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Creation of the forces of the universe 3


Space of the heart




The first of the forces is the compassion in action.


This force dynamizes a space of heart. A heart which wants to circulate, to act, which is vigorous and which wants to breathe. It is the heart which wants to live, to swell and not to discuss continuously with uselessness, to let itself lock up in a narrow space.


But you see, the air which makes you live is that which is at the end of your nose. It is all. One deals with the air which is at the end of its nose and if you move enormously, you can have much space in which you will intervene. But, nevertheless all your action is where you are. It is so that this space can increase, radiate, dilate and that the beauty of the life, this engagement, this enthusiasm, can radiate from you. It is that the commitment of this force of the compassion in action.


When I speak about the compassion in action, I say quite simply that it is a space of heart. It is a space where your heart wants to function, to live, to fill up, to radiate, to burst, to emit etc Without this space of heart which functions in priority, it is not worthwhile to begin the life. It is all. If somebody wants to begin his life while saying from the beginning: “Me, I do not want to live. I do not want to radiate. ”, it is already lost.


Before looking at which are the means of action, before even make a dance floor and learning how to dance, which is the heart to want to dance?

It is a big problem. There are many people who while being born and by perceiving the sad state of humanity from the beginning refused to take part. There are many others with which I must give again hope in the life. But I do not want to give again the hope in the life to them through a theorization, through even my own commitment, my own forces. It is necessary to understand where their negativities are. Then, what is it that a negativity? It is something which closes again you on yourself.

Negativity is an energetic movement which returns on itself and self-chokes. If you do not understand this mechanism in which you choke yourself by releasing your emotional of bazaar, you do not have any chance to withdraw you of it. It is for that that this presence is so important because it is it which will enable you to perceive how you are narrowing your space, how you are all asphyxiating. It is not the other people, it is yourself, which constitute your prison. You are the proper guard of your prison by accepting the release of certain energetic forms of your cells and that all that plays and dances in your body.


The robber can fly only in the darkness. If one day you have a robber at home and that you say to him frankly by looking it in the eyes: « You, I know that you are a robber! » You will realize that there is nothing which will be stolen at home because if something disappeared, all the eyes would turn to him. The recognition of its faults, its errors, is absolutely essential because nothing can develop in the darkness and the lie. The lie reduces space continuously whereas the truth releases it.


It is the release of space by the truth, it means by the glance of what is, for what it is, without any value judgment. It is like that. From there, the decision is self-taken itself. One does not even need to take it by a form of active action. It is neat, it is clear that according to this ground, the action, the movement can be only that. It is an effect of lighting on all that will be held inside you, since you, your body, is the dance floor. Thus, certain forces any more will not have the possibility of coming to play openly because they are discovered.


It is in this release of space by your attention and your frank glance on what you are, you, that in a fantastic way space of the heart, of compassion in action will spread and that it will have a splendid ground of adventure, that it will help you to increase continuously. Knows perfectly what you are making and what you also, you want.


The truth does not say in small pieces. When it is started, all is known. And even, if in the final analysis, one entirely does not know his own truth, the intention to really say it, to really discover it, for oneself and the others, is enough. The glance will widen like a torch, like a lamp inside a cellar which takes more and more power and which radiates increasingly broad permitting to see more and more things. It is by the will to perceive reality for what it is and to deal with what is there for what it is, what it makes, that there is the continual development of the perception of lucidity.


But you, if you want to have dance floor which jumps continuously from space to space, to have around you an air always modified and changing, if you are in this enthusiasm there because you are in this space of heart, of loving participation and extreme friendship to the life, the others and the world, you will receive a phenomenal help.

But you must live it, physically.





Extra technique





It is very beloved to me because it is truly a conscious and determined action on a being.

You will meet loneliness and curiously this loneliness will be accompanying the mechanism of determination which will be in action. Because without the sincere, real, practical will, you cannot anything with this technique. It is through it that one understands the quality of work and of serious. It is important to know what one is doing and which are the processes of the life which are concerned.

