Secret Tan-Tien


The pastille of vitality.



With this apparent Tan-Tien enriched with the secret Tan-Tien, you must restart all the practices that you know, in order to perceive well the difference. But, I remind you of the fact that each practice is an alive being. When you give additional and far more enriched nourishment to an alive being, he has a more overflowing activity.

Also, with this apparent Tan-Tien enriched with the secret Tan-Tien you will rediscover very different possibilities of utilization and of perceptions of space. It is not only that you can redo all the techniques, you must redo all of them.

I will support you in this effort in conducting you step by step with my voice. We will make the practices together. A new one each week. I will send you a file « sound » for each of them. You will know another savour through the body!


But, beyond, the real first application of the secret Tan-Tien in the development of the Heaven, it is the possibility to perceive the pastille of vitality. We take care of that now.


The pastille of vitality is the essence of the energy contained in the apparent Tan-Tien. That will give you a clearer inner vision and will make more high-performance your decoders allowing you a far finer comprehension. It is really to change of car and go in another dimension. There is a huge gap between the lucidity without or with the pastille of vitality.


We always start by the activation of the apparent Tan-Tien. I like the technique of the tennis ball. There are other techniques, softer, more tranquil, more overall. But you are not always in good form. So if you wait for your energetic system to be operational to start the practices, I am afraid of that for the essential you do not often begin.

It is not always easy everyday and if we wait for that all the energetic conditions are there to set off, it is not obvious. Then, you can always sit down and throw the apparent Tan-Tien like a tennis ball on the four bearing points of the belt. It is rather mechanical, it can almost be done asleep. And gradually, in a few minutes, you realize that everything is wakening, that everything is moving.


So, you throw, front, behind, of each side. Four times must be enough. You push all in all on the belt. You throw against the perineum. You push all in all again on the apparent Tan-Tien and the bowl is there. The perineum is always closed by a light tensing.

Now, concentration on the part of the sacrum where you know the secret Tan-Tien is. Perception of a presence, pain, heat and so on…

Then you throw the apparent Tan-Tien against the secret Tan-Tien, like a tennis ball, but very softly. Four times must be enough.

You check that the loop is here. Overall inhalation in the back and overall exhalation in front. You are ready for the operation of the release of the snakes.

You push the apparent Tan-Tien on the secret Tan-Tien and you hold until the head of the snake goes out then you lead it. You know the method. You push. It goes out. You lead. You control.


It is really necessary that this energy registers that it is you who control everything and that it is not it. This is already an operation in your life. To master your life and to take it in hand rather than to let you be direct by the events and to be the leaf pushed by the wind or the pebble rolled by the waves of the sea. As long as the air is free and that the beach is with golden and warm sand, you tell you that it is not that bad, but at a moment given, you arrive on stones, draughts and you do no longer agree. The Direct Way is for those people who do no longer at all agree.


You redo four times.

You now have a very strong and loaded apparent Tan-Tien. It is really a metal ball that you throw to bounce against the four bearing points of the belt. One or two rebounds at each time. Look how it vibrates. That, it is of power! The same on the perineum. Look how you have a bowl that becomes very metal, very strong in your belly. Then with this metal ball, you crash everywhere in the bowl, on the right, on the left, everywhere, everywhere not only on the belt. You play squash inside your belly. You realize that you have something of profoundly powerful here and that give you the desire to act, that give you the desire to go in the life, to act, to make your creation. It is a desire to create, the impulse, the enthusiasm. Do not mix up violence and enthusiasm. The reptilian which does not know anything about this subject, because it does not know what it is to be enthusiastic, what it is to have this matter of the Heaven that flows in it, confuses very easily with the violence. And when you throw you in something with dynamism, one reproaches you to be violent. Pay attention to that and be self confident. When the ball bounces in every sides, do not forget the anus, the rear and so on. Of all the parts of the bowl, it is the rear that is the most fragile.


