Creation of the Forces of the universe 2



I will try to communicate more profoundly with you about the creation of the forces of the healing.

Before beginning to speak to you about these forces which are here to help the humanity, I must attract your attention on a few essential points that you will forget then, alas.


You must never lose conscious that nobody is the guardian of the water, because water has the power to preserve itself. And the one which calls and erect him in guardian of water create a very big problem, for himself, and for the universe because he will be transformed in a kind of blockage, of dam, of authorization, of authority. Then because nobody is the guardian of the other, not any force of healing created by the universe is the guardian of the illness.


Finally, we always have the choice. There is this double possibility of action towards the initial dynamism of the Creation or towards its diversion. It is very important that you feel it in all the fibers of your body and that you do not put you in guilt of your roles, of your so-called missions. You are not the guardian of this mission, of this role because each one has the possibility to do in another way and other thing, so to heal itself.


So, be always relaxed in your role, your mission, your action. Do never make you the guardian of the result. It is the movement that you will use, the means that you will use, the dynamism that you will put in work, it is the encouragement that you will produce on the others that is important. Do never feel responsible of the result. Do never penalize in nothing. Do never make you the guardian of the water. Do never make you the guardian of a dimension. Otherwise you will hollow your own unhappiness, your own hell. In the same time, believing to do good you will create an opposition to the fluidity of the natural flow of the kindness, of the gentleness and of the love. Pay really attention to that because you can be so enthusiastic by all what you discover that you can erect you in warrior of the universe, the great guardian of the purity of the dimension of the teachings. Here, you will do the unhappiness of everybody and beyond of you and of the others, you will also make the unhappiness of the teachings.


This preliminary is so important that I could recall it constantly.

You will perceive that the Creation flows all alone. Through this gentleness which flows of which the daughter is love, there is creation of objects, of all a dynamism that makes that there is an enormous force that is continuously made more dynamic and that comes back on the wound and heals it.

As long as you stay in the dynamism of the uncreated, in the informal, there is no difficulty because there is only one intention. It is what I call the initial intention, the first intention which is always in this gentleness, this love, this complete gift of oneself to the all of the whole and of the space. This respect of the space!

But from the moment where we have fallen in the domain of the Creation, everything changes. There is a phenomenon of condensation, of cooling of the force of the Heaven which leads to the production of other thing. It is necessary to understand what this phenomenon of creation and of condensation is. I can take an example: in the atmosphere, there are particles of hydrogen and of oxygen. A chemical operation does that there is a coupling between two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen. The potential becomes a molecule. If we cool this molecule, we obtain a superior condensation which will call water vapour, then if it cools again we obtain rain then snow then ice. It is a phenomenon of transformation from a same origin.

So, we can say that from operations to operations, we have fallen from a very light level to go to a more condensed level.


It is what I try to explain although the words are very imperfect. When you begin to enter in the formal, you have condensed something that was first informal. Then, when you enter even more in the formal, in the notion of the form, there is at the same time, integrated at this mechanism the notion of the non conventionality. As soon as something condenses, it means that you go out of the informal to enter in the formal, there is automatically a balance of intention. Also when there is a force which is born to go to help the world, there is automatically, in potential, also, the force which is there to thwart this help for the world. There is a mathematically relation of cause and effect in the universe. It is the only law that exists. It is necessary to understand that the two mechanisms exist as soon as we enter in the formal world. If it is the first intention, it means all the kindness of the generosity which is in action, all flows freely.

On the other hand, when there is the setting up of the opposite forces to this initial intention and that we search to be isolated of the remain of the universe, that we will try to cut ourselves as would do it an enormous bubble of glass in the bottom of the ocean, there is a wound at this universe which sets up a means of self-healing.

When you perceive very clearly this mechanism in all the fibers of your body, you do not adore a force of aid as if it was a god. It is a medicine of which the humanity needs. It is its first role.


Each force of recovery of the universe has so a double orientation.

Towards the Earth, towards the human, the humanity, because it is a medicine for this race which acts at countercurrent of the normal movement of the initial movement of the Creation.