To obtain a result, according to the laws of the Creation, it is necessary to develop an extraordinary attention on the methods of the life of the other and to very intimately understand the energetic flows which have led and supported his life. It is the only and single means of being able to work with the other, « together». Without this precise knowledge, the arrow does not have a goal and misses the only essential point:


The movement of life



This precise, almost surgical knowledge is the only means to be able to obtain a transformation which is in agreement with the rhythm of the other, which is not a rape, even in the name of the best reasons made by the world. There is no good reason for this kind. The Freedom of the other must be absolutely contained in all your decisions. On the other hand nobody is the guard of his brother!

To practice this surgery, it is necessary to have more than love, more than good will. With only these two strictly human tools one does not go far. One does not even begin the practice, even not its shade!


The sincere and true Intention is needed.


This Intention will be put at work. All alone! It is it which will excavate, seek, connect the scattered energetic elements of the other. It is it which will seek the links that it will be necessary to make. Because you want very sincerely to get a machine going again! You want from the bottom of your heart, that the other lives and develops his qualities which he was sometimes unaware of all his existence. Even if it is for a short moment before his death, you want that the other feels deeply, in his flesh, what is the happiness of a fully accomplished action. A simple action, a small action of the every day! But it will release an intense happiness, a certainty to be other thing that his ordinary suffering. And in fruit, it will know that the conscience of “the other” really exists and that one can carry a cordial hand on him.


Because it is “the other” who is the challenge of the life! All what I can teach you, it is that “the other exists!” Do you understand?

It is because for the majority of the world, the other does not exist, that one imposes his own rhythms and his own wills to him. We do not speak any more, on this level, of human ordinary rhythms; we are in the energy, the vitality of the creative life. When the other does not exist, one is the center of the world, the center of the space. No matter what one does or says, all must always turn around oneself. One always judges according to his own impressions and feelings.

It is a blessing of knowing intimately that the other exists. A true blessing! From this moment one has given up the center of the world. There is not any more a center. One does not function any more compared to a pile to which one is attached, whatever the length of the lunge is. It happens an extraordinary thing then: one forgot oneself! Those which do not escape to this center never forget themselves.

When this Intention is there, you have forgotten yourselves. You are only with the research of the tools and methods which will allow the success of your action. Because it is of an action that it is about. By the making of these tools which are necessary for you, you learn the rhythm of the other, the energetic impulses which are concerned, you become aware of the material which you will have to handle. Know that it is there the essential point in the order of the Creation and not the actual success of your action:


The precise, lucid conscience of the energetic flows with which

you will have to work.


While your Intention works like a sharp and tonic, happy flame even of its freedom and its discoveries, you are fully happy and relaxed. It is not “the affection” which you carry who relaxes you; it is the exact procedure of the life according to the rhythms of the Creation. It is to put in action the exact process of the “cosmic” movement of the Creation which produces this satisfaction. It is the means which counts! Not the result, do you understand? Even if you expect the result ardently because nothing does not have to be made without the depth faith of the success.

And you will notice at the same time as you can be lucid such a surgeon in action, in a difficult operation which requires all his competences and all his attention. You will notice that you do not have any judgment on the quality of the energies with which you must work. You know that they are those which are in movement in the present play, and it is those one that you will use. One does not even discuss!

Here is the word of the end which I sought while writing these lines: one does not discuss any more! He, the liar with the life, the resistant to the harmonious movement of the rules of the Creation, always discusses. I would not even say that he spends his time judging the energies with which he works “Oh, my God, how it is disgusting!”, nor to criticize, to complain, to cry. Quite simply he “discusses”. Nothing else that this connection of the center of the world which appreciates with his manner the movement of space around him. He is never worried about the pile at which its lunge is fixed.

And you, you will not discuss any more. And it is that which will carry you in the flow of the happiness of your utility. It is that which will really connect you with the other and you will work finally “together”.


