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Creation of the forces of the universe 4


Spiritual space



Finally and ultimately, you run only TWO dangers.

The first is not to have heart, that you have no desire of this space of heart, of this enthusiasm. Because right from the start, one could have said no: « I do not play this game. I have no desire to participate in the world of the Earth and to the world of the men according to their rules. » The first danger is this absence of vitality, of heart.

The second danger is that you let the space to be closed on your original vitality. You will let it guide you, direct you, circumscribe you, make a circle around you, around your original vitality. It is the true danger.


Finally, you are what the space accepts that you make inside it. There is no problem about it because, technically, it is impossible to make differently, apart from enlarging the space, modifying it, changing the air which is at the end of your nose. But, even if you are in phase of work of enlarging of the space, the very base, it is the space in which you are and it is him which conditions the totality of your movements, that they are in restriction or in expansion. That you say yes or that you say no, it is nevertheless the space in which you are which orders and which directs the totality of your energetic mobilizations.


It is normal,….What is not normal any more it is that you do not perceive any more the relative side of the situation and that you let you being trapped by the research of the completeness and of the esthetic inside the space.


This is fundamental and essential. It is where your real adversary is, your true risk to be alienated with your attractions to a system that you have, more or less recognized, like right, good and necessary to preserve. You are trapped as soon as you have accepted something in absolute and duration, instead of looking at it in its reality like entirely relative and ephemeral.

By the relation of cause and effect, each action produces an effect which itself is the cause of other things. What does that by each one of your movements, you increased or narrowed your space of breathing, your dance floor. With each movement, with each operation, with each action, the mechanism of judgment intervenes. It is thus not only a waiting at the end of a terrestrial life.


The judgment settles at every breathing. In one breathing, you have four times. You have the inhalation and if you breathe in quietly, you realize that there is one moment of stop, of silence, full lungs, then when the exhalation is done, there is also, at the end of the exhalation, a movement of silence, empty lungs. Then, the inhalation occurs naturally. In fact, you have four movements in breathing: inhalation, silence, exhalation, silence.


The interest is not in the inhalation and in the exhalation but in the two silences because if you pay great attention, you realize that while breathing in, it is as if at each time you were going to seek the matter of the Heaven, the matter of Creation, all its force of life and than when the lungs are full, there is a moment of stop which will make a choice.

A choice: what will you do with it, which is the attraction that you have in the circumstance, to satisfy a movement rather than another?

Then, the exhalation it is the action. And the action is done according to attractions which have been developed in the silence inhalation done. When the exhalation is done, the action is done, there is a silence which makes the accounts. And there, there is the judgment. There is the judgment at the end of the exhalation, it means at the time of death, of the finality of the action.

According to this judgment, there is a very clear perception of what has been well or badly done. There is a presence with you who says if there is enthusiasm or on the contrary a narrowing. And when you take some force of life again, force of the Creation by your inhalation, you have the possibility of playing, of reorganizing your system of attraction so that the following action is not automatically in the same control, in the same movement that the previous one if the assessment has not been happy for you.

The judgment thus intervenes with each event and with every breathing. If this event behaves with this presence, with this space of heart, there is more and more attraction with the Heaven. Your action led in the exhalation is happiness. The judgment which occurs at the end of the exhalation, at the end of the action, makes rebound even more this enthusiasm which breathes even strongly, which goes up even further in inhalation in the force of the matter of the Heaven.


In other words, you should not even look at a breathing as a more or less regular continuity: I breathe in I Breathe out, I breathe in I breathe out. Each time, you will breathe in a little higher, or a little lower. And you will breathe out also a little more deeply or a little more shortened. You never have, either, of similar breathing. Either there is an enthusiasm and it enlarges, it inflates. Either, on the contrary, there is no enthusiasm and it is a breathing which is reduced more and more.


It is a great responsibility, when you perceive that you replay your life at each event, at every breathing.


So, look at that well. Nothing is static. All is in mobilization. Nothing is of definitive. Nothing is of absolute. All is in a relative system. You can each time replay your blows, but you can replay them as much in positive as in negative. I do not like these words positive and negative. You can replay your life, each time, in enlargement or narrowing.


You replay your commitment at each operation. So at each event, at each operation, you are in full conscience that all is replayed at each time, there is the natural attention to the event, unconstrained, naturally attentive, knowing that what is being lived there will also determine what will occur afterwards, because after you will be in space enlarged or narrowed which will be the continuation of this moment. It is really that the notion of the karmic law, of the law of cause and effect of which one cannot get rid of it. There, you are really playing your life. Even if you have an enthusiasm of heart, will you not be attracted to put it inside a closed space, of an idea, of a theory, of a manner of living or a manner of breathing? It is there where you really play your life because will you be able to perceive what it is to be a rider of the event, it means to ride the event for what it is, without any preconceived judgment of good or bad and to have this extreme attention which allows you to perceive what is there, how that works? And this perception leads to the action.