Now, you release a little, you breathe because there is power. You feel that you may be lack of a little air, that around you it becomes more dynamic as if you were doing a big race and that you need of oxygen.


We will use of all this strength to put you in presence of the sphere in the belly. The bowl is a half-sphere. There is a half-sphere on top, which makes that the whole is a complete balloon, a complete sphere. To perceive it, it is very simple. Your apparent Tan-Tien enriched by your secret Tan-Tien crashes the diaphragm at the plexus. Do it with gentleness. It heats. You push in your bowl and your belt progresses towards the top. Progressively, a half-sphere settles. You force always slightly with the exhalation.

This sphere is still perceptible in two half-spheres. It is very powerful at the belly but more fragile on top. To increase the tonicity of the superior half-sphere, you push overall on your apparent Tan-Tien and you make it diffuse in every sides, it means as much superior side as inferior side as you did it for the bowl. So, you reinforce quietly, through a supple breathing with privileged orientation on the exhalation.

To have the checking of the good closing, you throw your apparent Tan-Tien enriched by the secret Tan-Tien with small knocks on the belt, as if you hammered with a little hammer. You start form the front bearing point, you turn right or left it does not matter. You feel, gradually, a confirmation of the welding between the two half-spheres. Here, it finishes good.

Now, you make the Tan-Tien pass as if it was a finger sliding inner side on the welding to check that everything is alright. If you feel something of not clear, you throw the Tan-Tien knock at this place to strengthen it.


Now it is very simple. What you did just a moment ago, in inferior part of the bowl when you threw to crash your apparent Tan-Tien on all the parts of the inferior bowl, you do it also on the high part. You throw your Tan-Tien in all the sides, like a ball which plays and returns to itself inside this space. That reinforces the whole of your top half-sphere. There is an enormous pressure.

When it is done, you let the apparent Tan-Tien relax. Naturally, it comes back in its usual place at the center. Now, it is in the center of a sphere. It is strong. It is solid.


Now we establish the direct communication between the two TT without passing through the loop.

You throw the apparent Tan-Tien, already enriched, on the secret Tan-Tien. A snake goes out and comes by the loop. Four times.

Then notice what happens: there is the direct diffusion of the secret Tan-Tien inside the sphere and there is no longer the passage through the loop.

Here it is! The pressure is done all alone. It pushes from all sides. That pushes on the ribs, on all the walls of the body, the belly, the back and so on.

When it becomes uncomfortable or that the pressure is enough, you release the energy contained in the sphere, through the top, plexus side. This energy makes the body as transparent, as empty. You no longer have the perception of the organs, it is empty. It is very light. You have entered in a phase of decondensation, of dematerialization. That does not prevent that the organs are always there but you have the possibility to perceive them also by their light side and not only by their matter side. The decoders are put in place for this perception.

You can have an impression of big emptiness, of a body which relaxes, of something of very light. In fact, take the perceptions as they are. They correspond to your energetic reality.


In this void, in this tranquility, you perceive in your belly that there is something of very luminous, a small diamond, very small and very luminous. It is the pastille of vitality. It is the very essence of the vitality of your apparent Tan-Tiem enriched by the strength of the secret Tan-Tien. You will notice that there is a fantastical mobility of this pastille of vitality. It circulates inside your body at a phenomenal speed, very simply with your intention. You can throw it anywhere.


We will make a little experiment, which is always very conclusive.

You will throw the pastille of vitality in your left eye. Your attention suffices. The breathing follows naturally. The pastille of vitality knows what it has to do. It is the essence of your vitality of the apparent tan-Tien. If your eye is ill, if there is pain, it will work. You do not need to guide it. Now, cease and look at the difference between the two eyes. It is neat.


Know how to use this pastille of vitality to go and heal your Earth so that your Earth has the capability to go to the Heaven. You must not go and heal the Earth for the Earth.