This practice is very beloved to me because it was almost all my life the only means that I had to work “together”. It has not always been in the form that I present to you, but its essence was always the same one. I also make you share sounds of the Universe which are beloved to me and which you can use in full safety.


I benefit from it to make a small comment so that the things are very clear. It is necessary to return to the methods of creation of all the human structures.

At the beginning there is the Universe with its rhythms, its flows, its Laws. One day, a Visionary, the one who has access to the vision of this knowledge, and it is the famous “Incommensurable one”, perceives these working Rules and realizes that his respect in the ordinary life leads the man towards a contentment of existence, which is far beyond satisfaction. He speaks about it.

Moreover, this knowledge produces in him a radical change of the old energetic flows. His inner structure re-examined and corrected by this contact with the Truth has the capacity to lead the flow of the others: it will be called the gifts and powers. As the majority of people will not have understood how these “powers” have come, they will make a saint or a guru of This one. In surplus, as it is necessary to put “in words” what This one sees, it will be called the Teaching.

As long as This one is alive, he is the lively force which is the reference. The material structure which can be installed around him is never but the methods of the ordinary existence with all its contingencies.

It is once This one died that the difficulty will arise. The official successors, except exceptional case, will be only managers. “Seeing” nothing, all the teaching will become rigid and it will be the reference.

There will be “visionaries”, these real sons of This one. But know that in the world of the human beings, the material structure, it means the space, is always more powerful than the “vision” itself. The reason is that The one who Sees is not tempted by the greatness and the authority that he will besides reject like hay; but that the “official” successors them, find their importance in it. They thus will be very authoritative organizers, in the very name of a freedom which they relegate beyond the walls of their fortress.

Those, the real sons of This one, will be his successors in the order of the Truth but they will be in quiet places, even frankly withdrawn. Because at those one, the material structure will not make gifts.

For the little story, a large Master Zen, to be quiet of all the administrative annoyances of the “official structure” has drowned in the crowd and has become frankly a beggar among the beggars. Do not believe that he professed! He remained dumb. But in every second of his breathings, he communicated to the others the lively force of the Truth. How? By this technique that we will approach. He worked thus “together” with those who deep down would not have liked of it if he had said to them. And then one day he was recognized and found: he had spontaneously intervened to save a child who had just been mortally wounded in the street. The remainder of his life was difficult. He spent his time showing the way to follow to the “monks” who had beseeched him to return towards them, but everyone always discussed.


Thus, those of the official structure have used the indications given by This one but have perverted them by their will of rigidity which went against the natural movement of the flow. It should be known that one always dynamizes, in a direction or another. One is For or Against.

As the “Against” are majority, their use of the practices resulting from the indications provided by This one, have resulted in dynamizing the space in a perverted direction.

The “objects” provided by This one are thus involved in a movement having a finality which is not in the direction of the Creation. However these “objects” are pure in themselves. But to be able to employ them, they should be cut from the structure in which they were dynamized. Effectively the danger is that the object and the structure always return one to the other. One calls the structure and the object comes at the same time. One calls the object and it brings back with it the structure with which it has the habit to work because the enlivening has constituted a link. It is what one called “the chain of prayers”.

It is thus necessary to know very exactly what one will make coming “in chain” by calling certain objects (the sounds are of them) or a structure. Into final, except with knowing that certain objects are cut from their chains, it is better not to use them.


I call this technique the compassion in action. Because the compassion is the relative link that you have with the world. It is a real link. Very real.


It is so real that, when one can push so far his action as we will do it, in the secret dimension from the communication, it must imperatively exist the secrecy on this last part of the technique. To know to make the good is also to know to make the evil. In fact, the energy does not have direction; it is the energy quite simply. Its conscious handling supposes the knowledge of its processes. One could thus make use of the secret part of this technique, which fortunately does not exist nowhere in my opinion because I have dreamed it, to do harm and to decrease a being. I am not certain that the energetic return will not be mortal for the one who would practice in this manner. However it is certain that it will have had time to harm considerably before receiving the decisive consequences leading to his destruction. Thus that is for you the secret phase. Keep it preciously.