It has also its look towards the Heaven which is to maintain alive and tonic the initial intention of the universe, the intention of the Creation.


It is the greatness of the human race and of the humanity to have the possibility to make a choice. When you have not this possibility, it is not difficult to act. You cannot do in another way. Opposite, when you have the possibility to be attracted and induced by all a system of separation, you show that you are great and noble to go in a movement of gathering and of return to your origin.



Now I would like to entertain you of this force of being that permits to bring the Earth to the Heaven so that from this coupling leaps a real firework. But do not be the guardian of the method. Do not be the guardian of the state of being. Do not be the guardian of nothing at all. All looks after itself. Accept that somebody does not want to play this game because finally, he does not arm the Creation, he only arms himself.

These forces of recovery have been found self-created by the law of cause and effect. More precisely, they were in potential existence in the case where a virus develops. There is nothing that has been found self-created by a mechanism of regulation in the universe. Everything exists in potential and when a virus develops which it also is in potential, it sets up the activation of the potentiality of the medicine. It is what we can call the cosmic fear. One returns to the other, continuously. When we cancel one, we cancel the other at the same time because when the virus is cancelled, the medicine is, it also, cancelled. Each one returns in its potentiality of existence and is not found in updating of existence.


It is the same mechanism inside your body and your cells. If in all your cells there is the memory of the body, the question is at least to know which are the elements of your cells that you let circulate, develop, dance to create an inner chemistry which will then, make your communication with the space.


Also before going further, it is really indispensable that you are introduced, very conscious of these three essential forces of the universe which are there to help the human. You will need of these forces.

It is really the basis of the movement of the Creation

    -heart space: the compassion in action

    -material space: the aid for the space

    -spiritual space: the aid for the movement.












Now we will make the coupling with the Force of healing in the universe.


After having known the Force of Compassion in Movement, you have perceived important modifications in your body. It is strong.

Now it is different. This Force is much hotter, much more enveloping. Look only at that without any value judgment. It is not the same heat. Look at, perceive and feel.

When you are in front of the real Force of the universe of healing, you send your snake towards the chest. You can perceive a presence, a heat. You can also perceive a light. You always send your snake to make the coupling either external, or intern. You will become increasingly intimate with the art to heal, the art to treat, the art to help the others. In fact, all the forces of universal are the art to help the others, each one has its method, each one has its vibration, each one has its practice. So, see, feel, understand what it is that this art of healing.


And always remember that if you are welcomed, if one has let you penetrate in these Forces of the universe, it is so that you perceive all the savor of it, the odor, the vibration, their manner of seeing, of feeling, of acting so that you recognize this manner in your ordinary life and that you have truly the intention to help to settle it and to settle it yourself. These introductions are very serious.

Take your time. Understand. Feel. See.


You can understand all the softness which is in the act to heal, this manner of taking the suffering like a little baby that one coddles in his arms. Then by rocking it, one initially makes cease the cries then through caresses, one will make it smile. Then through smiling, it will want to drink the whey of the life.

You can perceive with which softness one approaches the suffering. It is really the mother who comes to swaddle her child and who comes to see what she can do because the child cries a lot.


You cannot conceive the force of medicine of the universe without there is a wound. One does not need medicine if one is not sick. Beyond the external wound, on the body, there is the inner wound and also the deep wound, also the secret wound. Why are we on Earth if it is not to put in exaltation, in movement this gentleness, this matter gentleness, which is the nourishment, the medicine of the wound in the Source.


You can perceive all the value of the gentleness as matter, as sublime medicine for the healing, whether it is external, internal or secret. There, you feel carried by large hands. You feel yourself rocked as if you were rocked in your hammock by a loving mother. Whatever the means which you use, this intention to heal in this manner, with this matter, according to this intention, it is that the Creation carries you, rocks you, nourishes you. And leads to you events so that you heal them.


When that is, you will thank also this essential Force to have wanted that you penetrate it. Then you will return exactly as I have already said it to you. This flow will come in your body, in your heart.