At the level of your work have you started to perceive what this silence is where there is no more any preparatory reflection, no coding of the event? There is this silence, this internal peacefulness which perceives the thing such as it is. In this silence you perceive that you like the thing such as it is, that you like finally the life, that you like this role that you have on this Earth, which you like this body that you have there.

Only silence likes and from this love, natural, the action stems. One does not even need to reflect. It is obvious, that cannot be differently. This action, does not leave a trace. Not to leave of trace wants to say that the result is self-released. One does not set out again about it to make flashback another event. The event has given all its juice, all its satisfaction and there remains nothing any more but again the silence which will apprehend a new event. The flight of the eagle does not leave a trace. It is the slug which leaves a trace.


If you let you be conduct by the attractions, you cannot go out of the karmic system of the space which renews another space. It is absolutely impossible. The only means of leaving the karmic system of the human in which you are, the system of conditioning of an action on another, is to be in this very silence which leads, then, the mobilization of the event and which does not leave any trace behind because all is complete, all is finished.


It is not easy to be this rider of the event, even if you are carried by my enthusiasm because all the reptilian brain is against. There is no security because the one who is in this movement of silence is unable to say who he is. He is quite simply an action in an event. He has ridden the event and according to the horse that he has, he has acted in a certain manner. It does not even know why he has acted thus. But in any case, there was not means to make in another way though it has occurred and he does not take in charge a result, a continuity. This result will manage itself, on itself and it will remain on the back of those which continue to be excited with the third energetic law which is the penetration by interest.


The third energetic law can also completely burst in this life, even when you are in this body and that you are not linked any more to this penetration by interest and concerns.







Extra techniques


The mirror



I call this extra technique the mirror.


It is an excessively advanced technique which has the particularity to work directly on the psychic system of the person with whom one wants to talk and with whom one can have a form of difficulty. In a more general way, a person with whom one wants to talk and make her know something that one could not say to her on the more material level, with words, perhaps because one would not find them, that one would not find the circumstances to do it, that one would not find the person externally welcoming to this form of communication, of discussion. Then, while working directly on the energetic system, on the energetic body with the mirror, one can transmit certain messages. One can relax a conflict situation, one can decompress certain mental attitudes which can only produce a mental disturbance for the person, a situation which would make her come even more in a karmic system, a psychological spontaneous combustion, emotional system etc…


The technique that I call the mirror is an excessively powerful extra tool which should be used only when a conflict system with somebody becomes really detrimental for him and that he does not want to hear a possibility of modification. It is the last method, the last means to try to make that he decompresses the prison in which he has put himself by the spontaneous combustion of his emotional system which rotates on itself. It is in a really sincere concern to help the other and to prevent it from doing harm to him. It is not with an aim of escaping oneself from the difficulty and of transmitting a message in a certain manner because one does neither have the courage nor the determination to engage the process of communication on another plan, a more natural plan, it means tackling frankly the event. It is not a technique of escape. If one uses the technique of mirror as escape and in solution of facility, one will have a considerable karmic return and the note will have to be paid. It is for that that I have almost never taught the technique of the mirror so that those which possess these techniques do not make detrimental actions against them by using this procedure as facility to transform and to modify the psychic system of someone else.


This said, now it is the last meal that I serve to you. I want to be complete in all thus I give this technique. And in the final analysis, as no one is the guard of his brother, after all the work on the four bronze men and the introductions that I have made to you, with all the work carried out on that with you and on you, if your heart is not sufficiently developed, if the respect that you have for the other is not sufficiently developed and that you use this technique of the mirror in mental handling on somebody, it will be a pity for you but I ensure you that you will be directly excluded from all the system of the Direct Way. You will be excluded of the dance floor of the Heaven and its guard will take you by the feet and will make you turn around his head like a puppet before projecting you at the far end of the Universe.


The technique is very simple.


You install a mirror inside your belly. Then, it is necessary that the energetic reserve in your belly, it means the bowl, is already quite strong. It is better and more powerful when you can install this mirror in the sphere, it means on the level of the bronze man three or four. When you have your concentration in your ventral bowl or better in the sphere, the mirror installs naturally.

In this mirror you will call the person with whom you want to enter in communication. Either it is a face which comes, or it is the person overall. It is very clear, she will come.


There, you will send to her the energy contained in your sphere, your bowl. The person will receive it. It is a completely direct action on her. In fact, you must work with all the compassion. It is for her that you do that because she is being locked up in very detrimental attitudes for her which can involve considerable consequences for her future.


What is it a detrimental attitude having consequences for the future?