Now at work. In five stages.


1. The constitution of the bronze man. To install the ventral breathing that will order all the process.


Useless to start again. You know the process, sat, right back… etc

That is a technique of clarity in action. Also, if you can it, do it outside, facing the sun, with a beautiful sight in front of you. In the preparation let the heat of the sun penetrate you behind your closed eyes. Know also that it is a strongly vitaminized technique. Late in the evening, that can lead to a little short sleep.

Then it is no need for a particular person in the mirror with the secret phase. Your communication is a little different. You thank the existence for being in life, to carry you good, to be able to act and to know how to do it. You dynamize the space for giving it back to him. That will always please to him a lot, be certain of that. You will not have a face in your mirror but words. Words which will say that all that you return, it is for all those which suffer in this world. You supply from your side the vase of the Cosmic Compassion. That the one who will be able to be connected to it, does not matter who he is, help himself and be safe! Thank you.


2. Installation of the force of Compassion.


It is a luminous green color. A little grass color quite tonic in spring. As we will work with one of its most dynamized dimensions, I insist that it must remain exclusively for you.

Sat, looking in front of you, to one meter, one meter fifty, the half-opened lips, you will pronounce the words JEZUMA (U always pronounces OU). Thus in phonic JESOUMA. In long exhalations which you will seek to gently make vibrate in your throat by a recall of the chin towards you. Two to three times.

You will be immediately aware of a presence in front of you. You can see green colors which circulate freely, and even shapes or smiling faces.


As we work at a very high level of enlivening, the presence should imperatively be authenticated. Then, very distinctly you will say the words ARYATARE. Three times, with a guttural vibration. If the presence in front of you stays and even amplifies, it is correct. It is the good force which came. If not, start again with JEZUMA and authenticate with ARYATARE.

In authentication you can also have a feeling of kindness which gains you the heart, lightness in the chest, a desire for forging ahead.


3. The external manner to practice.


By the sound AH you will put in movement this green presence in front of you. That is done in breathing out with of course a departure of the Tan Tien and the quite solid bowl.

From this green ball in front of you rays of green light leave in all the directions of the space while you pronounce this sound. These rays meet “objects” in the space. These objects can be words, as tools, in fact all that can be used for the art of the compassion. It is useless to make efforts of imagination. It is only necessary to have the intuition and an “overall clairvoyance” that the rays are multiplied ad infinitum and that the space ended up being entirely radiant green.


You will notice whereas you, who are in this space dynamized in luminous green, benefit from this contribution of light. The bronze man becomes filled of green and itself, under the effect of the pronounced words becomes it also radiant green.

It could be that you see your sounds turning slowly clockwise. It is normal. You can even involve them yourself by a rotation of the eyes in the orbits.


At this stage, you are well balanced, happy, healthy, with a welcoming space in front of you.

In soft and happy breathings, you can let return towards you these green lights which penetrate you until the space in front of you dies out of its stars. At one time, all is accomplished. Each one is happy and you are happy too.


It is the external manner to practice the compassion. It is overall but already very powerful in its demonstrations because we work at a high level of energy.


4. The internal manner to act.


But if you want to go further, you will not finish thus. When the space in front of you is well dynamized, you will fix it in silence. Soft breathings. Your attention will be extreme, as somebody who awaits an important character and who scans the section of the way. From this green area, in front of you, you will see approaching a more compact, more formed green ball. It will come to settle in front of you, at one meter in front of your chest. This ball will turn slowly clockwise, slowly. It will be large like a small balloon.

Then, while breathing in, you will say ARYATARE! Strongly. Clearly.

Instantaneously this ball will come to settle in your heart. If it is necessary it, so that you feel this presence well, repeat three times ARYATARE.