Apart from that, what the pastille of vitality is for? The pastille of vitality is used to put in action, in a more subtle, finer manner, the secret Tan-Tien in order to reach far more elaborated techniques which require more of delicacy in the attention, the behavior, the action.

See how the thing is beautiful. You, at the beginning, you have an apparent Tan-Tien. The apparent Tan-Tien has the capability to put in action and to wake up the secret Tan-Tien. This waking of the secrete Tan-Tien carries along and leads to an enrichment of the apparent Tan-Tien. The apparent Tan-Tien enriched, can work better, can reach more powerful and deeper techniques. The enrichment of this apparent Tan-Tien, by the secret Tan-Tien, permits the access to the perception of the pastille of vitality. This pastille of vitality will be able, again, to come back to work on the secret Tan-Tiem to conduct it in an even more powerful manner.


It is that the energetic compression: this work which carries along this work. It means a body-building which provokes still a space for another body-building. An activity which carries along the possibility of another activity.


Here, it is really: help you and the Heaven will help you. It is that the very essence of the progress of the techniques of the Direct Way. Each technique provokes a change of the inner chemistry allowing always going further in the use of the same means.



It is that the compression in energy.








First approach in Bam



Of this Source, of « that », there is a permanent creation, and a permanent return. It is a return ticket. There is nobody who decides. It is a mechanism, which is directly integrated into « that ». There has not been an operator man, a decision maker to this movement, to this departure from the Source and this return to the Source. It is thus. All suffices to itself and it is a beauty in itself. This perception is a splendid beauty; it is an enthusiasm of the heart.


One has a ticket to go on a journey and this journey is a discovery, a constant mobilization of the energy, of this capital which one has since all what one is, comes from « that ». This dance which one will make with that, it is the nourishment of this Source. Intentionally I have taken the term of dance because it is a reality:


we will dance.


That the dancer dances well or not, that he hurts himself the feet or not, it is his problem at him. Nevertheless while dancing he mobilizes, he puts in activity, in acceleration the matter of which he is made up. And even if he has the pretentiousness to be individual, to be a single presence, a will independent of all the remainder, it is this matter that he puts in enlivening. Also, if he dances badly it is his problem at him, the Source, in any case, is always nourished by his mobilization.

When you perceive that that relieves you considerably on your obligation regarding the Creation and you realize, at this moment that the man, it is to him that he does harm.


One has left for a great journey and in any case the return will exist. For the moment let us go on « the outward journey » which can be moderately far or very far. In fact, you can always circulate in known territories or be more or less attracted by remote territories, even frankly unknown. And as you must dance with what there is around you, you can be very interested by the new rules of these territories and end up forgetting even the Order of the Source and of the Creation.

Will you continue to work according to the original coding which is in all your particles, it means the intention which is there, this Intelligence and this Presence, or, gradually of your remoteness, you will perhaps consider to rambler differently, to dance differently?

You left on a journey. You have the « free » ticket which gives you finally the possibility to go where you want. Therefore, owing to the fact that you have the possibility of an action, you will pass from the intention to the realization. In energetic it is a phenomenon of condensation. You will pass from a space of light to a space of matter.


For the Source, your sending on a journey is an enlivening that you make of Its matter. That you do it in the direction where it propels you naturally or that you invent your personal business, it is only your business. And I would even say that you are obliged to invent your personal business. It is as a professor who teaches you the piano. One day, he launches you in your own operation, in your own sounds, in your own manner of playing and one will see the fruit that you will get out. Therefore, this possibility of going out of the original movement of the Source is integrated into each one of your particles. It is not a notion of separation. It is a possibility to make « differently », it means to extend the field of activity, the field of action, to invent other dances starting from the base which is given to you. But no matter what you make, no matter what you invent, it is always this matter that you put in movement.


Therefore, in any case the Source is nourished and contented.