For example the child who becomes excessively aggressive regarding his mother is a very detrimental attitude for his future because his mother has carried him. He has lived completely in the energetic body of his mother during the first four years of his life. His mother was her essential nourishment, even if he was a small particular body nearby. It is her who has nourished him, fed, carried and not only in her belly during the pregnancy. It is for that that the mother feels so tired, even if there is not a very strong and very powerful material occupation. She has always this tiredness because the children play in her. From four to eight years it is less strong but the child is always in her, it is in the mother refuge that the child lives and comes back. If later and mainly in the phases of teenage years, the child puts himself in critical opposition regarding the mother, in voluntary opposition, it means with the desire to come to annoy her, block her, and that it is not only one detachment regarding her, that it is not only an interrogation on the loving relation between them, but with a will to harm her, to do her harm, a real attack, the child will be made an excessively detrimental karmic system. There will be a considerable effect on all the future of his life. Afterwards, he will never have the possibility to find a safe Earth, to perceive a place in which he will be able to take refuge. He will not know how to behave with the woman towards whom he will on the one hand be very attracted and on the other hand who will frighten him a lot and who he will refuse too. In fact, he will be put in a considerable system of energetic alienation because he will have bitten the hand which has carried and nourished him. It is a very detrimental action.

I do not want to return in the details of causality but it should not be forgotten that if you exist, if you can speak, if you can express your dissatisfaction, your pains, it is that you are alive. Your body was made from the body of your mother. Therefore, it should not be forgotten that if, already, you can express something and say that you are entitled to something it is because somebody has given you the right to exist. Even if the acceptance and the accompaniment of the mother has not been splendid, if there is full of disturbances, all that is also settled. But it should not be forgotten that you are alive because you have a mother. After being left from the belly of your mother, you are not released from her: you are always, still, in gestation in the belly of your mother until the age of four years, at least. The childbirth starts really only from three years and half, four years old. Afterwards, in the final analysis, even if the mother has not been welcoming and voluntary for you, nevertheless it is her who has nourished you, it is her who suffers from your existence, your presence etc. It is her who has, in fact at least, protected your existence even if she has not wanted it consciously because she is also carried along by all her own karmic system. Beyond what your mother is on the energetic level, beyond what she is as being, she is implied, like you, by all the emotional, emotive marsh of the feelings, the disturbances with her own parents, with the work, the husband, etc… Then, do not limit the existence of somebody to the emotional marsh that his apparent life is because it is not this emotional marsh which has enabled you to exist, to be this body, living now. It is because there is an energetic being which has carried all that. If one day you put yourself in attack against this energetic being, there is a problem. It is when you put yourself in attack against this energetic being that you will have a considerable damage for your future. It means when you seek to humiliate your mother, to do her harm, to limit her movement, her breathing for the life, her possibility of growing and of developing. It is where you make you damage. Then, you can effectively come in very severe conflict regarding your entire psychological, emotional dispute etc. But you do not have to attack the person in her foundation of being. If you attack her in her foundation of being with the will to humiliate her, to provoke her, to prevent her from radiating, from living, you will put yourself in an excessively detrimental attitude for your future at you, for the development of all your energetic system.

It is an example to show the importance and the rigor of use of these techniques of the mirror. One should use this mirror only when somebody is being locked up in a very detrimental situation, a situation where he will put in constant dynamism, in constant spontaneous combustion, a whole emotional world which will carry him along, to lock him up in a prison. One must use these techniques only for that except exceptions which can exist.

But if you love somebody, if you want to help somebody you have other means. You have more direct means, more courageous of going to say to him “I love you”. But it is already necessary to have courage to say that.

Then, while I speak to you, you have projected on the mirror and you realize that it has been enriched, that the person opened gradually. She had the closed face, now you perceive her relaxed.


It is now that the very heart of the technique of the mirror truly intervenes: you will speak to her and you will realize that you have a direct contact with all her mental, psychic and cerebral system. It is a very precise contact in her energetic body. This precision, this laser beam is on all the system of the organization of the thought, of the formulation of the words, the formulation of the ideas. One is really in a mechanism of cerebral surgery. Like a surgeon, you can start to discuss with her and to work very precisely on all the false articulations and which constitute nodes of which she cannot be unfastened and around whose a traffic jam is created. It is like the road traffic where on a roundabout, at a crossroads, the cars were gotten mixed up and that blocks all the remainder of circulation. You have this possibility in full lucidity of touching that. It is not only one simple discussion, it is a work of surgeon. You will realize that the effect is considerable and very rapid. But if you want to use this technique to handle the other, for your own interest, you will have such a karmic return that you will be evacuated of the dance floor of the Heaven. Before that you can have the Heaven which runs freely inside you, you will need lives and lives during which you will row in the suffering and the pain. It is well for that that I have very few taught this practice.


It can last a quarter of an hour. That is enough. You repeat it once during several days, a week to the maximum, every day, until there is a modification of cerebral chemistry that the articulations of ideas, of thoughts settled differently.


After this work you thank the other for having been there, to have agreed to listen to you and to accept that you work on her. You ask her to go back at her place.

The mirror is empty again, with only light. You stay with the mirror in your belly during one moment. You also thank all your energetic system which allows you to create this mirror. You thank also all the forces of the compassion which have come to help you in order not to make error.

Then, you let go quietly the mirror which is diluted inside your energetic system. It disappears on itself. The condensation of the energetic system which was made to create the mirror decondenses and all becomes again in particles, in fundamental energy inside you.


You stay peaceful. There, it is necessary that you are quite certain that you do not make silly things.

When all is peaceful, you go in your ordinary life.


It is a technique of exception.