Concentrate on your heart. The compact and luminous green ball is there. It turns slowly clockwise. You are really happy of this presence. But you must go further that this perception which would satisfy a lot.


You will pronounce the SOUND «AH». Now it is an action much stronger and interior of enlivening.

This ball which is a condensation of what you have already dynamized in outside, from your heart in the bronze man, will send rays of light again in the space. The ball will turn clockwise.

You can also have the perception that the word TAM has registered in the middle of this green ball.


This ball sends rays clearer, stronger than before. You feel in you and outside compactness, a force which did not exist before. The rays also multiply but they do not meet any more of objects. They meet characters, figurines, in fact all those which are truly connected with this dimension of the Creation. They help you in your action. They help you to make a multiplication ad infinitum of your will to make the good. It is for that that into final, you are not always obliged to put a face in the mirror. The words of your intention will return the fruit of your work towards all those which work as you and there is surely somebody somewhere in this world which needs a hand!


When you are content and happy of your work, you will cease these SOUNDS which dynamize this Force.

In soft and happy breathings, you can let return towards you these green lights until that the space in front of you dies out of its stars. At one time, all is accomplished. Each one is happy and you, you are happy.

It is the internal manner to act in the world.



5. The secret manner of the action.


But if you want to go in the secrecy of the possible action, you will not cease thus.

You will install a mirror in your belly, in the bowl of HB. You must feel the presence of HB all around you.

A glance on the outside shows you the space dynamized in front of you, which you will restart with some ARYATARE from your heart. Then you will make silence. When you notice that the external radiation returns its rays in your heart, you will pronounce TAM, three times.

This sound will return the green radiation received by the heart towards the mirror. When this last is quite luminous, you will install in the mirror the person on whom you want to work.

Do not worry for the energetic supply. The TAM works all alone like a triple pump: enlivening towards the outside, reclaiming of the increased enlivening and return to the mirror. Then, pronounce TAM, quietly, from time to time (no need of a leitmotiv at each breathing). And then, occupy of the person who needs you. Remain lengthily with her because it is absolutely essential that you discover, with her, her secret energetic networks, or else your assistance will not be ended. Talk to her, discuss, laugh with her. Feel friend. Do not lose only one moment in the spirit that you work for her. If she has remained blocked somewhere, it is that she has not perceived in her life the realities of her working at HER. Not a theory of working, not of “what would be desirable”. Her trick at HER! Imperative. It is there that will be exerted all your will, all your competences. You will see together what could be made. You will imagine together what could have been made. You can replay your blows on the energetic level, but according to her dimension at HER. In no case according to an image which you would have “of what is good”. There, there is no good or of evil. There is the life with often all its disgusting things. To work thus, it is to plunge head first and opened mouth in the disgusting thing of the other.


If it is only an experiment which you want to make, you will not go far and your forces will become exhausted in the mirror which will lose its luminosity. It is for IT that you work. Exclusively. DO NOT MAKE a STORY if you feel that it claims something from you. Give!

And by dint of working together, you will see the mirror becoming even more luminous, the face to soften and be happier.

Remain with it as long as you feel that the communication is bearing fruit. Do not last unnecessarily.

Then you will return the person to her own space, as with a friend for which it is necessary to say goodbye. The face will disappear from the mirror.


You will be alleviated yourself. Happy, as after a good day filled well.

But before ceasing, you must return in your heart. The green ball is there; clockwise, with the TAM in the middle which turns gently. All is in activity, but slowed down now that you have completed your work.

Outside, there is the green space, very luminous. Often it is a little darker than at the beginning, as in a beautiful end-of-day of summer before the sun sets.

Then, while having in your spirit the words of thanks, you will say TAM once again while breathing out. In front of you the space is condensed in an enormous green ball which decreases gradually in volume to come to disappear in your heart.

You will take your ordinary breathing and you can remain thus in this state where the thought does not have really access.


Your full tranquility and certainty to exist, after, is the best thanks to what has worked for you.