That will be quite simply you, your manner of dancing which will make that you will have a very breathing space or on the contrary deeply narrowed. Thus, in this dance, in this « outward journey », is integrated inside each one of your cells the imagination to set up something which is personal for you, which makes your trademark. You have the possibility to innovate. What thereafter will be regarded as a separation of the movement of the Source, as the mark of destruction of your original commitment, when a gap has gained such an importance that a personal space settles, the starting of this movement is not a problem because it is registered in the system.


Therefore, you are obliged, at a given moment, if you are a truth son of the Heaven to be filled with enthusiasm to make dance this matter that you are, in an increasingly beautiful way, more and more generous, it means to discover other territories, to be imaginative of a dimension of action always stronger, much larger. This normal and generous movement self-creates its own imagination. The movement creates the words which explain the movement to itself and enthusiasm the movement to be continued.



It is that the rule of the universe.

At the beginning, you have an intention which is the concretization of the movement, which makes a Being. Then, this movement, while being put in action creates the word which explains it and justifies it to itself and which makes that there is the enthusiasm and the certainty to be able to continue.


Therefore, to be launched out thus one develops continuously imagination to dance « differently ». One launches you on the dance floor and now you make your business of it. It is necessary to understand well all this mechanism to be deeply reassured on this freedom, this relaxation that you must have in your movement, in your real perception, in your sensation. That is a quality integrated by the Source in your cells.

When you reduce, rigidify, immobilize yourself with the reason that you do not want to do harm and that you want to pay attention to everything, it is entirely opposite to this impulse of the Source. There, you are not in a step of generosity and you put yourself only in a situation of no risk: you do not want an accident and the best means of not having an accident is not to leave the car out of the garage. Except that the car rots in the garage and that the roof crumbles above.


So, it is beautiful and natural to go the most possible further.


But it is a return ticket and you must « return ». In any case you will return with the physical death, yours and perhaps that of the complete species. But, more you separate, more you create your dance, more you can finish by believing you brilliant.

It is only the intensity of the movement, the generosity of the movement, it means the matter that you put in movement, this matter that one has given you which contains in oneself the generosity of action, the enthusiasm of action.


But this very important mobilization that you have done creates you so much your words, your explanations that you can have the impression that it is you, who have created them and you think yourself brilliant. And when you think that, you cease to be a son of the Source and you take yourself as the beginning of a new line. You take yourself as the father or the mother who will begin a new personal filiation on the basis of what he has discovered, of what he has built, of what he has danced, of his ideas and his theories.


It is that the true separation.


From son or daughter you transform yourself into father or mother. It is this natural movement of the reptilian with behind the Grid which is constituting its personal space by saying that now the base of the life will be thus and that to be son of God it is dream. Then, when one ends up being in love with HIS creation, that one is proud, that one believes oneself brilliant, this pride which makes that now one does not give any more but that one attracts everything to oneself, one will create his own system.


In this proper system is not any more included the notion of return

to the Source.


One is in a world buckled on itself and one can even believe oneself immortal. In that, one makes so that the fruit of its activity remains in this new family, in this new space that one has created. It is a colossal error, it is an enormous ignorance, because in any case one is not separated from the Source since this separate world continues to nourish the Source because it uses the matter of the Origin, the matter of the Source.

It is like an enormous ocean where people have decided that instead of swimming quietly, instead of making arabesques like the dolphins and the whales, they were going to create their own underwater city in a bubble around them to see the sea and its pretty fishes. They will create their underwater space and it will be necessary that they constitutes themselves their oxygen, their nourishment and think of the evacuation of their own rubbishes. They will create an internal city. Except that in this pretentiousness, they have forgotten with which matter they functioned and it is always that of the total ocean. That there is in the total ocean a small cell which is agitated personally and makes its small world, the ocean, it, in any case is always the final addressee and the receiver. Those which are in the small bubble make only increase their pollution, their asphyxiation.

The one who is installed in his system of pride and of pretentiousness, who separated himself and who thinks that he could be the addressee of all his activity, in other words that he is manufacturing his own heritage, then, this one lets many traces behind him. He has come in a mechanism of accumulation, of filing which he will call a social evolution, a cultural evolution.


