody who has decided on their creation. In other terms, when you work with a force “of recovery”, as the one of the compassion in action, it is because it has exist before, an opposite force which was, it, without no compassion. Also, if the absence of compassion would instantaneously disappear of the space of separation, the medicine would also instantaneously disappear.


It is the beauty of the universe. It is found created a complementary force of control and of recovery for every action of the space of separation.

Do you perceive the importance of what I tell you?

That means that through your real intention and through the power of your intention you have the capacity to put into vibration, inside your body, the force which will come in medicine for the negative vibration from which you want to escape.

Until which power, level, do you want to escape to the negatives vibrations which are exercised on you? Certain people want to see God, some others are satisfied with less. It is you that will make, yourself, your result. Here you are now linked to your own responsibilization. It is not useful to go to pray a supernatural force. The energetic system will work according to the intensity of your intention which will conditioned the power of the vibration which will be put into action to make you getting out of trouble!


You make yourself your result and so stop to continuously cry on you.





Extra techniques


Emotional - movement



A secondary means of aid is to be based on the emotional to reconstitute the movement.

What is the emotional memory?

The emotional body has a memory which registers the emotions put in place and constituted by the movement. Finally, there is first a movement, then an emotion.

Why the emotional body constitutes such a problem for the humanity, of you and your stories?

The emotional body does not know the time. When «now » there is an emotion which comes back, an emotion which is linked and has been put in place by a movement that is may be, centuries years old, even thousand-year-old, the emotional system puts back in place the vibration of the movement. This vibration of movement organizes again a space and makes vibrate your body inside this space. It is why the emotional body constitutes such a problem for the humanity because through it, you will live again all the emotional stories that you have accumulated during centuries. During thousand-year-old.


When the everyday, the present life reconstitutes the secondary circumstances that make the emotion splash back, the emotion makes start again

the movement through the memories.


But we can use of this principle of the relation between emotion

and movement to help ourselves on the Direct Way.


When you have had very strong perceptions, in your ordinary life but also through the opening of the memories and the practices, automatically the emotional body has registered this particular vibration. If you recall the emotion that has been put in place and stored up in your memory, at this moment of practice, the emotion will make go out again the corresponding movement. So, you will very easily find you again in these states of being which can be excessively powerful, without going back through practices of basis and a making of this state of being there.


Here, you notice that there is nothing to throw. The emotional body is not to throw. It is not because it has created disturbances during such a long time that this tool must be thrown. It is only the content which is a problem, not the emotional body itself. So, in changing the content, the emotional body with its memories and its vibrations will become a very interesting tool between the hands of the researcher of the truth, between the hands of the Direct Way. There is nothing to throw.


It is a very interesting technique but that I place in the secondary techniques because I prefer that the movement of the perfection, the movement of quality installs by itself. I prefer that you have a state of being, here, rather than to need to recall an emotional system because your state of being of « now » is not likely to put in place spontaneously the movement of the dignity.

It is a technique of aid, a secondary technique. The main thing is to have the state of being which does that the initial coding of the dignity expresses freely inside your body and make your body vibrate which organizes with this vibration in the space of the others, in the space of the Grid, in the space of the reptilian.