Even if he thinks to be the father and the mother of his filiation and of his society, nevertheless he is always the son and the daughter and the parents receive the final of his operation. In other words, the one who has separated himself does a work for his children. The one who has always the Presence with him, makes the heritage for his parents. The true heritage which he can make for his children is to make them touch the link with their Origin so that this link is never cut. This true heritage that he gives them is the happiness for the existence because his child is naturally happy. Whereas the other who is locked up in his system by pride, filled with enthusiasm of his own creations, is continuously worried about his rubbishes.


The flight of the eagle does not leave trace.


There is only the slug which lets a trace. When you put the foot on this trace, you fall down and when you catch hold of the fruit basket, the fruits fall above you bringing about the electric coffeemaker and you receive the boiling coffee… and that makes laugh complete rooms! That makes laugh because it is the reality with which they are confronted daily. If they looked at that like a teaching, they would examine how they practice in the everyday life in order not to be found in these situations.


On the other hand, the one who has not forgotten this Intelligence from which he was born sends back continuously what he makes in nourishment. The judgment intervenes with each operation, with each event. It is a continual return ticket. It is not only one outward journey and return: I go in the life - I return to the death.


In each event there is a return ticket.


It is for that he is light, he is not filing, he does not carry something each time because each time he has given everything. He thus sets out again with a new spirit because he has given everything. He looks at the dance that he will make with the event and that can be in a very great gentleness or a very great firmness.

But, if you go even further in your intimacy with yourself, with this Source, you realize that this return ticket is not done only with each event but with each breathing. With each breathing, you breathe in this Force of life and you make the action with it.


It is not always easy to be with the others people on Earth but you know that you are there for everybody. You know that the flight of the eagle does not leave traces because you do not recover anything for you. However, you are rich of everything. And you do not have any more protection to do for yourself: the Heaven protects you, you have the protection of the Source. Quite simply. You have the protection of the Source, you have with you the Lucidity of the Source, you have with you the Uprightness of the Source. And with that you circulate in the world, it means in the event.

Those one who are in their stories to be locked up in their own world, are always skidding and taking a tumble by putting the feet on their own traces of slug. And that made laugh everybody.

The one who has become proud of his creation, brings back everything to him and is instituted father and mother of a new line. But, the one who has remained filled with enthusiasm of his creation and who remains filled with wonder by all the imagination which develops because of this movement of the Source that he implements, this one is also completely filled with wonder by what he makes but does not have the pride and the pretentiousness to say that he is him the genius and that he is owner of this dance and of these fruits.

For the one who remained in relation, all goes back to the Source. He does not carry anything, it is light, it is an extraordinary mobility.


In any case, the one who has separated himself, who makes his particular world swindles himself because he believes that he is owner of the energy which he has mobilized. But there, he is swindled continuously because at each operation, at each event, all the energetic mobilization goes directly to the Source. And it is for that he is always in his agitation, in this system of lack. He is never satisfied, he has always the impression that he is stolen somewhere, that he misses something to him. And it is true since finally he plays his little game for him but there is always the addressee which is the Source and which recovers that at each operation.

Then, you understand why he has permanently this notion of lack, that he has this vacuum which he always wants to fill by an agitation increasingly stronger.

Therefore, you see that one is not there to save God, to help the Source because one does not need to save God:


one is there to go and help the man to come out of the difficulty and to stop his idiotic system of auto-ignition where he creates for himself a stress

of continual lack.


The one who has separated himself in his pride, has always the perception to be continuously stolen, therefore he always develops the reproach to the others. He reproaches everything, even the presence of the other can be regarded as a theft for him. He will continuously set up more and more sophisticated protective systems.

But the one who has not lost this presence in the beginning is never stolen. And yet, each time, he gives all. But, it is not him which is in the system of lack.



He, he is full at each operation.